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Previewing Today’s Games

All times pacific.

WOU vs. Dixie @ 3pm

We actually trekked all the way down to Monmouth yesterday (we live in Seattle) and we weren’t impressed with Dixie. We think it’s a super winnable game for WOU, especially at home.

Prediction: WOU wins.

CWU vs. CU-Irvine @ 5pm

The SPU game yesterday confused us because CU-I had good wins last weekend and then the Falcons dismantled them meanwhile putting up terrible numbers. If CWU comes out swinging, there’s no reason the Wildcats can’t win.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

CU-PDX vs. Academy of Art @ 5pm

They had a FANTASTIC win against SFSU yesterday and we can’t wait to see what they do against Art U.

Prediction: CU-PDX wins comfortably.

SPU vs. Hilo @ 7pm

Hilo apparently wakes up for big teams and while the Falcons have been meh the last couple of years, they’re still as egomaniacal as ever, and Hilo has too many losses to do it again. If SPU can stay tenacious they should win, but if there’s any thought of “we don’t need to take them seriously,” Hilo is gonna get the ‘W.’

Prediction: Pick ’em.

NNU vs. San Fran State @ 7pm

We think SFSU is a good team. We think NNU is an okay team. We think that it’s possible for NNU to win, but it would be an upset if they did.

Prediction: SFSU pulls out a win, but not without a scare.

UAA vs. Holy Names @ 8:30pm

Last night was closer than we expected and yes UAA plays back-to-back games against a Pac-West bottom dweller. It is what it is, but we are judging them for it. We know it tanks the conference SOS, but we hate them scheduling this school so much that… We’d kind of like an HNU upset because we figure the SOS is tanked regardless.

Prediction: UAA wins.

Should be an interesting night of games. Really curious about the WOU/Dixie game in particular, although we consider this to be a mostly stacked night of games.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!

Parity Is as Parity Does.

‘Not’ is not a verb. ‘Is’ is a verb.

A grammar lesson courtesy of the GNAC Men’s Basketblog.

The point is: We’re here. We’re still going strong with blogging this year. We’re going to get around to naming our player-of-the-year and all-conference teams from last year at some point… Technically we don’t actually have to start blogging until November, but we feel the need to remind you guys that we’re just as addicted as ever, but… Last year may have caused a bit of a basketball existential crisis.

Last year we didn’t find out three of the teams that were making the tournament until after conference play ended.

That’s the epitome of great in regard to being a GNAC basketball junkie, as we pride ourselves on being, and yet as it comes to blogging… What’s the point of pre-season blogging? What’s the point of speculation? The most correct thing we wrote last year in regard to almost anything was just straight up admitting “We don’t know,” or “It’s too close to call,” or “It’s anybody’s game.” Those statements proved to be 100% true, even in games where one team ended up winning more comfortably, just because… It wasn’t a guarantee.

There are games on the schedule that traditionally you look at and go “Okay, that’ll be a blow-out.” Those games for the most part went out the window last year, which is amazing -we literally loved every single week of the season, it was incredible- but from a “what the heck do we write??” perspective it’s brutal.

And so we write nothing. We’re not doing the usual Mondays in September as we have the past couple of years, just because… We’re not. Once the quarter schools start and those rosters get finalized maybe a week or so into October, then we’ll do the GIF anticipations, official prognostications, and looking at the schedules, and whatnot.

We usually say we don’t count transfers before we see them play conference games, and while that’s true… No coaching staff thinks they brought in bad transfers. Okay: the SPU coaching staff might, but dude is still 6’11; he could be useless and very inept, but he’s still 6’11 and this is still basketball, and they brought him in with no real necessity; if he’s good it’ll help them, but if he’s bad he won’t hurt them and it still gives their forwards another guy to bang against in practice.

Meanwhile: We know 10 teams are thinking they brought in GREAT transfers that are going to be THE missing piece, and we are so excited for you guys -welcome new transfers!! We know you guys are going to be amazing (just as your predecessors have been) to the point that on our pre-season all-conference teams we actually leave open spaces for you; we usually only name four to each, just because we know several transfers will come in and knock our socks off.

As such: Our pre-season speculation is subdued, but we are here and we are very excited for the new season to start. Okay… Maybe we’ll do a line briefly about what we’re looking forward to about each team, just off the top of our head without looking at any rosters or anything:

UAF: Last year was disappointing, so we’re looking forward to the Nooks hopefully bouncing back and having a great year.
UAA: We liked Jacob Lampkin when he was at O’Dea and so we’re excited to get to watch him play collegiately, as well as for the Seawolves to host the conference tournament.
SFU: Hope springs eternal and we’re sure they’re working hard.
WWU: TREY DRECHSEL IS BACK!!!!!!! And literally the only thing the Viks lost is scoring and scoring is easiest to regenerate. Logan will have another year of development, so… It should be a really, really good year.
SPU: [originally accidentally left blank] Addition by subtraction; they bring back literally every productive player they had last year.
SMU: They lost almost everything, it’s going to be an entirely new team, essentially, and so we’re really curious to see what that new team looks like.
MSUB: Preston Beverly transferred to Point Loma, but MSUB runs a good program regardless and Kendall Denham is a senior, so… Hopefully he’ll go lights out and it’ll be great.
CWU: FUQUAN!!!!!!!! They arguably get the most athletic guys in the conference, so they’re always entertaining.
NNU: MAURICE JONES!!!!!!! ‘Nuff said. Any team with Mo is a team worth watching.
CU-PDX: They were starting to look really good last year and while we don’t know precisely what they return, we believe in Coach B. having watched his NAIA teams, so… We’ll continue believing in his D2 teams through the transition.
WOU: TANNER, RILEY HAWKEN, ALI, ALEX, DEMETRIUS!!!!!!!!! We love this team. We’re really excited about the whole thing.

By the looks of it the Westerns are going to be doing some serious battle, still: we’re not going to discuss the prognostication for probably another two and a half to three weeks, but… We are now officially really pumped about the October blogging, just rational enough to know that this year September blogging is pointless.

Enjoy football, we’ll put up the all-conference teams in the coming few weeks, and… Posts will start going up regularly in October.

Update: We didn’t mean to leave out SPU; we’re just not excited about the Falcons at all, what-so-ever 😉

Shake It Off, Seawolf Edition

We’ve given UAA a bunch of crap, they recently lost yet another guy (Dom Hunter transferred to CWU/at least he stayed in conference), and while we usually try to avoid putting up bulletin board material… ‘Usually’ is the operative word there.

They stay up too late…
Got nothin’ in their brains
That’s just what we say-ay-ay
Mmm, mmm
That’s just what we say-ay-ay
Mmm, mmm

They go on too many dates [eye roll]
But they can’t make ’em stay
At least that’s what we say, mmm-mmm
That’s what bloggers say, mmm-mmm

But they keep shooting
Can’t stop, won’t stop moving (ahem)
It’s like they’ve got these whistles
In their pockets
Saying, “It’s gonna be alright.”

‘Cause the Seawolves gonna play, play, play, play, play
And their coach is simply cray, cray, cray, cray, cray,
But UAA’s gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
Shake it off, Shake it off
Bloggers gonna bait, bait, bait, bait, bait
And the Nooks are gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
But UAA’s gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
Shake it off, Shake it off

They’re bound for the Tourney
With a brand new teaaaam.
That’s what Coach Oz see-ee-ees, mmm-mmm
That’s just what he sees, mmm-mmm

They won’t be dancin’ on their own
Haven’t gone since 2012
And that’s just what we know-oh-oh, mmm-mmm
That’s just what we know, mmm-mmm

But they keep shooting
Can’t stop, won’t stop moving (ahem)
It’s like they’ve got these whistles
In their pockets
Saying, “It’s gonna be alright.”

‘Cause the Seawolves gonna play, play, play, play, play
And their coach is simply cray, cray, cray, cray, cray
But UAA’s gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
Shake it off, Shake it off
Bloggers gonna bait, bait, bait, bait, bait,
And the Nooks are gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
But UAA’s gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
Shake it off, Shake it off

Hey, hey, hey
Just think while you’ve been going to the tournament with the mighty Falcons and Vikings of the world
You could’ve been up with the Seawolves, never seeing the light of day.

Ahem, Dom’s ex-team met his new Wildcats
And said “Oh My God, you guys are scat.”
‘Cause the Seawolves up there in their hella nice lair
Are gonna beat those Wildcats, just, like, THAT.

Yeah ohhh

‘Cause the Seawolves gonna play, play, play, play, play
And their coach is simply cray, cray, cray, cray, cray
But UAA’s gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
Shake it off, Shake it off
Bloggers gonna bait, bait, bait, bait, bait
And the Nooks are gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
But UAA’s gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
Shake it off, Shake it off

The “Coach Oz is crazy” canon is in large part because we accidentally walked in on one of their practices once (at the instruction of their own athletic staff) and if profanity wasn’t our favorite language, we might still have PTSD. The game that followed did nothing to debunk the idea that he’s crazy -he was actually suspended for the proceeding game against our travel partner.

P.S. -Love you Coach Osborne! Our favorite non-basketball coach is nuts enough that we’re convinced he’s shoved off in Seattle simply so no one else has to deal with him.

Friday’s Games

First and foremost: So many games, such a lack of posting and tweeting, never to happen again. This is why you don’t try and sit between two chairs. The blog is committed to all ten teams. We’ll also be regularly checking in with Concordia-Portland in anticipation of next year.

College basketball on a Friday night… sacrilege to the high school game, but oh well.

Central Washington 65, Minnesota-Crookston 52

Nicely done Wildcats!! Admittedly we knew MN-Crookston’s record last year, but they got an entirely new coaching staff, Central is dealing with almost an entirely new team, and… they’ve got a good rotation. Jordan Russell had 17 points off the bench, along with 6 rebounds; Joseph Shroud had 16 points off the bench, Gary Jacobs with a well-rounded performance of a FULL HOUSE. Even with a terrible A/TO, the blocks and steals are hard to come by so we’ll give him credit anyway.

Player of the game: Gary Jacobs.

Hawaii Hilo 89, Northwest Nazarene 81

While not a victory for the Crusaders, that is still a darn respectable score. NNU has potential this year, particularly considering how balanced their minutes and scoring was; nine guys played at least thirteen minutes. Four players scored in the double digits: Bouna N’Diaye, Erik Kinney, Aubrey Ball, and Kevin Rima.

Kevin Rima… HAD A DOUBLE-DOUBLE!! Nicely done Kevin. Kevin is obviously our player of the game.

CSU East Bay 86, MSU-Billings 80.

The bad news? The MSUB bench contributed almost nothing. The good news? Their scorers are starting to come out of the woodwork. Gary Gordon had 22 points and eight rebounds; Momir Gataric had 13 points and a block; Antoine Hosley (formerly of UW) had 21 points; and…

Austin Hudson had a double-double, with 20 points and 12 boards!! He also had TWO blocks. Player of the game, right there.

They may have lost the battle, but we’ll consider this game a step in the right direction in terms of the Yellowjackets winning the war.

Fresno Pacific 87, Saint Martin’s 67

There isn’t much to say when a team loses by twenty. This wasn’t a moral victory. The highlights for Saint Martin’s include that Tyler Copp scored 17 points, Ryan Rogers had 11 points, Isaac Bianchini had 12 points off the bench, and Tyler Iwodu had eight points and six rebounds for the spot as the Saints’ leading rebounder. Trey Ingram highlights with an amazing 7-0 assist to turnover ratio; he scored a mere five points, but… talk about unselfish play and prototypically what you want in a point guard.

Nice job Trey; player of the game.

Academy of Art 70, Seattle Pacific 67

The Falcons need to prove themselves and they need to do it now. Academy of Art could be better than we were thinking they’d be, or they could be terrible. They looked good against SPU. There’s rational to say that we should still remain calm about the Falcons because the season is so early and they lost by so little, but like Western… What SPU does or doesn’t do holds so much on how the rest of the conference is perceived that… GET IT TOGETHER.

Player highlights include Mitch Penner with 17 points and nine rebounds, Riley Stockton with nine rebounds and eight points, and Cory Hutsen with 10 points and six rebounds.

Player of the game: Mitch Penner.

Simon Fraser 160, Northwest Indian 99

At this point, it doesn’t matter that the defense looks like bologna and the team is way below D2. SFU BEAT A NON-CONFERENCE OPPONENT. And they scored 160. There are teams like SPU where we expect more and teams like SFU where we expect less; sorry Falcons, Vikings, Wolves, and Seawolves in advance. Still… SFU, go Clan!

Seven players scored at least 10 points. In order of the stat sheet: Sango Niang 14 points, eight assists, three steals, 0 turnovers; Justin Cole 16 points, three steals; Roderick Evans-Taylor 19 points, 10 rebounds, seven steals, three assists, and one block -again a bad A/TO but the man still had a full house; Patrick Simon II 14 points, six rebounds; JJ Pankratz 13 points; Adam Westfall 21 points; Hidde Vos 17 points, five assists.

Player of the game of course goes to Roderick Evans-Taylor.

Western Washington 78, Notre Dame de Namur 52

Sorry Vikings; you did exactly what you were supposed to do. Good job. This is mundane: Joey Schreiber had 19 points, seven rebounds; Jeffrey Parker had 21 points, seven rebounds; Anye had five points, seven blocks and seven rebounds; Kyle Impero had seven rebounds and picked up four fouls, which is impressive for a guard.

Vikings, your bench provided almost nothing in any statistical category; there is the concern. Our entire conference relies on you, which you know. Sorry about that. We believe in you Vikings, hence the bashing of heads going “you won by 26, but…” Seriously WWU, gotta do it, gotta set the standard. Ahem, last year; let’s not talk about it all that often.

Player of the game: Anye. Yes it’s biased. Sorry Jeff and Kyle. But especially in a gym like Carver, blocks can change an outcome massively.

Point Loma 64, Western Oregon 54

Here we go again… Wolves, you’re better than this. You beat Oregon State. You need to bounce back. The Nike U. loss meant nothing. Your rebounding performance and play off the bench in this game was dismal. Andy Avgi had 15 points and four rebounds; Lew Thomas had 11 points and six rebounds… Wake up Wolves. You’re supposed to be challenging for second place, considering what Anchorage has been dealing with.

Player of the game: Lew Thomas.

Sonoma State 74, Alaska Anchorage 66

Once again: Seriously Seawolves? Were you drinking too much Coppertone while you were down there? You’re better than this. We outrage because we adore. Aaaaand we find that answer in your rebounding. Commit Seawolves, you gotta commit. You have the second best home advantage in the conference and just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean anything. You can do this. Brian McGill had 25 points, Travis Thompson had 21 points, and no one else really had anything of note. The starters played a lot of minutes.

Trinity Int’l 83, Alaska-Fairbanks 73

Really Nooks? At Home? You let Trinity beat you at home? Your home court advantage is another that shouldn’t be understated. The good news is Adam Griffin scored 17 points off the bench; Ruben Silvas had an incredibly balanced seven rebounds, two steals, four assists, and nine points; and four players had at least six rebounds. While you didn’t win the war, you won many battles. We know you’re rebuilding and from the looks of the effort -you’re going to be just fine.

There is still plenty of hope left for you UAF.

Player of the game goes to Ruben Silvas.

Wow! Yes this went up late. If we missed anybody, please let us know. Leave a comment, tweet at us. Up next is our Player of the Week nominations.

Here We Go…

Carroll 71, MSU-Billings 66
Alaska Anchorage 97, Alumni 62
Idaho 139, Simon Fraser 115
Central Washington 120, Blue Angels 92

That right there is far more to digest than I think anyone thought would happen in three days. An NAIA upset already? The score differential is likely inflated by fouling, we knew MSUB was likely to have a rough year, we knew that they were going to be adjusting big time, we know that they tend to be a second half of the season team, but… Losing to NAIA Carroll? Okay.

Really not sure what to think. Again, the score is still meaningless. To Carroll it could be a huge boon or it could mean nothing. It’ll be more curious once we’ve seen Carroll play some NAIA schools and MSUB play some D2 schools. Breathe Yellowjacket fans; the sky isn’t falling.

Alaska Anchorage, congrats on slaughtering your alums. Can’t spell ‘slaughter’ without ‘laughter.’

As noted yesterday: Good job SFU, not getting blown out. However, there is a bone to be piqued: There’s this thing called defense, not sure that you nor Idaho has heard of it, but it does some good things and has advantages at times. The Clan at least put up a respectable score against a D1 team; Idaho let a D2 team that finished last in conference, score 115 points on them. Maybe Simon Fraser will take it to heart? They can put up 119 on a Big Sky team, so why not do it in conference? Good luck with that.

With CWU… don’t read into it. That game was likely more akin to a pro-am than a collegiate game, and they let their opponents score 92 points. Remember these games are scheduled with the whole intent of getting guys to gel and have some mild success before a gauntlet of actual D2 games, so… good for the ego, bad if you’re committed to reality.

Tomorrow we’ll be discussing the three games played tonight, and then Thursday we’ll theoretically be discussing the tournaments that teams are playing in during November and December.

Welcome to November

You may have noticed that we took the entirety of last week off. That was semi-intentional because there’s just not a lot of actual relevance, so why waste anyone’s time?

Individual coaches likely have a fairly solid idea as to what to expect out of their respective new guys, but even for them to get it as a collective and what the conference dynamic is going to be seems messy.

The good news is that games have started! The bad news is this week’s games mean nothing.

A huge part of why we left last week blank was because of the philosophy that pre-season predictions don’t matter and until we start playing D2 games, these games matter little in terms of tangible information. When CWU plays a formerly 1-19 MN-Crookston on the 14th, the game will tell us more than any of the games being played this week.

This week… Even if God forbid someone loses an NAIA game or wins a D1 game, it still doesn’t mean anything. While it might be tempting to say “If a team loses to an NAIA or D3 school, it says something about the character of that program, that they didn’t take the game seriously,” so on and so forth, except… that’s not the case.

Yes: coaches should be experimenting just enough to see what’s going on and see what happens during games, while still winning the low-level games, there are always outlying factors. And sometimes our conference gets to play the upset role; we schedule D1 games that best case scenario, as a conference, we’ll go 1-9 in, but they’re still fun. “Fun.”

No, Saint Martin’s is the school this year that gets to play Washington, so that will be a fun game regardless of the fact that they’re likely to get blown out by 50.

Speaking of which: Congrats to Simon Fraser on keeping it close and losing by a respectable 24 to Idaho. That’s actually not sarcastic; in terms of SFU, that’s an in-conference margin against a D1 team. Take the sunshine where you can find it. They’re off to UC Irvine next, so regardless of the outcome on Saturday… at least they’ll get literal sunshine. Hashtag GNAC Probs <— that’s sarcasm.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss all of this week’s upcoming games and how they mean exactly nothing.

10 GNAC Players to Watch

Here are 10 guys (one from each team) to be curious about for the coming season.

They are not necessarily the best player, they are not necessarily the most compelling player, they are not necessarily even guys that are projected to have large roles; they’re simply guys to keep an eye on.

UAA: Guard, Travis Thompson. He averaged 21 points last year as a junior and considering the Seawolves leading minutes recipient and leading rebounder respectively are both now gone, Travis will be expected to take on an even heavier load. We’ll see what he does; bonus is that he’s a local kid, which is always good to see.

UAF: Guard, Joe Slocum. He averaged 10 points while playing 33 minutes a game, on a five man scoring front, and UAF returns almost no one with the exception of Joe. Five different guys last year made up a vast bulk of their scoring, rebounding, and minutes, so they’re gonna be hoping Joe steps up and steps up big. Dude’s a gamer, so perhaps this is where he breaks free.

SFU: Guard, Sango Niang. It’s not really a question, but this team is highly questionable. He averaged 16 points, but SFU lost a lot of seniors and other people. It’ll be curious to see if he can work with his teammates and help drag them out of the basement.

WWU: Is this really a question, or is there only one answer? No and yes. Small forward, Anye Turner. Whether you love him or can’t stand him, he’s gonna be the guy to watch on the WWU team. He averaged 26 minutes and 8.5 points, but… c’mon, he’s a senior and it’s ANYE! That’s pronounced “On-yay” for those that have not been blessed to witness his antics in person.

SPU: NO. Don’t even think it. And if you bring up his uncle ONE MORE TIME just no. Because you’re not gonna read that name -Center, Cory Hutsen is the player I’m curious about on the SPU team. He’s a 5th year senior that’s been passable and really pathetic at times, but he stepped up big in the Stanislaus game, so… can he be a consistent force rather than just a foul machine? We’ll see. Dark horse pick on this team for player to watch goes to Brendan Carroll.

MSUB: Center, Austin Hudson. Yes he’s listed as a forward… he’s the biggest guy on the team and a force in the paint all the same. The only returning starter, he averaged 14 points and 7 rebounds… could he get up to a double-double this year? Nothing would be happier than that. Because at 6’7 and likely around 260lbs… he’s gonna be banging, so it’ll likely be a matter of him making almost every put back.

CWU: Grab bag. I’m going to go with forward, Julian Vaughn because he averaged the most rebounds of any returner (not that it says anything). They lost pretty much all of their people, so… hopefully both Julian and guard Jalen Peake step up because they’re pretty much the entirety of GNAC experience that the team has. If Jalen does really step up, it could say great things; he’s only a sophomore, and program sustained growth is everything.

SMU: Guard, Riley Carel. Just, Riley Carel. This is part bias and part the fact that he is the best returning piece on that team and that SMU did quite differently when he was able to play vs. when he wasn’t.

WOU: Forward, Andy Avgi. He’s actually not the player I’m most curious about, but he is their leading returning rebounder so… rebounding over came the urge for bias. Sorry Lewis Thomas.

NNU: Guard/Forward, Greyson Moore. Michael Loomis is another tempting pick, but Greyson has substantially better rebounding numbers. They return quite a bit, have gotten some very interesting transfers, but… we’ll see if any of them have an impact. Greyson should be a good guy to watch.

That largely just looks like a list of the best returning rebounders and while it wasn’t intentional, it’s impossible to say that there’s no merit behind it. Rebounding is absolutely huge because when it comes down to it: rebounding is a huge part of how you win the turnover battle, and is consistent aggression and commitment as opposed to spurts of it in the case of steals.

SPU, WWU, and WOU are the teams I’m most curious about overall, but a huge chunk of that is the fact that two of them return rosters that are easily recognizable and the other is WWU. The amount of turnover the GNAC experienced this past year (partly due to graduation, partly due to other things) is sizable and so purely going off of that, there’s good potential for another down season. However, never underestimate the power of transfers that can come in and play right away. It happens frequently and it can change an outlook almost overnight.

There was some thought that Team Season Previews would come out prior to non-conference play starting, but because it looks like as a conference we’re relying so heavily on transfer impact players… they’re likely not going to show up until late-November, simply to try to avoid some of the overlook factor.

GNAC vs. the Pac-West

NNU plays Hawaii-Hilo, Notre Dame de Namur, and @ Dominican.

SMU plays Fresno Pacific, Point Loma, Azusa Pacific, and @ Dixie State.

WOU plays @ Point Loma, Fresno Pacific, Azusa Pacific, and @ Dixie State.

SPU plays Academy of Art, @ Hawaii Pacific, @ BYU-Hawaii, @ Hawaii-Hilo, and @ Dixie State.

CWU plays Academy of Art, @ BYU-Hawaii, and @ Hawaii Pacific.

WWU plays Notre Dame de Namur and Hawaii-Hilo.

MSUB plays @ Dixie State and @ Hawaii Pacific. 

SFU plays @ Academy of Art, @ Dominican,  and Holy Names.

UAF plays @ Notre Dame de Namur and BYU-Hawaii.

UAA plays BYU-Hawaii.

That is a grand total of 28 games. Dixie State is the big highlight on the schedule, but I’m not a person that thinks any team should be overlooked; the Hawaii schools are always a challenge, and you never know what any given team is going to do in a year.

Maybe things finally click, maybe they luck into a transfer that you wonder how they ever lived without –CWU got Mark McLaughlin at the last second, SPU got Jobi Wall a few years ago- maybe a player that had been buried by experience moves into the starting line-up ala Austin Bragg at WWU.

With the Pac-West, as much as I have an instinct to look at some of who we’re playing and go “Meh, that won’t tell us much,” that’s not true. Because we don’t know what those teams are going to be like and even if they’re not up at the top of the conference pecking order, it can give us a chance to figure out who we are.

CWU had a pretty bad moment with that last year playing Hawaii Pacific; it wasn’t a matter of HPU winning, it was a matter of CWU losing because of a raging case of apathy in the final 10 minutes of game play.

You may note that SPU plays more Pac-West teams than anyone else -this is likely a mix of tradition, not having as many tiny school obligations nearby, and the coaching staff feeling the need to know what they’re dealing with on a more tangible level.

Do I wish we as a conference played more within the West Region? Yeah, after all, it is an official listing on the NCAA Rankings: Overall Record and Region Record. It’s also fun to see the schools match up and have November be potentially a March preview. There’s so much growth and development that goes on during conference play and in years like last when it was parity central… it teaches us to embrace the head scratching.

Currently I’d like to see way more games with the CCAA because my history with D1 says I’m all about strength of schedule, but…

Going into last year, we didn’t necessarily know that the CCAA would be the strength of schedule in the West; the GNAC just as often has that role. In the Pac-West, Cal Baptist made a HUGE splash in making their conference more challenging. That was great. And then the West Region on the whole was weak, which was fairly obvious from the beginning but… you never know.

With that… up next is the Pac-West vs. the CCAA.