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We Hate the Bracket.

Here is the bracket:

Just so we’re clear:

  1. Point Loma
  2. Seattle Pacific
  3. Saint Martin’s
  4. UCSD
  5. Cal Poly Pomona
  6. CU-Irvine
  7. Chaminade
  8. Western Oregon

Quite honestly… We can’t stand this bracket. This is why D2 brackets should be decided Regionally because unlike D1 where it’s easy to watch all of the good teams and conferences, the Regions know best.

Point Loma at #1 makes sense.

Seattle Pacific at #2 makes sense.

Saint Martin’s at #3 MAKES NO DARN SENSE. They didn’t make their conference championship game and they only barely won their conference regular season title. They’ve been fading. They lost to WOU by 15 and barely beat GNAC #9 Central Washington as the last game of the season. We also dislike it because we consider CU-Irvine to be THE MOST favorable match-up out of any of the top four seeds.

UC San Diego at #4 on the surface makes enough sense.

Cal Poly Pomona at #5 MAKES NO DARN SENSE. Cal Poly Pomona and UC San Diego LITERALLY JUST FACED EACH OTHER. They also both are clearly hotter than Saint Martin’s and UCSD had a blow-out win over the Saints in non-con if you want to make that argument. If you’re making the argument that non-con doesn’t matter, then Cal Poly Pomona ALSO won their conference regular season title AND made it to their conference championship game. Either way it spells UCSD and CPP over Saint Martin’s.

CU-Irvine at #6 makes okay sense, and we are really curious to see them match-up with SMU. While CU-I had a blow-out loss to SPU in non-con, it’s been a long time and they managed to remain #2 in the Pac-West all year, plus lost respectably to Point Loma both late in the season and in the Pac-West championship game.

Chaminade at #7 makes sense. We made that argument in the final bracketology post.

Western Oregon at #8 makes questionable sense. They just beat Saint Martin’s. Yeah, there’s the whole “what have you done for me lately” thing, um, they made the freaking GNAC championship game. “They lost to both SMU and SPU in the second match-up of the season. They just got blown out by SPU.” Yeah, and their non-con was questionable too, we get it: They were an at-large bid and you can’t place them at #7 because SPU was so solidly the #2 seed, buuuuuut now you have a team that just beat the almost-#1 seed, in southern California where they could reasonably upset the actual #1 seed.

All to say: We hate the bracket, but it makes as much sense as it can with the eight best teams in the west all receiving a bid. It would have been easy and far less complicated to leave Chaminade out, but there is no question that they are better than East Bay, and the bracket as it is will make for some really fun match-ups.

A reminder of the match-ups because the screen cap sucks:

#1 Point Loma vs. #8 Western Oregon
#2 Seattle Pacific vs. #7 Chaminade
#3 Saint Martin’s vs. #6 CU-Irvine
#4 UC San Diego vs. #5 Cal Poly Pomona

We wrote all of that as soon as the bracket was announced, and then decided to sit on it for about 24 hours to see if we calmed down.

Overall… We agree with what we wrote last night. Our preferred bracket at this point would be:

  1. Point Loma -Duh.
  2. Seattle Pacific -Questionable non-con, but good run in-conference, and conference tourney champions.
  3. UCSD -Good non-con, questionable in the late season, but righted the ship and became conference tourney champions.
  4. Cal Poly Pomona -Non-existent non-con, but good run in-conference, and made the tourney championship game.
  5. Saint Martin’s -Good non-con, good run in-conference, but starting to look a little tired.
  6. Western Oregon -Upset the would-be #1 seed, has wins over all of the top GNAC teams, peaking at the right time.
  7. CU-Irvine -Questionable non-con but the consistent #2 to a quality Point Loma all year.
  8. Chaminade -Decent non-con, good run in-conference, but #3 in both the regular season and the conference tourney.

The flaws with that bracket include:

  • Two Pac-West teams playing immediately but they were on opposite sides of the conference tournament bracket and so they didn’t just play each other, unlike the actual bracket that has the CCAA championship game being repeated six days later. We’re so annoyed about that. Like we get that it’s only eight teams, but seriously?!
  • Saint Martin’s being seeded higher than the WOU team that just beat them but by WOU not being eighth there is tacit acknowledgement that they did make it to their conference championship game.
  • CU-Irvine was a bubble team; while you could make an argument that they’re seeded lower than they might be, as noted in Bracketology Pt. 4, they had the possibility of their bubble being burst, and so a 7th is still reasonable.

Those arguments made and how much we dislike this bracket covered… The regional format is the Regional format, and it means that you have to play everybody. Our favorite reference: In 2013, three of the top four teams overall nationally were in the west region: Western Washington, Seattle Pacific, and Cal Poly Pomona. They all played the first round against other opponents, and then SPU and Cal Poly Pomona met in the round of 32, and SPU and WWU met in the round of 16. It sucked.

But that’s not this year. This year, it was amusing watching the selection show and listening to the guys rave about various regions and talk about how “strong Division II is right now,” meanwhile we’re sitting there going “NOT THE WEST REGION!” Thankfully they didn’t wax poetically about how great the West Region is, merely noted the parity. That’s fair, lol. But just a reminder: PARITY DOESN’T MEAN GOOD. It just means parity. West Coast Life. Pac-12 football; different league, different sport, same sh*t.

We’re curious to look at the numbers our Region puts up vs. a few of the other Regions. We’re also curious to see what happens at our Regional. From a match-ups standpoint, the bracket is compelling.

Those are our thoughts on the bracket. Our “all tournament team” and/or our MVP of the GNAC tournament will be up tomorrow.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!

Bracketology 2018-2019 Pt. 4!

The final round of bracketology for the year…

Which eight West Region teams will get the chance to put everything on the line?

According to the most recent official West Region ranking (which they claim went up last Sunday, but definitely wasn’t up last Monday when we did our Bracketology pt. 3 post), the top 10 teams in the west [were]:

  1. Saint Martin’s
  2. Point Loma
  3. Seattle Pacific
  4. Cal Poly Pomona
  5. UC San Diego
  6. Chaminade
  7. Northwest Nazarene
  8. CU-Irvine
  9. Western Oregon
  10. Azusa Pacific

The ranking at the time makes total sense. SMU owned the tiebreaker over Point Loma, hosting was theirs to lose (which they did). Cal Poly Pomona and UCSD had won out, Chaminade had come in #3 in the Pac-West via the tiebreaker with Azusa, NNU had just lost a close one to SPU, CU-Irvine had played respectably against Point Loma and was officially #2 in the Pac-West, Western Oregon put up numbers that suggested they’re dangerous, and Azusa Pacific seems more reasonable than East Bay.

So what happened in the conference tournaments?

#1 Point Loma 67 vs. #2 CU-Irvine 58
#1 Cal Poly Pomona 62 vs. #2 UC San Diego 71

While there was technically an upset, it’s fairly accepted that UCSD and Cal Poly Pomona are pretty darn close, and both were making the tournament regardless.

This means that our Region has essentially two at-large berths.

  • Point Loma has the Pac-West autobid.
  • Seattle Pacific has the GNAC autobid.
  • UC San Diego has the CCAA autobid.
  • Cal Poly Pomona is 100% in via conference record and a good showing in the CCAA tournament.
  • Saint Martin’s is 100% in via a good non-con and their in-conference record.
  • CU-Irvine squeaks into the “safe” category by being the #2 Pac-West team, making the Pac-West championship game, and a lack of major upsets in the other two conference tournaments.

In 2014 we saw GNAC #2 WWU’s bubble burst when a couple of super low-seeded teams in the Pac-West and CCAA won their conference tournaments, respectively.

Two berths remain. Who gets them?

Western Oregon first and foremost. They made their conference championship game, they were in it until the very end, their defense is real, they were on the bubble according to the Rankings even this last week before having a great showing in the GNAC tournament. They have a notoriously good coach, a recent history of consistently making the tournament, and when we ask the question “who would you rather play?” Western Oregon is not an answer we would come up with, and our team literally just beat them last night. We still don’t want to play them again.

One berth left and a number of solid candidates, so… Let’s talk about them:

East Bay: We would love to see them in this Regional, they lost a close one to the overall winner of the CCAA tournament, they led the CCAA for a huge chunk of the year, they’ve been really consistent, but it is also clear that they are a step below UCSD and Cal Poly Pomona. When asked “who would we want to play?” in the Regional, East Bay is a super easy answer.

Chaminade: They were third in the Pac-West, they have a win in non-con over Western Oregon, their loss in the Pac-West tourney comes via CU-Irvine, they’ve taken Point Loma to overtime, and they have a win over UCSD in non-con, but… The Pac-West is weak this year, and they didn’t lose to their champion.

Azusa Pacific: Nope. Azusa has a history of being good. We know they’re better than this normally, the committee knows they’re better than this normally, and the Pac-West is down and so there’s no benefit-of-the-doubt headed their way. The one thing they have going for them is that they did lose to Pac-West Champ Point Loma by the same amount CU-Irvine did, so there is an argument there, but… Not quite enough in non-con, conference play, nor the conference tournament.

Northwest Nazarene: Nope. Non-con was nothing special, they don’t play with great fundamentals, the “what have you done for me lately?” category they had chance after chance to prove themselves and they did nothing. In the recent, they’ve lost to Western Oregon, Saint Martin’s, and Seattle Pacific twice, while barely squeaking out a win over Simon Fraser on what was Simon Fraser simply being incompetent.

So… Who makes it? Honestly, it’s the same situation as last year when we have seven deserving teams and eight bids.

As it comes to the big question of “who would you rather play?” and you’re looking at schedules and results, we would say we would rather play East Bay than Chaminade, and thus… Perhaps Chaminade gets the nod? Again: We still lean toward East Bay being given the benefit of the doubt because they did lead the CCAA for so long this year, in addition to having been down for so long. This is our eighth year and we’ve never known East Bay as anything but a CCAA doormat, and so it’s really cool to see them excelling, in particular for us because it’s our beloved graduate school coach at the helm.

And thus our seeding is:

  1. Point Loma
  2. Seattle Pacific
  3. UCSD
  4. Cal Poly Pomona
  5. Western Oregon
  6. Saint Martin’s
  7. CU-Irvine
  8. East Bay

If Chaminade makes the tournament, the seeding is going to have to be super weird because we believe that you can’t have in-conference in the first round unless four teams from one conference make it. Here’s a possible seeding including Chaminade:

  1. Point Loma
  2. Seattle Pacific
  3. UCSD
  4. Cal Poly Pomona
  5. Western Oregon
  6. CU-Irvine
  7. Chaminade
  8. Saint Martin’s

We don’t like that seeding because it feels super weird to include a team that lost a recent head-to-head right next to another team in the seeding. It also feels weird to have a team go from the #1 seed to the #8 seed.

In terms of our own headspace about our own team, that being SPU,… We would rather play SMU than WOU, even though mathematically we beat WOU by more. We would rather play CU-Irvine than Chaminade, just because we played CU-Irvine earlier in the year rather than the unknown of Chaminade. And maybe that’s why we feel so strongly that we’d rather play East Bay? Because we know that coaching staff really well.

Regardless: We feel strongly that UCSD and Cal Poly Pomona are very close and should be seeded as such. As much as we don’t trust Seattle Pacific, we do feel that they have earned the #2 seed in context of their body of work against the other teams, although… We’re naturally paranoid. No game is ever over until it’s over. “40 full minutes,” is one of our favorite things to say.

We were super impressed with Western Oregon. They didn’t have the best night offensively, but their defense kept them it until the very end. That’s dangerous. They’re also super experienced as it comes to March and their coach is the master of second half adjustments. We never trust them for ANY amount of time. We actually switched SMU and WOU as we were writing this.

SMU it’s a matter of “what have you done for me lately?” and they lost it against WOU. They barely escaped a bad CWU team. The game off to rest could be working really well for them, they got Jared Matthews back, or they could be exhausted and fading. It took until 2OT for them to procure the outright regular season conference title rather than sharing it with SPU.

But again, it feels weird that SMU would fall from #1 to #6, and so having SMU be #5 and WOU be #6 would be acceptable as well.

CU-Irvine/Chaminade is great at seven because it feels like SPU is locked in at #2 and so GNAC/Pac-West, and then East Bay #8 because great run, lost to the champion, but not sure if anyone is super scared to play them.

Alright, the selection show is starting now, we already know Point Loma is hosting, and right now we can’t find the live stream because NCAA D2, what are you gonna do?

Be safe, have fun, and always remember: West Coast is Best Coast!

Bracketology 2018-2019 Pt. 3!

Alright, conference play has finished up and the conference tournaments start on Thursday, and so… Let’s talk about where things are as of now in each of the three conferences.

Note: Records noted are all purely in-conference.


The final weekend of the season saw Point Loma beat CU-I 93-83, Azusa beat their two opponents comfortably, and Chaminade eke out a win against Hilo (but rivalry game? So probably whatever).

Dominican is hosting the conference tournament and the seeding is:

  1. Point Loma (20-2)
  2. Concordia-Irvine (18-4)
  3. Chaminade (16-6)
  4. Azusa Pacific (16-6)
  5. Holy Names (11-11)  -note that this is a big overachievement, nicely done Hawks.
  6. Academy of Art (11-11) -another big overachievement, nicely done Knights.

Two big overachievements doesn’t speak to the strength of the Pac-West, but it does speak to the idea that the entire West Region is having a down year.

Bracketology remains the same; we expect Point Loma to be in and vying against the GNAC’s Saint Martin’s for the bid to host. SMU has a win over Point Loma, so… If both bow out of their respective conference tournaments at the same time, SMU should get the nod.


The final weekend saw Cal Poly Pomona get a close win against San Bernardino; UCSD blow-out both East Bay and Monterey Bay; and East Bay lose both @ San Marcos and @ UCSD. We now think East Bay’s slipped into being a bubble team if upsets rattle the conference tournament brackets at all.

East Bay is hosting the conference tournament and the seeding is:

  1. Cal Poly Pomona (17-5)
  2. UC San Diego (17-5)
  3. East Bay (16-6)
  4. San Francisco State (14-8)
  5. Cal State LA (13-9)
  6. Dominguez Hills (12-10)
  7. San Bernardino (11-11)
  8. Humboldt State (11-11)

Because the CCAA does eight schools, the first round is hosted by the respective higher seeds on Tuesday before everyone heads to East Bay on Friday.

As good as Cal Poly Pomona is, their lack of non-con makes us think they have no hope of hosting. With UCSD, because they ended the season tied and went on a bad losing streak late, their well-played non-con ends up being moot because PLNU and SMU both also played good non-cons and finished the regular season strong.


The final weekend of GNAC play brought chaos as four teams vied for the final two spots, while SPU and NNU vied for the first round BYE. Ultimately MSUB won both of their games, while UAA, SFU, and WWU all split leaving the three teams tied. UAA’s best win was against #3 NNU, and so they were out; SFU and WWU both were 1-1 against SMU, 0-2 against SPU, and the distinction was made with SFU being 1-1 against NNU while WWU was 0-2, and thus perpetual basement dweller Simon Fraser is IN THE CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT!!!!!

SPU @ NNU ultimately saw the Falcons grind out a close victory (make your free throws, folks!), while conference leading SMU almost got upset by second-from-the-bottom Central Washington; it went to 2OT. Insane.

Western Washington is hosting the conference tournament and the seeding is:

  1. Saint Martin’s (17-3)
  2. Seattle Pacific (16-4)
  3. Northwest Nazarene (14-6)
  4. Western Oregon (13-7)
  5. MSU-Billings (10-10)
  6. Simon Fraser (9-11)

Bracketology: We think SMU and SPU are for sure in, probably regardless as to whether or not they bow out early. NNU is a bubble team, their “what have you done for me lately” is 50/50. They lost at WOU, they almost lost at GNAC #9 CU-Portland, they lost to SMU, and they lost to SPU. They also don’t have as good of a non-con compared to #3 peers Chaminade and East Bay.

As for hosting the Regional, we think the Saints control their own destiny. If they win the conference tournament, they should be hosting. If they lose at the same time as Point Loma, they should be hosting. If Point Loma wins the Pac-West and SMU doesn’t win the GNAC, we’re likely headed to San Diego.

Right now, provided upsets don’t scramble the conference tournament brackets, in our opinion it should be:

  • Saint Martin’s
  • Point Loma
  • Cal Poly Pomona
  • UCSD
  • Seattle Pacific
  • Northwest Nazarene
  • Chaminade
  • East Bay

With East Bay getting the nod over CU-I just because it’s a rare occurrence for East Bay to be up this high, whereas CU-I has consistently been good on a D2 level and we assume that they know they’re having a bad year and simply seeded #2 in a down year for the Pac-West.

We can’t stand the Top 25 ranking system as it comes to D2, and so we usually don’t look at rankings until the Regional Rankings come out, so… Let’s see what the Powers That Be are saying now…

WHAAAAT??? THEY ACTUALLY AGREE WITH US?!?! Their seeded list from a week ago is:

  1. Saint Martin’s
  2. Point Loma
  3. Seattle Pacific
  4. Cal Poly Pomona
  5. Chaminade
  6. UCSD
  7. Northwest Nazarene
  8. East Bay
  9. CU-Irvine
  10. Western Oregon

We didn’t want to put SPU that high because we felt like we were being homers and because we look at this SPU team and compared to past SPU teams they’re not that great, but… It is a down year and what they’re doing is apparently enough.

We like that WOU is listed at 10 because they do feel like a threat to receive the auto bid and those guys do have so much experience and they have a recent blow-out win over NNU. They also have a recent loss to GNAC #7 WWU, but… That’s why Regional #10. They’re in the conversation and a definite threat to win the GNAC tourney, but not a guarantee.

All of that said… That’s where things are at as we head into the conference tournaments.

GNAC’ers: Player-of-the-week math is being done tonight, so it’ll be up tomorrow, along with the final iteration of the conference round robin.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!

Conference Game Day #20!

Hi, we’ve now completed our fifth regular season of writing about GNAC Men’s Basketball and we still clearly DON’T KNOW ANYTHING. No, parity is just amazing. It’s so fun to be in a conference in which literally any team can win on any given night.

One of the CWU broadcasters joked in 2OT that it was GNAC Basketball After Dark, and as a religious watcher of Pac-12 After Dark because of the chaos it tends to bring… Heck yes. It was definitely GNAC Basketball After Dark, and so… Let’s talk about it!

MSUB 92 @ UAF 65

UAF never had any hope. Ever. There was a point about five minutes in when they were only down by five and… That was the high point of hope. MSUB absolutely crushed them and left no doubt. We love it. We love seeing teams do this as they’re going into post-season.

Jackets highlights: Sven Jeuschede had 11 points; Zharon Richmond had five boards; Tyler Green had nine boards; Melvin had nine points, five fouls, and a full house of stats; and Zack Rollins had an amazing night going 6-7 from three and finishing with 19 points and seven boards. Off the bench Kobe Tereshima is getting hot at the right time and had nine points and five boards; and BRENDAN HOWARD had 25 points and seven boards on great shooting.

Nooks highlights: Alex Baham had 15 points and five boards; Daulton Lootens had five boards. Off the bench Jalon McCullough had seven points; Jaqua Morrow had six points; and MICHAEL KLUTING had 27 points and 10 boards in what’s become a typical outing. BEAST. Tymoryae Glover didn’t play.

Huge congrats to the Jackets on heading into the conference tournament with your stingers out, and… Thank God It’s Over for UAF. Next year should be better.

WOU 68 @ SFU 56

In a game that seemed destined to be a blowout from the start, it interestingly enough wasn’t. It was reminiscent of the SPU/CWU game on Thursday in that WOU would go up comfortably and then SFU would climb back in, and then WOU would go up comfortably and then SFU would climb back in, and then ultimately WOU won comfortably.

Wolves highlights: Dalven Brushier had 19 points and six boards, as well as going 6-6 from the line; and Riley Hawken had 12 points and seven boards. Off the bench Brandell Evans had six boards; and Buster Souza had six points and five boards.

Clan highlights: Othniel Spence had 12 points; Wil Balata had 13 points and eight boards; Mike Provenzano had six assists; and Jasdeep Singh had 13 points and nine boards. Off the bench Bongani Moyo had five boards.

This game was honestly terrible as it comes to a numbers stand point, but… Someone has to win and someone has to lose and we’re a little disappointed in SFU. This game was totally in your grasp and you let it go. Congrats to the Wolves on bouncing back and getting it done.

CU-PDX 79 @ WWU 70

Cavs, do you know how much we love you?? A LOT. Just when we’d finally been like “Okay, they’re good, but they’ve lost it, and they’re not coming back,” THEY COME BACK. THEY GET THE WIN. They end the season as giant killers. Is WWU a giant this year? Not really, but… We live in the past. Our first year of GNAC basketball WWU won the Natty, so giants they remain. They also have such deep pockets, that it’s like seriously?? How are you not winning. This is ridiculous. They’re the Arizona of the GNAC.

Cavs highlights: Jarrett Gray had 13 points, five boards, and five assists; Dom Bradley had 11 points and nine boards; and Hunter Sweet had 17 points, five boards, and four assists among a flawless full house. Off the bench Cody Starr had five assists; and Dakota Ayala had 12 points and 11 boards on good shooting.

Viks highlights: Tyler Payned had five assists; Leif Anderson had 11 points; Jalen Green had six boards; Trevor Jasinsky had nine boards; Cameron Rethford had 13 points, eight boards, and five fouls among efficient shooting and a full house of stats in just 24 minutes; and off the bench Micah Winn had 14 points.

Once again: Great job to CU-PDX on letting Trevor shoot. Congrats to the Viks on getting through this trying season.

SMU 105 @ CWU 96 in 2OT!!

Hooooly cow. You gave them everything they could handle and you almost had it, Wildcats. The good news is, had you won, you would have handed SPU a share of the conference title, so… Maybe there’s a bright side in the loss. Respect your rivalries. Losing just so your rival doesn’t get a share. That’s admirable. Congrats to SMU on digging deep and finding a way to win, and thus winning the conference regular season outright.

Saints highlights:  Luke Chavez had 33 points and five boards while going 6-6 from the line; Jared Matthews had 10 points; and Rhett Baerlocher had 14 points and eight boards while playing -45- minutes, geez. Off the bench BJ STANDLEY had 29 points, five boards, and six assists while playing -46- minutes; and Tavian Henderson had eight points and eight boards while playing -38- minutes. This is why we maintain the Saints have seven/eight starters. The Saints have lost EJ Boyce meanwhile gaining Jared Matthews, so… 7.5 starters.

Wildcat highlights: Jeryn Lucas had 27 points and five boards; Naim Ladd had 16 points; Jackson Price was back down to earth and had five fouls; Malik Montoya had nine points, six boards, and five fouls; Matt Poquette had 14 points on good shooting and while going 8-8 from the line; and off the bench Gamaun Boykin had 16 points and eight assists.

Once again: HOOOOLY COW. We actually got back to our hotel just in time to watch both periods of OT. Do we wish we had been at this game? Honestly no, because had we been we wouldn’t have discovered how awesome the CWU broadcast guys are. Love it. Also loved seeing Naim Ladd have a great final game. Again: Congrats to SMU on winning the conference regular season outright.

SPU 87 @ NNU 82

Oh goodness. What. A. Game. SPU would go up by eight or so and be there for a bit and the NNU would hit shots, and then SPU would go up by eight or so, and… Back and forth until the final five or so minutes when things got REAL and it seemed as though NNU was refusing to lose this game. It didn’t work out that way, but the drive and the “taking what’s ours” play style was there.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had five boards and five assists; Nikhil Lizotte had 23 points and went 7-8 from the line; Nathan Streufert had five boards; and GAVIN LONG had 21 points and 10 boards. Off the bench Sam Simpson had a double-double with 10 points and 11 boards among a full house of stats; Sam Boone had five boards in just seven minutes; and Divant’e Moffitt had six points.

Nighthawk highlights: Adonis Arms had 30 points and five boards and went 9-9 from the line; Obi Megwa was on fire nad had 22 points; and Spider had five fouls and five boards. Off the bench Sam Roth had six points; Beto Diaz had four boards; Felix White had four boards; and Jayden Bezzant was ON and had 15 points and a huge presence on the court.

We thought this game was headed to OT. It was crazy. It was amazing. We’re excited to see this NNU team back on track. If they play like this on Thursday, SFU has no hope. So many great moments from players on both teams. Special shout-out to Coleman Wooten of SPU for sportsmanship. Felix White of NNU ended up getting the wind knocked out of him while a bunch of guys were battling in the paint, and it was Coleman that was with him the whole time, making sure he was okay, and talking him through it.

THIS. IS. MARCH. MADNESS. Love you all soooo much, we’re so proud of you, and can’t wait for those that we’ll see at the conference tournament.

Tomorrow, we’ll get into the Bracketology Round #2 regarding what’s gone on in the CCAA, Pac-West, and yes also the GNAC because in pre and post season, we tend to get a lot of their folks checking in.

We think we’ll wait until Tuesday for Player-of-the-Week because the bracketology is more pressing, but… Maybe both. We’ll see.

Once again: Thank-you so much NNU, we had a great time. Great atmosphere.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!

Conference Game Day #16

Sorry for all of the late posts this year. We’re in the middle of writing (and re-writing, and re-writing, AND RE-WRITING) our masters thesis. Our masters is in engineering management and our thesis is on indoor agriculture.

Anyway… Let’s jump right in to talking about Saturday’s games.

UAF 75 @ NNU 104

The Nanooks hung around for much longer than we expected (almost the entire first half) but by halftime the Nighthawks were in control.

Nanook highlights: Michael Kluting had a great game with 16 points and 13 boards for the double-double plus a full house of stats. Off the bench Jalon McCullough had five points; Tre Eisenhut had nine points and five boards; Zach Hatch had 15 points; and Daulton Lootens had six points and four boards.

Nighthawk highlights: Obi Megwa had 34 points and five assists; Sam Roth was on fire with 20 points and seven boards on 8-9 shooting from the field; Beto Diaz had nine points; and Spider had 10 boards. Off the bench James Nelson had 10 points; and Jayden Bezzant had 13 points.

Pretty par for the course. Excited about Sam Roth’s numbers; he’s usually a great role player, but this was hopefully a good break-out game. They’re gonna need him next year, big time.

UAA 92 @ CWU 85

Never count out the Wildcats to terrify you down the stretch. UAA was in control, they were cruising, and then CWU went ham and it went down to free throws. We love how clutch CWU is -it makes for really fun and really exciting basketball, even if they don’t win. Plus, isn’t it more fun for winning teams to have the fear of God put in them? We hate it when we’re in the middle of it, but it is way more satisfying afterward.

Seawolf highlights: Tyler Brimhall had 21 points and nine boards; Niko Bevens had 11 points; Brennan Rymer had a whopping 30 points, nine boards, and nine assists for the near-miss of a triple double; Jack Macdonald had 11 points; and Brian Pearson had 15 points and eight boards. No real bench play.

Wildcat highlights: Gamaun Boykin had five boards; Naim Ladd had 11 points; and ZELLIE HUDSON had 24 points and six boards among a full house of stats. Off the bench Jackson Price had six points; Lewis Pope had five points; Malik Montoya had 12 points; and Hayden Nelson had six points.

We get why Malik is no longer starting (he’s a senior in a bad year and the Wildcats have a number of young guys + he makes their bench a lot deeper) but… He’s still a starter in our heart. Much as we consider SMU to have seven starters, we definitely consider CWU to have six.

WWU 90 @ MSUB 94

Props to the Vikings for coming back. The Yellowjackets were absolutely blowing out the Vikings, but… Reeled them back in. And then the Yellowjackets went up a fair bit late in the second half, but the Viks reeled them back in. While WWU didn’t get the win, it’s clear they’re still fighting and they have plenty of opportunities to cause problems for teams in the coming two weeks.

Viking highlights: Tyler Payne had five fouls; KJ Bosco had five fouls; Leif Anderson had 14 points; Trevor Jasinsky had 12 points and six boards; Cameron Retherford has started functioning!!! And had a whopping 19 points and five boards meanwhile going 7-8 from the line. Off the bench Tucker Eeinigenburg had four boards; RJ Secretst had five points; Braden Ahlemeyer had six points; and Micah Winn had a whopping 19 points.

Yellowjacket highlights: Zharon Richmond had six boards; Tyler Green had 20 points and seven assists; Melvin Newbern Jr. had 12 points on great shooting; and Zack Rollins was rolling with 22 points and six boards. Off the bench Kobe Tereshima had four boards; and BRENDAN HOWARD had 20 points and eight boards meanwhile going 7-7 from the line.

Brendan Howard is quickly becoming a pet of ours. He’s super productive and one of our favorite Mariners of all time is Brendan Ryan and so… Name associations can help you. That said, we’re a little nervous because there have been a number of Yellowjackets that have shown incredible promise early in their careers before doing absolutely nothing for the rest of them, so… We’ll see. Congrats to the Viks on a good fight and congrats to MSUB on getting the win.

CU-PDX 50 @ SPU 78

Not what we were expecting. And we get that we watched Concordia get slaughtered two days earlier, but… This could be one of the more horrible match-ups in terms our biases this year because we chronically underrate SPU and yet are probably way overly optimistic about the Cavs.

Cavalier highlights: Tyler Wells had 11 points; Dominique Bradley had five boards; and Dakota Ayala had 17 points. Off the bench Cody Starr had four boards; and Xavier Smith had six points.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 16 points and seven boards; Harry Cavell had seven boards among a full house of stats; Nikhil Lizotte had 12 points; Nathan Streufert had seven boards; and Gavin Long had 10 points on good shooting. Off the bench Sharif Khan had five points; Sam Simpson had four boards; and Divant’e Moffitt had 10 points and four boards while going 6-7 from the line.

Divant’e is another guy that’s quickly becoming a pet because like Brendan Howard, he’s a super productive player. And he’s a freshman. And SPU does in fact have the history of players getting better, looking at you Mr. Coleman Wooten.

Congrats to the Falcons on the win… Concordia, we still think you’re great <3. Falcons, if we tell you you’re great it might go to your heads and we can’t have that because we want to make the Regional. Yes Braden Olsen, we just inadvertently paraphrased you, credit where credit is due.

WOU 56 @ SMU 64

On the one hand, it felt like SMU was in control the entire time, on the other hand it felt like WOU was always threatening to grab the victory down to the last minute or two. Ultimately the score is probably pretty representative of the game overall; not a comfortable win, but also not a super close win.

Wolf highlights: Dalven Brushier had five boards; Kaleb Warner had 12 points; and Riley Hawken had six boards. Off the bench O’anda Baker had six points; Buster Souza went 4-4 and had eight points; and Cameron Cranston had five points.

Saints highlights: Luke Chavez had 11 points; Rhett Baerlocher was ON FIRE and had 17 points and 12 boards among a flawless full house of stats; and BJ Standley had 10 points, five boards, and four assists.

Fun game. Oddly paced game. It was great to watch Rhett Baerlocher break out. Wish we got to keep him for another year.

Those games talked about, let’s briefly talk about how the conference tournament looks as of now:

Saint Martin’s, Northwest Nazarene, and Seattle Pacific have all officially clinched spots.

Vying for the final three places include Western Oregon, Alaska Anchorage, MSU-Billings, Simon Fraser, and Western Washington.

While CWU and Concordia aren’t quite mathematically out, it seems highly unlikely because they would have to win all of their remaining games. CWU still has to play both the Oregon schools and the Puget Sound schools (yikes) and Concordia has to play at the North schools, plus host NNU.

Simon Fraser and WWU are both sitting at 6-9, meanwhile having five games left to play because their second match-up was postponed due to snow. This week they’re in Alaska and then the following week they play each other and then host the Oregon schools. The North teams are projected to split the Alaska schools and then who knows against the Oregon schools.

MSUB is at the Puget Sound schools this week and then in Alaska next week. Woof. Tall order. It’s not that we think the Yellowjackets can’t do it, it’s that it is arguably the hardest road in finishing conference play.

UAA thankfully will be favored in most of their match-ups (hosting the North schools, and then hosting UAF & MSUB), so thankfully they have a great shot at making the conference tournament BUT as we noted in the bracketology post: It does them no favors if they were hoping to end up with an at-large bid.

On paper now… We feel confident that WOU is going to make it, but we have no idea what’s going to go down as it comes to WWU/UAA/MSUB/SFU.

We’ll be at the SMU @ SPU game tonight. We have no idea where we’re sitting, but we’ll likely be wearing navy blue and then knitting as usual, so come say ‘hi’!

We’re 100% Switzerland for this game because on the one hand SPU is our alma mater and we love them dearly; on the other hand we also love SMU and if the Saints win out they’re likely to host the Regional.

We keep almost picking one side or the other, but… SWITZERLAND. All we want is no injuries and great basketball played by everyone. Amen.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!

Bracketology 2018-2019 Pt. 1!


And so we’re putting this up and then we’ll put up week 7’s POW stuff, and then Conference Game Day #16, and then this week’s POW.

Anyway, Bracketology, let’s go now!

Basically, as much as we consider the GNAC to be having a down year, the Pac-West is further down, and the CCAA further down than that.

In regard to the Pac-West: Point Loma is their best team, CU-Irvine is their second best team, and Azusa Pacific is their third.

Point Loma’s record in non-con includes a loss at home to SMU. Point Loma’s conference record is currently 17-2.

CU-Irvine’s record in non-con includes a blow-out loss at home to a heavily depleted SPU team. CU-I’s conference record is currently 15-3 and includes a win over Point Loma as one more game with them, as well as a split with Azusa.

Azusa Pacific’s record in non-con includes a blow-out road loss to SPU. APU’s conference record is currently 13-5 and includes two losses to Point Loma and a split with Concordia.

The GNAC owns all tiebreakers against those schools.

In regard to the CCAA… They have three top teams which consist of East Bay, Cal Poly Pomona, and UCSD. Right now East Bay is in the lead. On the one hand, that’s great; they were second to last a year ago and now they’re leading, but… No one legitimately makes that much progress in year two. From the bottom to the middle? Yes. From the bottom to the top, no.

We’ll also clarify: The East Bay coach was our graduate school coach. We adore him. He was fantastic on an NAIA level and we’re thrilled that he’s having success on a D2 level, but as good as he is… There’s no way they should be winning as many games as they are. They played non-con against the classic Pac-West doormats (and admittedly won all of them) but that suggests a middle-of-the-pack finish in normal years. Against the one middle-of-the-pack Pac-West opponent they played, they lost.

Cal Poly Pomona was supposed to play against SPU and Azusa, but instead ended up merely taking on Dixie State because of the Camp Creek Fire. Dixie is top-3 in the RMAC (and we have no idea what that implies), but it’s ultimately moot because SMU has a blow-out win over Dixie.

UCSD… Our prediction has long been that the Regional would be hosted in San Diego because UCSD owned the tiebreakers with the GNAC including a blow-out win over SMU, a close loss to Point Loma, and were killing their way through conference play. Killing their way through conference play is no more; they’ve lost four of their last six and one of the wins came in overtime to a middle-of-the-pack opponent.

The fact that UCSD lost to Point Loma now matters.

The fact that UCSD beat four GNAC teams no longer really does them any favors because three of the teams include a downward spiraling WWU team, an upper-middle-of-the-pack Western Oregon team, and a better-than-normal-but-still-bad Simon Fraser team.

The blow-out win over SMU now seems moot because SMU has proved their salt in conference play, and because of USCD spiraling, it means the Saints are all of a sudden looking prime to host the Regional.

Honestly, we think basketball on the west coast is down right now. We think there are good players on many teams, even great players on some, but we don’t think there are any teams that are especially “stacked.” The vast majority seem to get good games out of about four guys on any given team on any given night, with maybe one of those guys having a great game, but more frequently all four guys are playing okay-to-good.

It does bug us that bad or good, it’s always eight spots, because in 2013 the West had legitimately 10 good teams and yet only eight got bids. We had the #1, 2, and 4 ranked teams in the country and yet they all met in the first three rounds. Last year it was consensus that only seven teams deserved spots, despite the fact that eight got them.

This year we would argue that at this point only five teams deserve spots:

  • Point Loma
  • UCSD
  • St. Martin’s
  • NNU
  • SPU

We put up that list meanwhile we’ve been noting all year how down the GNAC is.

Our prediction right now for who’ll make it based on the included receiving the auto bids for their respective conferences is this:

  • Point Loma
  • CU-Irvine
  • East Bay
  • Cal Poly Pomona
  • Saint Martin’s
  • Northwest Nazarene
  • Seattle Pacific

That’s not seeded and obviously a lot can and will likely change in these last two weeks and then in the respective conference tournaments, but… That’s who we’ve got right now.

Point Loma -Best team in the Pac-West.

CU-Irvine -Doesn’t deserve a spot, but provided massive upsets don’t rattle the conference tournament brackets, they should make it because it seems like the committee tries to give each conference at least two bids.

East Bay -While their non-con was weak, they’ve proven themselves in conference play and deserve a nod; they feel similar to SMU last year.

Cal Poly Pomona -Their schedule was burned by the Camp Creek Fire and they literally played no one outside of it. That said, they are on a huge winning streak, they’ve only lost five conference games and most of them were back in late December/early January. They have a nice recent win over both East Bay AND UCSD, and when you factor in the “minimum two per conference,” as long as the last two weeks go decently well (which the trajectory suggests they should) and they win one game and merely lose competitively in another in their conference tournament, they should be Regional-bound.

SMU -Good non-con, leading the GNAC, seven reliable players.

SPU -Their non-con was meh, but the intention of a good schedule was there, and in the “what have you done for me lately” category, they seem to be on the right track with a six game winning streak. Even if they lose a couple, as long as they make it to the second round in the conference tournament they should get a bid.

NNU -As of right now they deserve it, they’ve done relatively well in conference play, they’re in arguably the strongest conference, but they still have to play SPU, @ WOU, SMU, and at what’s been a dangerous Concordia-Portland team.


And the big question is: what have you done for me lately?

Azusa -Another schedule burned by the Camp Creek Fire; it was somewhere between ‘terrible’ and ‘cancelled’ but regardless: They have a loss to San Marcos, a loss to CWU, and a blow-out loss to SPU in non-con, along with two losses to PLNU by 10-15 and a split with CU-Irvine. There’s nothing that would really make us think they’d get the nod over UCSD, but their non-con was far better than WOU and UAA, so… We’ll see.

UCSD -The game is “What have you done for me lately?” and the answer is “not much.” Their bubble will likely burst quickly if upsets happen and/or they don’t win three or so out of their last four games and then at least a game or two in their conference tournament. That said: Because of how they scheduled non-con, if it comes down to them vs. UAA or them vs. WOU, they should win because both UAA and WOU have been on downward spirals as well but without the legitimate non-con to back them up.

WOU -They had a bad non-con, got swept by the Puget Sound schools (and the games weren’t super close), beat by Concordia, and killed a who-knows-what’s-going-on MSU-Billings team. They still have to play NNU, what’s likely an ornery WWU team, and an SFU team that’s upset two of the top three.

UAA -They had an intentionally poorly-scheduled non-con, and they have zero depth. Zero. They have four players. They got killed by WOU, barely escaped CU-Portland, swept by the Puget Sound schools, lost to NNU, came close to losing to CWU, and now are at home for the remainder of the season against the low-standing North schools, a low-standing rival in UAF, and a low standing but incredibly dangerous MSU-Billings team. In the “What have you done for me lately?” category, there’s literally no way for them to win despite the fact that they’ll be favored in all four of the remaining games.

And by writing that out, we realize UAA’s at-large bubble has burst. Because NNU/SPU/SMU all play each other in these coming two weeks with NNU having an additional quality game @ WOU, and so as long as those teams all play close, it’ll be seen as fine and “wait for the conference tournament.” As much as it was a long time ago: UCSD has a way better non-con than UAA. APU at least had the intention of a good non-con.

If you want to play with the big boys, schedule big boy teams in non-con. This year, the implications of scheduling matter more than ever because of the Camp Creek Fire cancelling Mac Martin. Mac Martin was four traditionally heavyweight West Region teams all intending to play each other.

And now it is what it is. We’ll check back in regarding bracketology once conference play has finished but hopefully before the conference tournaments start.

Be safe, have fun, and always remember: West Coast is Best Coast!

Player-of-the-Week #4!

Holy cow, what a week! Here’s the truckload of nominees:

UAF: Tymoryae Glover
UAA: Tyler Brimhall
SFU: Julian Roche
WWU: Trevor Jasinsky
SPU: N/A —> Donated to Jasdeep Singh of SFU.
SMU: N/A —> Donated to Mike Provenzano of SFU.
CWU: N/A —> Donated to Leif Anderson of WWU.
NNU: Adonis Adams
MSUB: Zack Rollins
CU-PDX: Jarrett Gray
WOU: N/A —> Donated to Will Balata of SFU.

Honorable Mentions: Jack MacDonald (UAA),  Niko Bevens (UAA), Luke Lovelady (WWU), and Tyler Green (MSUB).

Player of the Week: Jarrett Gray.

You may notice that this week’s nominees were dominated by guys that played in over time games. Playing more minutes does give you more points in our formula, but it also opens up more opportunities for poor shot selection, stupid turnovers, and missed free throws. We also do believe in giving credit for the exhaustion accumulation factor on bodies; playing 40+ minutes is rough.

That said: What a great week of play. We’d been starting to lose hope/question our methods, but… These numbers are totally possible. We included the honorable mentions list as a means of saying “these guys hit our threshold to qualify but there weren’t enough spots.”

Looking forward to another week of great basketball!

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!

Conference Game Day #8!

Hoooo boy, what a night of games, holy cow. So much insanity. And we actually got to go to two games =) We were at SPU/WOU and then we popped in for a bit at SMU/CU-PDX. Very good times.

It’s funny, as much as a lot of the numbers have been bad this year, the effort has been there and we feel like we’ve finally fallen in love with SFU and Concordia, which we’ve been waiting for it to happen and it’s amazing.

That said: Absolutely wonderful night of games, so let’s talk about them!

CWU 68 @ UAF 59

NICELY DONE WILDCATS!!!! You got the win against your old coach. So satisfying. That said: The Nooks managed to contain Gamaun Boykin, so that’s good. Good rebounding number by the Wildcats. Growing pains, but definitely not out of the hunt for the conference tournament.

Wildcat highlights: Jeryn Lucas had six boards; Zellie Hudson had 17 points and six boards; and Malcolm Cola had nine points and four boards. Naim Ladd started!! And didn’t do much, but he did start. Off the bench Malik Montoya had 11 points; Matt Poquette had eight poitns and four boards; and Hayden Nelson had seven points and six boards.

Nook highlights: Spencer Sweet had 15 points; and Isaiah Easaw had nine points; and off the bench Tymoryae Glover had 19 points, 10 boards, four blocks, and went 8-10 from the line.

Woof on the Nooks with those numbers -amazed it was as close as it was.

NNU 73 @ UAA 85

HECK YES SEAWOLVES!!!!!! We’ve decided to not hate you from now until Feb. 7th, and then Feb. 8th we’ll go back to not hating you again and you can be our Valentine on Feb. 14th. For those missing the references: They play SPU on the 7th and then they come out to CWU on the 14th, and the tradition is: At CWU, the opposing team is ours. We sit right behind their bench and wear a shirt from their school and root like heck for them.

Nighthawk highlights: Jalen Burkett had five fouls; Adonis Arms had an above average game, scoring 26 points, grabbing six boards, dropping five times, and rounding it out with a full house while going 9-9 from the line; Obi Megwa had 15 points and five fouls; and off the bench James Nelson had eight points and four boards.

Seawolf highlights: Tyler Brimhall continues to be amazing, scoring 22 points on great shooting from both the field and the line and in addition grabbing five boards; Niko Bevens had 19 points and five boards while going 8-8 from the line; Brennan Rymer had NINE ASSISTS with ZERO TURNOVERS, and five fouls -now that’s what we call being a team player; SJUR BERG functioned and had six boards; and Jack Mac had 18 points and six assists. Off the bench Keenan Dowell had five points; and Brian Pearson had five points and four blocks.

Wow Seawolves, wow! We’re so excited for you. Congrats on a great win. Loving the numbers.

MSUB 107 @ SFU 112 in TRIPLE OT

Holy cow. Holy freaking cow. Absolute madness. Just when you’d think one team was walking up, the other team would reel them back in and… Again. And again. And again. We feel like had we been at this game we would have lost like 10 years off of our life. What amazingness. Two super well matched teams. Congrats to the Clan on getting the win at home.

Jacket highlights: Zharon Richmond had 11 points; Tyler Green had a whopping 31 points and six assists; MELVIN HAD 14 BOARDS!!; and Zack Rollins had 29 points and eight boards. Off the bench Kobe Tereshima had nine boards and eight assists; and Brendan Howard went 6-7 from the line and grabbed eight boards.

Clan highlights: Othniel Spence bounced back and had 23 points and eight boards; Will Balata had 11 points, seven boards, and five fouls; MICHAEL PROVENZANO finally got out of his slump and had 32 points and six assists while going 8-9 from the line; Jasdeep Singh had 18 points and seven boards while playing a whopping -51- minutes; and Julian Roche had a “quiet game” with 18 points and 13 boards among a full house of stats; and Off the bench Jordan MK had four boards and six assists.

We consider it a quiet game for Julian because there were 55 minutes available, he played 45 of them, and yet we’ve seen him get those numbers in regulation.

Holy cow though. All of your legs must be SO dead. We’re tired just looking at these numbers. And poor Billings; Billings has Spartin this week. Brutal. We’re actually probably going to do a re-watch of the second and third half of this game, and so… That should happen in the coming days and we’ll blog it.

SMU 89@ CU-PDX 77

We’re so glad we got a chance to pop into this game. We almost never see SMU on the road because we’re always with SPU, and so it was fun to see all of their fans come out -we would say about 40% of the fans in the gym were in fact Saints. We ❤ fellow road trippers! And Concordia actually kept it relatively close and made it an interesting game; SMU didn’t pull away until the last seven minutes or so. Moral victory? Sure.

Saints highlights: LUKE CHAVEZ had 13 points, finally; Chandler Redix had nine points and six boards; Jordan Kitchen had 11 points among a full house of stats; Rhett Baerlocher had 11 points and five boards; and EJ Boyce had 26 points. Off the bench Jared Matthews had eight points and four boards; and Tavian Henderson had seven points, 12 rebounds, and five assists on perfect shooting from the field.

Cavs highlights: Jace Cates had five boards and five assists; Tyler Wells had 14 points among a full house of stats; Jarrett Gray had 18 points and four boards; and Dakota Ayala had 13 points. Off the bench Cody Starr went 5-5 from the line and had six boards and five assists; and Elroi Butler had four points.

Interesting. We’re very intense about people not shooting if they’re cold, but we wish Jace would have trusted himself a bit more. Oh well. We’ll yell at him about it on Saturday ❤

SPU 71 @ WOU 73

Brutal. We’re questioning why we even picked it as a ‘pick ’em’ when SPU never wins in the WOU gym anyway, but… Congrats Wolves. Took advantage of every mistake. Intense game. Loved it. It seems like we love every trip to the New PE Building, even though our team never wins. You know it’s quality then.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 10 boards; Harry Cavell had nine points; Nathan Streufert had five boards; and Gavin Long had 14 points. Off the bench Sam Simpson had 16 points; Sam Boone had four boards; and and Divant’e Moffitt had 10 points while going 6-7 from the line.

Wolf highlights: Etan Collins had seven boards; and Kaleb Warner had 13 points. Off the bench Darius Luborn went 5-6 from the line; and Buster Souza had 12 points.

Turnovers killed the Falcons. That’s all there is to it. They’ve started to trend as a turnover prone team and it is what it is. We hate it. It needs to be fixed. But hopefully this is a good gut check. Congrats to the Wolves on the win.

Amazing night of games. We’re excited for the coming week. Player-of-the-Week will be up tomorrow and then the usual game previews and whatnot.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!

Conference Game Day #7!

It’s a day late, but ah well.

SFU 81 @ WWU 89

Never particularly close, but like in the game against SPU, SFU had a strong second half. Regardless of results, they are a lot better this year and everyone should be taking them moderately seriously; we actually warned the WWU team of that when we saw them at Central.

Clan highlights: Othniel Spence had five fouls; Will Balata was 5-7 from the line, had eight boards, six assists, and ultimately finished with 24 points; Mike Provenzano had 13 points; Jasdeep played full 40 minutes and had 7 boards; and Julian Roche is still beasting, this time with 25 points and six boards. No real bench play.

Viks highlights: Tyler Pain had nine points; Leif Anderson had 14 points and five assists; Luke Lovelady shot well nad had 11 points and nine boards among a full house of stats; and Trevor Jasinsky had 20 points and six boards while going 5-5 from the line.

Congrats to the Viks, keep rolling. Simon Fraser… It’s cliche to say that you’re spooky, but you guys are good and we think you will get at least five wins in conference this year, so keep on trekkin’.

MSUB 81 @ WWU 72 in OT

THERE WE GO JACKETS!!!!!!! Those Vikings got STUNG! And it was actually after WWU had gone up but the Jackets refused to go away and then in OT MSUB dominated.

Jacket highlights: Zharon Richmond had 12 points; Tyler Green had 19 points and five boards; Melvin had six boards; and Zack Rollins had 14 points among a flawless full house of stats. Off the bench Kobe Terashima had seven points; and Brendan Howard had a double double with 17 points and 10 boards.

Viks highlights: Tyler Payne had six boards; Leif Anderson played a whopping 44 minutes and had 15 points, five boards, and five assists among a full house of stats; Luke Lovelady had 14 points, five boards, and a whopping four blocks; Trevor Jasinsky finally shot 50 percent, finishing with 24 points and 13 boards for the double-double; and off the bench Tucker Eenigenburg had five boards.

Congrats to both teams on a hard game well fought!

NNU 83 @ UAF 73

NNU would walk up a bit and UAF would then get back in it, and then NNU would walk up a bit, and UAF would jump back in it. Hard fought for the Nooks, good job to the Nighthawks on taking it seriously and not letting it happen.

Nighthawk highlights: Adonis Adams had a great shooting game, finishing with 23 points and five boards; Obi Megwa had 13 points and five boards; Beto Diaz had five boards; and Spider had five fouls. Off the bench James Nelson had a whopping 20 points and 11 boards while being 6-6 from the line; Sam Roth had six points; and Felix White had eight points and six boards.

Nook highlights: Tymoryae Glover had 18 points and eight boards; Spencer Sweet had 18 points; Isaiah Easaw had five boards, six assists, and 10 points; and Michael Kluting had 18 points and eight boards while going 10-12 from the line. A center that can shoot free throws. he’s like a unicorn. No highlights from the bench.

Great job to the Nighthawks, but also great job to the Nooks -this performance shows a lot of promise.

CWU 63 @ UAA 79

It was a game for a bit, but by the end of the first half UAA had pulled away. We assume it was partly because the Seawolves were PO’d after Saturday with the Falcons, and partly because the Wildcats were overlooking the the Seawolves in anticipation of facing Spar on Saturday. It is what it is. The Seawolves have a few really good players and we’re excited to see them get this win.

Wildcat highlights: Gamaun had a quiet night, but did log five assists; and Malcolm Cola had 12 points. Off the bench Naim Ladd had 13 points; Malik Montoya had eight points; and Matt Poquette had 10 points.

Seawolf highlights: Tyler Brimhall had 21 points and nine boards; Niko Bevens had 14 points; Brennan Rymer had six assists; Sjur Berg had 13 points; Jack Mac had a whopping 23 points on good shooting; and off the bench Brian Pearson had five boards.

Congrats to the Seawolves on a very impressive limiting of the Wildcats -they put up so few numbers, it’s absolutely insane.

SPU 80 @ CU-PDX 78

It was close, but by the end of the first half the Falcons were dominating and it looked like the game was going to go into cruise control. Hooo no, with some major second half adjustments the Cavs put the fear of God into the already forsaken Falcons.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 11 points and six boards; Harry Cavell had 15 points; Nikhil Lizotte had 11 points; Nathan Streufert had nine points; and Gavin Long had five boards. Off the bench Sam Boone had a golden game, with 11 points and 11 boards while wearing NUMBER 11; and Divant’e Moffitt had 11 points, five boards, and five assists, while shooting fantastically.

Cavs highlights: Jarrett Gray was terribly defended by the Falcons and managed to score 23 points while grabbing six boards; Hunter Sweet had five boards; and Dakota Ayala had 11 points. Off the bench Tyler Wells had six points; and Cody Starr had 13 points.

We requested the Falcons put up good numbers and good numbers they did. That said, Concordia is seriously scrappy and we loved watching them play, so we’re happy we get them again next week =)

SMU 64 @ WOU 59

This game was everything we wanted it to be and more. We’ve seen WOU win a lot of close games and so we knew they weren’t out until they were out -especially in the New PE Building. <— Yes, that’s what their gymnasium is called. Proud of the Saints for stepping up and getting it done even though the numbers suggest they were really off.

Saints highlights: Chandler Redix had 12 points; Jordan Kitchen had 13 points and five boards; and Rhett Baerlocher was ice cold but chipped in five boards. Off the bench Jared Matthews had four boards; BJ Standley had 13 points, four boards, and five assists; and Tavian Henderson had eight points and four boards.

Wolf highlights: Darius Luborn had eight boards; Etan Collins had 13 points and 13 rebounds with just ONE foul; and Riley Hawken had 14 points and six boards among a full house of stats. Off the bench Delvin Brushier had four boards and 11 points while going 5-6 from the charity stripe. Holy cow on this rebounding number -the Wolves out-rebounded the Saints 43-31.

The Wolves are a good team, the Saints are a good team, it was a great battle, and we’re looking forward to their second meeting this year. Speaking of their second meeting… We need to get back to Marcus Pavilion and watch the Saints play. Yes, we’re going on Tuesday, but we need to go there more than just once this year because we’re proud of them and we miss them. So the next WOU game and then the WWU game…? Probably.

Really fun night of basketball. Excited for tonight. Game previews’ll be up shortly.

Conference Game Day #6

Arguably the most normal/predictable night of GNAC games we’ve had yet this year, and so… Naturally we’re going to end up talking about the one really interesting game first.

UAF 80 @ SMU 87 in OT

SMU’s numbers weren’t as bad as we were expecting, but while their shooting was okay, their rebounding was bad and their A/TO was terrible. Ridiculously pleased with UAF for staying in the game the whole time (and beyond) and making the Saints work.

Nook highlights: Tymoryae had 21 points and five boards while playing a whopping 41 minutes; Spencer Sweet had 11 points; Michael Kluting had a good game with 21 points and 15 boards for the double-double; and off the bench Alex Martin had four boards.

Saints highlights: Chandler Redix went 9-11 from the line; Jordan Kitchen had five boards; Rhett Baerlocher had eight boards; and LUKE CHAVEZ was back and on, scoring 25 points and grabbing seven boards. Off the bench BJ Standley had nine points and five assists; and Tavian Henderson had 14 points and five boards.

Good minute distribution by SMU. The numbers are admittedly not atrocious, but… When you’re leading our conference to the post-season, we’re going to nitpick.

UAA 74 @ SPU 87

We ❤ Haters, who are all of a sudden remarkably quiet, what what?

Don’t let the score fool you: SPU was rolling. The Falcons were up 17-0 to start off with and it went from there. Shout-out to Gavin Long for getting a technical during a blow-out.

Seawolf highlights: Niko Bevens had seven boards and 14 points among a full house of stats; Brennan Rymer shot well and had 12 points and five fouls; and Jack Macdonald also shot well and had 18 points. Off the bench Tobin Karlberg had five points; Matt Seymour had eight points; and Brian Pearson had four boards and FIVE blocks!

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had eight boards among a full house of stats; Harry Cavell had a good bounce-back game with 13 points and six boards; Nathan Streufert had 14 points and nine boards; and Gavin Long had 17 points and nine boards among a full house of stats. Off the bench Sam Simpson had 14 points, four boards, and four assists, while going 8-8 from the line; and Divant’e Moffitt had seven boards.

What’s funny about this game is SPU put up some simply atrocious numbers, meanwhile UAA largely put up good ones. Looking at the stats, you’d never think it was a blow-out going against UAA, until you look at the rebounding column and realize a bunch of numbers weren’t available to UAA because SPU had zero chill.

SFU 72 @ NNU 88

NNU continues to prove themselves and we’re digging the numbers they put up this game. Never in doubt and definitely lured SFU into a trap even still. Desperate -the Clan got desperate- which is interesting, because when we watched them against SPU and then CWU that’s not a term we would use.

Clan highlights: Othniel Spence had 15 points; Will Balata had eight boards; and Mike Provenzano had nine points, six assists, and went 4-4 from the line. Off the bench Michael Hannan had six points; while Drew Bryson had five points; and Jasdeep Singh went 6-7 from the charity stripe.

Nighthawk highlights: Adonis Adams had another good game scoring 13 points; Obi Megwa kicked back into gear (finally) and added 24 points, seven boards, and four assists; and Spider had 11 boards. Off the bench James Nelson had a whopping 22 points and six boards in just 18 minutes; Sam Roth had eight points and four boards; and Felix White had eight boards.

The Nighthawks managed to grab a total of 51 boards (HOLY COW) in comparison to SFU’s 30 boards.

WWU 73 @ CWU 65

Halftime adjustments. It was close through a fair bit of the first half, then WWU walked it up, CWU walked it back, and they went into the half locked into battle. Coming out of halftime WWU was done with the Wildcats -they walked up and as much as CWU hit shots down the stretch, by the last four minutes it was over.

Viking highlights: Tyler Payne had seven boards and four assists; Leif Anderson had 10 points and five assists; Jalen Green had 12 points and six boards among a full house of stats; and Trevor Jasinsky had eight boards and a full house but continues to struggle from the field. Off the bench Tucker Eenigenburg had 13 points; and Cameron Retherford had nine points and seven boards among a full house of stats.

Wildcat highlights: Jeryn Lucas had five boards; Gamaun Boykin bounced back wtih 11 points and seven boards on good shooting; Jackson Price had 14 points; and Malcolm Cola had nine points. Off the bench Malik Montoya had four boards among a full house of stats; Matt Poquette continues to impress with 18 points including being 4-5 from the line; and Hayden Nelson had five boards.

Fun game. Not as well-attended as we were thinking it would be. It occurred earlier in the year than normal, so that may have been a part of it. Congrats to both teams on a rivalry game well-fought.

CU-PDX 69 @ MSUB 80

Things are starting to stratify. MSUB was in control this whole game, we’re happy to see them gelling, the numbers were solid, MSUB is settling into being in a battle to make the conference tournament and that’s a good place for them to be.

Cavs highlights: Jarrett Gray continues to play well with 14 points and six boards; Dominique Bradley had 14 points; Dakota Ayala (great name, btw) had seven boards; and off the bench Elroi Butler had 11 points.

Jackets highlights: Zharon Richmond had ANOTHER great game with 16 points and nine boards including being 8-9 from the line; Tyler Green had a whopping 23 points including being 7-9 from the line; Melvin had eight boards; Zack Rollins had seven boards; and off the bench Brendan Howard had 13 points and five boards.

Really pleased with the Jackets rebounding number, excited to see what they do against the north schools.

Great night of games in regard to teams doing what needed to be done.

We’re excited for the coming week of games -CWU up playing their old coach at UAF and Spartin is taking on WOU- so it should be great.

Player of the Week stuff will be announced tomorrow, the standings chart should be updated today, and then we swear that we’ll put up a post analyzing the West Region conferences in regard to how non-con went and what the post-season is looking like at this early point.

Congrats to all on hard games well-fought.