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Conference Game Day #14

Teams actually did what they were supposed to?! Color us shocked, and let’s talk about it!

UAF 60 @ SPU 87

It was close throughout the first half and then in the second half SPU put it away. We honestly don’t know what to make of it, other than it epitomizes the idea that SPU is still second in the conference as it comes to talent. SPU has the talent to blow-out literally everyone except the Westerns, and with WWU it’s a matter of them actually being more talented, and with WOU it’s the mix of Tanner Omlid’s abilities and Jim Shaw’s brain. That said: the Nooks still put up some really good numbers, so we are excited about that.

Nook highlights: Alex Baham had 19 points; Davis Kimble had 12 points; and Michael Kluting had eight points and five boards. Off the bench Amenofis had nine points; and Daulton Lootens had six points and six boards.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 11 points and five boards; Harry Cavell had 20 points and six boards; Gabe Colosimo had nine points; Nathan Streufert had 14 points and nine boards; and Gavin Long had 16 points. Off the bench Hunter Eisenhower had six points.

We still believe in you Nooks, and congrats to the Falcons on your 27 point victory.

UAA 67 @ SMU 79

Never particularly in doubt; SMU led the whole time, which makes sense because they’re a good team and UAA still has no identity, but… Who knows? We still feel 50/50 on our understanding of the Seawolves, but we’re guessing they feel that way about themselves, so it’s all good. Nicely done Saints!

Seawolf highlights: Malik Clements had nine points; and Curtis Ryan had seven points and six boards. Off the bench Kylan Osborne had seven points; DJ Ursury had 10 boards and went 5-5 from the line; Drew Peterson had 11 points; and Brian Pearson had 10 points and six boards.

Saint highlights: Luke Chavez continues his slump with eight points; Matt Dahlen was perfect from the field and finished with 17 points and seven boards; Jordan Kitchen had nine boards; Rhett Baerhlocher had a perfect full house including 13 points; EJ Boyce had 15 points; and off the bench BJ Standley had seven points and four boards.

All we can say about that is… Finally there’s an EJ in the conference that doesn’t disappoint us. Great job Boyce!

CU-PDX 79 @ MSUB 80

So close and yet so far! Concordia actually was really in it at the end. MSUB was leading by like seven with less than a minute left and we were like “oh, alright, this is over,” nope. It technically was, but Concordia kept fighting until the buzzer sounded -we respect that a lot.

Cav highlights: Jarrett Gray had six boards and six assists; Bryan Michaels had 17 points; Chris Edward had 17 points and 11 boards among a full house; and off the bench Cody Starr was on fire and finished with 18 points and five assists on perfect shooting including being 4-4 from three.

Yellowjacket highlights: Kobe Tereshima had seven boards, eight assists, and eight points among a full house; KENDALL DENHAM ACTUALLY FUNCTIONED!!!!!!!!!!! and had 23 points on actual okay shooting!!!!!!!!! and Hafeez Abdul had 11 points and 10 boards for the double-double.

Wow those numbers are 50/50. Curious because Concordia did everything right, MSUB was 50/50 and yet the Yellowjackets still pulled it out despite shooting 63% from the line. Hmmm… Looking forward to continuing to observe. Concordia will get their win at some point.

WWU 95 @ NNU 84

And the losing streak has come to an end. Valiant effort by the Nighthawks, none-the-less. The game was super back and forth until the Viks were able to break it open at the very end. Completely respectable, exactly what you expect out of good teams. Nicely done to both.

Viking highlights: Trey Drechsel had a monster game, finishing with 25 points and nine boards and going 8-8 from the line; Deandre Dickson was insane and finished with 19 points and eight boards; Trevor Jasinsky had 12 points; Daulton had a fantastic 29 points; and off the bench Siaan Rojas had five points and four boards among a full house of stats.

Nighthawk highlights: Obi Megwa had 22 points and five boards; Sam Roth continues to be on fire and had 16 points on 7-8 shooting; Jayden Bezzant had 11 points; MAURICE JONES had 26 points and five boards, there he goes; and Marko Lepovic had four boards off the bench.

Great game, still super excited for the Nighthawks because this this a QualityLoss™ and then happy for the Vikings to be back on track.

SFU 67 @ CWU 81

Really interesting and tight first half and then in the second half the Wildcats pretty much immediately jumped up and then never relinquished it. Super pleased with the play of the Wildcats, really making great adjustments and obviously getting guys back helps, but we like the combination of athleticism and fundamentals that have started to display and their record is showing it. Beating the teams they’re supposed to beat and then getting upsets too. Curious for them to play WOU.

Clan highlights: Othniel Spence was 5-6 from the line; Kedar Salam had 21 points and five fouls; Michael Provenzano was lights out and shot 5-6 from the field and finished with 10 points; Tyrell Lewin had a good game with 11 rebounds and nine points; and off the bench Jordan Muir-Keung had six points.

Wildcat highlights: Khalil Shabazz had six boards; Jawan Stepney had five assists; Jerome Bryant had 10 points and five boards; and Fuquan was kept fairly quiet with a mere 12 points. Off the bench Sage Woodruff had 11 points; and Cameron Williams had five points and four boards.

We’re beginning to think Coleman Sparling only started so his dad could avoid anyone else getting thrown under the bus if they lost, and honestly: We’re not displeased with his play from that time period at all, nor his lack of minutes now. He plays prototypical ‘coach’s son’ style basketball, which while as a frosh won’t win you a game, it also won’t lose you one. Verrrry interesting. Congrats on the ‘W’ Wildcats. To the Clan: Rivalry week. Get that ‘W’ against WWU.

Fun night of basketball. Because of minutes distributions we’re dealing with POW a little bit differently, but we are going to go through and update it from each week. We’ll update the chart soon.


Previewing Today’s Games

Is it weird that we dream about figuring out what time games actually are? We had a dream UAF listed a game as being at 9:20, but we were in Fairbanks and mentally going “that’s so late! Why would they play a game that late? Is that pacific time in reality? Is that mountain time? Or is it actually Alaska time?” It was actually Alaska time and it still was late. Fun stuff.

All times pacific.

SPU @ WWU @ 3pm

On the one hand we’re like ‘oooh, intrigue!’ and it’s on Root Sports, which is very exciting, but… Will the game be very exciting? Potentially. Rivalry game. Tons of the guys played AAU together. Even without Tony Miller, we still think SPU has a really solid chance, but… There’s just no telling how this game’ll go. WWU could spend the entire time blowing out the Falcons, it could be close and SPU could win, it could be close and WWU could win, or SPU could even win comfortably. There’s just no telling.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

WOU @ UAA @ 6:15pm

Wolves vs. Seawolves. Another game that WOU needs to stay on their toes for. Yes Anchorage is worse than normal, but they’re used to being good and they play in that fancy arena to remind them that they are the pro sport of Anchorage (aside from the Seawolf hockey team) and so how cool would it be if they could upset the probable #1 seed in the West Region? Answer: Very cool for them, very irritating for us, so stay on it Wolves.

Prediction: WOU wins.

MSUB @ CWU @ 7pm

The Wildcats should win it. MSUB is on a bit of a losing streak, so they will want to come back from that, but… We haven’t been impressed with the Yellowjackets. The guys we expected to come out strong this year haven’t, and the two teams they beat to start off the year (Sonoma and East Bay) have been definitively not good, so our suspicion that their non-con didn’t mean much has proven correct thus far. Second half of conference play though, brand new Yellowjacket team? We’ll see.

Prediction: CWU wins.

SMU @ SFU @ 7pm

SMU is coming off of a fantastic win against the Vikings and the big thing for them is going to be staying on the gas and not having a let down game. The Saints are completely capable of losing this game, but… Hopefully they won’t. Is SFU capable of winning? Yes. Will they? Probably not.

Prediction: SMU wins.

CU-PDX @ UAF @ 8:30pm

We’re curious about this game. This is another game that could be a great opportunity for Concordia to get a win, and yet… UAF just got blown out by WOU, which is completely respectable, WOU is a super good team, but the Nooks are still going to want to get back on the right track and this Cavalier team should be a great way to do that.

Prediction: UAF wins.

Should be a fun day and night of games. We’ll be keeping an eye on all of it. Tweet at us!

Previewing Tonight’s Games

Welcome to the second half of conference play! Lots of fun match-ups tonight, so let’s jump right in.

All times pacific.

MSUB @ NNU @ 6pm

We’re really looking forward to this game. Both teams are going to be looking to bounce back and we feel that they’re fairly well matched. Maurice Jones has been quiet as of late and so it’ll be interesting to see if he can put up some good numbers, especially against a team that has almost no center play anyway.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

CU-PDX @ UAA @ 6:15pm

Another game we think is super well-matched. That’s not an insult UAA -you’ve had some rough breaks too, and we still don’t feel like we know what you’re doing. We know that you’re solid, but how you compare to the Concordia guys… We’ll see. Concordia is a difficult team to prognosticate because we’ve seen so many of those guys play well, far better than we’ve seen most of the UAA guys play, and yet UAA has been able to put it together and Concordia hasn’t. Is this the game that Concordia gets a win? Probably not, but we’ll still say…

Prediction: Pick ’em.

SPU @ SFU @ 7pm

This game should be hysterical. The Falcons capped off their mess of last season with a loss at Simon Fraser, and so you’d think they’d be motivated but we’re not convinced. SPU has the talent to blow the pants off of SFU, but that seems unlikely because we think SFU’ll be gunning for them and SPU is going to be thinking about WWU and then go “oh shoot, we do need to actually pay attention to this game,” and then Nikhil’ll chuck up a bunch of terrible shots and it’ll be way closer than it should be.

Prediction: SPU wins.

SMU @ WWU @ 7pm

Underrated game. We’re excited about it. SMU got a nice come-from-behind win over Billings and the Vikings are probably already looking ahead to their big face-off with SPU on Saturday. Trey Drechsel just had a terrible game and so he’ll be looking to bounce back, meanwhile SMU’ll be looking to force him into difficult spots and contain him. We’ll see what happens. WWU is completely capable of blowing out SMU, but we’ll still say…

Prediction: Pick ’em.

WOU @ UAF @ 8:30pm

We’re excited about this game just because the Nooks are inevitably super excited about this game. They’re facing the best team in the conference on the tundra, it’s a probable overlook game, and they just got a nice win over Simon Fraser, while WOU is coming off of a typical game against NNU. That said, even when you account for the overlook factor, we just don’t see UAF winning. WOU regularly comes out flat and so it won’t surprise us if the game is close at the half, but we fully expect them to put it away at some point.

Prediction: WOU wins comfortably.

Great night of games. We can’t wait! Tweet at us.

Player-of-the-Week is… Daulton Hommes!

We’ve said in our game write-ups: “Daulton gonna Daulton.” What does that mean? That means that he takes good shots and distributes and assists and blocks and basically does anything and everything that might help his team win. He’s a big, powerful guy and he’s great at using it to his advantage, but he’s also far from a bull in a china shop -he knows how to use his body and not foul and his play is always incredibly smart even while being breakneck at times. He literally goes 1-5, which is amazing and we feel blessed to get to watch him play.

Congrats on another great week, and… keep grinding!

Player-of-the-week Noms & Results will be up for this past week later today.

Conference Game Day #6

Good morning and what a fantastic night of basketball!

SMU 71 @ UAF 78

We may have been wrong, but the score actually makes us really happy because it is such a good match-up and such a great confidence boost for UAF to win this game. This is the type of team they want to be working toward, and so seeing that you can win that way and beat a team similar to yourselves but farther along in the process is amazing. Never underestimate that home tundra advantage. The score is a little misleading -UAF was leading the vast majority of the way and SMU stayed in it, but never really got close.

Saint highlights: Rhett Baerlocher had a good game, finishing with 16 points and seven boards; Luke Chavez finished with 18 points and seven boards; and off the bench Jared Matthews had five points; and Robert Little had seven points and six boards.

Nook highlights: Donny Wilder had nine points and five boards; Alex Baham had 16 points and five boards while shooting 50% from three; Davis Kimball had 11 points; Tre Eisenhut started and had 11 points and seven assists; and Joe Lendway was lights out going 6-7 and grabbing a full house among 12 points, six boards, and a smattering of other stats. Off the bench Michael Kluting had 14 points and a whopping 12 boards, while Amenofis Mitchell had five points.

So SMU had a bad day while UAF played the best basketball we’ve seen them play so far. That’s great news for both teams -SMU still didn’t get blown out on the road, and UAF was able to win convincingly when they work as a team. All good news. Good job to both teams.

NNU 82 @ SFU 81

Really happy about this game, two insanely well matched teams, we can’t wait for the second round at NNU, although our feeling is that one won’t be quite as close -never underestimate the home nest advantage of NNU.

Nighthawk highlights: Obi Megwa had a good game with 27 points and six assists; Sam Roth shot lights out and finished with 10 points and five boards; Marko Lepovic was cold but productive, finishing with 7 boards and three assists despite zero points; Maurice Jones had a double-double with 24 points and 11 boards. No real bench play, but no doubt some good relief minutes.

Clan highlights: Kedar Salam had 27 points along with six boards and five assists; Iziah Sherman-Newsome had 15 points and 11 boards; JJ Pankratz impressed with 14 points; and off the bench Othniel Spence continued his consistency wtih 13 points.

Really solid game by both teams, we’re super ridiculously pleased with both performances, it was a fun game and we feel like both teams grew from it. This could actually turn into an underrated rivalry -they tend to be around the same location in the conference standings regardless as to how good or bad the year is, and so now that both are good it could be pretty fun.

CWU 67 @ WWU 77

It was a game for SO long and then the Vikings eventually pulled away just enough. But CWU was in it, oh ho ho was CWU in it for an insanely long time, despite atrociously bad numbers. Nicely done Wildcats, you’ll get ’em next time.

Wildcat highlights: Jerome Bryant had 13 points; Fuquan Niles was kept quiet with 12 boards and five fouls. Off the bench was where the Wildcats really saw their big play with Naim Ladd having 14 points and Sage Woodruff 13.

Viking highlights: Trey Drechsel had 18 points and 11 boards while going 8-8 from the line; Logan Schilder had eight boards; Deandre Dickson had 13 boards and a full house; Trevor Jasinsky had 12 points; and Daulton Hommes had 17 points and 10 boards. The Vikings had no real bench play, but did get some good relief minutes especially via Brad Wallace.

Rivalry games gonna rivalry game. Congrats to both teams. Can’t wait for the next one!

MSUB 68 @ WOU 92

There we go. Nicely done Wolves. Minutes restrictionnnn.

Yellowjacket highlights: Zack Rollins had 12 points; and off the bench Kobe Tereshima continues to impress with 17 points and six boards; Zack Lessinger had six points; Hafeez Abdul had seven points and four boards; and Daniel Shedden had 12 points and five fouls.

Wolf highlights: Malik Morgan made noise with 11 points; Tanner Omlid had 10 points, five boards, and a perfect full house; Vince Boumann had eight points; and Riley Hawken had 12 points and nine boards. Off the bench Demetrius Trammell had 14 points (oooh!); Janvier Alaby had 11 points; Darius Luborn had six points; and JJ Chirnside had 10 points, five boards, and five assists.

There we go Wolves, back on it. Big games this week against Spartin, so this is really good to see.

SPU 57 @ UAA 54

So the Falcons get the Alaska sweep. Good times. No Jacob Lampkin. Do they get it if he plays? Probably not, but who knows. UAA put up some really bad numbers and SPU still struggled to beat them, so it is what it is. They got the W and that’s what matters.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 15 points and nine boards; Gabe Colosimo had six boards; Nathan Streufert had 10 points and 11 boards for the double-double; and off the bench Hunter Eisenhower had seven points.

Seawolf highlights: Jack Macdonald had 12 points; Brian Pearson had nine boards; and off the bench DJ Ursery had a fantastic game with 23 points and seven boards; while Josiah Wood had five points.

Interesting game of basketball if not a good game. This is youth showing through on the part of the Seawolves. At some point they’ll start winning these close games. Definitely easier to do it at home, but Coach Oz usually likes life on hard mode, so why not do it on the road? Coach Oz is our spirit animal as it comes to GNAC coaches, so we rib him regularly, but he’s bae.

Really fun night of basketball, lots of great moments. We’ll get caught up on POW for the split week of GNAC play and then this week tomorrow, so that’ll be exciting. Congrats to all teams on hard fought games well played.

Conference Game Day #5

Well that was quite the night of games.

WOU 71 @ CU-PDX 60

Not a blow-out, but also never concerning. Classic cruise control game. We like it, especially because quite honestly WOU put up bad numbers and yet the game was still never in doubt.

Wolf highlights: Malik Morgan had 17 points; Vince Boumann had 17 points and nine boards in just 21 minutes; Ali Faruq-Bey was finally functional again, finishing with 12 points and a whopping six steals; Tanner Omlid was quiet, though did have six assists; and off the bench JJ Chirnside had six points and seven boards.

Cavalier highlights: Chris Edward FINALLY had a good game, finishing with 17 points and 11 boards; Cody Starr had five boards; Jarrett Gray had a full house; and ff the bench Hunter Sweet had 12 points on fantastic shooting.

Woof on all of these numbers. CU-Portland played as has been typical, but it’s really sad because had they been on at all, they should have been able to procure the upset. This game was sleepy. Congrats to the Wolves on getting it done anyway.

CWU 78 @ SFU 91

Was this an unexpected result? Sort of -we didn’t necessarily expect SFU to pull away, and yet at the same time we’re not surprised that it happened. Pick ’em doesn’t necessarily mean the game will be close (although often it does) it just means that either team could win on any given night and so who will is the question.

Wildcat highlights: Malik Montoya had 11 points; Jerome Bryant had 14 points; Fuquan Niles had 10 points and seven boards. Off the bench Marc Rodgers had eight points; Sage Woodruff had 11 points; Cameron Williams had 11 points; and Coleman Sparling had five boards.

Clan highlights: Kedar Slam had 40 points and six boards while going 12-12 from the line; Iziah Sherman-Newsome had five boards and a full house; Michael Provenzano had nine points and six assists; JJ Pankratz had 15 points and nine boards; Tyrell Lewin had 10 points and nine boards; and off the bench Othniel Spence had five points.

CWU had a terrible game while SFU had one of the better games we’ve seen them play, which is really curious on all sides. Hope the Wildcats got it out of their system before taking on the Vikings. The SFU numbers are a bit telling, but oh well; all’s well that ends well and they got redemption from the loss to the Falcons, so that’s good.

NNU 66 @ WWU 67

GOSH DARN IT NNU, YOU COULDN’T JUST BEAT THE VIKINGS SO WE CAN HURRY UP AND COMPLETE THE CIRCLE. If we include Hilo the Circle is completed. If we don’t, it’s not. So close and yet so far.

Nighthawk highlights: Obi Megwa had five assists; Maurice Jones had 18 points and 12 boards; and off the bench Nikola Prvulj had eight points.

Viking highlights: Logan Schilder had 11 boards; Deandre Dickson had 18 points, eight boards, and four blocks; and Daulton Hommes had a “quiet” game with 19 points and six boards. Off the bench Brad Wallace had eight critical points; and Siaan Rojas had 10 points and four boards.

Wow these numbers were bad straight up. We’re fine with lots of good defense, but… At some point you also have to engage in smart play and a lot of these numbers show a lack of it. Go figure. Congrats to the Vikings on pulling out the ‘W.’

MSUB 83 @ CU-PDX 70

It was back and forth for a long time and then the Yellowjackets pulled away as expected, so that’s good. Kendall Denham also finally had a decent game, so that’s good too.

Yellowjacket highlights: Kendall Denham had 15 points and five boards; Zharon Richmond had 20 points and six boards; Zack Rollins had 20 points; and Sven Jeuschede had seven boards. Off the bench Kobe Terashemia had nine points; and Daniel Shedden had 11 points.

Cav highlights:Jace Cates had five boards; Cody Starr had six assists; Jarrett Gray bounced back and had 17 points, six boards, and six assists; Bryan Michaels had nine points; Chris Edward had a great game with 24 points and 10 boards; and off the bench Taylor Harris had seven points.

Not the best game from the Cavs, but still good improvement. We really like the assist number from Cody Starr. Judging by the rest of these games, most teams are still feeling a little sleepy from winter break, and we’re thinking the split second week is proving to be a no-go; the teams that played last week seem to be “on” while the teams that didn’t seem to be “off,” which is good for the former, but bad from a basketball perspective.

SMU 71 @ UAA 66

CONGRATS TO SMU ON GETTING A CLOSE WIN ON THE ROAD!!!!! That said, Jacob Lampkin didn’t play and it was still this close? Interesting. Good progress from the Seawolves -SMU is a good team, this is a QualityLoss.™

Saint highlights: Rhett Baerlocher had 14 points; Tavian Henderson had six boards; and Luke Chavez continues to impress with 23 points, six boards, five assists, and a full house. Off the bench Jared Matthews had five boards; and Jordan Kitchen had nine points.

Seawolf highlights: Brennan Rymer had 14 points and 10 assists among a full house; Drew Peterson had 13 points; Josiah Wood had five points; Jack MacDonald had nine points and five boards; and off the bench Eric Jenkins had five boards.

On the one hand it’s like “really SMU?” but on the other hand this team is so inexperienced that we’re like “got through it SMU!” and then with Anchorage… Coach Oz is whipping them into shape. Could have interesting implications for their game against SPU.

SPU 95 @ UAF 79

That score looks closer than it was. It was a blow-out the whole time.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had a nearly flawless game with 20 points and nine boards; Gabe Colosimo had 10 points; and Tony Miller had 17 points and five boards. Off the bench Braden Olsen had 11 points; Harry Cavell almost got a double-double with 10 points and nine boards; Nikhil Lizotte had a quiet game with eight points; and Hunter Eisenhower had eight points.

Nook highlights: Alex Baham had another great game with 19 points while going 8-9 from the line; Joe Lendway had an impressive 16 points on near perfect shooting, along with six boards; and Michael Kluting had 11 points, nine boards, and a full house. Off the bench Jalon McCullough had five assists; Donny Wilder finally made noise with 15 points and five fouls; and Tre Eisenhut continues to do work with seven points.

These numbers are interesting because UAF put up good ones while SPU’s were honestly meh. Coleman had a great game but everyone else was pretty pedestrian. Go figure.

Overall a really fun night of basketball and we’re excited for tomorrow because it should be another good ones. Congrats to all of the teams on five great games well played.

Conference Game Day #4

Hoooo boy, welcome to our 500th post, what a night of games!

NNU 88 @ MSUB 99

That score looks normal enough. It was anything but a normal game. MSUB went WAYYYY up and then NNU started to battle it back and then MSUB would get it more comfortable and then NNU would come back and finally MSUB got the win, but it was within six with only a couple of minutes left, so… Very exciting game. Almost no defense. We can’t decide that because the GNAC seemingly looks like the strongest conference in the Region wins like this help us or hurt us, because… NNU looked good in non-con, MSUB got swept by the mediocre Alaska schools, and now MSUB convincingly beat NNU. Hmmm.

Nighthawk highlights: Khalil Thompson had 16 points including being 5-5 from the line; Obi Megwa continues to impress with 25 points and five assists; Marko Lepovic had 9 points on great shooting; Maurice Jones continues to be off, but did grab 10 boards. Off the bench Nikola Prvulj had seven points and four boards; Sam Roth had nine points and five boards as well as a full house; and Spider finished with seven points and ten boards.

Yellowjacket highlights: Kendall Denham was 5-6 from the line; Zharon Richmond had another great game with 18 points and seven boards; Kamal Tall had 10 boards; Zack Rollins had 18 points and seven boards; and Sven Jeuschede had 17 points. Off the bench Daniel Shedden was 8-8 from the field and finished with 21 points.

You know that feeling when you have to sneeze but you can’t? That’s how we feel about those numbers and that result mixed with the events of the game. Congrats to MSUB on a solid win/not choking it away!

SPU 93 @ SPU 98 in OT

We said we were curious about the numbers… They were a douzy. SFU was called for 29 fouls vs. SPU’s 12 and SPU still almost lost. We were honestly really hoping SFU would get the upset and for so long it looked like our wish would come true and then they decided to foul Nikhil completely unnecessarily. Rules to winning against SPU: 1. DO NOT FOUL NIKHIL. He shoots like 25% from the field and 95% from the line. You think that’s an exaggeration. It’s not.

Clan highlights: Kedar Salam had 14 points; Iziah Sherman-Newsome had 22 points; Michael Provenzano had 14 points; JJ Pankratz had 23 points, six boards, and five assists; and off the bench Othniel Spence had 14 points, six boards, and a full house.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 14 points and five boards; Nathan Streufert had another lights out game wiht 18 points and 10 boards along with a full house; Tony Miller had 21 points and eight boards; and Gavin Long had 15 points. Off the bench Harry Cavell had 11 points and nine boards while being 5-5 from the line; Nikhil Lizotte went 10-10 from the line and finished with 16 points.

SPU put up as perfect of numbers as we’ve ever seen, every foul was in their favor, and they still almost lost. How do you do that? We do not consider this to be an SPU win so much as a Simon Fraser loss.

WWU 90 @ SMU 86

This is another game of “don’t let the score fool you,” because WWU was in control consistently and then SMU decided that they were going to get back in it and started putting it together and ultimately never could surmount the Vikings lead, but we’ll be darned if they didn’t give a valiant effort in their attempt.

Viking highlights: Trey Drechsel had 11 points, nine assists, and five fouls; Deandre Dickson had 15 points, nine boards, and a whopping five blocks; Trevor Jasinsky had 11 points and a full house including five fouls; and Daulton continues to make his name a verb, finishing with 29 points, seven boards, and a full house. Off the bench Blake Fernandez had nine points; and Siaan Rojas had 12 points.

Saint highlights: Matt Dahlen went 10-11 from the line, finishing with five boards and 16 points; Tavian Hederson had nine points and nine boards; EJ Boyce had 15 points; and Luke Chavez finished with 25 points, four boards, and five assists. Off the bench Jared Matthews had seven boards; and Jordan Kitchen had six boards and seven points.

These numbers are also really interesting because WWU’s fall on the side of bad, while SMU’s fall on the side of typical, and yet WWU started way up and then we’re guessing got worse as the night went on, whereas SMU just kept grinding and sure enough almost got the victory. SMU is so new this year that losses like this are going to happen, but the score ending like it did shows that a couple of minor tweaks and a bit of the maturation that goes on throughout the season should serve them really well. Very fun game -congrats to the Viks on pulling out a hard fought victory.

Really, really fun night of basketball. Our big plans for NYE are finally finishing printing the non-con stats so we can take a good hard look at them, so… We’ll see. Hopefully that’ll be dealt with tomorrow. The other big plan we have is to tentatively launch the other blog tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that -we’ll keep you guys posted.

In addition to this being our 500th post, we also recently reached 150 followers -thank-you guys so much for following, and reading along, with what is really just a project we work on because we’re thinking about all of this stuff anyway so it’s like “well, may as well blog!” To all of the people that lurk but don’t subscribe -we know you’re there and we love you, thank-you much!

Tonight: Be safe, have fun, if you choose to imbibe DO NOT DRIVE.

Congrats to all teams on sending out 2017 with high octane basketball.

Previewing Tonight’s Games

All times pacific.

NNU @ MSUB @ 6pm

Really excited about this game because MSUB is notoriously hard to play at, NNU looked good and definitely has a good team but lost to CWU pretty badly, so they’re going to be looking to bounce back. MSUB had an “okay” non-con, we get what their record looks like but… When you dive into the schools, it becomes less impressive. Their best wins came in the first week of the season against Sonoma and East Bay, both of whom are now in the bottom three of the CCAA, so… Both teams clearly can win this game, the question is: who will? We don’t know.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

SFU @ SPU @ 7pm

We’re again really curious about the numbers. It should be a blow-out in SPU’s favor. Will it be? That is the question. We honestly have no idea. SFU is capable of the upset, SPU is capable of letting them upset, but the Falcons are also capable of blowing out the Clan to a ridiculous degree, so we’ll go ahead and fall somewhere in the middle.

Prediction: Like SMU, SPU wins comfortably.

WWU @ SMU @ 7:30pm

This should be a good game. WWU is clearly more talented but SMU clearly has a fair amount of talent and is much better at teamwork. The Vikings have the talent to win comfortably, but in our opinion they lose the coaching battle. Tony Dominguez has a history of doing less with more; Alex Pribble has started to consistently prove his ability to do more with less. SMU is a hard school to recruit to and yet Prib’s been able to take the best guys he can get, key in on their very different strengths, and create cohesion, so… On any given day, if they’re cohesive they can beat anyone; if they’re not, almost anyone can beat them.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Should be a great night of basketball, we’re excited to watch! Tweet at us!

Previewing Tonight’s Games

All times pacific.

SFU @ SMU @ 7pm

SMU tested themselves in non-D2 non-con by playing every D1 team in the state. SFU tested themselves in non-D2 non-con by playing a bunch of Canadian schools that GNAC teams annually beat up on. Instinct says this game should be a blow-out for SMU because the Saints are so tested and the Clan are not, but… Simon Fraser is a lot better than normal this year and so we feel like a blow-out might not be the the thing that happens.

Prediction: SMU wins comfortably, but it’s not a blow-out.

WWU @ SPU @ 7:30pm

Rivalry game. This is going to be a really weird game for a lot of reasons. We love WWU and SPU more than anything, but both are having major, major issues. Daulton Hommes is amazing, but really needs Trey Drechsel to shoulder some of the load consistently. When Trey is playing well, the Vikings become the best team in the conference. When he’s not, they’re more like top-3. SPU… They have the most talented team they’ve had since literally 2014 and yet… They’re 6-3. Admittedly against solid opponents, but the way they lost at NNU has made us doubt them.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Super excited about these games, but… Seattle feels like it’s in the twilight zone. Not sure if it extends down to Lacey or up to Bellingham, but guess we’ll find out!

Boxing Day Blog Marathon #1!

Happy Boxing Day!! Do you like that SFU? Canada actually celebrates Boxing Day as a real thing. Super cool.

This was written while we were waiting for the “results” games to be played, so we’re still including the previews.

Round two::

UAA 50 @ WOU 82

Jacob Lampkin didn’t play. This game was never close. Oh dear. Congrats Wolves!! The evidence currently stands as: Wolves > Seawolves.

Seawolf highlights: Brian Pearson had eight boards and 16 points; and off the bench: DJ Ursery had seven points in just ten minutes; and Drew Peterson went 5-5 from the line. The Seawolves shot 81% from the line overall! Yay! Bright spot!

Wolf highlights: Tanner Omlid had 10 points, five boards, and a full house in just 20 minutes of play; Vince Boumann had 15 points and was 7-9 from the field; and Riley Hawken was back in the starting line-up and had five boards. Off the bench Nick Nestell went 3-3 and had nine points; Janvier Alaby and Darius Luborn both had six points; Dustin Triano had six points and four boards; Ali Faruz-Bey had 12 points and four boards; and JJ Chirnside had six points and four boards.

Low rebounding numbers, but… WOU shot 66% from the field and 46% from three specifically. Wow. Nicely done by the Wolves, great job sharing the wealth, and good luck to the Seawolves in bouncing back.

UAF 81 @ CU-PDX 66

At one point CU-PDX led… And then they didn’t. We’re confused about this Concordia team, but we’re confused about a lot of GNAC teams and will get into that more later.

Nook highlights: Amenofis Mitchell had eight points; Alex Baham went 6-6 from the line; Davis Kimball had 17 points, eight boards, and a full house; Joe Landway had nine points; and Michael Kluting was dominant with 23 points and 10 boards. Off the bench Tre Eisenhut had seven points.

Cav highlights: Jace Cates had 7 points and five boards; Jarrett Gray had 22 points and seven boards; Chris Edward had 11 points and 14 boards!! for the double-double; and off the bench Taylor Harris had five points. Lots of good individual numbers, but apparently not cohesion as a team.

Congrats to the Nooks on a great one… Again: CU-PDX, we’re confused. The numbers are fine, and you’re a good team and we know it, and yet… This, at home, okay? Um, what?

Tampa 77 vs. WWU 86 @ Hawaii Pacific

Solid result, if not irrelevant. Congrats to the Viks on another win.

Viking highlights: Trey Drechsel was once again playing great with 30 points and seven boards on good shooting; Logan Schilder had 10 points; Deandre Dixon had 10 points and six boards; Trevor Jasinsky had eight boards and eight points; and Daulton had 13 points and and seven boards, but it wasn’t a particularly good game for him -key word: HIM. Off the bench Brett Kingma had seven points; and Siaan Rojas had eight points and four boards.

Congrats to the Viks on the win -the numbers looked good.

MSUB 81 vs. Hilo 63 @ Hawaii Pacific

Hilo has a losing record, but all good: A West Region win is a win we’re grateful for. Nicely done MSUB!!

Yellowjacket highlights: KENDALL DENHAM WAS HIMSELF!!!!!! He had 17 points including going 5-5 from the line; Zharon Richmond had a great game going 4-5 from the field and finishing with 11 points and a full house; Zach Rollins had 15 points and eight boards; and Sven Jeuschede had 12 points. Off the bench Zack Lessinger had a solid game with 10 points and five boards.

Nicely done Yellowjackets! Is it a road game technically? No. Will we count it as one? For now. We feel like being nice.

All times pacific.

SPU @ Stanislaus @ 7pm

This game is way more interesting than we thought it would be at the beginning of the season, largely because Stanislaus is way better than anticipated. The Warriors are currently 8-2 and SPU still has no idea what their identity is, so…

Prediction: Stanislaus gets the ‘W.’

MSUB vs. Chaminade @ Hawaii Pacific @ 9:30pm

Chaminade is looking really solid with wins over the Alaska schools, Dominguez Hills, Cal Baptist, and Hawaii-Hilo and losses coming via CU-Irvine and Hawaii Pacific. It’s essentially a home game for the Swords, and thus…

Prediction: Chaminade wins. No idea on the margin.

Oh dear Spillings… What is happening to you?

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