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Previewing Tonight’s Games

Welcome to the second “real” weekend of GNAC play.

All times pacific.

CWU @ SFU @ 7pm

SFU just Coug’d it against SPU, CWU just beat D3 Linfield. While CWU is the better team, it’s a close match-up and so if SFU can learn from their mistakes and not send 95% free throw shooters to the line while leading by two in the final seconds, we think it could be a super competitive game.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

NNU @ WWU @ 7pm

We’re torn on whether or not this should be a good game. NNU looked good early in the season and they have good players but they haven’t been good as of late. WWU is 4-0 in conference. On the one hand there’s a thought that it still should be a good game if NNU can finally wake up, but on the other hand it’s like “Are you joking? NNU isn’t gonna wake up at WWU of all places.”

Prediction: It’s either a pick ’em, or a blow-out; WWU won’t simply win comfortably.

MSUB @ CU-PDX @ 7:30pm

Concordia is currently 0-5 in conference and while MSUB is back on the upswing… It would be a really good game for Concordia to get back into the groove of things. Concordia is irritating us because we look at where they are in the standings and then we think of their player make-up and we’re like “this can’t be happening, it makes no sense, this is the strongest team they’ve had since they’ve been in the conference,” so… We keep expecting something to happen. As with Simon Fraser in other years: something will happen eventually.

Prediction: Pick ’em, but we also won’t be surprised if MSUB straight-up wins.

SPU @ UAF @ 8pm

Who knows? SPU just had a team Coug it against them, meanwhile having as perfect of numbers as we’ve ever seen. The numbers say they should have won by 30 and yet they still almost lost, and so… On the one hand, it should be hard for UAF to win if the Falcons put up numbers like that; on the other hand, they’re now on the road so why shouldn’t the Nooks get the ‘W’?

Prediction: SPU comes away with the ‘W,’ but no inclination on the margin.

SMU @ UAA @ 8pm

We’re super excited for this game because we think SMU has no real good solution for Jacob Lampkin himself, and yet the overall team should have no problem with UAA. Jacob Lampkin has been singlehandedly carrying the Seawolves and so if he has the type of game we know he’s capable of (30 & 15), we think SMU is going down. If he doesn’t and it’s more teamwork reliant, then SMU shouldn’t have any type of problem with the Seawolves and it should be a great middle-of-the-season “grinding,” game.

Prediction: SMU wins comfortably OR the Seawolves win a close one. We don’t think if it’s close it’ll favor SMU.

Overall it should be a good night. Good luck to all of the teams.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!

POWs Non Con Week #1 + SMU/Hilo Preview

First player-of-the-week noms of the season! We know we keep saying stuff like that, but last year was so much fun that we truly have waited all year and then with the lack of pre-season ability because of no one returning anything -it’s hitting now and we’re so excited every time we get to sit down to look at basketball stuff.

UAF: LaDonavan Wilder -back in force!
UAA: Jacob Lampkin -into the GNAC by storm.
SFU: N/A —> Donated to Davis Kimble of UAF, another newbie making noise!
WWU: Logan Schilder -very classic center numbers, great field shooting, fantastic rebounding.
SPU: Tony Miller -Tony gonna Tony.
SMU: N/A —> Donated to Gavin Long of SPU.
MSUB: N/A —> Donated to Nathan Streufert of SPU; smart shot selection, ferocious rebounding.
CWU: Khalil Shabazz -two good games, yet another newbie!
CU-PDX: Cody Starr -Again, a newbie!
WOU: Darius Luborn & Riley Hawken -Another newbie and an old favorite that we’re SO glad to have back.

WOWWW, how exciting is this?! Transfers making NOISE. Literally half of the nominations went to incoming transfers; case-in-point why we leave a lot of spots for them on our all-conference teams. That said, don’t freak out too much vets; non-conference is great, but conference play is where our focus truly is, so you’re still good. Shout-outs also to Logan and Nathan, both of whom have been with us at least a year but had never been nominated for POW, so it’s also exciting to see familiar faces planting a stake.


The Hilo/SMU preview:

Trey Ingram vs. his old team! Woo-hoo! Aside from that, we’re curious because we think Alex Pribble used some gamesmanship in the FPU game because Matt Dahlen was seriously impressive in the Point Loma game, but barely played in the previous day’s game, so we’re excited to see him play more D2 and see what that does against this Hilo team that we have exactly zero read on. Regardless of anything else: the Saints need to up their rebounding. We get that a Ryan Looney coached team is always going to rebound well, but… 37 to 23 rebounding advantage, seriously? You’re better than that SMU.

Prediction: Pick ’em, although we’re tempted to pick SMU straight-up.

POW winner’ll be up at noon & we’ll actually be at the Hilo/SMU game, so come say ‘hi.’

Parity Is as Parity Does.

‘Not’ is not a verb. ‘Is’ is a verb.

A grammar lesson courtesy of the GNAC Men’s Basketblog.

The point is: We’re here. We’re still going strong with blogging this year. We’re going to get around to naming our player-of-the-year and all-conference teams from last year at some point… Technically we don’t actually have to start blogging until November, but we feel the need to remind you guys that we’re just as addicted as ever, but… Last year may have caused a bit of a basketball existential crisis.

Last year we didn’t find out three of the teams that were making the tournament until after conference play ended.

That’s the epitome of great in regard to being a GNAC basketball junkie, as we pride ourselves on being, and yet as it comes to blogging… What’s the point of pre-season blogging? What’s the point of speculation? The most correct thing we wrote last year in regard to almost anything was just straight up admitting “We don’t know,” or “It’s too close to call,” or “It’s anybody’s game.” Those statements proved to be 100% true, even in games where one team ended up winning more comfortably, just because… It wasn’t a guarantee.

There are games on the schedule that traditionally you look at and go “Okay, that’ll be a blow-out.” Those games for the most part went out the window last year, which is amazing -we literally loved every single week of the season, it was incredible- but from a “what the heck do we write??” perspective it’s brutal.

And so we write nothing. We’re not doing the usual Mondays in September as we have the past couple of years, just because… We’re not. Once the quarter schools start and those rosters get finalized maybe a week or so into October, then we’ll do the GIF anticipations, official prognostications, and looking at the schedules, and whatnot.

We usually say we don’t count transfers before we see them play conference games, and while that’s true… No coaching staff thinks they brought in bad transfers. Okay: the SPU coaching staff might, but dude is still 6’11; he could be useless and very inept, but he’s still 6’11 and this is still basketball, and they brought him in with no real necessity; if he’s good it’ll help them, but if he’s bad he won’t hurt them and it still gives their forwards another guy to bang against in practice.

Meanwhile: We know 10 teams are thinking they brought in GREAT transfers that are going to be THE missing piece, and we are so excited for you guys -welcome new transfers!! We know you guys are going to be amazing (just as your predecessors have been) to the point that on our pre-season all-conference teams we actually leave open spaces for you; we usually only name four to each, just because we know several transfers will come in and knock our socks off.

As such: Our pre-season speculation is subdued, but we are here and we are very excited for the new season to start. Okay… Maybe we’ll do a line briefly about what we’re looking forward to about each team, just off the top of our head without looking at any rosters or anything:

UAF: Last year was disappointing, so we’re looking forward to the Nooks hopefully bouncing back and having a great year.
UAA: We liked Jacob Lampkin when he was at O’Dea and so we’re excited to get to watch him play collegiately, as well as for the Seawolves to host the conference tournament.
SFU: Hope springs eternal and we’re sure they’re working hard.
WWU: TREY DRECHSEL IS BACK!!!!!!! And literally the only thing the Viks lost is scoring and scoring is easiest to regenerate. Logan will have another year of development, so… It should be a really, really good year.
SPU: [originally accidentally left blank] Addition by subtraction; they bring back literally every productive player they had last year.
SMU: They lost almost everything, it’s going to be an entirely new team, essentially, and so we’re really curious to see what that new team looks like.
MSUB: Preston Beverly transferred to Point Loma, but MSUB runs a good program regardless and Kendall Denham is a senior, so… Hopefully he’ll go lights out and it’ll be great.
CWU: FUQUAN!!!!!!!! They arguably get the most athletic guys in the conference, so they’re always entertaining.
NNU: MAURICE JONES!!!!!!! ‘Nuff said. Any team with Mo is a team worth watching.
CU-PDX: They were starting to look really good last year and while we don’t know precisely what they return, we believe in Coach B. having watched his NAIA teams, so… We’ll continue believing in his D2 teams through the transition.
WOU: TANNER, RILEY HAWKEN, ALI, ALEX, DEMETRIUS!!!!!!!!! We love this team. We’re really excited about the whole thing.

By the looks of it the Westerns are going to be doing some serious battle, still: we’re not going to discuss the prognostication for probably another two and a half to three weeks, but… We are now officially really pumped about the October blogging, just rational enough to know that this year September blogging is pointless.

Enjoy football, we’ll put up the all-conference teams in the coming few weeks, and… Posts will start going up regularly in October.

Update: We didn’t mean to leave out SPU; we’re just not excited about the Falcons at all, what-so-ever 😉

If You Can Play, You Can Play

The CWU broadcast had a bunch of the “You can play,” commercials, in which CWU athletes state their support for LGBT athletes competing in collegiate athletics -something we also support wholeheartedly. We noted that it’s ironic because in the GNAC, two of the most homophobic campuses are in Seattle and Portland, even though mathematically you’re more likely to be subjected to homophobia and/or a hate crime in Ellensburg.

We were told by the GNAC Assistant Commissioner for Communications that comments like that have no place affiliating with the GNAC, so we deleted them because we didn’t want any trouble, but…

Wait a second, what?

Attending SPU when gay marriage went legal in Washington at about 12pm in February 2012, we vividly remember raising our hand in class to state that it was finally official. There was dead silence. Shortly thereafter, there was a small paragraph in the student paper noting that gay marriages would not be held on campus, nor allowed in our campus affiliated chapel. Throughout our time there, it was a contentious issue as to whether or not pro-gay SPU students could even form an organization and/or meet on campus.

Somehow we don’t think SPU would be proud of having an out student athlete. We could be wrong, but we do know they wouldn’t be allowed to get married on campus like so many of their straight classmates.

We’re not familiar with Concordia-Portland’s official policy on gay marriage, but we do remember a few instances of media attention when professors from other Missouri-Synod affiliated schools were fired for coming out, or simply for their colleagues finding out about their sexuality innocuously (family pictures, slip of phrase, etc.).

With some basic googling, we find out that CU-PDX students attempted to start a gay-straight alliance, but it was quickly quashed by the admin because it would look to the denomination that they were promoting homosexual behavior, something that is 100% not okay with the Missouri-Synod branch of the Lutheran Church. CU-PDX now has ‘Unity’ club instead. It’s a school in Portland, so we do have hope that certain parts of Concordia-Portland is open and affirming, but somehow we don’t think an out athlete would be appreciated.

And a GNAC official telling us that we have no business affiliating with the GNAC, for noting official school policies, is almost as ludicrous as the GNAC pretending to take an official stance in support of LGBT student athletes, while having schools with such homophobic policies in place.

We love and believe in ALL of our GNAC men’s basketball players -past, present, and future- and know 100% that if you can play -you can play.

Results and analysis up in the morning. Thanks for a great night of basketball!

Welcome Back!!

A post went up for the hardcore basketball junkies a couple of months ago, but trust us: If you’re here for the first time (this year or ever) you really didn’t miss much. The GNAC is influx and we have a boatload of awesome new transfers and frosh to welcome in and love so we’re not quite sure what’s really happening just yet. In past years we’ve done ten tons of pre-season blogging, but with all of the shifting we haven’t, so here’s…

What we know:

  • Alaska-Anchorage is going to be incredible. Our pre-season pick to host the regional, because we love Anchorage and we’re biased.
  • Transfers are going to be a big deal on every team maybe except Anchorage. However, this is the GNAC so we feel like UAA is still likely to have a breakout transfer as well.
  • Seattle Pacific is undergoing a major transition. Coaching change, no returning rebounding what-so-ever, no post sized post with a post-worthy game, and no full-time returning starting guard. We’ll see. They’re scheduled fantastically as always, but who knows.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work. Western Washington. Saint Martin’s. Those are two teams that if they gel they’ll knock your socks off; if they don’t, things could get pretty miserable.
  • Aside from the above, truthfully everyone is a big question mark. There’s an assumption that NNU, SFU, and CU-PDX will finish at the bottom of the conference, but… This D2. One transfer can impact the entire trajectory of the season, see: Alex Birketoft. Yeah, he had good pieces around him, but they definitely didn’t look all that great until he was in there with them.

Questions that we always get asked:

  • We’ve been in the GNAC for six years.
  • This is our third year writing the GNAC blog.
  • Our plan is to write the GNAC blog until the Sonics come back.
  • Come say ‘hi’ if you see us at a game. We have curly blonde hair and aren’t over 6’5.

Pretty much it. Game previews up tomorrow morning, although God knows what those previews will consist of.

Monday Madness: September Prognostication!

First and foremost: We do not count transfers before they hatch. See the ‘Jake Ehlers’ Rule under our Table of Contents.

That being said: Are you ready? Hold onto your shorts ’cause it’s about to look ridiculous, but we promise with what we currently have to go on -it’s not. We like our justifications, which says something because often times we don’t.

1. Alaska-Anchorage. It’s not close. They’ve proven so much more with the guys they return than any other team in the conference that we’re already anticipating booking our tickets to Anchorage for the NCAA tournament. They are deep. And well-tested. Other teams return a lot, but most of them were really bad. The Seawolves basically return everyone they need. It’s fantastic. Go UAA.

Key Returners: Suki Wiggs, Corey Hammell, Sjur Berg, Spencer Svejcar, Diante Mitchell, + more.

2. Western Oregon. Again it’s not close. They return a lot. They lose a lot, but they return a lot. It’s reminiscent of SPU two years ago; yeah, they lost a few major guys but they have guys that have been in waiting that we think aren’t going to miss a beat. With their success, we anticipate them getting the right transfers. They should also procure a trip back to the Regional without much issue.

Key Returners: Tanner Omlid, Alex Roth, Janvier Alaby.

3. Saint Martin’s. This is where it gets to be a complete mess. We ultimately picked SMU because they have a for sure proven center -you gotta have someone that can bang down low. They return plenty of other stuff too and then also proved that this team, keyword team, can dig in and win when it matters down the stretch.

Key Returners: Fred Jorg, Tyler Copp, Trey Ingram, Rhett Baerlocher, and Jordan Kitchen, + more.

4. Western Washington. They return just about everybody needed on a team that was a major disappointment. We think this team is addition by subtraction. They return a core of guys that all try really freaking hard every single second they’re in the game. Do they lose height? Yes. Does it matter? Not necessarily. You can play short as long as every single guy is committed to playing hard 110% of the time.

Key Returners: Trey Drechsel, Jeffrey Parker, Brad Wallace, Isom Brown, Evan Scholten, Brett Kingma.

5. MSU-Billings. Another team that returns a ton but did very little last year. We think that’s going to change because all of the guys have a year in the system and with MSUB it seems to be feast or famine; either they’re playing cohesively and are a good team, or they are a flaming pile of …. fill in the blank. We think this year is going to be an up year.

Key Returners: Kendall Denham, Marc Matthews, Jace Anderson, Emmanuel Olufemi, Preston Beverly.

6. Alaska-Fairbanks. The Nanooks owe this spot purely to Bangaly. Never underestimate a good power forward. The Nooks also have a good home [tundra] advantage. They don’t return much, but Bangaly was able to create like Elsa (from ‘Frozen’) last year and brought tons of energy. They were surprisingly good and we think he’s going to give them a lot to work with once again.

Key Returners: Bangaly Kaba, Zach Pederson, Brandon Davis.

7. Central Washington. They don’t return much, but they do have a good home court advantage. We also really do believe in Terry Dawn.

Key Returners: Terry Dawn, Naim Ladd, Drake Rademacher.

8. Northwest Nazarene. Prime example of a bad team that returns a lot, so they have to be a little better, right?

Key Returners: Nikola Prvulj, Bouna N’Diaye, Pol Olivier, Marko Lepovic.

9. CU-Portland. This is mostly our faith in their coaching staff. They won a lot on the NAIA level so at some point it will start transferring to the D2 level, we hope. They don’t return much, but maybe?

Key Returners: Drew Martin, Tyler Gutierrez, Davis Nuaimi.

10. Simon Fraser. We were going to put them last per usual and then we realized if you made us pick between facing Hidde Vos and JJ Pankratz or Joe Rasmussen and Will Parker, we’d pick the latter two; thus, SFU gets the nod. Their culture desperately needs a re-haul, and honestly we’re starting to kind of feel bad for them. We know they wouldn’t eliminate men’s football and basketball, but seriously: they have so many other sports that are actually good, that we feel like those two sports are just a big money sink.

Key Returners: JJ Pankratz, Hidde Vos.

11. Seattle Pacific. Someone asked us about our projected starters and we intentionally left out Will Parker because we refuse to accept that he has any business still playing for SPU, much less starting for the Falcons. Joe Rasmussen is in that same boat, but 6’8 guys are far less expendable than 5’10 ones. This is going to be a mess and only partly because of the coaching change.

Key Returners: [former assistant, now Head Coach] Grant Leep.

If anyone wants to talk us off the ledge, commiserate, or jump for joy with us (we are genuinely excited for the Seawolves and very curious about the land Wolves), leave a comment!

Grab the Cookie Dough

It was a rough day. Two Pac-West teams collapsed down the stretch and the GNAC failed to take advantage of it. CU-PDX is having some growing pains. WOU and SPU played a couple of ugly games, but at least got it done.

Dominican 74 vs. Alaska-Fairbanks 69 

The good news is that this game was ultimately as evenly matched as we thought it would be. The bad news is the GNAC did not come out on top and this one hurts and hurts big because it wasn’t an actual road game; it was a neutral site and Dominican was collapsing down the stretch and UAF did nothing. While getting a win at UAF will always be seen as quality, this loss diminishes the strength of what a win against UAF means at home, and that is bad for all GNAC teams -UAF most definitely included.

Highlights: Bengaly Kaba had nine boards and nine points; Joe Slocum had a full house consisting of five boards, three assists, two steals, one block, four fouls, and 10 points; Trevante Williams had four assists, two steals, and 18 points; Almir had five boards, two assists, and 11 points. Off the bench Brandon Davis was again providing quality minutes with five boards, three assists, and 16 points.

No truly horrible numbers from a team standpoint, although there were some bad numbers from various people, but… We won’t get into that. You know you who are.

Cal State East Bay 57, Seattle Pacific 71

Don’t let the score fool you -this game was garbage. It had the potential to be a let down game and 100% was. It’s good to see the Falcons get this win rather than giving it up ala their loss to Concordia Irvine, but at the same time we’re really not happy with it because it was so sloppy.

Highlights: Bryce Leavitt had a full house with seven boards, five assists, two steals, two blocks, four fouls, and 11 points; Mitch Penner had a full house with seven boards, two assists, a steal, two blocks, three fouls, and 24 points. Off the bench Sam Simpson had nine points and Nathan Streufert had 14 points and four boards.

Concordia Irvine 97, Concordia Portland 78

Not as bad as yesterday, but much worse than they did against CU-Irvine previously. Sad moment to realize that they weren’t fired up to get a redemption victory. Oh well.

Highlights: Drew Martin had 18 points; Davis Nuami had six assists, two steals, and 10 points; Latrell Wilson had 17 points; Tyler Gutierrez had 13 points. Off the bench Jarrett Gray had seven points and three boards.

The team finished with a whopping 20 turnovers, which will never be a recipe for success. Concordia-Irvine was NAIA D1, whereas Concordia-Portland was NAIA D2, so… You could make an argument that it makes sense that CU-I is having an easier time, except that’s BS because there’s this thing called recruiting, and it can be pretty cool if you do it right. C’mon CU-PDX, you can do this, we believe in you.

Dixie State 75, MSU-Billings 72

SO. MUCH. RAGE. Really MSUB, really? You couldn’t get this freaking win even though Dixie State was doing everything in their power to hand it to you? We mentioned Dominican collapsing down the stretch… Dixie was literally trying to vomit this win on top of you and you couldn’t do it even at home. Shame on you.

Highlights: Marc Matthews had 22 points; Emmanuel Johnson had eight boards and seven points; Christian Evans had seven boards and 12 points. Off the bench Jordan Perry had another really good game finishing with seven boards, three assists, and fourteen points.

Let’s hope you learned your lesson and will now take advantage of teams properly when they attempt to gift you a win. Got it? Good. Glad we could have this talk, Yellowjackets.

Holy Names 75, Western Oregon 84

Another let down game, although how you play a let down game when you played Monterey Bay we’ll never figure out, but go figure. Call it playing down to the competition, WOU did just that.

Highlights: Devon Alexander had a full house with seven boards, one assist, three steals, one block, three fouls, and eight points (on less than stellar shooting); Julian Nichols had six boards, six assists, two steals, three fouls, and 16 points; Andy Avgi had a great game grabbing five boards, one assist, three steals, and 29 points, while shooting 80% on 10 FTs. Off the bench Kadeem Strickland grabbed four assists and a steal, while JJ Chirnside had five points and three boards.

We wouldn’t call this a good day for the Wolves considering the team they were facing was 1-6, but they got it done and that’s exactly what good teams do, so onward.

Because SFU is in fact playing two D2 games this week, just today and tomorrow, we’re gonna go ahead and postpone the POW nominations and announcement until Tuesday. Tomorrow we’ll check in with the D2 non-conference schedule and discuss what we know so far. Yes, SFU will play a game tomorrow as well, but that’s easy to modify when they win 😉

The WWU & SFU game previews will be up in an hour.

Previewing Today’s Games

Yeah, all of this stuff is up late -yesterday was kind of a big deal in our world because we were at Apple Cup all day and then got to go home, obsess about, and then freak out through the Chico State/SPU game. Exhaustion would be a good word for what’s going on.

UAF vs. Dominican @ MSUB @ 2pm PST.

Game of the day. This should be a really good game. Dominican is all pumped after a good win against MSUB, UAF is all mad after a loss to Dixie State, both teams feel that it’s well within reach to be bound for the tournament, and a win would be valuable for both programs. UAF really needs to clamp down on their shooting and take smart shots rather than any shots available. We want to see movement. Glad this game is being broadcast out of MSUB -not sure if we’ll get commentary, but it should be noted that in terms of the GNAC the MSUB commentators are by far our favorites.

Concordia-Irvine vs. Concordia-Portland

Second match-up of these two teams. Would love it for CU-PDX to have a bounce back game and say “Hey, we only lost to these guys by 10 last time, we can do it this time,” but… Losing by 30 in the manner that they did is just a bit demoralizing, so… We doubt it. But we’ll see.

Holy Names vs. Western Oregon @ ND de Namur

Can’t spell slaughter without laughter and WOU should be laughing all the way home.

Cal State East Bay vs. Seattle Pacific @ Chico State

Beware of the let down game. We think SPU is going to get it done, they should get it done, but last night’s game was exhausting and so it wouldn’t surprise us if CSU-East Bay hangs around for a while. Ideally that doesn’t happen, but we shall see. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a “youth moment” for the Falcons of losing yet another game that should have been won, but… We’re pretty wary.

Dixie State @ MSU-Billings

Could be interesting. Dixie didn’t shoot particularly well last night so they’re going to want to bounce back. It seems unlikely that MSUB would procure a win against Dixie after losing by a lot to Dominican, so… Not betting on that. Should be a good win for the Rebels, but as always we’ll be crossing our fingers for the GNAC upset.

On the Road Again

It’s going up late so we’re just gonna jump right in:

Dixie State 71, Alaska-Fairbanks 58

Joe Slocum needs to be benched. We’re kind of fed up and done with him at this point because we expected an extra year would do him a solid. A couple years ago UAF had four good guys and Joe was that fifth starter that wasn’t great but was better than the bench. We figured this year he’d had a redshirt year, he plays guard which means the entire offense flows through him, and we were so ready to go “Solid returning pieces, experienced point guard, bam, this is gonna be good.” No. Although this loss wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Highlights: Bengaly Kaba had five boards, four assists, one steal, one block, three fouls, and 10 points for the full house; Trevante Williams had four steals; Almir had five boards, three blocks, and four fouls. Off the bench Brandon Davis had seven points.

Nothing really to write home about. Lots of bad shooting. This game was wholly winnable and they didn’t do it and it’s a stain on our conference, and it’s a big stain on UAF because they don’t have an opportunity to procure another quality “neutral” win let alone a quality non-conference road win. Now they’re looking at going into WOU, WWU, and SPU as necessary wins to prove their worth. Good luck Nooks.

Western Oregon 81 @ Notre Dame de Namur 51

Lots of good numbers, but now we’re just flat-out worried about Julian Nichols. Another bad game and this was against ND de Namur of all teams. Other than that though, it was a very well spaced win, lots of time for the bench folks, good experience builder, yada yada yada.

Highlights: Alex Roth had 13 points; Julian Nichols had four assists; Jordan Wiley had 15 points; Andy Avgi had 24 points, seven boards, one assist, and three steals. Off the bench Kadeem Strickland had 11 points and four assists.

Wolves did exactly what they were expected to do and with that: continuing on the grind.

Dominican 92 @ MSU-Billings 74

Good team effort, not horrible numbers, questionable shooting. With the last, we’ll commend-ish Dominican’s defense. The reality is this is exactly what Dominican wanted to do and wanted to prove. Dominican has tended to exist either as one of the lower seeds in the tournament or just missing out, so this win against MSUB helped them on that quest. MSUB is a well coached team and it wasn’t ugly per say, but it bordered on it. Losing by 20? Yeah. Borders on it at the very least.

Highlights: Marc Matthews had five boards, four assists, a steal, a block, three fouls, and eight points; Jace Anderson had 17 points; Christian Evans had 10 points and five boards; Cade Alcorn had five boards. Off the bench Preston Beverly had 12 points and six boards; Jordan Perry had 16 points, six boards, and four assists.

Really like what MSUB is getting out of their bench. Remember, last year Western Washington only went seven deep so it’s totally possible to have some amount of success even while having a very short bench.

Concordia-Portland 70 @ Cal Baptist 102

Lots of really horrible, nasty numbers to the point that we can’t overlook it even for the conference baby brother. You’re our baby brother, that means you represent us, and it means you better do it with some level of respectability even if you’re getting blown out. The shooting numbers were vomit inducing. You guys all play D2 basketball, it ain’t D1, but you’ve still supposedly proven that you function on a relatively high level on a basketball court and these numbers do not do that.

Highlights: Tyler Gutierrez had fourteen boards. Off the bench: James Phillips had seven points; Jarrett Gray had five points. The team overall had a low number of turnovers, but… the other team was able to grab 65 rebounds. 65. There were were a grand total of 101 rebounds grabbed in this game. That is some really, really, really bad shooting.

Seattle Pacific 62 @ Chico State 50

We’re going to try really, really, really hard not to down play this win even though everything in us wants to because that’s how we watch WWU and SPU -great, you won by double digits, you messed up here, and here, and that can never happen again, but… It was a positively brilliant game for both teams. Chico State was picked to finish first in the CCAA, they’ve gone to the tournament the last couple of years, they’re incredibly well coached, and if you’re looking for a basketball game to watch: Watch a Chico State home game; their broadcaster is the cream of the crop.

Highlights: Bryce Leavitt had fourteen rebounds, five assists, and sixteen points. Gilles Dierickx four boards, 20 points and two fouls; Mitch Penner had six boards and 10 points; Garrett Swanson had seven boards, two assists, seven points, and three fouls.

This win is big. It is a true road win, it’s against a well coached team that made the tournament and that’s projected to make the tournament again. SPU executed as flawlessly as we’ve ever seen, their defense was stifling, and while they were doing it… It still almost wasn’t enough. Chico crept back in after the Falcons were up 16. SPU shot 75% from the free throw line and needed every single one of those shots. The boards that were being grabbed… If you want to see why basketball is a beautiful and kinetic game, watch the tape of this one, it was pretty freakin’ textbook in terms of fundamental basketball. Did everyone have a great game? No. But every single person visibly did their job with the mindset that “It doesn’t matter what do, it matters what we do.” And what they did was go into Chico State and procure a win.

Tonight’s game previews will be up in an hour, just in time for UAF to take on Dominican.


Welcome Back + Hi Concordia!!

There’ll be a more official “welcome” post that goes up on November 2nd 13th, when things really kick off, but for the junkies that are here now: HIIII!!!!!!!!!!! *waves* Fall is here. Football is here. 9/11 teams are in official Seahawk territory, the other two are split between us and Denver (shut-up Broncos, it was a pre-season game), and so we take no qualms with saying a big “GO HAWKS!!” to all of you guys.

Now, let’s talk about Concordia-Portland. Hi Cavaliers!! If any of you are here at this point, we’ll be really, really impressed. Last year CU-Portland had a record of 25-7 playing in the very challenging Cascade Collegiate Conference, which saw four teams go to a 32 team, 16 at-large bid tournament. They had a few really interesting early season games, which included beating: our own Seawolves twice on THEIR turf in Alaska; a big win against Saint Martin’s, and then a really close loss to the Saints.

They ultimately ended their season losing by 2o in the second round of the NAIA D2 tournament and then graduated pretty much everybody.

Admittedly: their lack of recruiting prep/redshirting to transition to D2 is concerning. We watched Cal Baptist and more specifically Azusa Pacific come into D2 and immediately make the tournament and be amazing and we were kind of thinking CU-Portland would do the same thing. SPU beat the pants off of APU three years ago, and then last year APU made the elite eight. SPU beat the pants off of Concordia-Portland two years ago, and so it seems like the Cavs should be stepping on the gas this year, except judging by their roster: it’s not gonna happen. We’d love to be wrong, but they seriously don’t return anyone. To the point that doing the player efficiency math against GNAC teams was pointless because no one that beat/almost beat those teams is coming back due to graduation.

The good news is:

  • Concordia did in fact lose guys to graduation, rather than transferring and otherwise leaving the team.
  • We honestly have no idea about their transfers and incoming frosh.
  • CU-Portland is an appealing school, their incoming guys could be dynamite, and they could do really well this year.
  • They’re gonna get to keep this team together for two full years minimum, which will help.
  • They have what should be a challenging WOU team on their side to help get the overlook & exhaustion factors; that could be be huge.

The bad news is:

  • There’s just no proven track record in D2, particularly with Oregon grown players.
  • They have no seniors.
  • They have very little GNAC experience collectively.

Also, a minor rant: Their hashtag changed in the two days it took us to write & edit this post. We knew your social media management was bad, but… c’mon. BTW: #CUPDXMBB was better. We prefer #CUPDX; just rolls off the tongue. Plus: Who’s CU? Chapman University? Chaminade University? Concordia in Irvine? Concordia in Minnesota? Colorado University Boulder? If you google “CU athletics” it’s all stuff about the Colorado Buffs.

Edit: The hashtag changed again way before the post even went up. CU-Portland, do you need a social media person? Because that could be arranged. DM us on twitter.

Good luck Cavaliers, we’re rooting for you.