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Previewing Tonight’s Games!

Hoooo boy, do we have a slate of games to look at tonight.

All times pacific standard.

MSUB @ WWU @ 7pm

WWU procured a win against SFU on Tuesday and notable events of it include that Trevor Jasinsky still continues to be cold from the field and great from the line, and Julian Roche of SFU continues to dominate. This game is likely to be closer than the Vikings would like, and so if MSUB really gets up and gets motivated they absolutely are capable of getting a win in Carver. We’re at that point in the year where conference standings are starting to be relevant and currently WWU is 4-3 in conference play vs. MSUB’s 3-3 but WWU’s already played their first round against Spartin while MSUB hasn’t, so… the records don’t tell quite the whole truth.

Prediction: WWU wins.

SPU @ CU-PDX @ 7:30pm

We’re curious about this game and curious to get a look at Concordia, although it should be fairly predictable. We want to see clean numbers from the Falcons in anticipation of the WOU game on Saturday, but that’s about it.

Prediction: SPU wins.

SMU @ WOU @ 7:30pm

Definitely the game of the night. SMU is kind of in WOU’s predicament from last year -SMU continues to put up bad numbers and it concerns us because the teams that they’re truly competing with in the other conferences aren’t. WOU is a good team and will likely give the Saints all they can handle, and so the easiest way for SMU to combat that is in fact to rise to the level we know they’re capable of and put up the numbers expected of good teams. WOU is elite at second half adjustments and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Wolves win by 10 or so.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

CWU @ UAA @ 8pm

This is another really good projected game. The Seawolves just got their fur lit up by the Falcons and so they’ll be wanting to get back on the right track. CWU just suffered a loss to rival WWU and so while they’ll as well want to be getting back on track, we anticipate they’re also going to be distracted at the thought of facing former head coach Greg Sparling (now at UAF) on Saturday. We’ll see what happens. We’re leaning toward the Seawolves winning by 8-10, but who truly knows?

Prediction: UAA wins.

NNU @ UAF @ 8pm

NNU good. UAF bad.

Prediction: NNU wins.

Obviously the games you’re going to want to be watching are SMU @ WOU and then CWU @ UAA. The second one we have no idea why we didn’t list it as a pick ’em; it definitely could be, but we just have a feeling.

We’ll be following along with everything on our phone and be in attendance at the Concordia game. Per usual: We’ll be sittin’ and we’ll be knittin’, so come say ‘hi’!


Previewing Today’s Games.

All times pacific standard.

WOU @ UAF @ 4:15pm

Both teams are coming off of close losses and we’re curious to see what they do to bounce back. WOU was a mess against Anchorage while UAF played well against CU-Portland and so you’d think that would lead to some type of advantage for UAF because if they just tweak themselves a bit more (does that sound weird?) they’ll be fine, but… WOU has players that know how to win and know how to get angry and use that anger productively, so we’ll see. We’re tempted to say with confidence that WOU will win, but… Kaleb Warner still hasn’t kicked into gear, and so…

Prediction: Pick ’em.

CU-PDX @ UAA @ 6:15pm

In the inverse of above, both teams are coming off of close wins, only CU-PDX actually played well and UAA was a mess. That said: A win is a win no matter how you get it done. Anchorage is going to really want to get rolling, while CU-PDX is like “WE FINALLY BROKE THROUGH!!! LET’S DO THIS!!!!!!!” but… Anchorage is a hard place to play at. It just is. We know the Cavs have to be tired between the OT game and all of the flights involved, so…

Prediction: UAA wins.

SPU @ SFU @ 7pm

SFU is better than normal. There’s big “upset” potential, except we just don’t trust the Falcons yet this year because of a poor showing in non-con, and so… Not sure on this one counting as an upset.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

SMU @ WWU @ 7pm

Really excited for this game. Unfortunately SMU is really the only team that has genuinely proven themselves so far this year between non-con and the three games of conference play thus far, and so they need to flex their muscles at every opportunity and regardless of WWU’s chronic underachievement, Carver is a fantastic opportunity to do that -if they do that.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

MSUB @ CWU @ 7pm

This could be a good game. We’re not ready to write off CWU just yet while at the same time we’re not ready to consider MSUB legit just yet. Still feeling things out. Lucky for the Wildcats, school started this past week and so they should have fairly decent attendance, which will always land in their favor. We’ll see. We’re not even sure what we’ll think if the Yellowjackets win, because… CWU is yet to win a conference game and so what does it really say?

Prediction: Pick ’em.

It should be a good day of games. We’ll be keeping an eye on everything -on paper, there isn’t a single boring game being played, so… We shall see. Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!

Previewing Tonight’s Games.

First of note: Hope everyone up in Anchorage is recovering well from the 7.0 earthquake that hit yesterday morning.

That said: We have an exciting night of games in store, so let’s talk about them!

All times pacific.

UAA @ MSUB @ 6pm

MSUB just eked out a win against UAF. We get the sense that UAF is better than UAA, but their non-con play matched up relatively well, so who knows. We still think UAF is overall better than MSUB as well, but Alterowitz is brutal. We’ll see what happens when the Seawolves and Jackets face off, but we’ll give the edge to MSUB.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

SFU @ CU-PDX @ 7pm

INTRIGUE. SFU is better than normal, CU-PDX is about as good as normal and just had two wins against SFU-like teams in the Bay area. That said, we feel like SFU gets better talent than Concordia, and so… Who knows? It should be a good game.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

WWU @ WOU @ 7pm

Battle of the Westerns. Always a good game. We’re really excited to see what happens because WWU is clearly starting to click meanwhile WOU hasn’t so much yet, but… We like what WOU brings to the table. If they can finally lock in, they should be able to get past Western Washington. If they can’t, it could be a long night and WWU could win by a lot.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

CWU @ SPU @ 7:30pm

Rivalry game. Our best advice is for the Falcons to play like we know they can, and for CWU to take advantage of the clear mental weakness SPU has been displaying. If Gabe Colosimo plays, SPU will 100% win, but if he doesn’t… It’ll be an interesting game, that is for sure.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

NNU @ SMU @ 7:30pm

We’re really loving this NNU team -they played fantastically against the Falcons- and yet we love this SMU team too. SMU needs to stay committed to team first basketball and lockdown defense and they should be fine. If they don’t, NNU will take full advantage and the game could easily get precarious.

Prediction: SMU wins.

It should be a good night of games -we’re definitely looking forward to it! We’ll see you tomorrow morning for game recaps.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!

Conference Game Day #1!

Gooood morning and happy Friday. Let’s jump right in to talking about last night’s games.

SFU 58 @ WOU 72

About ten minutes into the first half things were a little closer than we expected and then WOU never truly looked back. Still, WOU winning by 14 is comfortable and yet speaks to the progress of Simon Fraser, so that’s good.

Clan highlights: Othniel had five boards; Graham Miller had eight points; Michael Provenzano had eight points; and Julian Roche had 14 points and six boards. Off the bench Jordan MK had six points while going 4-4 from the line; and Jasdeep Singh had five points on 5-6 free throw shooting.

Wolf highlights: Darius Lubom had 14 points; Etan Collins had nine points and five boards; RILEY HAWKEN!!!! HAD 22 POINTS, six boards, three steals, and five fouls; and off the bench Brandell Evans had seven points, five assists, and five boards.

Interesting. Riley Hawken finally clicked into gear and won them that game. These numbers scream ‘off night’ so hmmm.

WWU 83 @ CU-PDX 66

Pretty much exactly what we expected. WWU rolled pretty much from the get-go and even exceeded our expectations just slightly, but… Glad to see the Viks getting it together.

Viking hlights: Tyler Payne had nine boards and six assists; Trevor Jasinsky continues his amazingness with 24 points and seven boards; and Cameron Retherford had six boards among a full house of stats. Off the bench KJ Bosco had five points; Leif Anderson had eight points and four boards; and Jalen Green had six points and four boards.

Cavs highlights: JARRETT GRAY had 19 points and five boards among a full house of stats; Xavier Smith had 13 points; Dominique Bradley had nine boards; and off the bench Daktoa Ayala had six points.

Congrats to both teams on a well fought game; welcome back to reality Cavs. Wait a second, y’all believe the earth is 8,000 years old, so… Despite this loss, you’re probably still not in reality. Oh well. Good job Viks.

NNU 87 @ SPU 86

Once again: The Falcons didn’t have Gabe Colosimo, and they lost. Luckily we’re not a hundred percent on where in the conference this NNU team is, so we can’t say the loss is terrible just yet, but we suspect the Nighthawks are in the 7-9 range, so woof. Congrats Nighthawks on taking advantage of the Falcons’ mental problems.

Nighthawk highlights: OBI MEGWA had 18 points; Beto Diaz had 13 points; ADONIS ARMS had 32 points and eight boards while being 8-9 from the line; and Jayden Bezzant had 14 points. Off the bench James Nelson had five boards; and Jalen Burkett had four points.

Falcon highlights: Harry Cavell had 15 points; Nikhil Lizotte had 18 points; Nathan Streufert had 10 points and seven boards; and Gavin Long had 14 points. Off the bench SAM SIMPSON had 17 points and four boards among a full house of stats; and Divant’e Moffitt had nine points. The Falcons had 10 collective rebounds, so yay teamwork.

Huuuge shout-out to the Nighthawks; it appears they had the game of their lives, because we’ve never seen so many players on that team have numbers like that. We love it.

CWU 69 @ SMU 77

Not as close as the score makes it look; SMU was in control throughout the second half. Still, CWU was on it throughout most of the first half and we consider it really good progress because this is a really good SMU team.

Wildcat highlights: Jeryn Lucas had 11 points; Gamaun Boykin was 5-6 from the line; and Malik Montoya had 11 points and five boards. Off the bench Matt Poquette had eight points; and Marcus Austin had 14 points.

Saints highlights: Chandler Redix had 15 points; Jordan Kitchen had five boards; Rhett Baerlocher had five boards; EJ Boyce had 18 points; and LUKE CHAVEZ had 20 points. Off the bench BJ Standley had 14 points; and TAVIAN HENDERSON had 10 boards and eight points.

Overall not bad numbers from either team, although we’re sure SMU feels like they could have played better. Really proud of Jordan Kitchen and Rhett Baerlocher -they were cold and so instead focused on rebounding and hey look! Your team won. Awesome. Great leadership guys, proud of you ❤ <— We are probably way too attached to this SMU team, but oh well.

Pretty prototypical night of GNAC basketball. Hope everyone had fun and we’ll see you tomorrow for game previews.

Conference Game Day #4

Hoooo boy, welcome to our 500th post, what a night of games!

NNU 88 @ MSUB 99

That score looks normal enough. It was anything but a normal game. MSUB went WAYYYY up and then NNU started to battle it back and then MSUB would get it more comfortable and then NNU would come back and finally MSUB got the win, but it was within six with only a couple of minutes left, so… Very exciting game. Almost no defense. We can’t decide that because the GNAC seemingly looks like the strongest conference in the Region wins like this help us or hurt us, because… NNU looked good in non-con, MSUB got swept by the mediocre Alaska schools, and now MSUB convincingly beat NNU. Hmmm.

Nighthawk highlights: Khalil Thompson had 16 points including being 5-5 from the line; Obi Megwa continues to impress with 25 points and five assists; Marko Lepovic had 9 points on great shooting; Maurice Jones continues to be off, but did grab 10 boards. Off the bench Nikola Prvulj had seven points and four boards; Sam Roth had nine points and five boards as well as a full house; and Spider finished with seven points and ten boards.

Yellowjacket highlights: Kendall Denham was 5-6 from the line; Zharon Richmond had another great game with 18 points and seven boards; Kamal Tall had 10 boards; Zack Rollins had 18 points and seven boards; and Sven Jeuschede had 17 points. Off the bench Daniel Shedden was 8-8 from the field and finished with 21 points.

You know that feeling when you have to sneeze but you can’t? That’s how we feel about those numbers and that result mixed with the events of the game. Congrats to MSUB on a solid win/not choking it away!

SPU 93 @ SPU 98 in OT

We said we were curious about the numbers… They were a douzy. SFU was called for 29 fouls vs. SPU’s 12 and SPU still almost lost. We were honestly really hoping SFU would get the upset and for so long it looked like our wish would come true and then they decided to foul Nikhil completely unnecessarily. Rules to winning against SPU: 1. DO NOT FOUL NIKHIL. He shoots like 25% from the field and 95% from the line. You think that’s an exaggeration. It’s not.

Clan highlights: Kedar Salam had 14 points; Iziah Sherman-Newsome had 22 points; Michael Provenzano had 14 points; JJ Pankratz had 23 points, six boards, and five assists; and off the bench Othniel Spence had 14 points, six boards, and a full house.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 14 points and five boards; Nathan Streufert had another lights out game wiht 18 points and 10 boards along with a full house; Tony Miller had 21 points and eight boards; and Gavin Long had 15 points. Off the bench Harry Cavell had 11 points and nine boards while being 5-5 from the line; Nikhil Lizotte went 10-10 from the line and finished with 16 points.

SPU put up as perfect of numbers as we’ve ever seen, every foul was in their favor, and they still almost lost. How do you do that? We do not consider this to be an SPU win so much as a Simon Fraser loss.

WWU 90 @ SMU 86

This is another game of “don’t let the score fool you,” because WWU was in control consistently and then SMU decided that they were going to get back in it and started putting it together and ultimately never could surmount the Vikings lead, but we’ll be darned if they didn’t give a valiant effort in their attempt.

Viking highlights: Trey Drechsel had 11 points, nine assists, and five fouls; Deandre Dickson had 15 points, nine boards, and a whopping five blocks; Trevor Jasinsky had 11 points and a full house including five fouls; and Daulton continues to make his name a verb, finishing with 29 points, seven boards, and a full house. Off the bench Blake Fernandez had nine points; and Siaan Rojas had 12 points.

Saint highlights: Matt Dahlen went 10-11 from the line, finishing with five boards and 16 points; Tavian Hederson had nine points and nine boards; EJ Boyce had 15 points; and Luke Chavez finished with 25 points, four boards, and five assists. Off the bench Jared Matthews had seven boards; and Jordan Kitchen had six boards and seven points.

These numbers are also really interesting because WWU’s fall on the side of bad, while SMU’s fall on the side of typical, and yet WWU started way up and then we’re guessing got worse as the night went on, whereas SMU just kept grinding and sure enough almost got the victory. SMU is so new this year that losses like this are going to happen, but the score ending like it did shows that a couple of minor tweaks and a bit of the maturation that goes on throughout the season should serve them really well. Very fun game -congrats to the Viks on pulling out a hard fought victory.

Really, really fun night of basketball. Our big plans for NYE are finally finishing printing the non-con stats so we can take a good hard look at them, so… We’ll see. Hopefully that’ll be dealt with tomorrow. The other big plan we have is to tentatively launch the other blog tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that -we’ll keep you guys posted.

In addition to this being our 500th post, we also recently reached 150 followers -thank-you guys so much for following, and reading along, with what is really just a project we work on because we’re thinking about all of this stuff anyway so it’s like “well, may as well blog!” To all of the people that lurk but don’t subscribe -we know you’re there and we love you, thank-you much!

Tonight: Be safe, have fun, if you choose to imbibe DO NOT DRIVE.

Congrats to all teams on sending out 2017 with high octane basketball.

Boxing Day Blog Marathon #2!

We’re thinking we’ll do something of six posts, up at 11, 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9pm, so… Be on the lookout.

Contained in this one: Results from Monday December 18th & Tuesday December 19th.

Seattle Pacific 90 @ Stanislaus State 79

Well that was unexpected, and that result was closer than the game actually was; SPU won convincingly -it wasn’t some pull away at the end thing. The big difference in this game from every other this year was they finally had their anticipated starting point guard in Gabe Colosimo.

Falcon highlights: Sam Simpson had 11 points; Gabe Colosimo had nine points, seven boards, and eight assists with ZERO turnovers; yes, it was THAT big of a difference; Tony Miller had 18 points and eight boards; and Gavin Long had 16 points. Off the bench Nihkil Lizotte had 15 points; and Nathan Streufert five boards.

Congrats on a nice win, Falcons!

MSUB 88 vs. Chaminade 100 @ Hawaii Pacific.

It may be an ‘L’ but it’s still West Region! That’s what we call a Quality Loss™.

Yellowjacket highlights: Zharon Richmond had 17 points and six boards; and the bench was all-star with Kobe Terashima being 9-11 and finishing with 19 points and four assists; Hafeez Abdul 19 points and six boards while going 5-7 from the line; and Daniel Shedden had 17 points.

While it’s a loss, those are interesting numbers and interesting names, because honestly: We don’t recognize half of them, so it means we get new guys to watch out for and officially be excited about! Woo-hoo. Hi Kobe & Hafeez! Better luck next time on that whole result thing, MSUB.

MSUB 71 @ Hawaii Pacific 73

On paper it looked like two well matched teams and in reality it was and HPU got the ‘W’ but it was still a super great game played by MSUB.

Yellowjacket highlights: Kendall Denham had an amazing 25 points on good shooting; Zack Rollins had 23 points; and Sven Jeuschede had 10 points. Off the bench Kobe Terashima had seven boards; and the bench collectively grabbed seven boards.

Yikes on those turnovers, but really good rebounding numbers, Jackets!

Alaska Anchorage 59 @ CU-Portland 55

What we expected: UAA to lose if Jacob Lampkin didn’t play.What actually happened: Jacob didn’t play and UAA won anyway.

Seawolf highlights: Maleke Haynes had 10 points; DJ Ursery had an amazing breakout game with 22 points and 12 boards along with a full house; Josiah Wood had five boards; Jack MacDonald had eight points; and Brian Pearson had eight boards. Off the bench Curtis Ryan had seven points.

Overall great rebounding numbers Seawolves! Congrats on a good win.

Cav highlights: Bryan Michaels had 23 points and eight boards; and Chris Edward had nine boards and five blocks. Off the bench Taylor Harris had five points; Hunter Sweet had five boards and six points; and Deandre Stallings had five points as well.

Every time Concordia loses it legitimately confuses us because we expect them to win. They’re definitively in the upper half this year, or at least they should be, and while we get that Anchorage has a great history and all of that… This was a completely winnable game for CU-Portland and arguably rather critical, so we’ll see about that.

Alaska-Fairbanks 60 @ Western Oregon 81

We had actually planned on going to this game but got stuck in a snowstorm in the Oregon Cascades. Good to see we didn’t miss anything.

Nook highlights: Amenofis Mitchell had nine points; Alex Baham had 10 points; Joe Lendway had six boards; and Michael Kluting had nine points and six boards. Off the bench: Jalon McCullough had six points; an Tre Eisenhut continues to impress with 13 points.

Wolf highlights: Malik Morgan had nine points; Demetrius Tramell!! had nine points; Tanner Omlid had nine points and nine boards; Vince Boumann had 10 points, seven boards, and five assists, wow!; and Riley Hawken had 11 points. Off the bench Janvier Alaby had nine points; and Dustin Triano and Ali chipped in six points a piece.

Theory: Jim Shaw lets each of his starters hit 10 points and then says “enoughs enough.” Next thing you know he’s going to be listing Tanner Omlid as ‘DNP — Old.’ Riley Hawken got extra because he’s been slumping -we still believe in you Riley! You’re great. We missed you so much last year! Riley redshirted last year after playing fantastically at CU-Portland the year prior.

NNU 67 @ CWU 80

What we expected: A pick ’em game.
What actually happened: It was never close; CWU rolled the whole time.

Nighthawk highlights: Khalil Thompson had 22 points; Obi Megway had 16 points and five boards; Jayden Bezzant had eight points; and Maurice Jones was SILENCED with eight points and six boards. Off the bench Sam Roth had seven points.

Wildcat highlights: Khalil Shabazz had 15 points, seven boards, and five assists -whoa!; Jawan Stepney had 16 points and six boards; and Fuquan had a quiet game with 10 points and seven boards. Off the bench Marc Rodgers was 4-4 from the line; and Coleman Sparling had 10 points and six boards.

When we saw that Maurice Jones had a bad game, we assumed Fuquan had an insane game. Oddly enough nope. Go figure. Apparently they contained each other, lol. Really good win for the Wildcats -nicely done.

Congrats on some great wins, great SOS boosts, and continuing to carry on.

Boxing Day Blog Marathon #1!

Happy Boxing Day!! Do you like that SFU? Canada actually celebrates Boxing Day as a real thing. Super cool.

This was written while we were waiting for the “results” games to be played, so we’re still including the previews.

Round two::

UAA 50 @ WOU 82

Jacob Lampkin didn’t play. This game was never close. Oh dear. Congrats Wolves!! The evidence currently stands as: Wolves > Seawolves.

Seawolf highlights: Brian Pearson had eight boards and 16 points; and off the bench: DJ Ursery had seven points in just ten minutes; and Drew Peterson went 5-5 from the line. The Seawolves shot 81% from the line overall! Yay! Bright spot!

Wolf highlights: Tanner Omlid had 10 points, five boards, and a full house in just 20 minutes of play; Vince Boumann had 15 points and was 7-9 from the field; and Riley Hawken was back in the starting line-up and had five boards. Off the bench Nick Nestell went 3-3 and had nine points; Janvier Alaby and Darius Luborn both had six points; Dustin Triano had six points and four boards; Ali Faruz-Bey had 12 points and four boards; and JJ Chirnside had six points and four boards.

Low rebounding numbers, but… WOU shot 66% from the field and 46% from three specifically. Wow. Nicely done by the Wolves, great job sharing the wealth, and good luck to the Seawolves in bouncing back.

UAF 81 @ CU-PDX 66

At one point CU-PDX led… And then they didn’t. We’re confused about this Concordia team, but we’re confused about a lot of GNAC teams and will get into that more later.

Nook highlights: Amenofis Mitchell had eight points; Alex Baham went 6-6 from the line; Davis Kimball had 17 points, eight boards, and a full house; Joe Landway had nine points; and Michael Kluting was dominant with 23 points and 10 boards. Off the bench Tre Eisenhut had seven points.

Cav highlights: Jace Cates had 7 points and five boards; Jarrett Gray had 22 points and seven boards; Chris Edward had 11 points and 14 boards!! for the double-double; and off the bench Taylor Harris had five points. Lots of good individual numbers, but apparently not cohesion as a team.

Congrats to the Nooks on a great one… Again: CU-PDX, we’re confused. The numbers are fine, and you’re a good team and we know it, and yet… This, at home, okay? Um, what?

Tampa 77 vs. WWU 86 @ Hawaii Pacific

Solid result, if not irrelevant. Congrats to the Viks on another win.

Viking highlights: Trey Drechsel was once again playing great with 30 points and seven boards on good shooting; Logan Schilder had 10 points; Deandre Dixon had 10 points and six boards; Trevor Jasinsky had eight boards and eight points; and Daulton had 13 points and and seven boards, but it wasn’t a particularly good game for him -key word: HIM. Off the bench Brett Kingma had seven points; and Siaan Rojas had eight points and four boards.

Congrats to the Viks on the win -the numbers looked good.

MSUB 81 vs. Hilo 63 @ Hawaii Pacific

Hilo has a losing record, but all good: A West Region win is a win we’re grateful for. Nicely done MSUB!!

Yellowjacket highlights: KENDALL DENHAM WAS HIMSELF!!!!!! He had 17 points including going 5-5 from the line; Zharon Richmond had a great game going 4-5 from the field and finishing with 11 points and a full house; Zach Rollins had 15 points and eight boards; and Sven Jeuschede had 12 points. Off the bench Zack Lessinger had a solid game with 10 points and five boards.

Nicely done Yellowjackets! Is it a road game technically? No. Will we count it as one? For now. We feel like being nice.

All times pacific.

SPU @ Stanislaus @ 7pm

This game is way more interesting than we thought it would be at the beginning of the season, largely because Stanislaus is way better than anticipated. The Warriors are currently 8-2 and SPU still has no idea what their identity is, so…

Prediction: Stanislaus gets the ‘W.’

MSUB vs. Chaminade @ Hawaii Pacific @ 9:30pm

Chaminade is looking really solid with wins over the Alaska schools, Dominguez Hills, Cal Baptist, and Hawaii-Hilo and losses coming via CU-Irvine and Hawaii Pacific. It’s essentially a home game for the Swords, and thus…

Prediction: Chaminade wins. No idea on the margin.

Oh dear Spillings… What is happening to you?

Next post’ll be up at 1pm.

Player-of-the-Week is… Trey Drechsel!

Good Lord, finally. He was playing terribly to start off the season and we were beginning to think we were insane for what we expected out of him and then… He has games like these, and we’re no longer hypochondriacs regarding bulky rebound maniac basketball players.

Trey logged some insane numbers this week: 39 minutes a game, a 13.5 rebound average (10 & 17, respectively), and 26.5 points per game average (32 & 21), which is all insane. He also managed to pick up a mere two fouls in his 17 rebound performance and then while he had some issues with turnovers… We tend to forgive turnovers in blowouts because you start trying more interesting things with passing, and so they’re typically moot. Obviously in this case, they were 100% moot.

Congrats Trey on a great week and good luck with your finals!

Conference Game Day #2

Hoooo boy, big congrats to the Nighthawks on a great win.

SMU 67 @ NNU 92

FUN-DA-MEN-TALS *clap clap clapclapclap* were what propelled NNU to a great victory and SMU to a disappointing loss. Honestly we’re not particularly concerned about this loss from an SMU perspective; just get back on the horse and they’ll be fine. It is a really good win from an NNU perspective though, so that’s nice.

Saint highlights: Jordan Kitchen had 10 points; and Luke Chavez was kept fairly quiet with six boards. Off the bench Jared Matthews had eight points; BJ Standley had five points; and Tavian Henderson continues to make the case for sixth man with 10 points and five boards.

Nighthawk highlights: Obi Megwa had a fantastic 31 points and five boards; Marko Lepovic had six boards; Jayden Bezzant had 12 points; and Maurice Jones was relatively contained with 13 points and nine boards. Off the bench Sam Roth had 10 boards and seven points.

Congrats to the Nighthawks on a fantastically played game. Keep grindin’!

SPU 84 @ CWU 83 in OT

Oh SPU… One of their assistant coaches not named George nor Kegan threw a fit over us being given stat sheets and we’re still wondering how it’s any of his business/why he cares so much about what an opposing school does with distribution of statistical information.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 11 boards; Sam Simpson had 10 points and seven boards; Tony Miller had 23 points; and Gavin Long had 17 points. Off the bench Harry Cavell had six points and five boards; and Nathan Streufert had five boards and a full house.

Wildcat highlights: Khalil Shabazz continues to impress with six boards and five steals; Malik Montoya had 12 points and five boards; Jawan Stepney had five assists; and Fuquan Niles had nine points and nine blocks. Of the bench Sage Woodruff had 16 points; and Drake Rademacher was seriously impressive with 18 points and nine boards.

Don’t let the ‘W’ fool you -this SPU team is still a mess and the numbers reflect that. Congrats to Central on a hard fought game.

CU-PDX 60 @ SFU 68

Yup. Close all game. SFU finally put it away, but it was still not comfortable until the buzzer went off.

Cav highlights: Jace Cates had 10 points; and Christopher Edward had 20 points and a whopping 19 boards (WOW!!).

Clan highlights: Iziah Sherman-Newsome had 21 points and seven boards; Michael Provenzano had six assists; JJ Pankratz had 27 points and 11 boards for the double-double; and off the bench Othniel Spence had seven points.

An interesting lack of numbers by the Cavs -we’re honestly shocked they were in it as long as they were, going off the stats. Jarrett Gray has been down for a couple of games, so either he’s out of sorts or teams have figured him out -maybe both. Regardless: Nicely done Clan!

WOU 58 @ WWU 85

Dat palindrome score. Pretty much was as we expected -Trey Drechsel went off and that was all she wrote. It was close for a bit, but for the most part the Vikings were in control the whole way. At half time we weren’t sure because WOU is so good at half time adjustments, but… Not a chance. Tanner Omlid was 100% contained -absolutely insane. Nicely done Viks!

Wolf highlights: Vince Boumann had 11 points; Ali Faruq-Bey had 16 points and six boards; and off the bench Dustin Triano had six points; Brandell Evans had seven points; and JJ Chirnside also had seven points.

Viking highlights: Trey Drechsel had 21 points and seven boards; Deandre Dickson had a double-double with 20 points and 10 boards; and Daulton Hommes had 14 points and six boards. Off the bench Brett Kingma had nine points; and Siann Rojas had eight points.

Way to go Vikings!!

MSUB 80 @ UAF 88

There we go. We’re pretty sure the GNAC Circle of Strength has been officially completed, but we’ll deal with that later.

Yellowjacket highlights: Kendall Denham had 10 points; Tyler Green had 18 points; Kamal Tall had 10 points and six boards; Zack Rollins ahd 19 points and six boards; and Sven Jeuschede had 10 points. Off the bench Zharon Richmond had seven points; and Daniel Shedden had six points.

Nook highlights: Alex Baham had 23 points, five boards, and a full house, along with being 7-8 from the line; Davis Kimball had 24 points; Joe Lendway had 11 points and seven boards; and Michael Kluting had a double-double with 12 points and 10 boards, along with five fouls. Off the bench Jalon McCullough had five ponts; Donny Wilder had seven boards, five assists, and a full house; and Tre Eisenhut had seven points.

Not bad numbers from MSUB in the slightest, so we consider it a well-fought loss, which is always good. UAF is a hard place to play. Congrats to UAF on their first quality-ish win.

Ridiculously fun night of basketball. This coming week is pretty dead while teams deal with finals, but things really resume a week from Tuesday, so a nice break and then jumping in fully. POW will be up tomorrow and we’ll go from there.

Previewing Today’s Games + MSUB Results

Good morning and welcome to the third big day of non-conference play.

First, the results of last night’s D2 (but non-region) game:

MSUB 75 vs. Mary 72

MSUB played a game against a Northern Sun school (non-region D2 opponent) and we had no idea what to expect out of it, so we didn’t put a prediction, but it did end basically as we expected with it being an incredibly close game. MSUB is now 3-0 in D2 play, which is awesome.

Yellowjacket highlights: Kendall Denham finally had a good game with 13 points and four assists; Tyler Green continues to impress with a fantastic 24 points and six assists; Kamal Tall had 11 boards; and off the bench Zharon Richardson had 10 points and six boards; while Daniel Shedden had seven points and five boards.

Congrats on a nice win, Jackets!!

Game Day Previews.

All times pacific standard:

CWU vs. Hilo @ 4:30pm

We’re really curious about this game because Hilo has now lost to SFU and SMU, meanwhile beat WWU. The trend would say that CWU should beat Hilo without too much of an issue, and so we’re going with that.

Prediction: CWU wins reasonably.

CU-PDX vs. San Fran State @ NNU @ 5pm

Really curious about this game because it should be a good test for the Cavs. It’s a neutral court being in Nampa and should be a good step-up test for the Cavs. SFSU looked pretty good last week with wins against Academy of Art and Dominican, so we’ll see what Christopher and Jarrett can lead the team to.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

WOU vs. Azusa Pacific @ 5:30pm

Another interesting game. Azusa is usually good; WOU projects as being really good, and we’re excited for the Wolves to get another chance to truly run. They got a nice win over Point Loma and we have full confidence that they’ll continue that today.

Prediction: WOU wins a close one.

SPU vs. CU-Irvine @ 7pm

Yet another interesting game. Irvine was looking pretty darn good last week with a win over Chico and a blowout over San Marcos. This is going to be a big test for the Falcons -it’s the first team they’re facing where they know going in that the opponent is good, and so we’ll see how they respond to it.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

NNU vs. Academy of Art @ 7pm

Should be well matched. AofA and NNU usually sit in similar spots and we really like the team that NNU has this year -even without them having been tested on a D2 level yet. The Crusaders have a surprisingly good home battlefield advantage (’cause they’re Crusaders, get it?) and Maurice Jones is back and we’re confident about him.

Prediction: NNU wins.

UAA vs. Holy Names @ 8:30pm

Seriously UAA? It can’t be that hard to get people to come and play you. For those missing it: HNU usually sits really low in the Pac-West, so this should be a gimme-game and they’re facing the Hawks two games in a row at home. At least go play them on the road twice in a row, geez.

Prediction: UAA wins big.

Should be an interesting day of games. As always -tweet at us with thoughts/questions/etc.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!