Contemplating the Regional Attendance.

The official guidelines say families and media only, but… We’ve been to a lot of Regionals and so we’re wondering if and how the numbers will differ from other years.

Because the students are gone, it’s harder to say for UCSD, but here are the numbers from when UCSD hosted the tournament in 2017:

Round of 64

12pm: #3 Western Washington vs. #6 Chico State
Result: WWU 83, Chico 96
Attendance: 117

2:30pm: #2 Hawaii Pacific vs. #7 Sonoma State
Result: HPU 73, Sonoma 61
Attendance: 174

5pm: #4 Cal Baptist vs. #5 San Francisco State
Result: CBU 71, SFSU 50
Attendance: 261

7:30pm: #1 UCSD vs. #8 Dixie State
Result: UCSD 94, Dixie 68
Attendance: 895

Round of 32

5pm: #2 Hawaii Pacific vs. #6 Chico State
Result: HPU 74, Chico 77
Attendance: 236

7:30pm: #1 UCSD vs. #4 Cal Baptist
Result: UCSD 84, CBU 80
Attendance: 710

Round of 16

7pm: #1 UCSD vs. #6 Chico State
Result: UCSD 86, Chico 95.
Attendance: 1004

Those numbers for the non-UCSD schools… We’ve been to a lot of Regionals. We’ve seen the types of people that travel to the Regionals, and… It’s mostly parents and grandparents. And the numbers add up:

13 guys per team.
4 relatives per guy.
26 x 4 = 104.

Throw in a few friends and random smattering of alums of any given school that happen to live in San Diego… You get your totals.

And according to the state of Washington’s restrictions (events that attract more than 250) only the games that involve UCSD need to be closed to the general public. Are they going to do that? Probably more or less. Will UCSD suffer for it? Probably not.

Last time they got upset by a #6 seed, despite 1000 fans, and so… No. The attendance won’t make a difference.

Oh and for those wondering: No, we’re not attending. Logistically Seattle to San Diego sucks and we went last year, so… Sitting this one out. We will be watching on the couch all day at home though, so by all means: Hit us up for some cyber tailgating!

Game previews’ll be up Friday morning.

Wash your hands, have fun, and as always: West coast is best coast!