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Christmas Eve Singalong!

No joke, this actually happened:

We were at the grocery store and someone started singing ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ and so we looked at them and went…

You better play D,
You better fly high,
You better shoot the three, I’m telling you why:
The selection comm is coming to town…

Snap along!

They’re making their lists,
And checking them twice,
Gonna find out who’s half-hearted or tries,
The selection comm is coming to town…

They see you in transition,
They know when you’re in the paint,
They know if you’ve been planting your feet,
So concentrate, for goodness sake!

Oh -you better score points,
You better rebound,
You better get down and battle on the ground,
The selection comm is coming to town… ♫

We didn’t sing the entirety to them, but we did sing it all the way through as we did our shopping.

And yes: We’re aware we have no life.

The good news is the holiday means that we have legitimate time to work on the blog and so a mini-blitz will start on the “federally recognized Christmas holiday.”

Monday: Reviewing GNAC non-con + player highlights.
Tuesday: West Region bids/west region host?
Wednesday: Misc. discussions.
Thursday: Back to the normal schedule -game previews, etc.

Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah, blog fam! You guys are the best.

GNAC Christmas Carols

Up north in the GNAC… We’re so far away.
The Pac-West and C-C-A-A scarcely come up to play
So instead we sit with ourselves and the NAIA
And our strength of schedule is falling
Each night as we play

The Falcons are crowing
The Wolves have no fear
They just beat the Tritons
A road win, they cheer

The Falcons though tried scheduling valiantly they may
Leave the non-conference with dwindling strength
At least the rest of the schedule should be doable okay

The West Region is a big wash it seems
So now we’ll just wait and see what conference play…

Jingle Bells, the GNAC smells
Simon Fraser laid an egg
CU-P just got beat
And the Crusaders ran away.

Not a good time to be a person in the GNAC (Clan, Crusaders, Cavaliers) -Western Washington, you’re the hope of a mighty species.

We wish you some strength of schedule
We wish you some strength of schedule
We wish you some strength of schedule
And wins for WOU and SPU (woo and spoo)

We hate to be the ones to bear the bad news
Those teams need to win or there’ll only be two!

Not our best work, but still:

Merry Christmas blog!! We’ll be back on Monday and spend next week taking a more in-depth look at POW noms, POW winners, and individual teams, before heading back into the usual schedule on Thursday.