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SMU 87, Hilo 74.

This was an interesting game and we’re starting to crunch the numbers because with three GNAC teams now having played Hilo and 2/3 winning, there’s starting to be a fair bit of good information, although we’re going to hold off on discussing it until next week because the Vulcans play CWU and SPU in a few days.

For the most part this game was a comfortably led by SMU the whole time. There was some tenseness in the first ten minutes, but after that the Saints largely rolled.

Saint highlights: Jordan Kitchen had both a double-double and a full house with 17 points, 11 boards, four assists, and four blocks among other stats; EJ Boyce had 14 points; Luke Chavez continues to impress with 20 points while playing 40 full minutes; and off the bench Jared Matthews had 16 points; while Tavian Henderson had five boards.

Congrats to the Saints on a game very well played & good luck in your preparation for Monterey Bay!

POWs Non Con Week #1 + SMU/Hilo Preview

First player-of-the-week noms of the season! We know we keep saying stuff like that, but last year was so much fun that we truly have waited all year and then with the lack of pre-season ability because of no one returning anything -it’s hitting now and we’re so excited every time we get to sit down to look at basketball stuff.

UAF: LaDonavan Wilder -back in force!
UAA: Jacob Lampkin -into the GNAC by storm.
SFU: N/A —> Donated to Davis Kimble of UAF, another newbie making noise!
WWU: Logan Schilder -very classic center numbers, great field shooting, fantastic rebounding.
SPU: Tony Miller -Tony gonna Tony.
SMU: N/A —> Donated to Gavin Long of SPU.
MSUB: N/A —> Donated to Nathan Streufert of SPU; smart shot selection, ferocious rebounding.
CWU: Khalil Shabazz -two good games, yet another newbie!
CU-PDX: Cody Starr -Again, a newbie!
WOU: Darius Luborn & Riley Hawken -Another newbie and an old favorite that we’re SO glad to have back.

WOWWW, how exciting is this?! Transfers making NOISE. Literally half of the nominations went to incoming transfers; case-in-point why we leave a lot of spots for them on our all-conference teams. That said, don’t freak out too much vets; non-conference is great, but conference play is where our focus truly is, so you’re still good. Shout-outs also to Logan and Nathan, both of whom have been with us at least a year but had never been nominated for POW, so it’s also exciting to see familiar faces planting a stake.


The Hilo/SMU preview:

Trey Ingram vs. his old team! Woo-hoo! Aside from that, we’re curious because we think Alex Pribble used some gamesmanship in the FPU game because Matt Dahlen was seriously impressive in the Point Loma game, but barely played in the previous day’s game, so we’re excited to see him play more D2 and see what that does against this Hilo team that we have exactly zero read on. Regardless of anything else: the Saints need to up their rebounding. We get that a Ryan Looney coached team is always going to rebound well, but… 37 to 23 rebounding advantage, seriously? You’re better than that SMU.

Prediction: Pick ’em, although we’re tempted to pick SMU straight-up.

POW winner’ll be up at noon & we’ll actually be at the Hilo/SMU game, so come say ‘hi.’

Previewing Today’s Games!

Holy guacamole, welcome to Nutso November. Our schedule is a little wacky today (as is the game schedule), so the highlights of yesterday’s games will probably go up this afternoon at some point.

That said, let’s jump into previewing today’s games, seeing as one starts in under an hour.

All times pacific standard.

MSUB vs. Sonoma State @ Cal State East Bay @ 12pm

We’re curious about this game because not even Sonoma knows if Sonoma is going to be good, and both of these teams are coming off of close wins -Sonoma in 2OT and MSUB in regulation- and so we’ll see what happens. If both games in this tournament end as they did yesterday, it’ll be arguably the best basketball tournament we’ve witnessed… This year. Okay, the GNAC tourney was unbelievably fantastic too, but the more great basketball the better!

Prediction: Pick ’em.

SPU @ Cal State East Bay @ 2pm

No idea; we know nothing because it’s early in the season, the two games played in this tournament yesterday were insane, and there’s arguably an interesting dynamic that could be on display between these two teams in particular.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

CWU vs. Monterey Bay @ 3pm

CWU suffered a bit of an embarrassing loss yesterday, because seriously Wildcats?! You return more than anyone else in the conference outside of the Westerns and that’s how you play?! C’mon men.

Prediction: Monterey Bay wins.

CU-PDX vs. San Bernardino State @ 5pm

We’re sooo proud of the Cavs play yesterday and feel like they’re in a great position to keep the momentum going and get a win today.

Prediction: CU-PDX wins another close one.

SMU vs. Point Loma @ 5pm

Gah, we wish we were attending this game. It should be fantastic.

Prediction: Point Loma wins a close one.

SFU vs. Notre Dame de Namur @ 5pm

Is SFU legitimate or is Hilo terrible? If we go with the ‘SFU is legit’ argument then we expect them to beat ND de Namur convincingly.

Prediction: SFU is good this year; wins by 10 or so.

UAF vs. Hawaii Pacific @ 6:30pm

UAF lost to Chaminade by a fair bit, Hawaii Pacific beat Anchorage by a fair bit, thus…

Prediction: HPU blows out UAF.

WWU vs. Hilo @ 7:30pm

Our prediction is going to be that WWU wins every game until they don’t. Their team is stacked and we’re really excited about it.

Prediction: WWU blows out Hilo.

WOU vs. Fresno Pacific @ 7:30pm

Our prediction is going to be that WWU WOU wins every game until they don’t. Their team is stacked and we’re really excited about it.

Prediction: WOU blows out FPU.

UAA vs. Chaminade @ 9pm

Another game we’re really curious about because with the results of yesterday it looks like Chaminade and UAA could be a couple of well-matched teams because we think UAA is better than UAF and HPU is better than Chaminade.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Have fun, be safe, go GNAC!

D2West Gonna D2West

Hi West Region folks! On the agenda today: Losses in the Pac-West & CCAA, as well as the WOU/SPU game up in the GNAC, and if WOU doesn’t host then who should?

If you’ve been reading this blog since August 2015 or before, go ahead and skip to the next section; this is just the regional format of D2, provided for the new-to-D2 people.

A question was broached last night about D2 and who’s who and what’s what and we have a couple of pages up about it under “the kingdom” “other kingdoms” and “the empire,” but it’s maybe not as clear as it might be, so we’ll go over it just a bit now:

How many teams play in March? 64.

How many regions are there? Eight.

How many bids does each region get? Eight.

8 x 8 = 64. Pretty simple.

But the big difference between D1 and D2 is that we’re limited by region. We like the system better than the D1 system because we like being able to stalk the other teams we’re potentially playing all year, and have an idea of who we’re gonna match-up with, but the one drawback is that you can end up with what’s essentially three number one seeds all in the same region.

That happened to the D2 west most recently in 2013; Western Washington was ranked 2nd, Cal Poly Pomona was ranked 3rd, and Seattle Pacific was ranked 4th. Cal Poly Pomona exited in the round of 32, Seattle Pacific the round of 16, and Western Washington at made it to the Elite Eight/Final Four, although didn’t win the title.

Still: We think the geographic defined regions work well because if you want to win a national championship, you have to beat everybody; it doesn’t matter where you’re from, where you’re ranked, or how you’re seeded. When it comes down to it: Win. That’s it. That’s all you’ve gotta do. And look no further than D1 Duke’s propensity to lose in the 2nd round to see that it truly doesn’t matter who and where you play.

Pac-West games of note this past week:

HPU 83 @ APU 80
CBU 88 @ Dixie 94 in OT
Hilo 86 @ Dom. 76

Dominican is currently just edging out BYU-H for the 6th spot in the Pac-West, while Hilo is near the bottom.

Hilo lost to CWU/SPU/SMU, while Dominican lost to NNU while beating UAF & MSUB. Additionally Dominican has losses to Sonoma & Chico, and wins over Monterey Bay and Stanislaus.

Hawaii Pacific is currently 3rd in the Pac-West and has losses to both of the Alaska schools and a win over Western Washington.

Neither Hilo nor HPU played any crossover with the CCAA.

Pac-West Relevant Standings:

CU-Irvine is 14-2
APU is 10-4
HPU is 10-5
CBU is 9-5
Dixie is 8-5
Dominican is 8-6
BYU-H is 9-7
Chaminade is 8-7

And CU-Irvine isn’t eligible for the Regional and thus we assume isn’t going to the conference tournament either.

CCAA games of note this past week:

DH 62 @ CSULA 69
HSU 59 @ SFSU 85
CSULA 59 @ San Marcos 55

Relevant standings:

UCSD is 13-2
Chico is 12-2
CPP is 11-4
San Marcos is 9-5
Humboldt is 9-6
Monterey Bay is 8-7
Sonoma is 7-8
SFSU is 6-9

Humboldt lost big to SFSU and we’d say we’re surprised but we’re not. The SOS in the CCAA is minimal at best; UCSD is fine, but no one really played anyone and in conference play everyone has questionable losses.

GNAC games of note this past week:

UAA 108 @ WWU 105 in OT
UAF 78 @ WWU 64 -doesn’t mean much in regard to standings, but it was a surprisingly thorough blowout.
WOU 84 @ SPU 82 in OT

Really the GNAC isn’t that interesting at the moment because the spots in the conference tournament are theoretically completely solidified. The order of the finish isn’t, but there’s a pretty big gap between the top six and the bottom five.

Relevant information:

WWU 8-6
MSUB 5-9

That’s the gap you’re looking at. Within the groups (those in the conference tournament and those not in the conference tournament) there’s tons of parity, but is it stuff that non-GNAC people need to be concerned about? Not really.

UAA beating WWU theoretically basically affirms the fact that the Seawolves should get an at-large bid, even if they pick up a loss to WOU and/or at CWU. CWU has a pretty good home court advantage and is great about getting up for big games, so definitely something to at least look at as a potential to happen. While the Seawolves SOS isn’t great, it’s better than teams of similar records in the Pac-West and CCAA, so this year they should get the nod.

The WOU @ SPU game… It was intense. It was everything we expected and more. The Falcons went up by a lot and were up by quite a bit at half time but we didn’t buy it for a second. That’s not how these two teams play. We knew it would come down to the end and it did and the Wolves pulled out the victory and in doing so could have reserved themselves the spot of West Region host over SPU, which… Doesn’t make a ton of sense if you look at the standings, because right now UAA has a better record than SPU, and yet… UAA has a much harder remaining schedule, and no Strength of Schedule, while the Falcons have Strength of Schedule and only play two games that come in as question marks.

UAA notably has: @MSUB, vs. UAF, @CWU, and vs. WOU; four out of their remaining six games are rough. MSUB at home would be fine, but as we regularly say: It’s hard to play in Billings. MSUB on the road is brutal, doesn’t matter who you are.

SPU notably has: vs. WWU, @ CWU.

While every game each team plays is up for grabs, particularly in a year like this, at the same time you have to think rationally, weighing it all. We know that every game is losable for both teams, but we also know that every game is winnable because SPU and UAA are two very good teams, and with that: The Seawolves may very well get the win against WOU, particularly because the Wolves are playing up in Alaska and playing up in Alaska is brutal. Really brutal. They have incredible home court advantage. But the Wolves are a really, really, really good team.

Looking at “potential” West Region hosts:

CU-I isn’t eligible.
APU just lost to FPU, HPU, and Dominican.
Cal Baptist just lost to Dixie State and has a loss to UCSD in non-con.
HPU got swept by the Alaska schools + five in-conference losses.
UCSD has a couple of big losses to Humboldt and Monterey Bay, and plays Chico on Friday.
Chico has a brutally back-loaded schedule and still has to play CPP, UCSD, Humboldt, and DH.
CPP has two losses to UCSD.

In the GNAC:

WOU has a road win over UCSD, two wins over SPU, and thus far: Only one in-conference loss and it’s on the road to a CWU team that’s for sure making the conference tournament.
has two losses to WOU, but also boasts wins against Chico, APU, Dixie, BYU-H, and an overtime loss to CU-Irvine. In terms of SOS, this is the cream of the D2West crop.
UAA isn’t relevant because they have a comparable number of losses with SPU, without the strength of schedule to counterbalance.

WOU beating SPU theoretically seals the region’s fate that we’re bound for Monmouth, because even with an expected level of chaos it would be hard for WOU to lose enough and other teams to win enough that the tournament would go elsewhere. But even if it did, we see UCSD and SPU being the big schools to be considered, even with the kind of chaos that might go on, because the fact is:


We really don’t want SPU to host, but if chaos happens and it’s basically drawing a name out of a hat in regard to hosting: The Falcons wholly deserve it because they schedule fearlessly, and they always have -even before SOS was counted. While WOU went down and played at UCSD, it was only one game and we don’t buy that the Wolves thought it would be a tough game. We’d been preaching how much we liked the Tritons all year, but no one really started taking them seriously until late November, early December.

SPU? The Falcons scheduled Elite Eight participant Azusa, perennial powers Chico State, Dixie State, and BYU-Hawaii, and a CU-Irvine team that was seen as a huge threat to pull a Cal Baptist/Azusa Pacific and come in and immediately dominate (which they have). And they won every game except the one against CU-Irvine. No one matches the Falcons strength of schedule. No one. The Falcons played a more difficult non-con than most of the other potential at-large teams combined. Ryan Looney scheduled his guys a death march of non-con and especially in this first year of SOS being official criterium: if WOU doesn’t get the bid to host, SPU should. Not because they’re the team most likely to make it to the Elite Eight -honestly we have no clue, because we’d place our bets on ineligible CU-Irvine- but because the region-wide pathetic non-conference scheduling has got to stop.

Sorry to the teams that played the top schools and are now being insinuated as “pathetic non-conference opponents.”

POW Noms & Winner’ll go up at 10 and 11am, respectively.

Discussions: More West Region Stuff.

Lots of stuff on the agenda today, where to even begin? We’ll start with the fact that the internet was down at work until almost 1:30, thus the late posting.

-CU-Irvine isn’t eligible for the tournament.
-UAA’s losses to SPU/SMU.
-WOU as the #1 seed.
-The 4-1-1 on who writes this blog.

CU-Irvine isn’t eligible for the Regional.

We got official confirmation that’s the case and so we’ll go over our seedings once again probably on Sunday, but as much as they’re getting taken out, we suspect that the team that will ultimately be the “last team in” is impossible to say. This year in particular, bids are at a premium; too many teams with too many similar resumes and then you have to 100% take into account the autobid out of each respective conference tournament. When it’s all said and done, even with the extra spot via CU-I, multiple teams are going to get “left out” because welcome to Selection Sunday.

What does it mean that UAA lost to SMU/SPU?

Honestly, we really don’t think it matters a ton. Just about everyone has questionable in-conference losses and UAA matches up just fine with Humboldt State, Chico State, and some of the Pac-West schools. A loss to SMU while not ideal, especially from an out-of-conference perspective, looks totally okay when you compare to the other teams we selected as likely to get bids to the tournament. There’s still a lot of games left to play, but briefly: Cal Poly Pomona lost to Cal State LA, Western Oregon lost to Central Washington, Azusa lost to Fresno; and that’s just one example from each conference, when there are multiple.

Considering WOU as the #1 Seed -even over SPU.

There was an argument made that if Seattle Pacific beats Western Oregon this weekend and games play out as expected (ha, yeah right) then SPU will host the tournament. We’re not sure. There are too many variables between now and then, but the key one people will zoom in on is strength of schedule. The Falcons kill the Wolves in regard to SOS and yet… Two home losses. Two pretty good home losses, but both saw the Falcons choke, really choke. WOU gets it done. WOU gives up leads, but they get it done. Again, this is a bad week to discuss it because the teams are about to play each other, but… We’ll see. We’ll come back to this one next week. And probably every week after that if we’re being honest because this year the bracketology posts are going to be a lot more numerous due to all of the parity.


What does that even mean? Save our School on Strength of Schedule. And luckily every other West Region team from top to bottom is responding to your particular school’s call. The only school we’ve found with true SOS is Seattle Pacific and even that is worse than it usually would have been. We love those coaches to the moon and back, partly because they do schedule themselves so well, but this year both Dixie and BYU-Hawaii was worse than anticipated, and thus SPU’s strength of schedule is less than anticipated even while being the West Region team with the best SOS. That helps everyone out. Welcome to the D2 West 2015-2016, where strength of schedule is graded on a curve.


It’s funny to look at the national rankings because our west region ones feel really different.

3. Western Oregon -big game this week, but a loss to Seattle Pacific shouldn’t drop them much if it happens.
8. MSU Moorhead
10. UC San Diego -two great wins over Humboldt and CPP.
14. Chico State -they still have no strength of schedule and we still worry about it.
18. Cal Poly Pomona -If you’re going to lose in the CCAA, a loss to UCSD is your best option.
19. Seattle Pacific -wins over the Alaska schools in Alaska; always very challenging, although we get the feeling they would have gotten back into the Top 25 regardless as to who they played as long as they won.

Receiving votes: Cal Baptist (10), Azusa Pacific (1).

Cal Baptist -it’s being pointed out that they have five D2 losses and yet all of those losses are quality, and the rest of their schedule is 50/50 so we’ll see. They play a lot of teams that are building momentum at the right time -Dixie State, BYU-H, CU-Irvine.

Azusa Pacific -we love them, we believe in them, we’re positive they deserve more than one vote (probably in the realm of 10 to 15) but for now agree that ranking them is a little questionable.

We reached 100 Followers!

You guys are amazing. Even those of you that don’t officially follow us in any capacity but still come check in and read the blog. Quality, not quantity. Pretty esoteric subject; D2 men’s basketball in the Pacific Northwest.

We remember our first day when the project went live and we got our first individual follower: the Sunshine Conference commissioner. We remember weeks later when we finally came clean to our coach about the project and he looked at us and went ‘NO ONE CAN KNOW. I MEAN NO ONE. CAN. KNOW.’ And while the information about who we are has existed under the “Our Story,” tab since last January, for those that aren’t so fond of inductive logic… We got a question last night that may help you:

Are you Falcon Girl? You’re not Falcon Girl.

Au contraire; yes, yes I was, and part of me always will be. Because I’m boring and don’t drink nor get high, Falcon Girl was a way to blow off steam. Cawing started during my first year when we were playing a team in non-conference and I wanted to do something while the opponent shot free throws; I started cawing as a joke, they missed almost all of them, and the tradition was born.

As you’ve probably gathered from reading the blog: I wasn’t the most fond of attending SPU. Now that Erin O’Connell is gone things are a little better, but… my beloved Home-Away-From-Home has become Home-Home and I couldn’t ask for two better D2 programs to call “mine.” Granted: between Ryan Looney’s scheduling habits, my commitment to away games, and my decision that blogging would be the best way to stay involved post graduation -the entire west region/GNAC is pretty much mine =) Such a huge blessing and you (yes even YOU) are a part of it, so thank-you for helping bring joy to my life -unless, that is, you’re an SPU alum or staff member that regularly bullied me, told me I was a disgrace to our university, and openly stated that girls can’t know anything about men’s basketball. If you’re one of those people: Geht zu höllen.

If one person writes it, why do you use the term ‘we’ and always talk in the possessive plural?

Because it’s socially unacceptable to do anything by yourself. Just a habit developed because when you mention you went to Chico/Alaska/Arizona (grad school games) by yourself, people give you really weird looks. Um, if I waited to find another person my age to do the stuff I want to do and budget for the stuff I tend to prioritize budgeting for, I’d be waiting forever. Also I’m kind of picky (ahem, very very very picky) about my inner circle and so most stuff I prefer to do by myself anyway. If we’re being honest, life isn’t the best fit for me -although it’s definitely gotten a lot better since graduating from SPU.

Alright. Good talk, Blog. Game previews’ll be up tomorrow at 10am.

Friday’s Games

First and foremost: So many games, such a lack of posting and tweeting, never to happen again. This is why you don’t try and sit between two chairs. The blog is committed to all ten teams. We’ll also be regularly checking in with Concordia-Portland in anticipation of next year.

College basketball on a Friday night… sacrilege to the high school game, but oh well.

Central Washington 65, Minnesota-Crookston 52

Nicely done Wildcats!! Admittedly we knew MN-Crookston’s record last year, but they got an entirely new coaching staff, Central is dealing with almost an entirely new team, and… they’ve got a good rotation. Jordan Russell had 17 points off the bench, along with 6 rebounds; Joseph Shroud had 16 points off the bench, Gary Jacobs with a well-rounded performance of a FULL HOUSE. Even with a terrible A/TO, the blocks and steals are hard to come by so we’ll give him credit anyway.

Player of the game: Gary Jacobs.

Hawaii Hilo 89, Northwest Nazarene 81

While not a victory for the Crusaders, that is still a darn respectable score. NNU has potential this year, particularly considering how balanced their minutes and scoring was; nine guys played at least thirteen minutes. Four players scored in the double digits: Bouna N’Diaye, Erik Kinney, Aubrey Ball, and Kevin Rima.

Kevin Rima… HAD A DOUBLE-DOUBLE!! Nicely done Kevin. Kevin is obviously our player of the game.

CSU East Bay 86, MSU-Billings 80.

The bad news? The MSUB bench contributed almost nothing. The good news? Their scorers are starting to come out of the woodwork. Gary Gordon had 22 points and eight rebounds; Momir Gataric had 13 points and a block; Antoine Hosley (formerly of UW) had 21 points; and…

Austin Hudson had a double-double, with 20 points and 12 boards!! He also had TWO blocks. Player of the game, right there.

They may have lost the battle, but we’ll consider this game a step in the right direction in terms of the Yellowjackets winning the war.

Fresno Pacific 87, Saint Martin’s 67

There isn’t much to say when a team loses by twenty. This wasn’t a moral victory. The highlights for Saint Martin’s include that Tyler Copp scored 17 points, Ryan Rogers had 11 points, Isaac Bianchini had 12 points off the bench, and Tyler Iwodu had eight points and six rebounds for the spot as the Saints’ leading rebounder. Trey Ingram highlights with an amazing 7-0 assist to turnover ratio; he scored a mere five points, but… talk about unselfish play and prototypically what you want in a point guard.

Nice job Trey; player of the game.

Academy of Art 70, Seattle Pacific 67

The Falcons need to prove themselves and they need to do it now. Academy of Art could be better than we were thinking they’d be, or they could be terrible. They looked good against SPU. There’s rational to say that we should still remain calm about the Falcons because the season is so early and they lost by so little, but like Western… What SPU does or doesn’t do holds so much on how the rest of the conference is perceived that… GET IT TOGETHER.

Player highlights include Mitch Penner with 17 points and nine rebounds, Riley Stockton with nine rebounds and eight points, and Cory Hutsen with 10 points and six rebounds.

Player of the game: Mitch Penner.

Simon Fraser 160, Northwest Indian 99

At this point, it doesn’t matter that the defense looks like bologna and the team is way below D2. SFU BEAT A NON-CONFERENCE OPPONENT. And they scored 160. There are teams like SPU where we expect more and teams like SFU where we expect less; sorry Falcons, Vikings, Wolves, and Seawolves in advance. Still… SFU, go Clan!

Seven players scored at least 10 points. In order of the stat sheet: Sango Niang 14 points, eight assists, three steals, 0 turnovers; Justin Cole 16 points, three steals; Roderick Evans-Taylor 19 points, 10 rebounds, seven steals, three assists, and one block -again a bad A/TO but the man still had a full house; Patrick Simon II 14 points, six rebounds; JJ Pankratz 13 points; Adam Westfall 21 points; Hidde Vos 17 points, five assists.

Player of the game of course goes to Roderick Evans-Taylor.

Western Washington 78, Notre Dame de Namur 52

Sorry Vikings; you did exactly what you were supposed to do. Good job. This is mundane: Joey Schreiber had 19 points, seven rebounds; Jeffrey Parker had 21 points, seven rebounds; Anye had five points, seven blocks and seven rebounds; Kyle Impero had seven rebounds and picked up four fouls, which is impressive for a guard.

Vikings, your bench provided almost nothing in any statistical category; there is the concern. Our entire conference relies on you, which you know. Sorry about that. We believe in you Vikings, hence the bashing of heads going “you won by 26, but…” Seriously WWU, gotta do it, gotta set the standard. Ahem, last year; let’s not talk about it all that often.

Player of the game: Anye. Yes it’s biased. Sorry Jeff and Kyle. But especially in a gym like Carver, blocks can change an outcome massively.

Point Loma 64, Western Oregon 54

Here we go again… Wolves, you’re better than this. You beat Oregon State. You need to bounce back. The Nike U. loss meant nothing. Your rebounding performance and play off the bench in this game was dismal. Andy Avgi had 15 points and four rebounds; Lew Thomas had 11 points and six rebounds… Wake up Wolves. You’re supposed to be challenging for second place, considering what Anchorage has been dealing with.

Player of the game: Lew Thomas.

Sonoma State 74, Alaska Anchorage 66

Once again: Seriously Seawolves? Were you drinking too much Coppertone while you were down there? You’re better than this. We outrage because we adore. Aaaaand we find that answer in your rebounding. Commit Seawolves, you gotta commit. You have the second best home advantage in the conference and just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean anything. You can do this. Brian McGill had 25 points, Travis Thompson had 21 points, and no one else really had anything of note. The starters played a lot of minutes.

Trinity Int’l 83, Alaska-Fairbanks 73

Really Nooks? At Home? You let Trinity beat you at home? Your home court advantage is another that shouldn’t be understated. The good news is Adam Griffin scored 17 points off the bench; Ruben Silvas had an incredibly balanced seven rebounds, two steals, four assists, and nine points; and four players had at least six rebounds. While you didn’t win the war, you won many battles. We know you’re rebuilding and from the looks of the effort -you’re going to be just fine.

There is still plenty of hope left for you UAF.

Player of the game goes to Ruben Silvas.

Wow! Yes this went up late. If we missed anybody, please let us know. Leave a comment, tweet at us. Up next is our Player of the Week nominations.

Pac-West vs. the CCAA

Holy Names plays @ CSU Monterey Bay, @ CSU Dominguez Hills, and Sonoma State.

Dominican plays @ CSU Dominguez Hills, CSU East Bay, Sonoma State, @ Chico State, and San Francisco State

Cal Baptist plays @ CSU Dominguez Hills, and @ San Francisco State,

Point Loma plays CSU Dominguez Hills, @ Cal Poly Pomona, and Cal State Los Angeles.

Fresno Pacific plays @ Cal State Los Angeles.

Academy of Art plays @ San Francisco State.

Dixie State plays Stanislaus.

A final tally of 19 games involving all but four Pac-West conference schools; the Hawaii schools are too busy playing GNAC schools to get into the mix against the CCAA.

The first thing that stands out is that Dixie State plays CSU-Stanislaus. From a conference perspective, Stanislaus was the team that beat SPU in the tournament during OT, Dixie State beat SPU in OT in non-conference last year, the teams are going to be different but there’s still a connection. Stanislaus is rather reminiscent of MSUB in terms of the GNAC; they got really good as the season progressed and so their conference record didn’t necessarily reflect their capabilities. Always fun to watch those teams.

For the most part the schedule above shows mismatches of the strong playing the theoretical weak. There are only a few tournament teams that play each other. It’s becoming a trend that the tournament teams tend to play smaller division schools. I wish this was more frowned upon; as I’ve noted: I’m a big fan of strength of schedule, just because… compelling match-ups are compelling. While we’ll always say ‘any given year’ c’mon! Let’s get more of the frequent tournament teams playing each other. I grew up in the Pac-10, where beating each other up is not only expected but encouraged.

And unlike football, basketball schedules aren’t set in stone years ahead of time; while there’s some early scheduling, there’s still plenty of room to move even during the month of August. No, there’s probably concern about reputation on a national level and the whole “no one really wins when everyone has an average record” but… even as a REGION, the number of D2 teams we collectively play outside of our region is negligible, plus doesn’t really matter because only one team is gonna make the Elite 8 anyway.

Originally the plan was to post the CCAA, GNAC, and Pac-West D2 non-west region match-ups, but the CCAA is yet to post their composite schedule, so we shall see what’s on the horizon for tomorrow.