Previewing Tonight’s Games

Welcome to four games we have no clue about, plus one slaughter. Chico beat UCSD by 7 last night. All times pacific.

UAF @ MSUB @ 4:15

Who knows. We say it all the time that it’s hard to play in Billings, but at the same time UAF is a good team, they just are coming off of a loss at UAA, MSUB is riding the high of a win against UAA (hope they’re still on that particular high, it’s wholly deserved and should be propelling them to think ‘THIS IS WHAT WE KNEW WE WERE CAPABLE OF, YA DOUBTERS, THIS IS OUR TIME.” Although we recommend thinking it with a few F-bombs involved. Still, UAF is a good team and has proven themselves far more than the Yellowjackets have, so… Hopefully a battle?

SMU @ NNU @ 6pm

SMU is coming off a great win at CWU and needs to keep the ball rolling. NNU is coming off of what’s actually kind of a great loss against SPU considering they stayed in it almost the entire time. Watching it as an SPU person was aggravating because even when the Falcons were up by 16, you got the feeling that they still hadn’t put it away. That’s a good feeling to be able to instill, so definite progress by the Crusaders and no reason they can’t get this win against the Saints. Toss up.

WWU @ CU-P @ 7pm

You’d think we’d have a clue about this and say “oh yeah, the Vikings are gonna win,” but thing is we don’t. Because the Vikings are a mess: we wholly stand by that statement. Their halftime protocols need an overhaul majorly. We get that WOU and UAA are really good teams, but there is no reason to be able to start a game playing good fundamental basketball and then have a switch turn and play stereotypical streetball in the second half. It’s bologna. We’re done. We hope that CU-Portland bounces back and gets a nice win because screw the Vikings and their attitudes.

SFU @ WOU @ 7pm

We hope the Clan enjoyed their first win because now they’re probably gonna lose by 50. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration: 40. That’s more reasonable.

SPU @ CWU @ 7pm

Game of the night. These teams have some bad blood and it’s going to be interesting even if it’s not. The history is basically it’ll either be close or a blowout on behalf of the Falcons. We know that this is a targeted game on both teams schedules and we’ll see how it plays out. Hopefully minimal actual blood, although odds are good that there’ll be at least some.

Nightlights? Maybe. We were really sad that we didn’t get to do them on Thursday due to travel, so hopefully another good night awaits.


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