Player-of-the-Week Winners 2020

Week 1: Hunter Sweet (UAF)
Week 2: Siaan Rojas (WWU) & Brendan Howard (MSUB)
Week 3: Dalven Brushier (WOU)
Week 4: Jalen Green (WWU)
Week 5: Shadeed Shabazz (UAF)
Week 6: Shadeed Shabazz (UAF)
Week 7:
Week 8:
Week 9:
Week 10:

We use a modified version of the production stat to determine POW. A guy has to hit a minimum in BOTH games that week because it’s player-of-the-week, not best individual game of the week.

A productive player takes smart shots, plays good defense, helps his teammates, and makes his free throws. That’s what makes a player productive.

We don’t do these on a curve, so it’s not the best person on any given team: it’s who hits these numbers and/or who hits the highest of these numbers. If no one on a given team hits the minimum, then the spot is donated to a team with multiple players that did OR left blank if it was an unproductive week for GNAC men’s basketball.

Past Player-of-the-Year Winners

2020: TBD…
N/A; no one hit the requisite numbers.
Daulton Hommes (WWU)
2017: Tanner Omlid (WOU)
2016: Travante Williams (UAF)
2015: Riley Stockton (SPU)