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Rest in Peace, CU-Portland.

It came out yesterday that this is Concordia-Portland’s final year in operation, due to financial solvency issues.

As much as we pushed for Coach B. to be let go because we didn’t feel like he was getting the most out of his players, it kills us that he was let go only to have the institution close one year later. We assume the athletic department had no idea it was this imminent, or they would have let him finish it out.

In the five years we’ve been writing about the Cavalier men’s basketball program, they’ve they’ve had some great guys pass through, including but not limited to:

  • Jarrett Gray
  • Jace Cates
  • Drew Martin
  • Davis Nuiami
  • Riley Hawken
  • Tyler Gutierrez
  • Cody Starr
  • Hunter Sweet
  • Xavier Smith
  • Dom Bradley
  • Dakota Ayala
  • Russell Tillery

When we go through CU-Portland’s rosters from the last five years, those are the guys that stand out in our memories. While they never made a GNAC tournament, all had some incredibly great games, and all helped make writing about the GNAC fun. We were able to witness them play a number of great nailbiters, achieve a good number of upsets, and put forth some outstanding individual performances.

Obviously out of all of them, Dakota Ayala and Jarrett Gray in particular will hold a special place in our heart. We feel blessed and privileged to have gotten to watch them play. We assume that it’ll be an ‘immediate eligibility’ situation and anticipate Dakota and Hunter being snapped up by other GNAC schools pretty quickly, if they do want to stay in our very soggy (but green and lovely) locale. The rest: Nine years in, we’re really familiar with every D2 men’s basketball program on the west coast, so by all means reach out and we’re happy to give you our thoughts on potential landing spots.

While it won’t be an option for a majority of men’s basketball players, for normal students looking at transferring to CU-Irvine we would 110% recommend it. When we visited earlier this year, we loved it. The campus is beautiful, facilities are great, everyone was super nice, and you cannot beat SoCal weather during the school year.

To the Concordia neighborhood and community: our thoughts are with you in mourning the loss of this 115-year-old stalwart.

Christi Crux Est Mihi Lux,
The GNAC Men’s Basketblog

The First Discussions Post in Ages!!


We used to have these regularly, then the conference became the pointedly weakest in the west and these became pointless to write. This is so exciting and so let’s jump right in.

The UAF athletics website spells ‘Petroleum’ Wrong.

We found that out when we were looking up how tall Mawich Kachjaani is:

Good on Mawich for participating in the BEST major at UAF. We didn’t major in petroleum engineering; we just bossed around the undergraduate engineers at SPU and then proceeded to get a masters in engineering management from a maritime academy, so while not undergrad, there is a kinship.

Where In the World Do GNAC Players Come From?

With Mawich being from South Sudan and taking on Mehdi El-Mardi from Morocco, we wanted to go through and see who in the GNAC is from where and whether or not they can go to Canada. It was going to be a separate post, but we’ll stick it here.

Guys that are part of their team’s regular rotation are in italics.


Mawich Kachjaani
Nationality: South Sudanese.
VISA required.


Jack Macdonald
Nationality: Australian.
VISA definitely not required. Common Wealth, what what?!?!

Oggie Pantovic
Nationality: Serbian.
VISA required.

Simon Fraser

Why are we including Simon Fraser? Because they do have a couple of foreign born players, and one in fact can’t enter the United States, which we find really interesting, because… They play 50% of their games in the United States.

Mikkel Aames
Nationality: Norwegian.
VISA not required to enter the United States.

Kemo Sonko
Nationality: Gambian.
VISA required to enter the United States.

Western Washington


Seattle Pacific

Filip Fullerton
Nationality: Swedish.
VISA not required.

^Okay, this one doesn’t count because he has dual citizenship, but we think it’s super cool and so we’re including it anyway.

Mehdi El-Mardi
Nationality: Moroccan.
VISA required.

Saint Martin’s

Brendan Freire
Nationality: Australian.
VISA not required.

Alex Clinton
Nationality: Australian.
VISA not required.

Central Washington


Northwest Nazarene

Felix White
Nationality: Nigerian.
VISA required.

Jayden Bezzant
Nationality: Kiwi/New Zealander.
VISA not required.

Spider Adentunji
Nationality: Nigerian.
VISA required.




El-roi Butler
Nationality: Israeli.
VISA not required.

Israeli passport regulations are actually kind of interesting; many Israeli citizens hold dual citizenship partly because there are a lot of places in the world where you wouldn’t want to be traveling under an Israeli passport. Even visitors to Israel are often advised to have two passport books; one that gets the Israeli stamp, and one that doesn’t, because there are a number of nations that even restrict the movement of people that merely have an Israeli stamp in their book.

Western Oregon


All of this is interesting because it feels like there should be some type of reciprocity, of if you have a VISA that allows you to study in the United States or Canada, you should be able to take day trips into the other country without issue. Alas, we’re sure there are good reasons that it doesn’t exist, and so… Is what it is.

Thank-you for indulging our inner geography nerd. We’re proud of and grateful to all of these guys for trekking across the globe to participate in NCAA basketball in the pacific Northwest.

Checking in with the CCAA…

Now that more of conference play has happened, we thought we would check in with the other two conferences and see what we can glean.

First, looking over the Pac-West…

And now, the CCAA…

UCSD is 7-1 with their only loss having come against Chico State in early December. Most recently they narrowly beat East Bay at home, winning 76-73, but that actually behooves the GNAC; SMU has a close loss to UCSD, so if you’re a big transitive property person, this means that SMU would have kept UCSD close. Does it mean that in reality? Probably not, but delusional fans are an important part of college basketball.

The Tritons are still on track to host the Regional, which is good for all involved because we had an absolute blast in San Diego last year.

Chico State is 7-2 with one loss coming to Stanislaus back in mid-late November, and the other loss coming to Cal Poly Pomona in early-mid December. They’ve had a couple of close wins as of late, at Cal State LA and at Dominguez Hills, but hey! A win is a win and they’re still looking great. Their schedule is about to calm down; they have a game on Thursday, and then don’t have another game for a week and it’s against D1 Santa Cruz (go Banana Slugs!) and then they have another week before hosting Dominguez Hills.

San Bernardino is currently 6-2, but they haven’t really beat any CCAA heavy weights; their losses come via East Bay & UCSD, and hten they have a close win over Stanislaus.

Cal Poly Pomona is also 6-2 with their losses being to UCSD and then San Bernardino in OT. Still definitely in the fight for an at-large.

Stanislaus is 5-3 and continues to look pretty legit with a close win at East Bay, although also a close win at Humboldt State, so yikes.

East Bay at 5-4 is fighting to stay relevant. They officially require the autobid in order to make the tournament, but the autobid is going to be insanely hard to procure in this conference, so… They’re basically out. They include recent losses to UCSD (quality), Stanislaus (quality), and a blow out loss to San Marcos (yikes), and so as much as we love this team… Yeah, no. See you next year, Rooney ❤

What all of that means in GNAC terms is that it’s going to be really hard to get an at-large berth if you’re in the GNAC. The CCAA is the cream of the crop in the Region this year, and the top teams all scheduled really well; UCSD, Chico State, and Cal Poly Pomona all played and beat a few of the GNAC’s top teams, so… They’re going to own the tiebreaker.

Checking in with the Pac-West…

After the bad news above, you’re probably ready for some good news and these results absolutely qualify because they are hysterical. We love you Pac-West, promise.

But here’s the thing…

CU-Irvine is 5-0 in conference, but they haven’t really played anybody just yet. They have a big game on Thursday at Azusa, and so we’ll see how that goes. This’ll be hard to make a judgement on until early February, because they do have a gauntlet coming up: At Azusa Pacific, hosting Biola, at Point Loma, at Chaminade, and then hosting Point Loma. Let’s see what their record looks like at the end of that, just because… They lost both WWU and SPU on the Eagles home court. WWU it is what it is, but that early season SPU team was bad considering they were breaking in an almost brand new team, yet CU-I still couldn’t get the ‘W.’ We’ll see how it shakes out, ultimately. We know we’d rather play CU-I than PLNU or APU again, and that doesn’t bode well for getting an at-large berth, but a lot can happen and we shall see.

Point Loma is 6-1 in conference with their one loss coming at Azusa Pacific, which is fine. They have a close win over Biola, and then play at Chaminade tonight, so… We’ll see how that goes. This team still absolutely could win the conference and so it’ll be curious to see how they do in conference.

Azusa Pacific is 6-2 in conference, with losses against Hilo and Chaminade. Both were respectable losses, and they boast a win over Point Loma, so this is a team we’re just going to have to wait and see. For them it really seems like it’ll depend on how the standings finish and who gets the autobid, whether or not it’ll be possible for them to get an at-large bid. If PLNU wis the tournament and APU gets second, it seems like they might get a bid; if CU-I gets the guarantee, it’s a little dicier because we’re not sure about CU-I being an at large team. We shall see.

Chaminade is 5-2 in conference, with losses against Academy of Art (wth) and Biolo in FOUR OT, holy guacamole. They play Point Loma tonight, but then won’t play another big game until CU-I on the 25th. Good record, still great potential for an at-large, but lots of big games left to come and so we’ll see what happens.

Biola is 5-3 in conference, with a close loss at Point Loma, a close loss at HPU, a close loss at Hilo, and not having played any of the heavyweights just yet. Because of those losses and because of their non-con, we would consider them out of vying for an at-large berth, but still at team to keep an eye on.

This didn’t go the direction we meant it to, which just means we’ll have to have another ‘Discussions’ post next week.

We were also going to check in with the GNAC for the Pac-West and CCAA peeps, but the fact is that we’ve only played two-ish games since we last checked in, and so… That’s all for today. We did see that CWU beat NNU on the road, nicely done Wildcats, very unexpected result, we’ll go over it more on Friday.

Game previews will be up tomorrow morning.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!

Conference Game Day #16

Sorry for all of the late posts this year. We’re in the middle of writing (and re-writing, and re-writing, AND RE-WRITING) our masters thesis. Our masters is in engineering management and our thesis is on indoor agriculture.

Anyway… Let’s jump right in to talking about Saturday’s games.

UAF 75 @ NNU 104

The Nanooks hung around for much longer than we expected (almost the entire first half) but by halftime the Nighthawks were in control.

Nanook highlights: Michael Kluting had a great game with 16 points and 13 boards for the double-double plus a full house of stats. Off the bench Jalon McCullough had five points; Tre Eisenhut had nine points and five boards; Zach Hatch had 15 points; and Daulton Lootens had six points and four boards.

Nighthawk highlights: Obi Megwa had 34 points and five assists; Sam Roth was on fire with 20 points and seven boards on 8-9 shooting from the field; Beto Diaz had nine points; and Spider had 10 boards. Off the bench James Nelson had 10 points; and Jayden Bezzant had 13 points.

Pretty par for the course. Excited about Sam Roth’s numbers; he’s usually a great role player, but this was hopefully a good break-out game. They’re gonna need him next year, big time.

UAA 92 @ CWU 85

Never count out the Wildcats to terrify you down the stretch. UAA was in control, they were cruising, and then CWU went ham and it went down to free throws. We love how clutch CWU is -it makes for really fun and really exciting basketball, even if they don’t win. Plus, isn’t it more fun for winning teams to have the fear of God put in them? We hate it when we’re in the middle of it, but it is way more satisfying afterward.

Seawolf highlights: Tyler Brimhall had 21 points and nine boards; Niko Bevens had 11 points; Brennan Rymer had a whopping 30 points, nine boards, and nine assists for the near-miss of a triple double; Jack Macdonald had 11 points; and Brian Pearson had 15 points and eight boards. No real bench play.

Wildcat highlights: Gamaun Boykin had five boards; Naim Ladd had 11 points; and ZELLIE HUDSON had 24 points and six boards among a full house of stats. Off the bench Jackson Price had six points; Lewis Pope had five points; Malik Montoya had 12 points; and Hayden Nelson had six points.

We get why Malik is no longer starting (he’s a senior in a bad year and the Wildcats have a number of young guys + he makes their bench a lot deeper) but… He’s still a starter in our heart. Much as we consider SMU to have seven starters, we definitely consider CWU to have six.

WWU 90 @ MSUB 94

Props to the Vikings for coming back. The Yellowjackets were absolutely blowing out the Vikings, but… Reeled them back in. And then the Yellowjackets went up a fair bit late in the second half, but the Viks reeled them back in. While WWU didn’t get the win, it’s clear they’re still fighting and they have plenty of opportunities to cause problems for teams in the coming two weeks.

Viking highlights: Tyler Payne had five fouls; KJ Bosco had five fouls; Leif Anderson had 14 points; Trevor Jasinsky had 12 points and six boards; Cameron Retherford has started functioning!!! And had a whopping 19 points and five boards meanwhile going 7-8 from the line. Off the bench Tucker Eeinigenburg had four boards; RJ Secretst had five points; Braden Ahlemeyer had six points; and Micah Winn had a whopping 19 points.

Yellowjacket highlights: Zharon Richmond had six boards; Tyler Green had 20 points and seven assists; Melvin Newbern Jr. had 12 points on great shooting; and Zack Rollins was rolling with 22 points and six boards. Off the bench Kobe Tereshima had four boards; and BRENDAN HOWARD had 20 points and eight boards meanwhile going 7-7 from the line.

Brendan Howard is quickly becoming a pet of ours. He’s super productive and one of our favorite Mariners of all time is Brendan Ryan and so… Name associations can help you. That said, we’re a little nervous because there have been a number of Yellowjackets that have shown incredible promise early in their careers before doing absolutely nothing for the rest of them, so… We’ll see. Congrats to the Viks on a good fight and congrats to MSUB on getting the win.

CU-PDX 50 @ SPU 78

Not what we were expecting. And we get that we watched Concordia get slaughtered two days earlier, but… This could be one of the more horrible match-ups in terms our biases this year because we chronically underrate SPU and yet are probably way overly optimistic about the Cavs.

Cavalier highlights: Tyler Wells had 11 points; Dominique Bradley had five boards; and Dakota Ayala had 17 points. Off the bench Cody Starr had four boards; and Xavier Smith had six points.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 16 points and seven boards; Harry Cavell had seven boards among a full house of stats; Nikhil Lizotte had 12 points; Nathan Streufert had seven boards; and Gavin Long had 10 points on good shooting. Off the bench Sharif Khan had five points; Sam Simpson had four boards; and Divant’e Moffitt had 10 points and four boards while going 6-7 from the line.

Divant’e is another guy that’s quickly becoming a pet because like Brendan Howard, he’s a super productive player. And he’s a freshman. And SPU does in fact have the history of players getting better, looking at you Mr. Coleman Wooten.

Congrats to the Falcons on the win… Concordia, we still think you’re great <3. Falcons, if we tell you you’re great it might go to your heads and we can’t have that because we want to make the Regional. Yes Braden Olsen, we just inadvertently paraphrased you, credit where credit is due.

WOU 56 @ SMU 64

On the one hand, it felt like SMU was in control the entire time, on the other hand it felt like WOU was always threatening to grab the victory down to the last minute or two. Ultimately the score is probably pretty representative of the game overall; not a comfortable win, but also not a super close win.

Wolf highlights: Dalven Brushier had five boards; Kaleb Warner had 12 points; and Riley Hawken had six boards. Off the bench O’anda Baker had six points; Buster Souza went 4-4 and had eight points; and Cameron Cranston had five points.

Saints highlights: Luke Chavez had 11 points; Rhett Baerlocher was ON FIRE and had 17 points and 12 boards among a flawless full house of stats; and BJ Standley had 10 points, five boards, and four assists.

Fun game. Oddly paced game. It was great to watch Rhett Baerlocher break out. Wish we got to keep him for another year.

Those games talked about, let’s briefly talk about how the conference tournament looks as of now:

Saint Martin’s, Northwest Nazarene, and Seattle Pacific have all officially clinched spots.

Vying for the final three places include Western Oregon, Alaska Anchorage, MSU-Billings, Simon Fraser, and Western Washington.

While CWU and Concordia aren’t quite mathematically out, it seems highly unlikely because they would have to win all of their remaining games. CWU still has to play both the Oregon schools and the Puget Sound schools (yikes) and Concordia has to play at the North schools, plus host NNU.

Simon Fraser and WWU are both sitting at 6-9, meanwhile having five games left to play because their second match-up was postponed due to snow. This week they’re in Alaska and then the following week they play each other and then host the Oregon schools. The North teams are projected to split the Alaska schools and then who knows against the Oregon schools.

MSUB is at the Puget Sound schools this week and then in Alaska next week. Woof. Tall order. It’s not that we think the Yellowjackets can’t do it, it’s that it is arguably the hardest road in finishing conference play.

UAA thankfully will be favored in most of their match-ups (hosting the North schools, and then hosting UAF & MSUB), so thankfully they have a great shot at making the conference tournament BUT as we noted in the bracketology post: It does them no favors if they were hoping to end up with an at-large bid.

On paper now… We feel confident that WOU is going to make it, but we have no idea what’s going to go down as it comes to WWU/UAA/MSUB/SFU.

We’ll be at the SMU @ SPU game tonight. We have no idea where we’re sitting, but we’ll likely be wearing navy blue and then knitting as usual, so come say ‘hi’!

We’re 100% Switzerland for this game because on the one hand SPU is our alma mater and we love them dearly; on the other hand we also love SMU and if the Saints win out they’re likely to host the Regional.

We keep almost picking one side or the other, but… SWITZERLAND. All we want is no injuries and great basketball played by everyone. Amen.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!

Catching up with the Pac-West & CCAA

This was largely written on Wednesday 1/25.

When we last checked in with them, we had the following information:

Potential Hosts
Cal Baptist
Hawaii Pacific
San Fran State

Who’s still in the run to host?

Chico State -close losses to UCSD and CPP, but that’s it.
UCSD -dropped their last two games to San Marcos and Sonoma.
Hawaii Pacific -shockingly only has one loss. The region getting split is actually starting to look like a possibility.
San Fran State -out; losses to UCSD and Chico, without the SOS from non-con that those schools have.
Cal Baptist -one loss, that being to Dixie State; Dixie State is a really good team; not in the running to host due to losing to CWU, but a good team all the same.
WWU -added, because while they had a questionable non-con, they only have one in conference loss thus far, and are looking super deep.

Do we know who’s hosting?

At this point no.

Prediction: Split regional. Hawaii Pacific and either WWU or Cal Baptist.

WWU is currently playing at Whatcom Community College, and they’re eligible to bid to host the tournament, but unless the Regional gets split, we don’t support it. The gym is just too tiny. We would make the same argument with CU-Portland -the Whatcom and CU-PDX gyms only hold maybe 1200 people, which yeah the non-local rounds tend to be fairly empty, but we worry about opposing fans being able to get Sweet 16 tickets, especially if say we ended up with a WWU/CWU match-up.

100% Guaranteed making the regional as of last check:

Cal Baptist
Western Washington
San Fran State

Western Washington is definitely still in, but what about the other schools?

Cal Baptist = yes
WWU = yes, 100%.
Chico = yes
San Fran State -downgraded to the bubble, see below.
Hawaii Pacific = Yes; their spot is now officially safe. The only question mark they have is that they beat the Alaska schools in Hawaii; UAF has looked questionable, Anchorage has been good but not the elite team we projected them as before the season, thus non-road wins and not as quality as anticipated.

Bubble Teams

Here are the bubble teams from before, minus the guaranteeds:

UCSD -100% in provided their skid stops now.
Chico -100% in provided they stay on the trajectory they are now.
San Fran State -bubble team, but a solid bubble; losses to Chico and UCSD, as well as an okay-ish loss to WOU in 3OT in non-con on the road.
East Bay -Now 5-6 in conference.

Cal Baptist -100% in.
Hawaii Pacific -100% in.
Dixie State -true bubble team; they’re really good, their SOS is good, but bubble.
Azusa Pacific -Now 5-6 in conference; relatively good non-con schedule, thus we still see them as a threat for the autobid, but they’re not on the bubble for a bid without it.

Western Washington -100% in; only have a GNAC loss to MSUB.
Central Washington -true bubble team, they’re tied for 2nd in the GNAC right now, but their lack of non-con puts them on the bubble.
Alaska-Anchorage -true bubble team, they’re tied for 2nd in the GNAC and that loss to Hawaii Pacific is looking really good.
Seattle Pacific -we said last time it was their coaching staff; a 40 point loss and they switched it up. We don’t quite consider them turned around, but they’re theoretically no longer in free fall, which they were through the first half of conference play.
Saint Martin’s -they’re in position to make the conference tournament and they need to win it in order to get a bid. They’re good, but they’re very up and down.
MSU-Billings -We have no idea what’s going on with this team. They beat WWU in Bellingham, beat UAA and WOU in Billings, and then lost by 50 to SMU in Lacey. Zoinks. They have good and experienced players with a good and experienced coaching staff, plus super soph Preston Beverly, but………….. What’s going on??

Not sure where WOU was on that list last time, but we will note now that they’re definitely a threat to get the conference autobid. They’re finding themselves again after being rather up and down.

At half way through conference play, who are you eight teams in the tournament?

Chico State
San Fran State
Cal Baptist
Hawaii Pacific
Dixie State
Western Washington
Central Washington


1. Cal Baptist co-host
2. Hawaii Pacific co-host
3. Western Washington
4. UC San Diego
5. Chico State -this feels low, but UCSD non-con + head to head.
6. Central Washington
7. Dixie State
8. San Fran State -good schedule

We went with the co-hosting, because while HPU has lost to Cal Baptist, Cal Baptist lost to Dixie, which is in the 2nd half of the seeds and has a loss to CWU, thus we feel that it could be merited to split the Regional. We’re fine with Cal Baptist hosting, we’re certainly not trekking out to Hawaii, but for now we’re going with the split -maybe just because it would be a bit exciting. West Coast Pride, split regional, unique to us because as far as we know there’s no Puerto Rico teams in a conference -they’re all independent.

What’s your crazy prediction?

That three unexpected teams get the autobids. We couldn’t tell you who in the other two conferences, but in the GNAC every single team that makes the conference tournament will be seen as a threat. Lucky for WWU, they should be safe regardless. There’s a ton of implications within the bubble teams, basically:

UCSD lost to WWU (quality)
Dixie lost to CWU (quality)
UAA lost to HPU (quality)
UCSD lost to Chico (quality)
SFSU lost to WOU (quality-ish)

And then CBU lost to Dixie, but quality loss and quality win, respectively.

The thing with that mess is we couldn’t tell you which bubbles would burst if three unexpected teams got the autobids. SFSU, Dixie, and maybe CWU? CWU has a pretty strong bubble (that’s a good thing) because they’ll have a lot of head-to-heads with a potential GNAC bubble burster that gets the autobid, and then the victory over Dixie State. If Azusa gets the autobid in the Pac-West that would speak even more to CWU not having their bubble burst. But Chico is amazing, WWU is amazing, and that doesn’t even get into CBU and HPU.

The one knock on Chico is lack of SOS, which is the same knock on HPU, which calls our prediction of CBU into hosting into question, because if Chico gets the nod it’ll only be Chico. Chico’s only black mark on their schedule is the lack of SOS. Otherwise they’re golden. Same with WWU. WWU even has a coveted in-region road victory against a most-likely tournament bound team in UCSD -and that wasn’t close; they blew the Tritons out big.

Overall, we still feel like we really don’t know anything, which is odd, but when we feel like we do know something, y’all’ll be the first to find out.

West Region, Post Non-Conference.

After one weekend of play, we told you teams that were still officially in the running to host the Regional:

Azusa Pacific
Cal Baptist

Nine teams could’ve potentially hosted, when there are only eight bids. Here are the teams from that list still in the running, along with the reasons as to why:

Chico -still in, still definitely; they’ve only dropped one game and that was to a very good UCSD team. We think at this point, provided they don’t self implode, they’re making the Regional 100%. Hosting is the question.
UCSD? – definitely maybe; they only have losses to WWU and Cal Baptist, but now they’re in the awkward position of needing to hope that CBU does incredibly well, but still loses three or four games to knock them out of hosting.
Chaminade -No; not the convincing strength of schedule and winning numbers to split the regional. Their best win is against SPU and that win doesn’t look very good this year. They also have a lot of losses already, even with leaving out the D1 losses.
Azusa Pacific -No. Lost to SPU, beat WOU, their record is 7-7, nope.
Cal Baptist -Absolutely. Even with the mess of parity, their only loss is to Dixie State and they played both Cal Poly Pomona and UCSD in non-con. Great strength of schedule.
WWU -We’re still not sure if they’re even eligible to host because of playing at Whatcom and the logistical/infrastructure nightmare that would be, but we don’t think they’re going to host unless other teams majorly implode. The Vikings simply don’t have the West Region SOS nor the out of region wins. They have a massively good win at UCSD, but that’s literally the only amazing highlight of their non-conference.
SPU -LOL. No. But last time we didn’t want to include them; we had to.
CWU -They have a great record, with only losses to Mankato and Anchorage on their sheet, but again: they lack strength of schedule. Although we’d kill for the Regional to be hosted in Ellensburg -definitely our favorite GNAC trip.
WOU -No. Too many losses and too many other teams without losses to their big tests in non-conference.

We had Hawaii Pacific on our “ish” list and while they’ve now won out, they still don’t have the strength of schedule and we don’t see them getting through the conference season with a max of two losses, which is what they’d need, in order to split the regional. It’s true that Cal Baptist/Chico/UCSD could implode and that could shove it Hawaii Pacific’s way, but… We’d assume the selection committee would rather keep the region together and with SOS being such a new criterium, weight it heavily.

Is there anyone we want to add to the list? Yes and in a big way:

San Francisco State. They’ve won out in non-conference and are currently undefeated, although their strength of schedule is somewhat lacking; their best win is @ WOU and that went to triple OT in the first game of the season. Right now they’re our pick to host the Regional as of now, because just win baby, win!

The Regional could end up being split between SFSU and Hawaii Pacific, which wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but… We still feel like hosting is Cal Baptist’s to lose. Being undefeated is one thing, but being truly tested before conference play is another and Cal Baptist definitely has the latter.

What teams do we have making the Regional 100%?

Cal Baptist
Western Washington
San Fran State

Here’s a list of all of the teams that are currently in control of their own destiny regarding making the Regional:

San Fran State
East Bay -only two losses come via SF State and Western Washington, but they got killed by both. We’ve liked East Bay for a while -they give teams fits at Mac Martin every year.

Cal Baptist
Hawaii Pacific -they’re only a maybe, because they didn’t play any true road games in non-con.
Dixie State
Azusa Pacific -they’re currently 7-7, but they have wins over Dixie State and Western Oregon, as well as a couple of potentially quality losses to West Texas A&M & Seattle Pacific-ish.

The following looks excessive, but seriously: We can justify it.

Western Washington -because duh. The two teams they just lost to by a collective five points or so will likely be 1-2 in the Lonestar Conference and both are 100% in the South Central Regional.
Central Washington -why they lost to Anchorage, we don’t know, they have the most minimal of non-con, but if they win 14 games in conference, there’s no reason they wouldn’t be in the tournament.
Alaska-Anchorage -lose one more game and we say they no longer control their own destiny, but they have a good team and for right now: they are in control.
Seattle Pacific -We constantly talk crap about the Falcons, but the fact is that they have SOS, have a history of doing well, and we firmly believe that it’s the coaching staff holding this team back -not the players. When the coaching staff decides they want to win, they’ll be able to.
Saint Martin’s -they did what they needed to in non-con. Every conference team is going to lose multiple games. Non-con saves them. They’re in control right now.
MSU-Billings -they are as close to not being in control as you can possibly get, but while they lost in non-con, it was to East Bay and Cal Baptist on the road, which looks legit.

We originally had WOU on that list, but we honestly hadn’t looked at just how bad their non-conference went. They have no SOS, what-so-ever. They don’t control their own destiny -they need other teams to lose in order to make it in. When we think about it, would we take a 17-1 WOU team over a 17-1 Hawaii Pacific/Dixie/Azusa/UCSD/Chico/San Fran/East Bay? No. East Bay is the only ‘maybe’ in there, and all of that requires those teams to lose.

14 teams. Eight spots. Five at-large. We think the five at-large bids are already spoken for. This is a year when the auto-bid is going to be dire. We have no idea what’s going to happen at all. Literally, the prediction posts are going to be 100% pointless. We just don’t know.

In the GNAC, here’s what’s happened so far:

Concordia beat MSUB
NNU beat Anchorage

Pick ’em Games:

There’ve only been 10 conference games played and three of them were upsets while three of them there was no way to pick a winner prior. It’s just going to get worse. If this blog has taught us one thing in regard to predicting basketball games: the more knowledge we have, the less we know. Darn all of these really good players that we know can completely change a game on any given night!

If you have something you want us to discuss tomorrow, tweet at us or leave in the comments -otherwise, we’ll catch you guys on Thursday for the game previews.


Discussions: MSUB, NNU & Bullies, + More!

On the agenda for today: MSUB @ Chadron State, NNU/Sleeper Teams and their bullies, SFU’s schedule, and our posting schedule issues.

MSU-Billings 89 @ Chadron State 69

Just how bad is Chadron State? Answer -them playing in the RMAC may inadvertently cause some of the other RMAC teams to violate the Geneva Convention. It has been said that Green circle runs at The Summit At Snoqualmie are the Bunny Hill at Stevens Pass. Lower-mid teams in the GNAC are JV teams in the RMAC. The RMAC is typically a very, very good conference. So that could actually mean that MSUB just beat a good team by a lot. We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime:

Yellowjacket highlights: Preston Beverly had 13 points; Marc Matthews had 12 points and five boards; Kamal Tall had 11 points and six boards; Kendall Denham had 11 points off the bench; and Christian Evans had an insane double double of 23 points and 11 boards off the bench.

Good showing by the Jackets. The rest of you can thank MSUB -they’re a huge part of the reason we don’t write anything about non-D2 games; we love them, but they have a habit of losing to a whole smattering of NAIA teams from the Frontier conference, which is in fact wayyy weaker than the Cascade Conference. GNAC teams often play Cascade teams, but we consider those loses/close wins to be relatively okay because the Cascade Conf. is legit. As we’ve noted before: they often send four teams to a 16 at-large, 32 team overall tournament.

When sleeper teams wake-up.

We’re using NNU as the example because it’s the most recent and they had a schedule quirk that makes it even better:

During the year that NNU got really good once they got Alex Birketoft into their line-up, they played SPU three times. They played them once in December before they had him, and twice in a row in March; once as the regular season cap, and the other in the conference tournament. Okay, NNU played a game in between that, but for SPU it was twice in a row.

The first time SPU blew them out by 30. Okay, whatever, they didn’t have Alex, they were yet to get insane. The second time, SPU got to hear about NNU being soooo good and upsetting WOU on the road (something SPU couldn’t do) and so on and so forth, wow, NNU is great. While normally SPU might keep things humane or overlook the Crusaders because they like them (Christian schools, no real recruiting battles, etc.) this time it was like “NNU thinks they’re so good and are going to come in here and upset us, so let’s kill them.” And they did. And then they did it again out in Billings six days later.

We never know what to think of sleeper teams. We always hope that there is one because they’re so fun and dynamic. Two full years later we’re still mad that we didn’t get to see NNU in person that year. We were originally going on the SPU trip, but ended up going to MSUB at CWU instead (hella good game, btw) and so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, but… Alex, Erik, Kevin. The dream. When Bouna could still be our obsession as the 6th man. And Kendall Denham was a breaking out starting freshman rather than a bench junior. We miss Kendall in the starting line-up, cm bck bby.

We look forward to hopefully another sleeper team this year, although we have no inclination as to who it’ll be because we don’t consider SMU a sleeper. Other people do, we don’t.

On SFU playing tournaments with SPU:

SPU: If you set up these games with us, we’ll bring SFU -guaranteed win against a D2 opponent, plus either a good win or a quality loss against us.
California schools: Deal!
SFU: Ummmmm Falcons, I thought you said there’d be an overlook factor???? Falcons??? FALCONS??? DON’T MAKE US GET OUR BOWS AND ARROWS. WE BEAT YOU TWO YEARS AGO YOU STUPID RETRIEVER BIRDS.

NNU your loss to College of I is completely irrelevant because they in fact are in the Cascade Conference, which is the class of NAIA D2.

We’re from the Cal-Pac, so we’re not even biased when we say that -Cascade is just straight up baller.

Why has the posting schedule been all messed up this year?

A number of reasons:

a. At the beginning of the year 10/11 teams were complete unknowns.

b. Now all 11 teams are completely unknown. SFU has had some good moments, UAA has had some bad moments, but none of that means anything because every conference seems to be in flux.

c. 35+ teams in the West Region are in flux. It makes things more complicated, it makes the extrapolation of data that much more meaningless, and while we’ll speculate on stuff all day long, how much of it any given person needs to read in a blog post is a different matter.

d. We’re finally working 40 (read: 50) hours a week at a somewhat big-person job and it’s exciting and we love it, but we’re yet to catch a rhythm yet and with how much variability there’s been in what’s going on with any conference team, there’s simply less blogging to be done this year so far. Things’ll mellow out and ramp up as we get into conference play.

Alright. Game previews’ll be up Friday morning, go dawgs, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Discussions: March Madness, SOS, D1 Opponents.

We don’t get many statistics back about our readers, but one thing we do get is what country you’re reading from, and as such: We see you Kevin Rima =) ❤

On the horizon for today: Can we pick the Regional host after just one weekend of play? Can we pick the teams likely to make the tournament? Strength of Schedule? And why we don’t pay attention to non-D2 results.

Can you pick the Regional host after just one weekend of play?

No. But we can tell you that a bunch of teams are eliminated. SOS counts officially for D2 now. Here are the teams that by our calculation are still vying for the chance to host:

Chico -wins over CU-I and Dominican.
UCSD -wins over Dixie, Azusa, and Point Loma.

Those two are legit in the hunt to host. San Marcos and CSULA haven’t played any D2 opponents yet and so while they’re technically still in the hunt, it seems unlikely. The rest of the teams have either not strong enough wins or losses to teams that are likely middle-of-the-pack in their respective conferences. While there are always exceptions, generally speaking they aren’t regular. The last four years we’ve successfully picked the Region Host in December of that year. This is premature, but not very.

Chaminade -Beat the Alaska schools, still has to play SPU.
Azusa Pacific -lost to UCSD, but their projected strength of schedule is still insane.
Cal Baptist -undefeated with good SOS still to play.

Gray area:
Hawaii Pacific -Beat the Alaska schools, but doesn’t have any strength of schedule besides that. They’ll have to lose a max of one game in conference to make this schedule work.
Point Loma -Lost to WOU and SMU, we think the loss to SMU officially rules them out because we don’t think SMU is anything but an auto-bid tournament team, but PLNU theoretically has plenty of SOS left -they still play SPU and CSULA. We think CSULA will be good in conference, but if you don’t schedule yourself well in non-con there are teams that do and so it becomes a win out scenario.

WWU -this one is interesting because we’re not sure they can host because they’re playing at Whatcom Community College, which only seats like 750 people. Maybe Carver will be done in time? Maybe the low capacity isn’t a problem? They’re still definitely in the running via play -two wins on the road and still plenty of SOS available in a road game against UCSD and a neutral site game against perennially good Tarleton State.
SPU -We’re as shocked as anyone with how little they return, and while we don’t think it’s going to be a possibility much longer the fact is they won both games and they have plenty of SOS available with a game at Azusa, a neutral site game against Point Loma, and then games against the Hawaii schools in Hawaii.
CWU -That would be fun. We’d love to see CWU host again because the E-burg drive is our favorite. They won both games in California, although their SOS is suspect because they didn’t blow either team out and the only other west region SOS they have comes from Dixie State. CWU needs to be rooting like heck for SPU, WWU, and WOU in particular during the rest of non-con, because those teams all have better SOS and thus the Wildcats need regular season wins against those teams to look elite.
WOU -Took care of business on the road, but their SOS is also lacking in that all they have left is Dixie State and Westminster (RMAC). We love the Wolves and still think they’ll be fine in terms of making the tournament, but it seems like the odds of doing to the conference schedule what they did last year are much slimmer, and thus it would really help to have scheduled more SOS. In the era that Jim Shaw was at UW, that was the biggest knock on Romar’s teams -they lacked non-conference SOS, and it made Selection Sunday stressful. Granted, the Wolves won’t get sent cross country, but they could get sent to Hawaii. And saying that… Wow, Hawaii, that just sounds horrible. Sarcasm.

We think the Alaska schools are officially out of the run to host because both dropped two games in Hawaii and the only other D2west games they play are against middle-of-the-pack opponents at home this weekend. Either team would need basically an undefeated season in conference or all of the teams above them to completely fall apart. Not just one team above. Every team above from all three conferences. NNU is like CSULA/San Marcos; they just don’t play anyone in non-con and thus will need to run the table in conference and that’s hard to do that even with an NCAA tournament veteran, return-every-key-piece team like WOU had last year; considering what NNU has chronically been, it’s for all intents and purposes impossible.

Strength of Schedule is like applying to med school. There’s the method of having a bunch of extra curriculars, volunteering, and/or being a student athlete and submitting a 3.3 gpa (losing to quality opponents in non-con) vs. only focusing on school, and thus needing the 3.98 (either win out or only lose once in conference play). Two different paths, both a way to the dance, but we see the former as much more preferable to the latter. The autobids are often like the kids that have 2.0s coming out of high school, but score 2350 on the SAT and have their pick of colleges because the reality is they’re smart, they just didn’t care.

In summary, potential hosts still include: UCSD, Chico State, Cal Baptist, Azusa Pacific, Chaminade, WWU, SPU, CWU, and WOU. Oddly enough that’s nine teams -one more team than will be eligible to qualify for the regional, and yet we don’t think those are necessarily the teams that will qualify. It’s much easier to qualify than it is to host, because qualifying allows conference losses, auto bids, that sort of thing. The only way you’re going to host as an autobid is if you’re within those nine teams, and those nine teams are likely to get paired down substantially in the coming weeks.

Who do you think is still in the running for an at large bid?

Well, first of all: UCSD, Chico State, Cal Baptist, Azusa Pacific, Chaminade, WWU, SPU, CWU, and WOU.

But also: CSULA, San Bernardino, Cal Poly Pomona, Dixie State, BYU-Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific, CU-Irvine, Point Loma, UAF, UAA, SMU (technically), and MSUB. The GNAC teams we obviously know more -MSUB returns a ton. They’ve been playing terribly, but they return a bunch of proven-to-play well D2 guys. Same with SMU, it feels unlikely for them to qualify for an at-large bid, but we believe in that team and they host the conference tournament, so it feels like of all years, this could be the year they break through and get that auto bid. Humboldt also seems like they again have the potential for the autobid but aren’t likely for an at-large.

Basically half the teams are still in the running. The conference gauntlet is intense for every conference and we just don’t see any other team being able to overcome their lack of SOS by losing fewer than five conference games. We’re guessing that four is going to be the magic number, and that’s with SOS. A number of the teams listed above will require three losses or less, and more likely two, plus at least a win or two in their respective conference tournament.

We’ll see if we disagree with ourselves by this time next week, or better yet the week after.

Why don’t you count D1/other division games when looking at teams and how good they are?

Because they’re one-offs on both sides. D1 teams will often write off D2 opponents and play down to our level. We as D2 often write off D3/NAIA opponents and do the same thing. EJ Poulsen just had five boards against Lewis and Clark. Who cares? He was probably the tallest guy in the game by four inches and he would never play enough minutes to do that in an actual D2 game. That’s what happens in a lot of D1 games too -they do a lot of player rotation early and then go “oh shoot, these guys are better than we were thinking,” and they clamp down and blow a team out. The other side is they continue to rotate players knowing the talent gap and it remains closer than would be if they were playing for real but the fact is they’re not; it doesn’t count against their SOS to lose to a D2 opponent, even if it is embarrassing.

The only teams that have made the tournament in recent history after beating D1 opponents have been SPU in 2012 (Arizona) and WOU in 2015 (Oregon State) and both were at-large bids, thus still had incredible D2 evidence for being elite in the west. The Arizona and Oregon State games made exactly zero difference, because it’s a one off. Why would anyone put much precedence in one game when there are 25 others against truly similar opponents to look at? It’s just straight up cray, but when you make it to the NCAA D2 West Regional: you’re playing D2 opponents. If you want the D1 games to matter, be like Seattle U., abandon the GNAC and join the ranks of D1. *shakes head* Redhawks are such losers.

Pretty much it for today. Game previews’ll be up tomorrow AM and then… Nightlights? Most likely.

Discussions: Pre-West Region Edition.

Just some thoughts that are kicking around. We’ll see how this goes.

Why did Humboldt State make it?

Because they received the auto-bid via winning the CCAA tournament.

Would Humboldt have made it without the auto bid?

No. They had no non-conference strength of schedule and lost eight in-conference games.

Why didn’t Alaska-Fairbanks make it?

1. Because they lost in the conference championship game and thus failed to procure the GNAC’s auto-bid.

2. Because while the Nooks were hot to end the season, they had no strength of schedule -something that’s now an official criterium. Strength of schedule largely comes from winning on the road and scheduling tough teams during non-conference. UAF didn’t play a single true road game, and while playing on a neutral court (MSUB) they lost both games to Dixie State and Dominican, respectively. And remember -this was a Dominican team that had a loss to NNU during non-conference. Had Alaska-Fairbanks literally won out in conference play (or gone something like 18-2) they would have had an argument for an at-large berth even without the strength of schedule, but they were competing for an at-large against teams that did have strength of schedule. 

Who was the first team out?

In our opinion Dixie State. Dixie State had good strength schedule but lost too many non-conference games. They went 18-5 in conference, same as UAF. That goes to reiterate that even had UAF had strength of schedule, their bubble may have still burst. In non-conference Dixie lost to SFSU, Seattle Pacific, and Sonoma State; while beating Alaska-Fairbanks and MSU-Billings. Say Humboldt doesn’t get the auto-bid, you go back to that UAF/Dixie match-up, and you’d have to go with Dixie. But UAF returns a lot; they’ll have every opportunity for an at-large berth next year.

What do you think about the seedings and the resulting match-ups?

We agree with the match-ups. The seeding was incredibly variable -there were so many good arguments for the teams that made it being in spots 2-7, that we can’t complain at all. What we find hilarious is that while the seedings were variable, the optimal match-ups weren’t. Here’s a graphic that shows as much:


Three different seedings. All the same match-ups. Is it annoying to have the two GNAC teams potentially meeting up in the second round? Sort of, not really. The keyword there is potentially. While we have complete faith in the Wolves, we’re terrified of the Azusa match-up from an SPU perspective. The Falcons haven’t been playing particularly well and the brilliant cohesion we saw during non-conference hasn’t been seen in weeks. We’re incredibly worried.

In no year do seedings truly matter because the West Region is always a mess, but this year especially. Six teams. Toss them into a hat and draw names; that’s your seeding. In the D1 tournament it’s said that if you want to win, you have to beat everybody. On the D2 level that sentiment is on steroids because there are only eight teams and in years like this, it can mean that two could-be Elite Eight level teams meet in the first round. Cal Baptist and Cal Poly Pomona? Absolutely. Both 100% have the talent and skill to make it to the Elite Eight. There’s a 1/8 chance that either team will. Every team in the region this year has shown the ability to be at the level, including Humboldt. It’s going to be such a huge matter of who can get hot at the right time. This year’s GNAC tournament was balls-to-the-wall crazy and we have no idea what to expect out of the West Region. Even knowing the types of blowouts Cal Baptist and Humboldt State managed and the type of blowouts Azusa Pacific and Chico State were subject to, there’s no telling what’s going to happen.

And we love it. Welcome to the effing madness, put your seatbelt on because it’s going to be a wild ride.

Are you going to the Regional this year?

Yup, so come say ‘hi!’ if you’re there. Unfortunately we’re going to miss the first two games of the day because of work commitments, but we’ll be following the stats and keeping up on twitter, so whether you’re in Monmouth or watching at home -tell us what you think! You can either @ us on twitter via @GNACMBBlog or come talk to us in person during the second session. We’ll be wearing maroon and acting really hyper; we keep trying to calm down and be a grown-up, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Will there be game previews on Friday morning?

Absolutely. It’s on our to-do list for today, so theoretically that means it’ll be done by tomorrow. And yes: We will be talking about every game.

Are you going to talk about non-GNAC teams if both get bounced in the first round?

Most likely not. We don’t usually get enough hits to make it worth it, and we found it kind of drove our in-conference followers bananas last year, even previewing non-GNAC games. We’re 50/50 on that this year, just because there is so much interlocking play and it has been so intriguing from a regional perspective, but… Most likely when the last GNAC team’s season ends, our season will end, and we’ll get into our post-season awards and those types of posts.

Alright, any questions not answered: Ask us on twitter or leave a comment. Otherwise we’ll see you guys Friday morning for the West Region Day 1 preview.

Discussions: March Madness Has Started!

Yesss, it’s that time again! Although the Madness doesn’t really apply to the GNAC quite yet -we’re talking about the CCAA in terms of the heading.

The big news of last night is that Chico State lost by a lot to Cal State LA. It is what it is. As noted earlier: We feel completely confident that they’ll still get a bid, but being wrong is our best subject, so… We hope we’re right, but it’ll be what it’ll be.


6. Western Oregon
7. MSU Moorhead
15. Chico State
18. Cal Baptist
22. Cal Poly Pomona

Others receiving votes: Seattle Pacific (25), CO School of Mines (22), Azusa Pacific (9), Alaska-Fairbanks (2).

Big thing: Where is UCSD? Once again, we feel like the regional rankings are very different from the national rankings, although the national rankings aren’t terrible. Good to see UAF getting acknowledged -they’re coming on really strong at exactly the right time and we’re super thrilled. APU/SPU who knows.

Regionally… We were —- that close to doing a regional ranking, but at this point it feels almost too close to do one? Maybe later this week if we get the urge.

Pac-West stuff

Some Pac-West chaos -four teams finished with the same record, one of them is ineligible for the conference tournament. Absolute chaos. No idea. It’s one of those things where we feel like we were vastly more right closer to non-conference than now after watching the entire season of conference play even with all the disappointments and excitements and everything. Crazy, crazy stuff.

After conference play we felt like we could make an educated guess. Now we have absolutely no clue because there is that much parity. And that goes for all three conferences.

GNAC stuff

UAA lost to CWU, what does it mean?

Nothing. Central is a good team, as is Anchorage. With the Seawolves in particular, we prefer good teams to lose late regular season games as one final gut check before win-or-go-home comes into play. We still think Anchorage is an at-large team. Every other team on the bubble has a loss to a non conference-tourney bound team; UAA doesn’t. The Seawolves also meet our criteria of having at least three good players, two 50/50 players, and a nutso coach. We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: Our non-basketball former undergraduate coach is off his rocker and we completely swear by him. Crazies do it better. We just think the refs need to reign in Coach Oz a bit more, because at this point GNAC refs seem a little too accustomed to his crazy and so what would get another coach suspended doesn’t even get Rusty a technical.

SMU killed WWU, what does it mean?

Again, nothing. The Vikings have no teamwork; the Saints have teamwork. Only three guys were shooting well, they got those guys the ball, and they fought hard for rebounds. We’re honestly still pretty mad at Anchorage for dropping the CWU game; so unnecessary. Get the ball to Brian McGill and the Saints would be going to the conference tournament. Although, as we reminded some WWU people after the game: you control your own destiny. The Saints offense had nothing to do with the Viking loss. The Seawolf loss had nothing to do with the Saints season ending.

Reality is a brat.

SPU almost lost to WWU, what does it mean?

That things are going back to normal, the Falcons will never recover, all of their players suck, and the world is ending, obviously. No, the Vikings finally started solidifying a high-effort line-up meanwhile the Falcons started messing around with their own. Was there some sloppy play by SPU? Absolutely. Was there some great play from WWU? Definitely. Still, we feel like the score was an adequate description of the game and a good reminder to both schools of what it takes to win critical games.

Not a whole lot to discuss at this current point in time just because everything is happening at once and there’s so much speculation. We’ll preview the GNAC tournament tomorrow morning and go from there. Lots of wait-and-see. Have a great afternoon!

Discussions: CUP @ WOU, Losses, Starters, Rankings + More!

Lots to talk about today, including: CU-Portland @ Western Oregon, WOU losing to UAF, SPU losing to SMU, the point of the conference champion auto bid and why Western Oregon still gets to play in the tournament, the GNAC’s ever changing start line-ups, our usual check-ins with the Pac-West and CCAA, national rankings, and regional rankings.

Concordia 74 @ Western Oregon 81

Concordia was in it the whole time but couldn’t pull it out, granted WOU was going deep into their line-up and really rotating guys. Still, Andy Avgi had a less than stellar game, which… Maybe that means teams are finding out how to contain him? Maybe.

Cavalier highlights: Drew Martin had a full house including nine boards and no turnovers; Latrell Wilson had five boards; Jarrett Gray had 9 points; and Riley Hawken had 17 points. Off the bench Davis Nuaimi had 12 points; and James Phillips had six points.

Wolf highlights: Julian Nichols had a fantastic game with 11 boards, five assists, and 14 points on near-perfect shooting; Jordan Wiley had 18 points and five boards; and Andy Avgi had five assists. Off the bench Alex Roth had five points and five boards; and Tanner Omlid didn’t start due to senior night and had 15 points and four boards.

Pretty good stuff all around. Pleased with the Wolves performance. Laughing at the Cavalier one, just ’cause. Good luck with MSUB y’all.

WOU lost to UAF, what does it mean?

Nothing. The Wolves are so far ahead of everyone in the west region that they could have lost last night’s game, lose the game at MSUB, and lose in their first game of the conference tournament and still host. They lost their #1 ranking but that doesn’t matter in any real sense of anything except maybe taking the target off of their backs just slightly.

SPU lost to SMU, what does it mean?

Nothing. Well, it may ultimately have seeding implications but in the D2 tournament seeding matters a heck of a lot less than in the D1 tournament because it has nothing to do with where you’re sent. Your region only has eight teams and the west region has repeatedly proven that the seeds don’t matter -whether it’s because lower seeds are likely to upset higher seeds or because by virtue of having so few teams, really good games get played really early and thus awesome teams get bounced early by other awesome teams as often as not.

Why is WOU still playing in the conference tournament when they have a bid locked up?

Isn’t the point of the auto bid to get more conference teams into the tournament? Doesn’t WOU going waste that spot? The basic reason is that this year we’re getting lucky in the sense that the GNAC is fully locked into likely at least two teams going to the tournament 100%. That doesn’t always happen. The only guaranteed bid in any given year is the autobid spot. And sometimes it’s impossible to tell whether or not the team that won the regular season title would get an at-large bid.

The easiest example is Seattle Pacific vs. Western Washington in 2014. That year WWU had little strength of schedule, SPU had plenty, won the conference regular season title, and had a good resume overall but the GNAC was viewed (rightfully) as the weakest conference in the West by far. Ultimately Seattle Pacific won the tournament and procured the autobid, the CCAA and Pac-West had auto-bid only teams punch their tickets to the Dance, and WWU’s bubble burst. But would the Falcons have made it regardless of winning the conference tournament? Maybe. Not guaranteed. By placing the autobid with the conference tournament winner rather than the regular season champion, you’re betting that your conference is good enough to receive more than one bid. It doesn’t always happen and there needs to be consistency, thus WOU is still in play for winning the conference tournament.

Non-solidified starting line-ups?

Yup. A ton of teams in the GNAC are still shifting their starting line-ups and their rotations even when injury has nothing to do with it.

UAF is solid.
UAA is being affected by injury (get better soon Diante!).
SFU yes, but whatever.
WWU didn’t quite implode their line-up, but they finally took their do-nothing big out and put in a guy that actually plays with effort and we’re suuuper happy about it. They also only went seven deep against NNU even while being up by 30, which again we’re super happy about because their chemistry has been off and now it appears that they’re only really playing guys who give a crap, which helps a lot.
SPU, it’s complicated. It appears they’re planning for next year as much as they’re trying to win this year.
SMU finally took Fred out of the starting line-up, thank God.
MSUB has line-up movement, but we’re 50/50 on it -we trust their coaches, but 50/50 on its effectiveness and whether or not you could even tell if it did in fact affect things because they’ve been so all over the place in terms of results on any given night.
CWU is solid and we love their line-up.
NNU yes, like SFU, that team is such a mess that it’s not super relevant.
CU-Portland see NNU.
WOU is solidified and again: We really like their starting five and adore Alex Roth as the sixth man.

Checking in with the Pac-West & CCAA

And boy was this weekend a doozy.


UC San Diego lost to San Marcos by six.
Chico State lost to Cal Poly Pomona by six.
Humboldt State lost to Stanislaus eight.
Cal Poly Pomona lost to Stanislaus by 12.
Humboldt State lost to Chico State by eight.

Chico State is now in first place with a record of 15-3, while UCSD moves into second with a record of 14-4, Cal Poly Pomona is third at 13-6, San Marcos fourth at 11-7, and Humboldt State and Monterey Bay are tied for fifth at 11-8.

Interesting games coming this weekend:

San Marcos @ Humboldt State
San Marcos @ Cal Poly Pomona
Dominguez Hills @ Chico -this is a big game simply because DH has been giving some of the top schools a lot of problems this year and we think that’s a good thing.


CU-Irvine lost to Azusa by 9
BYUH was killed by Chaminade, 86-115
Azusa was killed by BYUH, 61-84
Dominican lost to Dixie State by 10.

CU-Irvine is currently holding onto first at 15-4, Cal Baptist, Azusa Pacific, and Dixie State are all tied for second at 13-5, Hawaii Pacific is fifth at 12-6, and BYU-Hawaii is sixth at 11-8.

Interesting games coming up this weekend:

Point Loma @ Hawaii Pacific
Concordia @ Dixie State

There are a few more potential interesting games involving Hilo, but we’ll see how it plays out.


WHEELING JESUIT IS IN FIRST. Sorry, we’re not right often thus when we are, we enjoy it for all it’s worth.

6. Western Oregon
7. MSU Moorhead
13. Chico State
19. UC San Diego
24. Cal Baptist
25. Cal Poly Pomona

Others receiving votes: Colorado School of Mines (18), Seattle Pacific (13), Azusa Pacific (8), Alaska-Fairbanks (2), Alaska-Anchorage (1).

So lots of west region teams being looked at and valued. We’re not sure about Cal Baptist at 24, but at this point the regions are now off dealing with our own issues and so the national rankings start looking a little odd.

We were going to make our ranking before looking at the one that people smarter than us had come up with, and then we realized we really have no effing clue and are a little bit too close to things at this point, so here’s the official one with us providing color commentary:

1. Western Oregon -wholly 100%, love it, agree, go Wolves, can’t wait to see you guys in Monmouth.
3. Chico State -They’re coming on at the right time and a part of us feels like they should be ranked ahead of the Falcons because the early season loss was early and the Wildcats have come so far; the lost to CPP doesn’t feel relevant either because we still feel like the Broncos are a really, really good team.
4. UC San Diego -completely agree.
5. Cal Baptist -absolutely -making their moves at the right time.
6. Cal Poly Pomona -definitely.
7. Azusa Pacific -yeah?
8. Alaska-Anchorage -YESSSS.
9. Humboldt State
10. Dixie State

Interesting that UAF isn’t in that conversation. We neither agree nor disagree. On the one hand they did nothing in non-conference. On the other hand, they really don’t have a bad loss in conference play; they’ve lost twice to Anchorage and then split with WOU and SPU. We’re 50/50 on whether or not they have a better resume than Humboldt.

We’ll probably discuss this more on Sunday morning after conference play essentially finishes up (there’s one more game, but neither team is conference tournament bound) and at that point we’ll visit our friend BitoBaca who’s putting up his rankings today at 1pm.

We’ve said before that this is the weird year when we feel like the committee can’t really be wrong, hence why we’re probably both so hesitant to write anything. Because if wanting to predict the bracket completely right is your thing, this year you’re screwed. But the good part is that almost whoever you put (within the 18 teams making their respective conference tournaments) you probably have a pretty legitimate argument. We like the 10 teams above a whole lot and feel really good about the eight and where rankings are and all of that stuff, but again…

At this point we feel like we’ve let ourselves get a bit too close to the situation in terms of wanting the Pac-West to be a one bid conference after doing it to us a couple years ago. Even though we KNOW that WWU should have won more in order not to rely on the autobid. And we don’t regret the end of that game. At all. That’s where we’re at with that, which is why we’re siding with the official poll, because there are just as many arguments saying that ‘No, Cal Baptist is coming on strong at the right time and Azusa is completely legitimate and if you discredit them you also discredit SPU which discredits WOU which discredits UCSD which…’ Rabbit hole. We will say that we don’t think the Pac-West should be a three bid league and so if neither Azusa nor Cal Baptist wins the conference tournament, then things could be more interesting. With the other two conferences: UCSD, Chico State, Western Oregon, and Seattle Pacific all should be in regardless, so if two of those teams win their conference tournaments great, but if they don’t that’s great too.

Alright. Good talk. Chime in with your bracketology thoughts in the comments or on twitter, and we’ll see you tomorrow morning for GNAC game day previews.