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The Week So Far

First and foremost: Happy Thanksgiving!

Seattle Pacific 119, Northwest Indian 53
College of Idaho 78, Northwest Nazarene 75

The first game doesn’t even need to be talked about. We’ll do it when it’s SFU, but frankly: Seattle Pacific is expected to get it done. Same with WWU. Same with WOU and Anchorage to some extent. The latter have been much more variable than most of us were hoping, but… so have the first two.

Northwest Nazarene… at least it was close? We’re at the point when we’re rubbing our eyes and groaning mildly but losing to an NAIA school is no longer surprising, so it just feels like another day at the office. There’s also the sentiment that we need to stop coddling the lower half of the conference: Get it done. Period. Shut-up, put the ball in the hoop, get up and get the board, and quit your griping. This blog has sworn off profanity for the sake of being accessible, otherwise there would be much more colorful language being used.

Great Falls 89, MSUB 84
Western Washington 108, Multnomah 75
Western Oregon 67, Dixie State 52

The Frontier Conference continues to own the GNAC, and by the GNAC it means NNU and MSUB because those are the schools that play schools in the Frontier Conference most often. Refresher: The Frontier Conference is an NAIA conference with schools located in Idaho and Montana.

Western Washington beating Multnomah… Good. The Vikings got it done and did exactly what they were expected to do. This is a terrible case where mediocre play is being rewarded for some teams and not others.

There’s no denying that this blog is a lot harder on SPU and WWU, with as noted: attempts to be just as hard on Anchorage and Western Oregon because they were supposed to do more this year and have done more in the past, but we’re headed for as much parity and weakness as last year, to the point that last year looks like really good prep for what is currently going on.

It was surprising when SPU dropped the game to Academy of Art and WWU came back from PR with a losing record, but… much as there’s an urge to be surprised about Anchorage losing, there’s really not the same sentiment. Yes, they were picked second in the conference by the coaches, but that was a pick that the blog openly disagreed with. On the other side, this blog had higher hopes for WOU and yet it seems expectations should truly be tapered. There was a lot of sentiment that since the Wolves had done the win some-lose some thing last year, this year, with so much returning, they’d be able to put it together consistently and yet they haven’t.

Much as there was disagreement that the Seawolves would be second, there was the inherent hope of being proven wrong. It’s not like there’s the overwhelming urge around here that SPU and WWU have to stand at the top -it’s more like we’re hoping for depth of all programs (think Pac-10 basketball in the mid ’00s) rather than mediocrity for everyone (Pac-10 basketball in the early ’10s).

Western Oregon beat Dixie State, which… is it surprising? Sort of? Maybe? Kind of. Haven’t decided on that because as noted: WOU is expected to get it done, except as a conference we’ve been getting our butts kicked by the Pac-West and yet like last year, WOU is appearing to be an incredibly variable team.

Saint Martin’s 82, George Fox 69
Seattle Pacific 84, Hawaii Hilo 74
Pacific 81, Alaska-Anchorage 62

Saint Martin’s got it done against DIII George Fox, which at this point is commendable. Really balanced scoring and a lot of good numbers to sift through: Trey Ingram had seven rebounds, eight assists, two steals, one block, and three points, which is a heck of a full house; Tyler Iwodu had 17 points and seven rebounds; Cameron Chatman had a double-double with fourteen points and ten rebounds; Riley Carel had a balanced five rebounds, five assists, and 10 points off the bench; Brent Counts came insanely close to a double-double off the bench with nine boards and twelve points; finally, Ryan Rogers had 12 points also off the bench.

That is some really good balance. Yes, it was against a DIII team but conference wide everyone’s been losing games they shouldn’t and to a degree winning ones that they shouldn’t either. This game was a coin flip going in and SMU managed to actually do something productive with it, which is at least a start. Not saying it really changes much of anything, but it’s good to see the result none-the-less.

Seattle Pacific switched their starters as of the Hawaii trip? It could be looked up but doesn’t matter that much. The stat line of the new starter, Bryce Leavitt, is less than stellar –Brendan Carroll, the guy he replaced, had a much better game with 13 points off the bench; also of note Mitch Penner had 14 points and six rebounds off the bench. Starters –Riley Stockton had a balanced nine points and eight rebounds; Matt Borton had 14 points; Cory Hutsen had 21 points while fouling out. The entire team had a mere five assists, which is a massive red flag but at least the Falcons won.

Pacific beat Alaska-Anchorage, but Pacific is in the WCC and so it doesn’t really matter. They were respectable and it helps that they were playing at home, and so the Seawolves aren’t particularly concerning in this case. Much as we love non-conference, it’s been so push-pull this year that there’s a numbness that’s starting to transcend during non-D2 games.

As noted in the last post: There is a massive amount of catch-up to do. There’s still the full intention of doing player-of-the-week for the last week, there’s also plans to look at the Pac-West and CCAA, and some other more stat-oriented stuff.

With that: Enjoy your food coma and Go Seahawks!

Friday’s Games

First and foremost: So many games, such a lack of posting and tweeting, never to happen again. This is why you don’t try and sit between two chairs. The blog is committed to all ten teams. We’ll also be regularly checking in with Concordia-Portland in anticipation of next year.

College basketball on a Friday night… sacrilege to the high school game, but oh well.

Central Washington 65, Minnesota-Crookston 52

Nicely done Wildcats!! Admittedly we knew MN-Crookston’s record last year, but they got an entirely new coaching staff, Central is dealing with almost an entirely new team, and… they’ve got a good rotation. Jordan Russell had 17 points off the bench, along with 6 rebounds; Joseph Shroud had 16 points off the bench, Gary Jacobs with a well-rounded performance of a FULL HOUSE. Even with a terrible A/TO, the blocks and steals are hard to come by so we’ll give him credit anyway.

Player of the game: Gary Jacobs.

Hawaii Hilo 89, Northwest Nazarene 81

While not a victory for the Crusaders, that is still a darn respectable score. NNU has potential this year, particularly considering how balanced their minutes and scoring was; nine guys played at least thirteen minutes. Four players scored in the double digits: Bouna N’Diaye, Erik Kinney, Aubrey Ball, and Kevin Rima.

Kevin Rima… HAD A DOUBLE-DOUBLE!! Nicely done Kevin. Kevin is obviously our player of the game.

CSU East Bay 86, MSU-Billings 80.

The bad news? The MSUB bench contributed almost nothing. The good news? Their scorers are starting to come out of the woodwork. Gary Gordon had 22 points and eight rebounds; Momir Gataric had 13 points and a block; Antoine Hosley (formerly of UW) had 21 points; and…

Austin Hudson had a double-double, with 20 points and 12 boards!! He also had TWO blocks. Player of the game, right there.

They may have lost the battle, but we’ll consider this game a step in the right direction in terms of the Yellowjackets winning the war.

Fresno Pacific 87, Saint Martin’s 67

There isn’t much to say when a team loses by twenty. This wasn’t a moral victory. The highlights for Saint Martin’s include that Tyler Copp scored 17 points, Ryan Rogers had 11 points, Isaac Bianchini had 12 points off the bench, and Tyler Iwodu had eight points and six rebounds for the spot as the Saints’ leading rebounder. Trey Ingram highlights with an amazing 7-0 assist to turnover ratio; he scored a mere five points, but… talk about unselfish play and prototypically what you want in a point guard.

Nice job Trey; player of the game.

Academy of Art 70, Seattle Pacific 67

The Falcons need to prove themselves and they need to do it now. Academy of Art could be better than we were thinking they’d be, or they could be terrible. They looked good against SPU. There’s rational to say that we should still remain calm about the Falcons because the season is so early and they lost by so little, but like Western… What SPU does or doesn’t do holds so much on how the rest of the conference is perceived that… GET IT TOGETHER.

Player highlights include Mitch Penner with 17 points and nine rebounds, Riley Stockton with nine rebounds and eight points, and Cory Hutsen with 10 points and six rebounds.

Player of the game: Mitch Penner.

Simon Fraser 160, Northwest Indian 99

At this point, it doesn’t matter that the defense looks like bologna and the team is way below D2. SFU BEAT A NON-CONFERENCE OPPONENT. And they scored 160. There are teams like SPU where we expect more and teams like SFU where we expect less; sorry Falcons, Vikings, Wolves, and Seawolves in advance. Still… SFU, go Clan!

Seven players scored at least 10 points. In order of the stat sheet: Sango Niang 14 points, eight assists, three steals, 0 turnovers; Justin Cole 16 points, three steals; Roderick Evans-Taylor 19 points, 10 rebounds, seven steals, three assists, and one block -again a bad A/TO but the man still had a full house; Patrick Simon II 14 points, six rebounds; JJ Pankratz 13 points; Adam Westfall 21 points; Hidde Vos 17 points, five assists.

Player of the game of course goes to Roderick Evans-Taylor.

Western Washington 78, Notre Dame de Namur 52

Sorry Vikings; you did exactly what you were supposed to do. Good job. This is mundane: Joey Schreiber had 19 points, seven rebounds; Jeffrey Parker had 21 points, seven rebounds; Anye had five points, seven blocks and seven rebounds; Kyle Impero had seven rebounds and picked up four fouls, which is impressive for a guard.

Vikings, your bench provided almost nothing in any statistical category; there is the concern. Our entire conference relies on you, which you know. Sorry about that. We believe in you Vikings, hence the bashing of heads going “you won by 26, but…” Seriously WWU, gotta do it, gotta set the standard. Ahem, last year; let’s not talk about it all that often.

Player of the game: Anye. Yes it’s biased. Sorry Jeff and Kyle. But especially in a gym like Carver, blocks can change an outcome massively.

Point Loma 64, Western Oregon 54

Here we go again… Wolves, you’re better than this. You beat Oregon State. You need to bounce back. The Nike U. loss meant nothing. Your rebounding performance and play off the bench in this game was dismal. Andy Avgi had 15 points and four rebounds; Lew Thomas had 11 points and six rebounds… Wake up Wolves. You’re supposed to be challenging for second place, considering what Anchorage has been dealing with.

Player of the game: Lew Thomas.

Sonoma State 74, Alaska Anchorage 66

Once again: Seriously Seawolves? Were you drinking too much Coppertone while you were down there? You’re better than this. We outrage because we adore. Aaaaand we find that answer in your rebounding. Commit Seawolves, you gotta commit. You have the second best home advantage in the conference and just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean anything. You can do this. Brian McGill had 25 points, Travis Thompson had 21 points, and no one else really had anything of note. The starters played a lot of minutes.

Trinity Int’l 83, Alaska-Fairbanks 73

Really Nooks? At Home? You let Trinity beat you at home? Your home court advantage is another that shouldn’t be understated. The good news is Adam Griffin scored 17 points off the bench; Ruben Silvas had an incredibly balanced seven rebounds, two steals, four assists, and nine points; and four players had at least six rebounds. While you didn’t win the war, you won many battles. We know you’re rebuilding and from the looks of the effort -you’re going to be just fine.

There is still plenty of hope left for you UAF.

Player of the game goes to Ruben Silvas.

Wow! Yes this went up late. If we missed anybody, please let us know. Leave a comment, tweet at us. Up next is our Player of the Week nominations.