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Player-of-the-Week #6!

This is the weekend of Jan. 31-Feb. 1; The Oregons played the Alaskas, the North schools played the Puget Sound schools, and all three eastern schools were together.

UAF: Tymoryae Glover
UAA: N/A —> Zharon Richmond of MSUB.
SFU: N/A —> Riley Hawken of WOU.
WWU: N/A —> Jarrett Gray of CU-PDX.
SPU: Divant’e Moffitt
NNU: Obi Megwa
MSUB: Melvin Newsome Jr.
CU-PDX: Cody Starr
WOU: Darius Luborn

Player-of-the-week: Darius Luborn.


Player-of-the-Week #5!

Hey, look, it’s going up! And unfortunately it’s late and yet not the best week of basketball.

This is for the weekend of January 24-26, and the match-ups were: Alaskas vs. WWU/SFU; the Oregons vs. CWU/NNU; and MSUB vs. the Puget Sound schools.

Here’s the very short list of nominees:

UAF: Tymoryae Glover
SFU: Julian Roche
WWU: Trevor Jasinsky
SMU: Chandler Redix
NNU: Adonis Arms
CU-PDX: Jarrett Gray

Player-of-the-week: Trevor Jasinsky.

And yes: Five open spots and no one to fill them. Not the best week for GNAC basketball.

Player-of-the-Week #4!

Holy cow, what a week! Here’s the truckload of nominees:

UAF: Tymoryae Glover
UAA: Tyler Brimhall
SFU: Julian Roche
WWU: Trevor Jasinsky
SPU: N/A —> Donated to Jasdeep Singh of SFU.
SMU: N/A —> Donated to Mike Provenzano of SFU.
CWU: N/A —> Donated to Leif Anderson of WWU.
NNU: Adonis Adams
MSUB: Zack Rollins
CU-PDX: Jarrett Gray
WOU: N/A —> Donated to Will Balata of SFU.

Honorable Mentions: Jack MacDonald (UAA),  Niko Bevens (UAA), Luke Lovelady (WWU), and Tyler Green (MSUB).

Player of the Week: Jarrett Gray.

You may notice that this week’s nominees were dominated by guys that played in over time games. Playing more minutes does give you more points in our formula, but it also opens up more opportunities for poor shot selection, stupid turnovers, and missed free throws. We also do believe in giving credit for the exhaustion accumulation factor on bodies; playing 40+ minutes is rough.

That said: What a great week of play. We’d been starting to lose hope/question our methods, but… These numbers are totally possible. We included the honorable mentions list as a means of saying “these guys hit our threshold to qualify but there weren’t enough spots.”

Looking forward to another week of great basketball!

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!


No gimmicks this year, we’re just going to tell you straight up: We use a modified version of the production stat. A guy has to hit a minimum in BOTH games that week because it’s player of the week, not best individual game of the week.

A productive player takes smart shots, plays good defense, helps his teammates, and makes his free throws. That’s what makes a player productive.

We don’t do these on a curve, so it’s not the best person on any given team: it’s who hits these numbers and/or who hits the highest of these numbers. If no one on a given team hits the minimum, then the spot is donated to a team with multiple players that did OR left blank if it was an unproductive week for GNAC men’s basketball.

We created a page so you can see who’s won each week collectively.

Now that that’s been established, here are the nominees for the first and second weeks of conference play.

Week 1

UAF: N/A —> Donated to Brandell Evans of WOU.
WWU: Trevor Jasinsky
SMU: Tavian Henderson
MSUB: Zach Rollins
CU-PDX: Jarrett Gray
WOU: Riley Hawken

Player of the Week: Trevor Jasinsky.

Week 2

UAF: Spencer Sweet
UAA: Tyler Brimhall
SFU: N/A —> Donated to Matt Poquette of CWU.
WWU: N/A —> Donated to Zharon Richmond of MSUB.
SPU: Gavin Long
SMU: EJ Boyce
CWU: Gamaun Boykin
MSUB: Melvin Newsome Jr.
WOU: Riley Hawken

Player of the Week: Gamaun Boykin.

Game previews’ll be up tomorrow morning.

Player-of-the-Year is… Daulton Hommes!

We stopped doing player-of-the-week because Daulton had won it by the halfway point. The kid is straight-up productive and is actually getting us to be productive in our post-season stuff because there was an announcement yesterday that Trey Drechsel is officially transferring and we’ve heard rumblings that Daulton among others are on that list as well.

It’s been noted that Point Loma has one spot left and it’s Daulton’s for the taking. We’re not 100% on this by any means, but we agree with it and it makes complete sense. In fact, it seems a little conspiracy-y that we’re naming him player-of-the-year just as he’s supposedly about to head to PLNU, but really it’s not: Daulton Hommes is a Ryan Looney-style player and it’s been apparent since he stepped on the court for WWU, although Ryan Looney didn’t recruit him initially.

There can be a misconception about what makes a productive player and how many minutes are required. You can have a team of super productive players that all only see twenty minutes. It’s a ratio that goes between shots taken, free throws made, minutes played, and field stats earned/procured. There were plenty of nights when Daulton, Trey, Deandre, and Trevor all had super productive numbers. It’s also not impossible for a deep team like WOU to have guys all with high production stats, and we were starting to question our method because none of the WOU guys were showing up particularly high in production and yet they were winning, but… They just got bounced early. They’re not a particularly high production team. Cal Baptist is. It is what it is.

And what it is in this case is that Daulton is a fantastic basketball player that rebounds like heck, involves his teammates, takes smart shots, and bodies like his life is on the line. We love it. We love the style he plays in. As much as we’ll miss having him in the GNAC, we genuinely hope he transfers because he’s on a list of guys who’s talent we feel is being wasted by their head coach.

Congrats Daulton!! It’s a blessing to watch you and we can’t wait to see what your future holds.

Player-of-the-Week Noms!

So many new people, so many variations in scheduling that… Forget it. Conference play it is, which is still going to get slightly wacky because of some of the pre-winter break vs. post winter-break games, but oh well. Cross that bridge when we come to it.

No generic platitudes this time, but here are the nominees:

UAF: Alex Baham
UAA: Jacob Lampkin
SFU: N/A —> Daulton Hommes of WWU
WWU: Trey Drechsel
SPU: Gavin Long
SMU: Luke Chavez
MSUB: Zack Rollins
CWU: Fuquan Niles
NNU: Obi Megwa
CU-PDX: Chris Edward
WOU: N/A —> Maurice Jones of NNU

Winner’ll be up in an hour.

Player-of-the-Week is… Jacob Lampkin!

This is Jacob’s first year at Alaska-Anchorage, having transferred up from University of the Pacific in Stockton, California.

Jacob played like we expect centers to play, and exactly as we saw him play on the high school level at O’Dea. We had a number of opportunities to watch him in high school and vividly remember him because he was a huge part of our scouting report, no pun intended.

This weekend he served as the one bright spot for Anchorage in the Hawaii Pacific game and then repeated the performance yet again against Chaminade. In the HPU game he had 12 points and 13 rebounds along with just three fouls -impressive in 29 minutes of play for a center. In the Chaminade game, he proved himself yet again scoring 16 points and grabbing 10 boards, while only picking up two fouls in 32 minutes of play.

Congrats Jacob on a great weekend of play and welcome to the GNAC!

POWs Non Con Week #1 + SMU/Hilo Preview

First player-of-the-week noms of the season! We know we keep saying stuff like that, but last year was so much fun that we truly have waited all year and then with the lack of pre-season ability because of no one returning anything -it’s hitting now and we’re so excited every time we get to sit down to look at basketball stuff.

UAF: LaDonavan Wilder -back in force!
UAA: Jacob Lampkin -into the GNAC by storm.
SFU: N/A —> Donated to Davis Kimble of UAF, another newbie making noise!
WWU: Logan Schilder -very classic center numbers, great field shooting, fantastic rebounding.
SPU: Tony Miller -Tony gonna Tony.
SMU: N/A —> Donated to Gavin Long of SPU.
MSUB: N/A —> Donated to Nathan Streufert of SPU; smart shot selection, ferocious rebounding.
CWU: Khalil Shabazz -two good games, yet another newbie!
CU-PDX: Cody Starr -Again, a newbie!
WOU: Darius Luborn & Riley Hawken -Another newbie and an old favorite that we’re SO glad to have back.

WOWWW, how exciting is this?! Transfers making NOISE. Literally half of the nominations went to incoming transfers; case-in-point why we leave a lot of spots for them on our all-conference teams. That said, don’t freak out too much vets; non-conference is great, but conference play is where our focus truly is, so you’re still good. Shout-outs also to Logan and Nathan, both of whom have been with us at least a year but had never been nominated for POW, so it’s also exciting to see familiar faces planting a stake.


The Hilo/SMU preview:

Trey Ingram vs. his old team! Woo-hoo! Aside from that, we’re curious because we think Alex Pribble used some gamesmanship in the FPU game because Matt Dahlen was seriously impressive in the Point Loma game, but barely played in the previous day’s game, so we’re excited to see him play more D2 and see what that does against this Hilo team that we have exactly zero read on. Regardless of anything else: the Saints need to up their rebounding. We get that a Ryan Looney coached team is always going to rebound well, but… 37 to 23 rebounding advantage, seriously? You’re better than that SMU.

Prediction: Pick ’em, although we’re tempted to pick SMU straight-up.

POW winner’ll be up at noon & we’ll actually be at the Hilo/SMU game, so come say ‘hi.’

All-Conference Teams

Better late than never!

1st Team:

Suki Wiggs -Alaska-Anchorage; Sr.
Taylor Stafford -Western Washington; Sr.
Maurice Jones -Northwest Nazarne; Jr.
Christopher Edward -CU-Portland; Jr.
Tanner Omlid -Western Oregon; Jr.

2nd Team:

Spencer Svejcar -Alaska-Anchorage; Sr.
Daulton Hommes -Western Washington; RS Fr.
Tony Miller -Seattle Pacific; Fr.
Preston Beverly -MSU-Billings; So.
Drew Martin -CU-Portland; Sr.

Honorable Mention:

Brandon Davis, Corey Hammell, Diante Mitchell, Cole Preston, Deandre Dickson, Gavin Long, Fuquan Niles, Dom Hunter, and Bouna N’Diaye.

This was actually a really fun year for player-of-the-year with how much parity there was and how well they compared to each other in regard to production and team impact. It’s fun having so many underclassmen on these teams because we to keep most of them.

We’re about four weeks out and we absolutely cannot wait.

Player-of-Last-Year will be up in an hour.

Our GNAC Tourney MVP is… Tanner Omlid!

Three great games. Because he played three and the other nominees played two, we ultimately took the average because the fact is, dead is dead and that’s what your legs inevitably are after playing three games in three days, including one that went to triple overtime in which you flat-out will your team to a win.

In the first round against the Yellowjackets Tanner went 7/7 from the line, grabbed 11 boards, and managed four steals. Against the Seawolves and their homecourt advantage (no joke; UAA fans, y’all show up and y’all are LOUD) he shot 50%, made most of his free throws, and managed to stay with only four fouls in three periods of OT. Wow. Nicely done Tanner! And finally: Against the great defense of the Vikings, Tanner met his match -his shooting was far less than ideal, but he did still find plenty of other ways to be productive and kept them in until the final second.

The best part about Tanner is… We get to keep him for another year, which we’re really excited for. He had a great junior season and is definitely the pre-season favorite for player-of-the-year, but… We’ll see. Target on his back, that is for sure.

Congrats Tanner on a great conference tournament performance and we hope your summer workouts have gone fantastically!