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September = Mondays @ 10am Not happening in 2017, probably will again next year.
October = Mondays @ 10am Not happening in 2017, probably will again next year.
November = TBD then mass chaos.
December = Mass chaos, then a dead period.
January-March = Weekly schedule.

Weekly Schedule-ish:

Thursday morning = Game day previews
Friday morning = Recapping the games.
Saturday morning = Game day previews.
Sunday morning = Recapping the games.
Monday morning = Player of the Week nominees.
Monday morning + 1 hour = Player of the Week
Tuesday = Nothing
Wednesday = Discussions; questions and contemplations we have.

Daily posts tend to go up between 10 and 11am. NightLights occasionally go up around 11pm, but can go up later. Sometimes the schedule gets off.

The order of conference schools is based partly on geography and partly on travel partners. It’s roughly north to south coagulated with west to east:


Head south from UAF and hit UAA, SFU, WWU, SPU, and SMU, then go east to MSUB, back track and stop by CWU, drop down to NNU, head northwest to CU-P, and then turn south to WOU.

Travel Pairing Nicknames:

Fairbanks + Anchorage = Bankorage
Burnaby + Bellingham = Burningham
SPU + Saint Martin’s = Spartin
Central + Nazarene = Cenazar
Wolves + Cavaliers = Wolvaliers.

It’s a way to talk about who you’re playing the coming week more easily, e.g. if I’m a Western Oregon fan and we’re playing CWU/NNU, I might say “Cenazar was rough last year, but shouldn’t be too bad this year.” Or “Burningham is gonna be rough because our guys are have to fight to focus on SFU rather than looking ahead to WWU.”


  • Shenanigans = fun and somewhat irreverent posts that often have about 10% to do with GNAC basketball.
  • Bird & Dawg humor (cawing, crowing, barking, woofing): our native languages.
  • Cursing is our other native language, but we make a point to not use profanity on this blog -granted, we do have fun coming up with substitutes like “spit happens.”
  • The Jake Ehlers Rule: Not counting transfers before we’ve seen them play in-conference games in the GNAC. Jake is a former two-time Oregon 5A state player-of-the-year that didn’t pan out on a collegiate level.
  • Anything can happen in a rivalry game, thus “bad losses” and “good wins” negate when the team projected to be much stronger/weaker ends up winning/losing. While the wins can be genuinely good for morale, rarely do they prove to actually mean something in regard to conference standings, hence writing them off on both sides.



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