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Non-Con Day 8!

Is the post ever going to be up again at 11am sharp like it used to be on Sundays? Maybe. Nutso November gonna Nutso, but it’s finally December.

And so… Let’s jump into discussing what happened yesterday.

Michigan Tech 65 @ Alaska-Fairbanks 57

Not a win, but not an awful blow-out either, so that’s good.

Nook highlights: Shadeed Shabazz went 9-9 from the line and had a full house among five boards, four assists, five steals, and two blocks; Koby Huerta had 15 points while going 5-7 from three; and Mawich Kachjaani had seven boards. Off the bench Keshaun Howard had six boards; and Quinn Daugharty had five boards.

Some really fun numbers, if not a victory. Nicely done Nooks!

Northern Michigan 75 @ Alaska-Anchorage 84

Get that ‘W’ Seawolves! Even if it doesn’t actually count.

Seawolf highlights: DeAndre Osuigwe had 10 points, six boards, and seven assists in just 23 minutes; Tyler Brimhall had 17 points and eight boards while going 6-7 from the line; and Niko Bevens had 16 points. Off the bench Tyrus Hosley had nine points; Jack Macdonald had 11 points; and Oggie Pantovic had 10 points.

Congrats to the Seawolves on some good numbers in a nice win.

Colorado Christian 80 @ Simon Fraser 89

Honestly, not the result we were hoping for, but it’s still a ‘W’ that technically counts toward SOS and that’s what matters.

Clan highlights: Othniel Spence had 18 points; Wil Balata had 10 boards; Jas Singh played 40 full minutes and had 22 points and nine boards; Julian Roche had a double-double along with a full house among 21 points and 12 boards; and Mike Hannan had four steals off the bench.

No Mike Provenzano. That explains the close win and why Wil Balata took wayyy too many shots. Flashback to the conference tournament. Feel better soon, Mike!

Seattle Pacific 96 @ Point Loma 89

Woof, that score. But considering both teams had north of 20 fouls, we’re assuming it’s because the refs were calling it tight and thus no one wanted to risk playing good D. Unfortunately, but probably wise.

Falcon highlights: Harry Cavell had 16 points, seven boards, and five fouls; DIVANT’E MOFFITT had a whopping 29 points, seven boards, and eight assists while going 11-12 from the line and shooting well from the field; Filip Fullerton had eight points; Shaw Anderson had nine points and six boards among a full house of stats; and Gavin Long had 12 points. Off the bench Braden Olsen had four boards; Sharif Khan had five points; Mehdi El-Mardi had five points; and Jacob Medjo had 10 points.

Full team effort from the Falcons. Literally 10 players including every guy that saw minutes recorded mentionable stats in a non-blowout. Crazy. The Sea Lions looked really solid and so this could ultimately end up being a good to really good win.

Adams State 81 @ MSU-Billings 95

Nicely done Yellowjackets! Improved from the day before, that’s what we like to see.

Jacket highlights: Clarence Daniels had five boards; Psalm Maduakor had five boards and six assists; TYLER GREEN had a full house including a whopping 27 points, five boards, and five assists; BRENDAN HOWARD had 27 points and 10 boards for the double-double; and off the bench Stevie James had a good shooting game and scored 12 points.

Really happy with a lot of these numbers, Jackets. Y’all are looking much improved. Excited to see what you do this week against the North schools.

CU-Portland 55 @ San Francisco State 91

Woof. Heal yourselves, Cavs; y’all are up to Alaska this coming week.

Cavs highlights: Hunter Sweet had nine points and six boards. Off the bench DAVID WHEELER had 17 points; Bryce Cheney continues to do work with nine points; Dane Agost grabbed four boards; and Barrett Keith had eight points.

No idea what’s up with the minutes distribution, so there is that. Contemplating that Bryce Cheney should be starting, but we’ll see. Better luck in the Great White North, Cavs.

Stanislaus 72 @ Western Oregon 75

WHAT THE HECK IS THIS WARRIORS TEAM?!?!?!?!? They’re the latest team we have a grudge against because when they played SPU, one of their players actually injured himself by flopping so hard (lol). The question is though: are they good or are they merely okay? It’ll be something to keep an eye on in conference play, because this win could ultimately look really good for the Wolves.

Wolf highlights: Cameron Cranston had 11 points; Dalven Brushier had 11 points; DARIUS LUBOM had a whopping 24 points, six boards, seven assists, shot well from the field, AND went 10-10 from the line; John Morrill-Keeler had nine points; and off the bench Collin Warmouth had six points.

Seems like the Wolves rotation is starting to solidify. Their match-up against Anchorage should be really interesting. Darious Lubom oh my my was absolutely out of his mind -although we suspect that this performance won’t be a crazy blip; he’s been looking really good this year, so that’s exciting. Congrats to the Wolves on what should be a really solid win.

We have non-con thoughts that we will theoretically put up before Thursday. It’ll be good. This weekend was a nice bookend to the key portion of non-con. Yes, there’s an additional block of non-con in December with a handful of GNAC schools in Hawaii and other dotted D2 non-con, but the big chunk is over and we get into conference play this week.

We’re not going to put up a preview for the WWU @ SFU game on Tuesday, but we’ll talk about it briefly here:

The big question with this first round of WWU/SFU is whether or not Mike Provenzano plays. If he plays, the Clan has a really good shot; if he doesn’t, we expect a blow-out. We are actually not going to this game, sadly, but we’ll be watching it and sending all of the good healthy vibes from afar.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!

Past Games + Previewing Today’s Games!

Yes, we didn’t do the previews yesterday. Boo us, we suck.

That said: We won Apple Cup and got high-fives from most of the men’s soccer team, Myles Bryant, AND UW President Ana Mari Cauce, so it was a big win all around.

And now let’s get into this week’s basketball.

From Tuesday & Wednesday:

Seattle Pacific 75 @ Sonoma State 55

The Sonoma State coach was stunned by the result, to the point that he publicly stormed over to the CCAA’s ref coordinator and blamed bad reffing. Uh, dude: SPU’s lost to four teams and every single one looks decent at the very minimum; their one win came against the team projected to win the Pac-West.

Falcon highlights: Harry Cavell had 10 points and 10 boards for the double-double; Divant’e Moffitt had 14 points on great shooting, along with a plethora of field stats; Shaw Anderson had 20 points on great shooting as well as a bordering on great free throw shooting; and Gavin Long had 10 points. No outstanding bench play, although some good relief minutes.

Overall the Falcons were in foul trouble and it is what it is; it’s funny, Shaw had a great game on paper but in person it felt very riddled with frosh mistakes. #JustShawThings

Northwest Nazarene 70 @ Cal State LA 74

While we picked the Nighthawks to win, the result really isn’t that surprising. Cal State LA has been very 50/50 and while we firmly believe in this year’s NNU team, it is an adjustment in not having Adonis Arms, and this was a road game.

Nighthawk highlights: Sam Roth had a whopping 16 boards; Beto Diaz had 10 points and five boards; and George Reidy had 14 points. Off the bench Cayden Wright had five points; and Ezekiel Alley had a whopping 16 points and six boards.

Overall, some really bad shooting numbers, but holy guacamole Sam Roth! This loss actually might not look atrocious come March, but because of how the Nighthawks scheduled non-con, we think regardless they’re going to need the autobid.

East Bay 89 @ Saint Martin’s 83

We were there for the second half. Yes, we were a turkey. This game went in waves and was tied at halftime. It was a good game, good experience game for SMU because East Bay projects really well and the Pioneers would work their way up but the Saints would reel them back in, and ultimately the score ended up really respectable. We would consider ourselves an East Bay person (because our beloved grad school coach is the head coach) but we found ourselves rooting hard for the Saints just because they’re young and yet made a lot of really good, high effort plays.

Saints highlights: Demonte Malloy was OUT OF HIS MIND with a full house among 14 points, 10 boards, and seven assists; CJ Jennings was impressive with 22 points on good shooting; MARKY ADAMS had a whopping 12 points and 13 boards; and certified sixth man LOGAN ROONEY had 12 points and six boards.

The Saints won the rebounding battle considerably; 43-36, so that’s awesome. We have to say, we’re excited about this team. While they had a rough stretch in Utah, it appears that they’re learning the right things and should be ready to go come conference play. Ridiculously proud of all of y’all, congrats on a well played and hard fought game, Saints.

Now let’s talk about Friday’s games…

Northern Michigan 95 @ Alaska-Fairbanks 45

This game doesn’t count for SOS (lol), but was scheduled because both schools are D1 in hockey and D2 in almost everything else -including basketball.

Nook highlights: Mawich Kachjaani had seven boards. Off the bench Keshaun Howard had six points; Markel Banks had six points; Quinn Daugharty had four boards; and OBG had 10 points.

Congrats on getting to heal yourselves at a Pokemon Center afterward, Nooks. Y’all need it.

Michigan Tech 83 @ Alaska-Anchorage 80

Another game that doesn’t count for SOS but was scheduled because both schools are D1 in hockey and D2 in almost everything else. We’re not going to get into any implications because the fact is: this game doesn’t matter. It’s better prep than playing D1 or lower division, while at the same time truly doesn’t matter and so while we get the sentiment… Just why. What a waste of energy.

Seawolf highlights: DeAndre Osuigwe had nine points and six assists; Niko Bevens had 12 points; and Tobin Karlberg had five boards. Off the bench Amari Hale had 11 points and five assists; Tyrus Hosley had 11 points; Jack Macdonald had nine points and four boards; and OGGIE PANTOVIC had 16 points and nine boards.

Once again: If Yugoslavia was still intact, the YBL would rival the NBA in terms of being the world’s best basketball league. Balkan heritage > your heritage. And we say this as a Norwegian 😂😂 You didn’t see us going on and on about Sjur Berg. Although we did go on and on about Bouna N’Diaye, but that was strictly basketball.

Colorado Christian 69 @ Western Washington 91

The good news is that this game does count for SOS. The bad news is, Colorado Christian usually is really bad and that appears to hold true this year.

Viking highlights: Tucker Eenigenburg had 11 points on great shooting; D’Angelo Minnis had 21 points and five steals; Logan Schilder is off the DL and had eight points and five boards; Jalen Green had 12 points and five boards; Trevor Jasinsky had 18 points, seven boards, and eight assists; and off the bench Luke Lovelady had 14 points and seven boards among a full house of stats.

Congrats to the Vikings on the win.

Adams State 75 @ MSU-Billings 86

Good come-from-behind win for the Yellowjackets. Adams State is in the RMAC, so the game does count in regard to March (not that it really matters), and they tend to sit in about the same range that MSUB does, so good practice.

Jackets highlights: Clarence Daniels had five boards; Psalm Maduakor had five boards; Chrishon Dixon had a full house among 13 points, eight boards, and four assists; Jordan Lehrer had five boards; and Brendan Howard had 11 boards and 17 points. Off the bench TYLER GREEN had 28 points and four assists; and Stevie James had 11 points and seven boards.

Congrats to the Yellowjackets on great rebounding and a really quality overall performance.

Stanislaus 62 vs. CU-Portland 57 @ San Francisco State

Not sure how to feel about this game. Stanislaus had started looking pretty darn good and then… They almost got beat by Concordia. Or does that mean Concordia is actually starting to look decent? We can only hope.

Cavs highlights: Xavier Smith had eight boards; Hunter Sweet had 18 points and went 7-8 from the line; and Dakota Ayala shot well and had six boards. Off the bench Bryce Cheney had five points; and Dom Bradley had five boards.

We definitely feel like the Cavs could/have should have won this game, and so… Is that a moral victory, or a demoralizing loss? It’s one thing to get blown out, but an entirely different thing to have totally been able to win and yet not done it. Hmmm.

Western Oregon 88 @ San Francisco State 76

Good win for the Wolves who are starting to look like an increasingly good team. One of those situations where it was impossible to say before the season, and yet not surprising now that more games have been played.

Wolf highlights: Jaylyn Richardson was lights out and had 17 points and seven boards; Dalven Brushier had 17 points; and Darius Lubom had 20 points and seven boards. Off the bench TYREEK PRICE had 17 points; and Zach Baugher had eight points.

The 17 points thing reminds us of the Jim Shaw days of every player getting 10 points before getting pulled. Such consistency. Congrats to the Wolves on a good win and great shooting.

Previewing Today’s Games!

Yes, the SPU game will have already started by the time this post goes up, but… Whatever. They’ll live.

All times pacific.

Seattle Pacific @ Point Loma @ 2pm

This SPU team is young, this Point Loma team is new. On the one hand, it’s hard to trust the Falcons because their record is so bad. On the other hand, Point Loma really hasn’t played anybody, with the exception of their blow-out loss to UCSD but that’s par for the course.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Western Oregon vs. Stanislaus @ San Francisco State @ 5pm

We’re actually really curious about this game. Stanislaus beat SPU and we assumed it was a bad loss because Stanislaus usually isn’t that good, and yet they’ve looked better than normal this year. They’re 5-1 with their only loss being to Dominguez Hills and they count a win at Chico State. If WOU gets the ‘W’, we would count it as quality. A loss wouldn’t quite be quality, but it wouldn’t be awful either.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Colorado Christian vs. Simon Fraser @ WWU @ 5pm

As noted above: Colorado Christian is rarely projected to be that good, and they’re definitely not this year, so…

Prediction: SFU wins.

MSU-Billings vs. Adams State @ 6pm

Yes, they’re playing a second time. It was close yesterday, so let’s see if there’s a different result today.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Michigan Tech vs. Alaska Fairbanks @ 6:15pm

Tech and Anchorage played close last night and we expect that Anchorage is a lot better than Fairbanks, so…

Prediction: Michigan Tech wins.

CU-Portland @ San Francisco State @ 7pm

While we expect that SFSU is better than Concordia, we’re not sure by how much and thus this could actually be a pretty interesting game. We’ve liked a lot of the numbers we’ve seen from the Cavs, so hopefully Dakota Ayala can/will stay in a bit longer and tonight the Cavs can get the win.

Prediction: SFSU wins.

Northern Michigan @ Alaska-Anchorage @ 8:30pm

Northern Michigan killed Alaska-Fairbanks last night, but UAA and UAF are quite different teams. While UAA registered a loss to Michigan Tech and we vaguely assume NMU is better… Maybe the Seawolves have improved too? There were some bad shooting numbers admittedly, and we think Jack Macdonald needs to see more minutes, so maybe he will.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

All for today. We’ll see you guys tomorrow morning to discuss these games.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!

Non-Con Day 6.

Some surprises and so… Let’s talk about them.

UAF 78 @ Dixie State 90

Not a surprising result and we’re actually more excited about Dixie bouncing back than we are in caring about about Fairbanks losing/how they lost etc. UAF seemed hopeless last year, and then this year… We admittedly like a lot of their players, but Alaskans voted to defend their university system, so if they don’t care, why should we care?

Nook highlights: SHADEED SHABAZZ had 28 points while going 8-8 from the line; Spencer Sweet had 16 points; and Mawich Kachjaani somewhat bounced back with 11 boards. Off the bench Markel Banks had four boards; and Quinn Daugharty had five points.

The defense was lacking and OBJ didn’t play, which seems odd. Wonder if he’s battling an injury of some kind. Congrats to the Nooks on a solid outing.

NDNU 70 @ CU-PDX 71

WHAT. A. GAME. And exactly what we were expecting. Super exciting, super happy for the Cavs procuring the win.

Cav highlights: Russ Tillery had 12 points and five boards; Elroi Butler had 10 boards; Hunter Sweet had a whopping 20 points and six boards; and it appears Dakota Ayala broke his face yet again because he doesn’t have many stats, which is odd. Off the bench Caleb Larsen had nine points; and Dane Agost had four rebounds.

This win is oddly critical in that it was a hard fought victory that should help teach the Cavs how to win close games and instill confidence in them and whatnot. While most of the Pac-West and GNAC will scoff and go “It was against NDNU” you have to walk before you can run; NDNU is a peer to CU-Portland, and regardless as to where you sit in your conference, a victory over a peer is important.

Regis 69 @ WOU 90

A somewhat surprising result; we expected Regis to win, but we’ve also really liked a lot of the numbers WOU has put up, and so… Maybe not as surprising as it could have been? This WOU team is going to be hard to figure out because it’s so brand new. We’re excited to get to take a look at them in person, although it won’t happen until mid-January.

Wolves highlights: Jaylyn Richardson had 14 points; Cameron Cranston had 14 points and six boards; DALVEN BRUSHIER had 22 points on good shooting; and Darius Lubom had 14 points, five boards, and six assists for the all around excellence. Off the bench Tyreek Price shot well and had 11 points; and Zach Baugher lit things up with a full house of stats including 15 points, five boards, and four assists among other numbers.

Excited for the Wolves, not entirely sure what it means, but it is somewhere between a good and great win, none-the-less.

Yes, the posting has been a little bit more lackadaisical in November than we’d like it to be, but that happens every year. It’s especially bad this year because the only teams that are truly known are UAA, SFU, and WWU. Everyone else has some type of major variability, so we definitely feel like we know less this year than we usually would, and that says something because we rarely feel like we have a good grasp of anything during non-con.

The good news is conference play should be interesting and things will calm down and be back to a normal schedule; it’s just chaos right now, because… Nutso November.

We’ll see y’all on Tuesday for the Tuesday/Wednesday game previews.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC.

Reviewing Last Night/Previewing Tonight.

Last night it was pretty much everything we expected, with the only exception being a slightly closer score in the WOU/NDNU game, but we’re not concerned because experiment when you can.

UAF 77 @ Westminster 89

Little bit closer than we expected, but overall not a surprising result. Still some good numbers were put up by Fairbanks -although admittedly not by their starters.

Nook highlights: Spencer Sweet had 15 points and five fouls. Off the bench Shadeed Shabazz had 19 points and four steals; Jalon MacCullough had four assists; Keshaun Howard had nine points; Markel Banks had 12 points and seven boards; and Quinn Daughtary had five boards.

Curious about how quiet Mawich, OBG, and Alex Sommerfield was.

Regis 80 @ CU-Portland 49

Exactly zero percent surprising, but there were some positives.

Cavs highlights: DAKOTA AYALA had 10 points, six boards, and five fouls. Off the bench Russell Tillery had five assists; Bryce Cheney had four boards; and Dom Bradley had six points.

Seriously Cavs, this loss is no big deal; we’re guessing Regis outclasses our entire conference right now.

Notre Dame de Namur 80 vs. Western Oregon 91 @ CU-Portland

WOU led by one at the half; yikes. Approximately zero defense was played; also yikes. But does it affect the Wolves at all? Nope.

Wolves highlights: Jaylyn Richardson had 12 points and six boards; Cameron Cranston had a full house including eight boards; Dalven Brushier had 15 points and eight assists; DARIUS LUBOM was absolutely killing it and finished with 20 points, six assists, and five steals among a full house of stats; John Morrill-Keeler had a double-double on good shooting with 19 points and 10 boards; and off the bench Zach Baugher had five points.

Congrats on procuring the win, Wolves.

Tonight’s games start in the midst of while we’re writing this post, because the conference listed times once again MAKE NO DARN SENSE. Tonight they list the UAF game as being at 5:30 and you would think after yesterday that would be 5:30 AST. Nope. 5:30 mountain. AKA 3:30 AST 🙄

All times pacific.

Alaska-Fairbanks vs. Dixie State @ Westminster @ 4:30pm

This actually could be a win for the Nooks because Dixie State has looked like a relative mess this year. We’re looking for Mawich Kachjaani, Alex Sommerfield, and Ousman Basir-Gomez Jr. to have bounce back games; if they do, a win could be more likely than you would think.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Regis vs. Western Oregon @ 5pm

Not the game Regis would like to be playing, and not the game even we expected WOU to be playing after last night’s questionable game against NDNU, but maybe the Wolves will bounce back a bit? They clearly have good players and overall in the scope of our conference we expect them to sit in the middle of the pack, but… We’ll see.

Prediction: Regis wins.

Notre Dame de Namur @ CU-Portland @ 7:15pm

This should be a good game. They both tend to sit in similar spots in regard to their conferences and thus they should be two decently well matched teams. The main difference is that NDNU exceeded expectations yesterday, so… Hopefully for CU-Portland, it was a fluke.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

We’ll be keeping an eye on things and see y’all tomorrow to see how they went.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC.


Previewing Today’s Games!

Goood morning and welcome to the third weekend of non-con. It’s not quite as intense as the past two weekends, but there are still three D2 games today, so… Here we go.

All times pacific.

Notre Dame de Namur vs. Western Oregon @ CU-Portland @ 5pm

NDNU is traditionally horrible and we doubt anything has changed, so… This game really ideally shouldn’t tell us much.

Prediction: WOU wins.

Alaska-Fairbanks @ Westminster (Utah) @ 6:30pm

Beware, the conference lists the game time as being Alaska standard time, which on the one hand is good, but on the other hand is simply confusing. We like when they list it local to where a team is playing, because then it’s standardized; this new listing the “local” time for the conference team involved is strange, especially when they’ve never done it that way before. If you say it’s listed as “local” time, we expect that “local” denotes the location of where the game is being played because otherwise how would that work in conference play? UAF plays at MSUB, do you list it as 7:30 MST or 5:30 AST? With how they’re doing it in non-con, it’s just as likely that it would be listed in AST.

Anyway, Wesminster appears to be pretty solid and UAF definitely doesn’t, so…

Prediction: Griffins win.

Regis (RMAC) @ CU-Portland @ 7:15pm

Historically Regis is good-to-great, and so although they’ve played few games this year, this will theoretically be a pretty tall order for Concordia. Good luck Cavs!

Prediction: Regis wins.

All for today, but we’ll see you guys tomorrow to find out how these games went and to preview those for Saturday.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!


Was it that big of a victory technically speaking? No.

But, like, seriously? IT WAS UP AGAINST THE WALL against a team from a really great league and really great Region in their HOME CITY.

It feels like a really great victory. And it’s the flippin’ FINAL FOUR and so it was DEFINITELY a great victory.

But seriously: This game was ugly.

For the first 10 or so minutes, Point Loma was in control. Thanks to free throws, Southern Indiana got back in it and it was 31-30 in favor of PLNU going into halftime. The second half had a lot of false senses of security. We’d be biting our nails and then Point Loma would take some breathing room and then we’d go back to biting our nails, and then Point Loma would get some more breathing room. While USI never led, they were never out of it.

It actually felt like a lot like the SMU game, but with worse defense.

We’re starting to be convinced that SMU was like a 70-30 split on great defense to mediocre offense and had they been 60-40, they probably would’ve been in this game instead.

Southern Indiana highlights: Alex Stein had 22 points and seven boards while going 9-11 from the free throw line and shooting well from the field; Kobe Caldwell had 16 points and five boards, plus two steals; Emmanuel Little played really well and had 16 points and nine boards; Matteo River had 10 points and two steals; and off the bench Josh Price had five fouls and two blocks.

Sea Lion highlights: Preston Beverly had 12 points and eight boards among a full house of stats; Josh Rodriguez had 10 points and SEVEN assists while going 6-6 from the line; Tanner Nelson had five fouls; Ziggy had 16 points and eight boards; Daulton had 20 points and five boards while going 5-5 from the line; and off the bench Sterling Somers had nine points on perfect shooting from the field.

Each team had 34 rebounds and USI had 14 turnovers to PLNU’s 11 and… There’s your difference.

The other big difference was Sterling Somers. In a battle of the starters, Sterling was absolutely invaluable. In our opinion as much as the five starters played well (yes: including you Tanner), Sterling was the MVP.

By the time you get to the Elite Eight/Final Four every team has a couple of all-league players, every team has starters and even a bench player or two that would start on every team in their league, every team makes their free throws, every team rebounds, that’s how they’ve made it this far, but… When you go down your bench, how many guys can you truly rely on in the Final Four?

Southern Indiana’s starters scored 64 points with the rest combined providing seven points.

Point Loma’s starters scored 65 points, with Sterling chipping in nine (on perfect shooting) and that right there was the difference. The rest of the bench provided a combined seven points just like Southern Indiana.

Literally, almost perfectly matched teams, but Southern Indiana didn’t have a Sterling Somers and… There was the loss.

All of that said: Congrats to PLNU on a huuuuuge win, and for those like us from/currently in western Washington: The National Championship game is being broadcast live on Kiro 7 at 12pm.

Game preview’ll be up in the AM and we’ll be live-tweeting the actual game, so chime in!

Go Sea Lions!!


The Elite Eight + Previewing The Final Four!


Numbers. Don’t. Lie.

This game… It largely played out like we expected. We expected the teams to come out strong, it didn’t surprise us that the Sea Lions worked up a lead in the first half, and then it is the Elite Eight and so quality halftime adjustments on the side of Queens made sense. It also made sense that Queens faded down the stretch, seeing as Queens bench wasn’t trusted. Shaun Willett and Daniel Carr were carrying the load by far.

Queens highlights: Shaun Willett had 27 points and 11 boards; Kenny Dye had 10 points; and Lewis Diankulu had 10 points and six boards. Off the bench Jermaine Patterson had eight points; and Kevion Blaylock had four boards.

Sea Lion highlights: Preston Beverly had 22 points, six boards, and three steals all on good shooting; Josh Rodriguez had a good smattering of field stats; Tanner Nelson had 11 points; Ziggy Satherwaite had eight boards; and Daulton Hommes had 22 points and seven boards among a full house of stats. Off the bench Brock Mackenzie had seven points; Sterling Somers had nine points and four boards; and Ben Oktin had three boards in just six minutes.

Really not happy with the Sea Lions rebounding, it needs to be better tonight. Queens did a fantastic job containing the Sea Lions in that respect; it was only a differential of four, but… Again: Elite Eight. Both teams did a solid job on the turnovers; PLNU had 10 while Queens had 12.

Overall we’re satisfied with this game, it was great to see Preston Beverly go ham, but the fact is Queens got back in it after PLNU had a sizable lead and that’s not going to lead to a win tonight if they allow it to happen against Southern Indiana.

Previewing the Southern Indiana game…

Southern Indiana the 7 seed in this re-seeded format, and so Point Loma is “favored” BUUUUUT the game is being played in Evansville, Indiana, although not on Southern Indiana’s literal home court.

What to know about Southern Indiana: They play in a traditionally strong conference in a traditionally strong Region. They finished 3rd in their conference that has perennial tournament teams like Bellarmine and Drury. They lost in the second round of their conference tournament, were seeded 4th in their Regional, and squeaked through the round of 32 to win their Regional against conference brethren and #2 seeded Bellarmine.

Needless to say: They are a very good team, a very tested team, and playing at home. Winning this game is going to be a tall order, but… Let’s see what the numbers say.

The Screamin’ Eagles go about seven guys deep, have a positive A/TO, and while it says they average 39 rebounds a game… We’re not so sure about that number.

Players to know:

Alex Stein is their offense. He’s a 6’3/190lb senior from Evansville, that averages 20 points and 35 minutes a game, while shooting 55% from the field, 46% from beyond the arc, and 85% from the line. Not the biggest collector of field stats, but does average four boards a game and has a very positive A/TO.

Kobe Caldwell is their go-to forward. He’s 6’6/200lbs and averages 28 minutes a game and puts up numbers like 14ppg and five boards, while shooting terribly from three point land. He takes a lot of shots, but we wouldn’t call him a shooter; however: DON’T FOUL THE GUY. He makes 82% of them.

Emmanuel Little is only a sophomore but their best all around player. He’s 6’6/215lb and averages 11 points and seven boards while playing about 24 minutes per game. We noticed he only played 15 minutes last night due to foul trouble; seems like a good idea.

Matteo Rivera is a 6’2/190lb guard, averages 30 minutes a game, grabs five boards per, while scoring eight points and shooting 55% from the field. He averages more than a steal per game, so don’t get your pocket picked.

Jacob Norman is 6’5/210 and doesn’t take a whole lot of shots but does make 80% from the line, so another not to foul. He averages 25 minutes, five points, and five boards a game, so they would be solid numbers coming off of the bench, but… He’s a starter.

Off the bench, they have two main guys:

Nate Hansen is their sixth man. He’s 6’4/200lb senior, also from Evansville and has now spent 8+ years playing with Jacob Norman. He plays about 25 minutes, averages 10 points a game, and shoots a whopping 90% from the charity stripe, so if this guy goes to the line a lot, the Sea Lions will be sunk.

Josh Price is a banger that was doing solid work last night. He’s a 6’8/250lb sophomore that tends to average around 15 minutes although he was in for a lot longer against West Texas A&M.

Overall, on the one hand none of the numbers stand out, beyond the fact that they seem to play at a pretty frenetic pace. They average 81 points a game while holding their opponents to 71. The score against West Texas A&M was 94-84, and so if the Sea Lions are willing to run, this game should be really fast paced.

Hopefully everyone is shooting well. This could be a really beautiful game to watch from a basketball perspective if all of the shooters are on.

Not sure what we think in regard to the match-up. Both teams are very balanced as it comes to rebounding, PLNU averages 80ppg while holding opponents to 65, so there is maybe something there, but… Point Loma essentially only goes six guys deep, while playing in a much worse conference and a much worse Region.

We get why USI was seeded 7th (hint: it was because of the original seeding) but as cliche as it is: they’re really not a seven seed. It’s the WIAA equivalent of a poorly seeded Metro team winning State.

And so… We think PLNU absolutely has the ability to win this game, but with Southern Indiana playing essentially at home and Point Loma so untested comparatively, it’s going to be an uphill battle.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Just like last night, we’ll be live-tweeting throughout the game so tweet back at us!

Go Sea Lions!!

Previewing the Elite Eight!

We a Pac-West blog now 😉

We wouldn’t do it for every Pac-West or CCAA team, but… We feel like we have a good handle on what Point Loma does, what their players can do, how their coaching staff functions, and otherwise the info that gives us the capability to write decently competently regarding their post-season run.

We didn’t talk too much about their play in the Sweet 16 post, because we planned on discussing it more in this post.

Now that the Elite Eight is here, the winners of each regional bracket have been re-seeded and as such, the top eight are:

  1. Northwest Missouri State (1)
  2. West Texas A&M (1)
  3. Queens (NC) (1)
  4. Nova Southeastern (FL) (1)
  5. Saint Anselm (NH) (1)
  6. Point Loma (CA) (1)
  7. Southern Indiana (4)
  8. Mercyhurst (PA) (4)

In parenthesis is the team’s non-obvious state, as well as their seed in their respective Regional.

At that time of this post being published, Northwest Missouri State and Saint Anselm are officially in the Final Four.

And so… 6/8 number one seeds made the Elite Eight and PLNU is seen as the weakest of the bunch.

We could agree with that, seeing as they played terribly in the Sweet 16.


If SMU put up the numbers PLNU put up, we would have considered them to have played flawlessly, minus the turnovers.

Point Loma played terribly in the way we consider Seattle Pacific to often play terribly. SPU can win by 25 and we’ll unapologetically complain about it. Point Loma is a Looney team, Daulton and Preston are beloved former GNAC’ers, Tanner Nelson is a fellow Latter Day Saint, Brock Mackenzie and Sterling Somers were both recruited by SPU, and so we consider y’all 100% ours, but… It means that we will ride you.

So… What did we like about Point Loma in the Sweet 16? Namely that guys didn’t shoot if they were cold. Looney keeps y’all on a tight leash and while we love Grant Leep, we soooo miss the tight leash from our undergrad. We’ve been losing our minds all year over the shot attempts put up by a number of the SPU upperclassmen.

We feel that way about every other GNAC team, even if we don’t express it.

Preston Beverly: 2-5.
Josh Rodriguez: 2-4
Tanner Nelson: 1-3
Ziggy Satterwaite: 7-10
Daulton Hommes 10-15
Brock Mackenzie: 0-3
Sterling Somers 1-4
Ben Okhotin: 0-3

LITERALLY ZERO BAD SHOOTING NUMBERS. Yes, there are guys that didn’t make any shots what-so-ever, but guess what?!? THEY STOPPED SHOOTING.

Here are some more fun numbers:

Preston Beverly: 9 boards.
J-Rod: 2 boards -the paint gets crowded, it’s okay.
TANNER NELSON: 7 boards.
Ziggy: 5 boards.
Daulton: 5 boards.
Ben Okhotin: Two boards.

While PLNU did in fact have 15 turnovers and it could have killed them (thankfully it didn’t), no one had more than three. Handling the ball, especially against a good defensive team like SMU, turnovers are going to happen.

Preston Beverly… We weren’t the most impressed with his play against SMU, but he’s a chronically bad free throw shooter and it was one game. We feel like he got targeted because the Saints knew they weren’t likely to stop Daulton nor Ziggy, and so Preston was where they tried to clamp down. And yet… He still got nine boards. Solid.

J-Rod… Can we call you that? A ‘no’ for a nickname has never stopped us before, so here we go. J-Rod, We like the line. Is it great? No. But is it solid? Yes. Does it make your teammates better? Yes. Does it help lead to wins? YES. Would we like a better line tonight against Queens? Sure. Always love to see the seniors doing work. But can PLNU win with a line like this? Definitely.

Tanner… We’re so impressed. Tanner is definitely a shooter, but he was cold and he found ways to help his teammates. He played 29 great minutes all without needing the ball to be effective. We love it. We love a team player SO MUCH. We’d love to see him have a great scoring game against Queens, but we know that even if he doesn’t he’s still going to be playing really effective basketball.

Ziggy… Oh goodness. We’re in love. Big force down in the paint. Love his line. 21 minutes, 7-10 from the field, no three point attempts, 1-1 from the line, five boards and four fouls. Would it be nice for him to stay out of foul trouble? Yes. But is it a battle we feel is worth picking? No. Because PLNU got the win anyway. If they hadn’t, we would pick it.

Daulton… Prototypical Daulton game. 25 and five, nothing flashy except you can’t take your eyes off of him. It wasn’t one of Daulton’s better nights, but he’s just so capable. How can you turn 25 points into a typical performance? He was our GNAC player of the year last year and had thoroughly won it by halfway through the season, and so… There’s not much we can really say beyond that. Would we like a higher rebounding number? Yes. But does he have teammates that are a better option to do that dirty work? Yes. We would also looove to see a few Daulton blocks if the opportunity arises, which it arguably should against Queens.

As for the bench…

Kaden: 6,000,000,000,000. Club Trill FOR LIFE. Especially off the bench. Six minutes, zero stats including ZERO MISSED SHOTS and ZERO TURNOVERS. We prize those that relieve starters without trying to do too much.

Brock: Two turnovers in 19 minutes, only three shots taken, one assist, one steal, and all while only a frosh. Nothing concerning. Good experience. The paint again is pretty crowded so not worried about the lack of boards.

Sterling: Really happy with Sterling’s line. Eight boards off the bench is great. Two turnovers as a junior we’re a little more dicey about, but again not a battle we’re going to pick because Point Loma got the win.

Overall for as much as this was somewhere between an average game and a not-so-good game, we still feel fully confident in these numbers, and that’s why despite the seed differential, we feel pretty solid about Point Loma going into the match-up with Queens.

At this point in the season, we feel like season statistics give a pretty solid overall picture of any given player, and so… Here’s what we’re thinking about the Queens players.

First of all: As a whole, they’re short but many of them are stocky.

Second of all: We have a feeling that the reffing is not going to go in Point Loma’s favor. But Ryan Looney likely already knows that.

Third: They go about nine guys deep.

Their regular rotation consists of:

Daniel Carr
Shaun Willett
Lewis Diankulu
Van Turner Jr.
Kenny Dye
Kevion Blaylock
Blake Morrow
Jermaine Patterson
Josh Brodowicz

All of their guys shoot near 50% from the field, so beware of that. Not a super great rebounding team, so that’s relieving from a Point Loma perspective. More details…

Shaun Willett is their go-to guy. He’s a senior, 6’4/210, and averages 20 points, 11 boards, and 1.5 or so steals in 32 minutes a game. He also tends to stay out of foul trouble, so… Good luck Daulton.

Daniel Carr is their workhorse of a 6’0/180lb junior. He sees about 34 minutes a game while scoring 16 points and dropping five dimes on 47% from the field including 41% from downtown. He’s an 80% free throw shooter, so don’t foul the guy.

After those two, the minutes drop-off a cliff.

Lewis Diankulu is 6’7/220 and their big paint presence. He averages 25 minutes, 12 points, and seven rebounds a game. He only shoots 50% from the line, so go ahead and foul him.

Van Turner Jr. is 6’2/180 and shootings 85% from the free throw line, so another not to foul.

Kenny Dye appears to be a replacement for a guy they lost for the season early, and so sixth man bumped up to a starter. He shoots 50% from three, so be aware of that.

Kevion, Blake, Jermaine, and Josh seem largely to be fillers; none average a ton of points nor field stats, but they do give the starters a break, and so it seems like their starting five are the big concerns. I trust Sterling Somers a lot more than I trust anything the Royals have off of the bench.

The context of them being a #1 seed in the Southeast Region…

Honestly: They didn’t even win their conference tournament and yet they received a #1 seed. At this point we don’t trust the Southeast Region any more than we trusted the West Region, and so a win should be totally doable.

We like Point Loma’s rebound prowess, we like their fundamentals, we think they had a bad game against SMU and it got them a lower ranking in the Elite Eight than they should have, so… Time to prove them wrong.

Prediction: PLNU wins.

It could be close. It could be by a lot. But we believe in PLNU’s numbers and we believe in Point Loma’s teamwork.

We’ll be tweeting the whole time, so tweet back at us! Cyber tailgating, let’s do it.


December Non-Con!

Everyone loves when we burn posts, don’t they? The thing is, usually they get written and then we simply don’t publish them. This time we haven’t written them, they’re all brand spankin’ new.

WWU 66 @ Chaminade 74

Chaminade appears to be good, and so this probably isn’t a bad loss -it may even be a QualityLoss™ because it was on the road.

Viking highlights: Luke Lovelady had 13 points and 12 boards and a full house of stats; and Trevor Jasinsky had 14 points and was 9-10 from the line. Off the bench KJ Bosco had seven points; Leif Anderson had eight points; and Jalen Green had eight boards.

Onward, Vikings.

WWU 72 vs. Southern Nazarene 85 @ Chaminade

Learning. Remember, WWU is young this year. And yes, we count transfer juniors as young because you do need time to acclimate to D2 basketball.

Viking highlights: Jalen Green had 13 points; and off the bench Tucker Eeigenburg had nine points; RJ Secrest had five points; KJ Bosco had six boards; Elijah Cotton-Welch had six points and five boards; and Leif Anderson had seven points.

SNU isn’t in the west, so we’re not particularly concerned.

WWU 76 vs. Emmanuel College 79

WOU played the Emmanuel College from Massachusetts. That was a D3 team. This is an Emmanuel College from Georgia that’s in a D2 team in the Conference Carolinas.

Viking highlights: Tyler Payne had a whopping NINE assists; Jalen Green had 11 points; Luke Lovelady had 20 points, seven boards, and five fouls; and Trevor Jasinsky had 19 points and six boards while going 9-12 from the line. Off the bench Tucker Eenigenburg had 12 points and five boards; and KJ Bosco had 11 points.

Ouch. This one had to hurt. Still, good learning experience. Now the Viks will go kick the butt of the Falcons, right?

SPU 76 @ CU-Irvine 59

Calm down birdies, contrary to their record, we don’t think Concordia-Irvine is that good.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 12 points and 10 boards for the double-double; Sam Simpson had five boards; Harry Cavell had 16 points; Nikhil Lizotte had 11 points; and Gavin Long had 19 points and eight boards. Off the bench Sharif Khan had eight points; and Sam Boone had five points.

SMU 76 vs. Dixie State 59

We’re instinctively excited about this game, but then we remember Dixie is now in the RMAC =(

Saints highlights: Chandler Redix had seven boards among a full house of stats; Jordan Kitchen had six boards; Rhett Baerlocher had 19 points and five steals among a full house of stats; EJ Boyce had a great game with 28 points; and Luke Chavez is starting to get in the swing of things with 11 points, four assists, and four steals.

No significant play off the bench, although BJ and Tavian did see some good minutes. Dixie does appear to be having a down year, so probably nothing to read into too much in regard to how good the Saints are.

WOU vs. Dallas Baptist @ Chaminade = Cancelled.

WOU 63 vs. UCSD 73 @ Chaminade

We’re not particularly concerned about this loss. By the looks of it, UCSD is loading up as they prepare to make the transition to D1 and they’re currently the class of the west.

Wolves highlights: Brandell Evans had five assists; Kaleb Warner had eight boards; and Riley Hawken had 10 points and nine boards. Off the bench Darius Luborn had 11 points; Buster Souza had nine points; and Cameron Cranston had 12 points.

NNU 91 @ Metro State 96

The good news is that this is a road game against a typically elite team. The bad news is they don’t appear to be nearly as elite this year as they have been in the recent past.

Nighthawk highlights: Obi Megwa had 33 points; Adonis Adams had 25 points and five boards among a full house of stats; Jayden Bezzant had five fouls; and Spider had eight points. Off the bench James Nelson had eight points and four boards; Jalen Burkett had five fouls and four points; and Sam Roth had five fouls.

Some fun numbers and some alarming numbers, but very well-rationed shooting. As much as there appeared to be little defense, there also appears to be some really good decision making. Proud of you Nighthawks!

Up next we’re going to look at the West Region and see what we can glean about March via how people played in non-con. From the brief glance we’ve taken, the short answer is ‘it’s complicated.’ We’ll elaborate later today.

Discussing This Weekend’s Games.

The bad news is many teams lost last night. The good news is that we’re not alone in beating our head against a wall

UAF 68 vs. Black Hills State 64 @ MSUB

NEUTRAL SITE WIN. Nicely done Nooks!

Highlights: Tymoryae Glover had 12 points and eight boards; Jalon McCullough had five assists; SPENCER SWEET had 20 points while being 9-9 from the free throw line!; Michael Kluting continues to impress with a double double of 13 points and 11 boards; and off the bench Alex Martin had 13 points, five boards, and four assists among a full house of stats.

UAF 76 vs. Domiguez Hills 75 @ MSUB


Highlights: Ty Glover continues impressing with 13 points and five fouls; SPENCER SWEET HAD ANOTHER GREAT GAME with 20 points and four boards; and Michael Kluting had 12 rebounds. Off the bench Aushanti Potts-Woods had 14 points including going 4-4 from the line; and Isaiah Easaw had nine points and six assists.

Ridiculously proud of the Nanooks this weekend, and intrigued by the match-up with MSUB on Tuesday.

UAA 75 vs. South Dakota Mines 55

Highlights: Tyler Brimhall had 26 points and nine boards; Niko Bevens had 16 points; and SJUR BERG STARTED and had 14 points, four boards, and four blocks among a full house of stats. Off the bench Tobin Karlberg had five points; Keenan Dowell had four boards and three assists among a full house of stats; and Jack MacDonald had nine points on 3-3 shooting from beyond the arc.

UAA 73 vs. South Dakota Mines 68

Highlights: Tyler Brimhall was 4-4 from the line and had five boards; Niko Bevens had another good game with another 16 points + five assists; Brennan Rymer had 20 points and six boards on solid shooting and while going 6-6 from the line; and Sjur Berg had 10 pionts and five boards. Off the bench Jack MacDonald had 12 points and four boards; while Brian Pearson had four boards.

A D2 win is a D2 win, eh? We dislike playing the same team twice, but ah well. It looks like South Dakota Mines at least learned from one game to the next, so that’s good. Congrats on the two wins, Seawolves.

SPU 69 vs. St. Cloud State 77 @ Point Loma

Highlights: Coleman Wooten had 10 boards; Nathan Streufert had 12 points and five boards; and GAVIN LONG had 19 points among a smattering of field stats. Off the bench Sam Simpson had four boards and five fouls; and Divant’e Moffitt had five points.

SPU 72 vs. San Bernardino 79 @ Point Loma

Highlights: Coleman Wooten had 11 boards and nine points; Nikhil Lizotte had 17 points; Nathan Streufert had seven boards and eight points; and Gavin Long had 12 points and five fouls. Off the bench Sharif Khan had four assists; Sam Simpson had six points; and Divant’e Moffitt went 3-4 from the line.

We’re really angry about these two losses, largely because it calls into question their win against Westminster and makes their win against Azusa look even more meaningless. This is an upperclassmen dominated team. Gabe Colosimo being out shouldn’t collapse them. And yet it did. Have fun NNU & CWU.

SMU 81 @ Notre Dame de Namur 55

Highlights: LUKE CHAVEZ is back in the starting line-up and had nine points and SEVEN assists, holy crap we love Luke so much; Jordan Kitchen had five boards and 11 points; Rhett Baerlocher had four boards and three rebounds among a full house of stats; and EJ Boyce had 10 points. Off the bench Caden Smith had 12 points; BJ Standley had 15 points and five boards; Robert Little had five boards; and Marky Adams had six points.

SMU 77 @ Holy Names 63

SMU was definitely off this game. It took them a fair bit to walk it up. Even at halftime we were like ‘waaaa?’ but all’s well that ends well.

Highlights: Chandler Redix had 16 points, four boards, and four assists; Jordan Kitchen had eight boards; Rhett Baerlocher had 10 points; and EJ Boyce had 14 points. Off the bench Caden Smith had five points; BJ Standley had six points, four boards, and four assists; and Tavian Henderson had six points and eight boards.

Another day, another dub, heh heh heh. It’s nice when you’re a Catholic school and have other D2 Catholic schools to beat up on, rather than having to drop down to play within your denomination. No, but seriously, D2 West Region road games. Sounds good to us.

MSUB 73 vs. Dominguez Hills 75

Highlights: Melvin Nebern Jr. had 11 points and eight boards; Zack Rollins had 12 points; and off the bench Zharon Richmond had 15 points and eight boards.

MSUB 90 vs. Black Hills State 70

Highlights: Zharon Ricmond started and had 10 points; Tyler Green had 19 points; Melvin was on FIRE and had 22 points and 11 boards among a plethora of other stats for both a double double AND a full house; Zack Rollins had 13 points and eight boards; and off the bench Brendan Howard had 16 points and six boards.

We’re honestly really not sure what to make of these games. Congrats on the MSUB Yellowjackets on the ‘W’ against a team that UAF struggled with, but… What does it mean? Who knows. We’ll find out. We’ll find out a bit more on Tuesday considering MSUB and UAF now play each other.

CU-PDX @ Notre Dame de Namur

CUPDX vs. Holy Names

Once again: Their department finds the teams they host unworthy of mention on the Cavs official site, so we’re not going to discuss them when they go visit another school. By their own standards, they’re not worth a mention. But they did play D2 this weekend.

Thanks to Notre Dame de Namur for hosting a great GNAC/Pac-West crossover.

WOU 68 vs. Westminster 59 @ Dixie State

We’re excited about this win. We’re thinking upper-middle pac for Westminster? Just based on what we’ve seen. But for what WOU projects as this year (upper middle of the GNAC) it’s a great win.

Highlights: Darius Luborn had 10 points; BRANDELL EVANS had 17 points and five boards while going 8-11 from the line; and Riley Hawken had a full house among seven boards and five fouls. Off the bench Dalven Brushier had five boards and was 9-12 from the line; Buster Souza had four boards; and Cameron Cranston had five points.

Assuming Riley Hawken was seen as the target for Westminster’s D, but the numbers say he still found a way to be effective. Nicely done Riley!

WOU 70 @ Dixie State 80

Not concerned about this loss. Dixie State has consistently been really good, it’s a rebuilding year for WOU, it was on the road. Quality loss.

Highlights: Darius Luborn had five fouls; and Riley Hawken had six boards and 11 points. Off the bench Etan Collins had six points and four boards; Dalven Brushier was ON FIRE and finished with 16 points and five boards; and Buster Souza continues to add productivity grabbing six boards.

The numbers were worse than expected, but ah well. Learning game. It’s not west region, but at the same time we know Dixie State so well (because this is their first year not being west region) that we have to add a lot of benefit-of-the-doubt.

Overall really pleased with this weekend for the Wolves. Very optimistic that they’ll grow into themselves over the course of the season and make a run at the autobid if not win it.

Overall what we learned from this weekend is that we’re excited about the Nooks, we’re cautiously optimistic about WOU, and we’re curious about WWU although they weren’t mentioned in this post because they were beating up on Canadian schools.

The preview for UAF vs. MSUB on Tuesday: Theoretically well matched teams. UAF struggled with Black Hills State while MSUB blew out Black Hills State. Both teams won close over Dominguez Hills. We think this means that both are looking to be in the range of 6-8th in the GNAC, but that’s just a hunch.

Congrats on the many victories procured over this Thanksgiving weekend and we’ll see you on Thursday for the MSUB/UAF result and the game previews for the FIRST DAY OF CONFERENCE PLAY!!!!