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All-Conference Teams

Better late than never!

1st Team:

Suki Wiggs -Alaska-Anchorage; Sr.
Taylor Stafford -Western Washington; Sr.
Maurice Jones -Northwest Nazarne; Jr.
Christopher Edward -CU-Portland; Jr.
Tanner Omlid -Western Oregon; Jr.

2nd Team:

Spencer Svejcar -Alaska-Anchorage; Sr.
Daulton Hommes -Western Washington; RS Fr.
Tony Miller -Seattle Pacific; Fr.
Preston Beverly -MSU-Billings; So.
Drew Martin -CU-Portland; Sr.

Honorable Mention:

Brandon Davis, Corey Hammell, Diante Mitchell, Cole Preston, Deandre Dickson, Gavin Long, Fuquan Niles, Dom Hunter, and Bouna N’Diaye.

This was actually a really fun year for player-of-the-year with how much parity there was and how well they compared to each other in regard to production and team impact. It’s fun having so many underclassmen on these teams because we to keep most of them.

We’re about four weeks out and we absolutely cannot wait.

Player-of-Last-Year will be up in an hour.


Our GNAC Tourney MVP is… Tanner Omlid!

Three great games. Because he played three and the other nominees played two, we ultimately took the average because the fact is, dead is dead and that’s what your legs inevitably are after playing three games in three days, including one that went to triple overtime in which you flat-out will your team to a win.

In the first round against the Yellowjackets Tanner went 7/7 from the line, grabbed 11 boards, and managed four steals. Against the Seawolves and their homecourt advantage (no joke; UAA fans, y’all show up and y’all are LOUD) he shot 50%, made most of his free throws, and managed to stay with only four fouls in three periods of OT. Wow. Nicely done Tanner! And finally: Against the great defense of the Vikings, Tanner met his match -his shooting was far less than ideal, but he did still find plenty of other ways to be productive and kept them in until the final second.

The best part about Tanner is… We get to keep him for another year, which we’re really excited for. He had a great junior season and is definitely the pre-season favorite for player-of-the-year, but… We’ll see. Target on his back, that is for sure.

Congrats Tanner on a great conference tournament performance and we hope your summer workouts have gone fantastically!

POW: GNAC Tourney Edition

To be in consideration, a guy had to play at least two games in the tournament; that said, if they hit our minimum for qualifying for POW, they’re included regardless of school.

WWU: Taylor Stafford -two forty minute games and went 15/16 from the line in one of them. Wow.
WWU: Daulton Hommes -high minutes and very smart and efficient play -the numbers scream “unselfish” and yet he still had a great impact with scoring. Very proud of him.
SMU: Cole Preston -finished up his career with a couple of good games.
WOU: Tanner Omlid -Three really good games, including two where he was out of his mind. In the 3OT thriller he played 46 minutes, which… We’re actually a little surprised he was allowed to rest that much.

Tournament MVP will be up in an hour.

POW for Feb. 23-25th is… Maurice Jones!

Mo continues to impress -he played 40 minutes in the mighty lair of the Nooks and grabbed a whopping 18 rebounds! WHOAAA. He also wasn’t bad from the field, finishing with 23 points on 50% shooting. In the den of the Seawolves he was a little cold from the field but still went 6-6 from the line, grabbed nine boards, and had ZERO turnovers in 30 minutes of play. The Alaska schools are notoriously the hardest in the conference to play at and so this performance is particularly impressive in that respect.

Now it’s the end of August and we still are worried about him transferring. We haven’t heard anything yet, but… We want him back so badly! Stay Mo, stay!

That said: Congrats on the POW win and we’re crossing our fingers we get to watch you pick-up more of them in the coming season!

Player-of-the-Week Noms!

This time for February 23-25.

UAF: Brandon Davis
UAA: Suki
SFU: Othniel Spence
WWU: Deandre Dickson
SPU: Tony Miller
SMU: Rhett Baerlocher
MSUB: Preston
CWU: N/A —> Diante Mitchell, Alaska-Anchorage.
NNU: Maurice Jones
CU-PDX: Jarrett Gray
WOU: Tanner

There were a lot of above average performances this week and only one spot donated, so really good final week of the regular season. Winner’ll be up in an hour.

POW for Feb 16-18th is… Gavin Long!

There’s honestly nothing we can really say about this guy because the numbers say all of it: he played 78/80 minutes available in these two games and went a combined 16-16 from the charity stripe. He went 2-6 from the field against SMU and then stopped shooting, however it clearly didn’t get in his head, because he proceeded to go 9/12 against MSUB.

We were lucky to have a front row seat for that performance and… he scored at will. We would be sitting there studying the defense and MSUB would be playing REALLY REALLY good D and we’d be going “what the heck, there’s no outlet, there’s no option,” and then Gavin would score. It was nuts. One of our favorite performances we’ve seen because while he scored 25 points with great efficiency… it wasn’t flashy.

Congrats Gavin and good luck in your sophomore season!!

Player-of-the-Week Noms!!

Beginning our traditional “oh crap, it’s almost September and we need to finish all of last season’s stuff,” burning of posts.

For the games on February 16th and 18th, respectively.

UAF: N/A —> Dom Hunter, CWU.
UAA: Suki, because Suki gonna Suki.
SFU: Michael Provenzano
WWU: Daulton Hommes
SPU: Gavin Long
SMU: Cole Preston
MSUB: N/A —> Joe Rasmussen, Seattle Pacific.
CWU: Fuquan Niles -Fuquan gonna Fuquan. And by Fuquan we mean dominate.
NNU: Maurice Jones -Mo gonna Mo. And we want MO! Always.
CU-P: Drew Martin
WOU: Tanner Omlid. Because duh.

Nothing in depth because it’s been six months, but we had a blast refreshing our memory of these numbers -some really great performances and as much as we’ve procrastinated, it still comes back and we’re like “OH MAN, that was SO great!!”

Winner’ll be up in an hour because while it seems stupid six months later… Routines are routines.

Player-of-the-Week is… Preston Beverly!!

We’re actually stunned, double checked the numbers, it was insanely close, we considered splitting the award, but ultimately there was no question:

This is 100% a true win by Preston Beverly and these are easily in the top 10 of best numbers we’ve seen in the three years we’ve been writing the blog by anyone, much less an underclassmen.

What did Preston do this week?

Led his team against a surging Northwest Nazarene team by scoring 28 points, grabbing 11 boards, and approaching the Kristaps Porzingis triple double of SEVEN BLOCKS. As a sophomore! Those are some gooood instincts, positioning, and is a great show of poise for anyone -much less an underclassmen. He ended up with four fouls and we feel 50/50 about it. On the one hand he was likely being saved for over time, on the other hand: you can’t win in over time if you don’t make it to over time, so we tend to fall on the side that he needed more than those 35 minutes. The Yellowjackets didn’t get the win, but it apparently made Preston pretty angry because come the game at CWU, he wasn’t giving up ANYTHING.

The CWU game… At Nicholson… Not quite as good of a performance (although still incredible) and this time he had help. Big help. Shout out to Kamal Tall. Preston ultimately finished with 32 points, 11 boards, SIX ASSISTS with ZERO TURNOVERS, and just two fouls, while being 4-4 from the line, shooting well from the field, and going 4-6 from three, while being in the game for just 32 minutes. The Yellowjackets won by 27 on the back of his consummate ballin’ performance.

We’re so ridiculously proud of him and elated for him and beyond thrilled they picked up the ‘W’ on top of it, especially in such a hostile environment.

Congrats Preston and good luck against the Alaska schools!!

Player-of-the-Week is… Tony Miller!!

He’s a freshman *clap clap clapclapclap.*

But you’d never know it by his play. He came into the conference and immediately started boarding. This is a kid that picked up a bunch of rebounds at BYU of all places. We never give teams credit for what they do against D1 teams, but… We’re all aware that BYU is dirty. And Tony hasn’t let us down against D2 teams either.

Tony is admittedly our prototypical player, so it’s easy to talk about him. Our favorite position is power forward and our favorite metric is player production, so… Tony has it easy in terms of that, but it’s challenging to actually accomplish. Play unselfishly, sacrifice your body, fight hard on both ends of the floor, make your free throws.

He’s done it a lot throughout the season and exemplified it this week. Against UAF he was 5-11 from the field while making 8-11 free throws and grabbing 14 boards. He ultimately finished with a full house. Against Alaska-Anchorage he finished with 16 boards. UAA is a hella good rebounding team and so for anyone to do that is impressive, but as a frosh going against a few monster seniors like Suki, Conner, and most of all Corey? Wow. He also shot really smart from the field and then went 11-13 on free throws, which inevitably helped lead his team into the OT period. While he fouled out and we’re sure at least one of them was stupid… He’s a frosh. It happens.

Congrats Tony and good luck against the Wolvaliers!

Player-of-the-Week is… Jeffrey Parker!!

Little awkward because he’s already done playing this week, but regardless:

When this happened it was rivalry week for the Vikings and Jeffrey Parker responded. He had a great performance against the Crusaders of Northwest Nazarene, going 6-7 from beyond the arc, grabbing four boards, and collecting three fouls in thirty minutes of play. He’s a big part of the reason that game had no chance to be exciting. Last year Jeffrey often served as energy off the bench -this year he’s energy right from the start, although a humble sort of energy. He’s a guy that just goes in and gets it done.

Now for the game against those Wascally Wildcats? He played just 21 minutes but in those 21 minutes was 7-8 from the field, grabbed nine boards, had one block, and picked up three fouls. He was also 2-2 from the line. 100% pure efficiency.

The number of minutes any guy plays are weighted in our formula -how much does your coach trust you in both offensive moments and defensive moments? Are you in just for offense or defense? If you are, are you proving your worth by playing smart? Jeffrey was in to provide some instant offense and he did exactly that and his true PER had to be insane, although PER isn’t our thing, so we don’t know the specifics of it -we’re a production stat aficionado, thus as a PER guy he managed to even win in OUR system.

Congrats Jeffrey and Go Vikings!!