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Player-of-the-Week is… Preston Beverly!!

We’re actually stunned, double checked the numbers, it was insanely close, we considered splitting the award, but ultimately there was no question:

This is 100% a true win by Preston Beverly and these are easily in the top 10 of best numbers we’ve seen in the three years we’ve been writing the blog by anyone, much less an underclassmen.

What did Preston do this week?

Led his team against a surging Northwest Nazarene team by scoring 28 points, grabbing 11 boards, and approaching the Kristaps Porzingis triple double of SEVEN BLOCKS. As a sophomore! Those are some gooood instincts, positioning, and is a great show of poise for anyone -much less an underclassmen. He ended up with four fouls and we feel 50/50 about it. On the one hand he was likely being saved for over time, on the other hand: you can’t win in over time if you don’t make it to over time, so we tend to fall on the side that he needed more than those 35 minutes. The Yellowjackets didn’t get the win, but it apparently made Preston pretty angry because come the game at CWU, he wasn’t giving up ANYTHING.

The CWU game… At Nicholson… Not quite as good of a performance (although still incredible) and this time he had help. Big help. Shout out to Kamal Tall. Preston ultimately finished with 32 points, 11 boards, SIX ASSISTS with ZERO TURNOVERS, and just two fouls, while being 4-4 from the line, shooting well from the field, and going 4-6 from three, while being in the game for just 32 minutes. The Yellowjackets won by 27 on the back of his consummate ballin’ performance.

We’re so ridiculously proud of him and elated for him and beyond thrilled they picked up the ‘W’ on top of it, especially in such a hostile environment.

Congrats Preston and good luck against the Alaska schools!!

Player-of-the-Week is… Tony Miller!!

He’s a freshman *clap clap clapclapclap.*

But you’d never know it by his play. He came into the conference and immediately started boarding. This is a kid that picked up a bunch of rebounds at BYU of all places. We never give teams credit for what they do against D1 teams, but… We’re all aware that BYU is dirty. And Tony hasn’t let us down against D2 teams either.

Tony is admittedly our prototypical player, so it’s easy to talk about him. Our favorite position is power forward and our favorite metric is player production, so… Tony has it easy in terms of that, but it’s challenging to actually accomplish. Play unselfishly, sacrifice your body, fight hard on both ends of the floor, make your free throws.

He’s done it a lot throughout the season and exemplified it this week. Against UAF he was 5-11 from the field while making 8-11 free throws and grabbing 14 boards. He ultimately finished with a full house. Against Alaska-Anchorage he finished with 16 boards. UAA is a hella good rebounding team and so for anyone to do that is impressive, but as a frosh going against a few monster seniors like Suki, Conner, and most of all Corey? Wow. He also shot really smart from the field and then went 11-13 on free throws, which inevitably helped lead his team into the OT period. While he fouled out and we’re sure at least one of them was stupid… He’s a frosh. It happens.

Congrats Tony and good luck against the Wolvaliers!

Player-of-the-Week is… Jeffrey Parker!!

Little awkward because he’s already done playing this week, but regardless:

When this happened it was rivalry week for the Vikings and Jeffrey Parker responded. He had a great performance against the Crusaders of Northwest Nazarene, going 6-7 from beyond the arc, grabbing four boards, and collecting three fouls in thirty minutes of play. He’s a big part of the reason that game had no chance to be exciting. Last year Jeffrey often served as energy off the bench -this year he’s energy right from the start, although a humble sort of energy. He’s a guy that just goes in and gets it done.

Now for the game against those Wascally Wildcats? He played just 21 minutes but in those 21 minutes was 7-8 from the field, grabbed nine boards, had one block, and picked up three fouls. He was also 2-2 from the line. 100% pure efficiency.

The number of minutes any guy plays are weighted in our formula -how much does your coach trust you in both offensive moments and defensive moments? Are you in just for offense or defense? If you are, are you proving your worth by playing smart? Jeffrey was in to provide some instant offense and he did exactly that and his true PER had to be insane, although PER isn’t our thing, so we don’t know the specifics of it -we’re a production stat aficionado, thus as a PER guy he managed to even win in OUR system.

Congrats Jeffrey and Go Vikings!!

Player-of-the-Week Noms!

Better late than never, particularly for the first week we’ve had more eligible people than nominations available in a very long time.

UAF: N/A —> Donated to Taylor Stafford of WWU. With his play, we’re cray cray for Tay Tay. Not really. But other people should be.
UAA: Suki. ‘Cause Suki.
SFU: N/A —> Jawan -two great games between him and Fuquan, reminding that our formula doesn’t mean teammates are competing against each other for POW.
WWU: Jeffrey Parker -completely out of his mind against both CWU and NNU.
SPU: Coleman Wooten -so super we forget he’s a soph.
SMU: Cole Preston -continues to slice and dice.
MSUB: N/A —> Drew Martin of Concordia; continues to serve as a great hybrid. He’s a better boarder than your average wing and a better passer than your average post.
CWU: Fuquan, as noted above. Bangs down low, unstoppable, doesn’t see as many minutes as we think he should.
NNU: Bouna -carries and leads his team. There are other good players, but Bouna serves as the thorax.
CU-PDX: Christopher Edward -we finally got to watch him in person; a bit reminiscent of Anye Turner from a couple of years ago. High praise.
WOU: N/A —> Corey Hammell of UAA, had a couple of nice games. Not much shooting, but makes his free throws and grabs the boards.

So much awesome play this week. Rhett Baerlocher of SMU was eligible for nomination but didn’t quite grab a spot. Spencer Svejcar and Connor Devine of UAA were right on the edge of being eligible. Great play, lots of guys with two very solid games.

Winner’ll be up soon.

Player-of-the-Week is… Tanner Omlid!!

This could almost be a parody post in and of itself.

Tanner Omlid’s play this week was…

  • Scrappy
  • Blue collar
  • Great distribution
  • Deceptively athletic
  • Proves that he’s a real gym rat.

For those missing the humor: those are all words classically used to describe white men’s basketball players. But seriously, they did describe Tanner’s play very well this week and we’re ridiculously proud of him for showing commitment to every single play, every single possession. He only played 26 minutes in the NNU game because of foul trouble, which is a credit to NNU because without those fouls, we think WOU would have won.

Congrats Tanner and good luck this week against Spartin!!

Player-of-the-Week Noms

Interesting week for POW. We’re not sure how we feel about it because only a few of the guys being nominated played legitimately well; other guys just played games lacking defense, and while our algorithm takes that into account… It’s complicated.

It’s really not; it’s really the player production stat, at base, and after three years we should trust it fully, but this year is weird and we don’t. We don’t think that shooting until the cows come home is ever a good solution and our formula doesn’t either, but… We’re putting it up just because. It’s a weird year and we still don’t know what we’re talking about.

UAF: N/A —> Donated to Daulton Hommes of WWU.
UAA: Diante Mitchell -great week in a couple of difficult games; smart shooting, high minutes, involved his teammates well.
SFU: N/A —> Donated to Deandre Dickson of WWU.
WWU: Taylor Stafford -yes, the games lacked defense and he shot badly from the field even with the terrible defense, but he made his free throws and involved his teammates, so… Okay?
MSUB: Marc Matthews -Fairly good shot selection and did in fact involve his teammates.
NNU: Maurice Jones -Two very solid games.
CU-PDX: Christopher Edward -limited minutes, but great shot selection and decision making while he’s in the game.
WOU: Tanner Omlid -in the trenches, does what it takes to win -even if his team doesn’t end up with the ‘W.’

Those are the nominations. Those are all of the guys eligible for the award. We were close to putting a couple of people that almost qualified, but all had some massive error that we couldn’t get over. Usually way too many shots taken. There are 13 guys on a basketball team. If you’re cold DON’T SHOOT. More likely than not you have a teammate that isn’t cold that you should be getting the ball to.

Remember: Player-of-the-Week nominations. Not player-of-the-game. It takes two above average games to get on this list.

Winner’ll be up soon.


Player-of-the-Week is… Taylor Stafford!!

It’s a good week to be a Taylor with connections to the sehome.

Taylor had a great couple of games against Seattle Pacific and Saint Martin’s, respectively, picking up an impressive array of field stats, including but not limited to:

15 assists
17 rebounds
7 steals


10 turnovers.

However, we’re pointing out the turnovers because in the case of Taylor, it meant the ball was in his hands when it mattered. The field stats mean that he was being actively productive even as he was picking up those turnovers. There are other guys, even on the WWU team itself, that turnovers stick out in a bad way -we’re not concerned about Taylor’s. Would it be better to be without them? Yeah.Was it because he was playing selfishly? Absolutely not. The turnovers in context are completely fine.

Taylor is another transfer that we “knew” we’d be getting. The type of transfer that comes in, works his butt off, and transforms his team. We feel honored to get to name him player-of-the-week and can’t wait to see what he does next.

Congrats Taylor, and thanks for bringing your talents to the GNAC!!

Conference POW Noms #1

UAF: Bangaly Kaba -basketball doesn’t seem so difficult when your major is petroleum engineering.
UAA: Corey Hammell -when the shooting gets tough, the tough start rebounding.
SFU: JJ Pankratz -good to see him getting back in the groove.
WWU: Taylor Stafford -game changing point guard for the Vikings, helped lead his team to two wins.
SPU: DAULTON HOMMES! Making the most of things now that he’s finally healthy, some really really good play this weekend.
SMU: N/A —> Spencer Svejcar -great game against CWU, did good things against NNU.
MSUB: N/A —> Diante Mitchell -high turnovers, but also smart shooting and good assisting.
CWU: Dom Hunter -had a great game against his former team and helped lead the Wildcats to a win against his old rival.
NNU: N/A —> Suki Wiggs. Suki gonna Suki, one of the games was mediocre, but it wasn’t terrible.
CU-PDX: Christopher Edwards -exactly the type of player that can change the landscape of his team for the better.
WOU: Tanner Omlid -takes way too many shots, but does rebound, play D, and distribute as well.

Surprisingly the perfect number of spots, and yes: over a third of the list consists of the starters from UAA, which tells everyone a couple of things:

1. Winning both games isn’t necessary for POW honors.
2. Everyone can be productive at the same time.

It ultimately didn’t come down to this, but had Suki won, he would have been DQ’d because his second game was good but not great. Better than the average player puts up on any given night, but still not POW winner material. As regularly noted: ‘Player of the week‘ is about the complete course of the two games -not just one good performance.

Winner up in an hour.

Player-of-the-Week is… Dom Hunter!!

This is his first POW win =)

He played a couple of super difficult and hard fought games against Dixie State and MN-Makato respectively and he did everything he possibly could. Over the course of two days he played 81/85 available minutes -wow. His shooting wasn’t bad, his distribution was good, low turnovers both days, and he made his free-throws. He almost got the Wildcats a win over MN-Mankato, but couldn’t quite manage it but that’s okay -we are way more concerned about the Dixie game and that game he got it done. Against Dixie State, Dom was 10/11 from the line, 50% from 3, 60% overall, for a total of 33 points in an exhaustingly brutal 41 minutes. He also grabbed four boards in the process.

Congrats on a great couple of performances Dom, and our conference thanks you sincerely for your role in what truly is a conference-merit boosting victory over Dixie State.

Go Wildcats!

Non-Con Player-of-the-Week Noms #2

WE FILLED ALL OF THE SPOTS!!!!!! PEOPLE PLAYED LEGITIMATELY WELL ENOUGH TO FILL EVERY SPOT!!!!!!!!! We’re so excited for all of y’all. Here we go!

UAF: Brandon Davis had two good games and led his team to a very important win over BYU-H through his balanced play and good shooting decisions.
UAA: Suki Wiggs helped lead his team
SFU: Michael Provenzano had a good week, playing very well each day and helping procure the Clan a couple of wins.
SPU: Coleman Wooten -great heart. No one else was rebounding but he still was. We see you Coleman.
SMU: Tyler Copp -another player with great heart, played tons of minutes, did everything he could and more.
CWU: Dom Hunter -played a full 40 minutes and just fell short of willing his team to a win over Mankato.
CU-PDX: Christopher Edward -a couple of good games against challenging opponents.
WOU: N/A —> Donated to Corey Hammell of UAA, who finally put up the rebounding numbers that we’re used to seeing out of him =) Very excited about that, welcome back Corey!

We considered giving a collective spot to the three teams that only played one game, but felt like it wasn’t fair. WWU played a cupcake, MSUB’s game was a defensive grind it out, and NNU was the cupcake.

Tomorrow we’ll either preview the MSUB/Chadron State game (RMAC) and have some discussions or just preview the game and then review the game and discuss other things on Wednesday.

POW announcement will be up in an hour.