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1st NightLights of the Year!

And they’re somewhat out of desperation, but that’s okay because we’ve got amazing guys and a nebulizer in our mouths so yay being occupied!

Initial score reactions:

-Hey! Simon Fraser kept it close against Hilo, nicely done!
-MSUB, quality loss to Cal Baptist.
-CWU BEAT SAN BERNARDINO IN OT!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Wildcats!!!!!!!
-Chaminade beat Anchorage, ahahahahaha. We love Anchorage this year, it hasn’t always been like that.
-*Insert a long string of words we don’t use on this blog.* WOU beat PLNU by two points. We could not have asked for a better score, oh my goodness, we love you Jim Shaw, congrats Wolves, we’re so so so happy.
-Western Washington beat Sonoma state *nods.* We want WWU to do well, but it’s time to prove it.
-CONCORDIA BEAT MONTEREY BAY!!!!!!!! Convincingly. Good score, it was by like 10.
-LKSLKDSLFJKDFJLK LKSDJFSLDKJF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saint Martin’s beat FPU. By a lot. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Northwest Nazarene killed Simpson. Praise God.

UAF, tbd. Can’t access any of their stats or scores because their twitter isn’t updated, nor is HPU’s, and HPU has a paywall. Whatever. Apparently they don’t want us to care. *shrugs* But seriously: It’s D2, get over yourselves.

Now, Nightlights:

Kedar Wright of SFU shot 90% from the line and had 12 boards.
Zach Lessinger of MSUB had 18 points off the bench on 70% shooting from the field and 80% from the line.
Dom Hunter of CWU (formerly UAA) was 8-8 from the charity stripe.
Niles Fuquan also of CWU had 18 points off the bench.
Suki Wiggs (UAA) was 17-19 from the line.
Tanner Omlid (WOU) had 10 boards and six steals with zero turnovers. Um, wow.
Daulton Hommes (WWU) had 29 points and was 11/13 from the field with other good numbers and NO bad numbers. Wow! We are SO proud.
COLEMAN WOOTEN (SPU) had 26 points and 11 rebounds!!
TYLER COPP (SMU) HAD 24 POINTS, 10 BOARDS, AND FIVE ASSISTS!!! He was one of our favorite underclassmen a couple of years ago but didn’t do too much last year, and we’ve missed writing about him.

So many great numbers we don’t even know what to do with ourselves. Last year we were struggling week after week to come up with 11 nominations for player of the week and now it’s one night and every single team had a guy putting up awesome numbers. Plenty of more guys will get highlighted tomorrow morning, but these are the ones that are “Whoa, that’s amazing.” A lot of the guys above were playing essentially their first D2 games or seeing major minutes for the first time. The only names up above that are like “Yeah, duh” are Suki and Tanner. Tyler Copp was awesome a couple years ago but didn’t do too much last year. Coleman started a few games, but it was super tentative. Tanner, even, we really like him and thought he was great last year, but he didn’t start full time or anything on what was a loaded team. He’s going to be expected to carry the load this year and so far so good.

We feel completely elated right now… This was a better day than we could have possibly hoped for. Really, really really excited. The Anchorage loss… We’re honestly not worried, largely because every other team carried us so well.

Seriously, again: So proud of all of the guys tonight, the GNAC did fantastically, we can’t wait to talk about tons more highlights in the morning. Theoretically that post and the preview post will go up before 2pm, if they’re not up by that point it’ll be another NightLights post and then we’ll deal with all of the results on Sunday. This is what happens when football and basketball overlap… Chaos. We love it. It’s the best.

Welcome to Nutso November. Hang on!