The CCAA Satellite Tournament.

We’re temporarily (for one post) becoming a CCAA blog.

Because let’s be real here: Did we have anything else to do on a Tuesday night? Absolutely not.

Disclosures: Seattle Pacific (our undergraduate alma mater) regularly schedules Chico State in non-con, so we love the Wildcats; and  Bryan Rooney, now at East Bay, was our grad school coach at Cal Maritime, and so we also love the Pioneers; other than that, we’re neutral regarding CCAA teams.

#5 East Bay 70 @ #4 San Bernardino 68

WHAT A GAME. Close the whole way through and yet… We’ll be honest: We didn’t believe East Bay was going to win just because we have terrible memories of the San Bernardino gym, but it’s good we’re old ’cause the Pioneers GOT IT DONE.

Pioneer highlights: Nai Calisle had 18 points; Zafir Williams had 18 points and eight boards while going 6-8 from the line; Ant Navarette shot well nad had 12 points and eight boards; and off the bench Josh Dhatt had seven points.

Coyote highlights: Jeremy Smith shot well while playing 40 full minutes, ultimately finishing with 22 points and six boards; Andres Villa had 14 points and 11 boards; Shea Rax went 4-5 and finished with nine points; Daytone Jennings had eight boards; and off the bench Richard Laku had five boards.

GNAC context: Both of these teams shot well tonight, but really had zero depth. We’re not convinced they would they would beat any GNAC tourney team consistently. They could get lucky with Fairbanks or Anchorage having an off day, but from what we saw you’re looking at 3/10 games won at best.

If San Bernardino was considered a bubble team, it just burst, and then East Bay will need to win the CCAA tournament to get a win, so… GNAC and Pac-West bubble teams, you’re safe so far.

#7 Dominguez Hills 66 @ #2 Cal Poly Pomona 67 in OT

A way closer game than we expected, like East Bay/San Bernardino, it was close the whole way through. We’re guessing it was because the Cal Poly Pomona guys actually have to study in addition to playing basketball, unlike the DH guys. Nice effort, though, Toros.

Toro highlights: Colten Kresl played a whopping 45 minutes and grabbed nine boards; Andrew Whitsett had five blocks in addition to 12 points and 12 boards for the double-double; Wonder Smith had 11 points, six boards, and five assists; Kaden Bradley had five boards; and off the bench Nick Kornieck had five points.

Bronco highlights: William Christmas had 17 points and a whopping 16 rebounds for one heck of a double-double; and BJ STANDLEY (HE’S ONE OF OUR GNAC GUYS!!!!) had 13 points. Off the bench Mason Dickerson had five points; Finn Eckhardt had five rebounds; and TAVIAN HENDERSON (HE’S ANOTHER ONE OF OUR GNAC GUYS!!!!!!) had four rebounds.

GNAC context: It feels like this Cal Poly Pomona team would match-up really well with Northwest Nazarene and Western Washington, so… About the same area of the standings. Unfortunately non-con exists and Cal Poly Pomona beat Western Washington, straight-up, and so if it comes down to it and both are bubble teams and everything else is equal, Cal Poly Pomona will likely get the nod.

#6 Stanislaus 73 @ #3 Chico 75 in OT

WHAT AN INSANE GAME. We’ve thought this Stanislaus team was dangerous all year and we feel like we were proven decently correct? Stanislaus 2020, you is done, but you is baaaaad. Really great season guys, all of y’all should be proud, this Chico team is terrifying and you gave them all they could handle.

Warrior highlights: Darius Scott had 21 points, six boards, six assists, and four steals, WOW; Vida Faniel had 16 points; Xavier Francis had 14 points and five fouls ;and Ty Davis had 12 points; and Luis Salgado contributed 33 minutes off the bench.

Wildcat highlights: Kevin Warren had 21 points; Calvin Geraci shot well and had 13 points; Justin Briggs shot well and had 12 points and six boards; Isaiah Brooks went 6-7 from the line and had seven assists; Malik Duffy had nine boards; and off the bench Amari Stroud had six points and four rebounds.

GNAC context: The Chico numbers weren’t as good as we were expecting and so we’ll be really curious to see what happens in their next game. We’re going to wait on making a prognostication in regard to how they match-up with various GNAC teams. The thing is, Chico’s big thing (no pun intended) is their height and post play, and no GNAC team has three good 6’7+ post players; we’ve all got one or two, but… Chico is a hard match-up.

#8 CSULA 70 @ #1 UCSD 89

Honestly… The CSULA numbers aren’t bad. They look like pretty typical GNAC numbers, and we’re not sure if that means that there are a number of really good GNAC teams or a number of really bad GNAC teams. We’ll see.

Golden Eagle highlights: Fard Muhammad had 17 points; Ja’Sean Lewis had seven boards; and off the bench Michael-Isaiah Ajiboye had 16 points.

Triton highlights: Marek Sullivan shot well and had 16 points and 12 boards for the double-double, in addition to a full house of stats; Scott Everman had 15 points; Tyrell Roberts had 14 points and five boards; Christian Oshita had seven boards; and Mikey Howell had 10 assists and five boards. Off the bench CHRIS HANSEN HAS RETURNED?!?!?! and had 14 points and five boards in just ten minutes; and Gabe Hadley had 10 points and four boards.

UCSD won the rebounding battle 42-24.

GNAC context: We’re all gonna die at the hands of UCSD, unless the Pac-West kills us first. But seriously, if we’re looking at an autobid only situation and the autobid doesn’t go to Seattle Pacific, the GNAC team will be the 8th seed and whichever team that is will die at the hands of the Tritons. But next year we can do some group therapy of watching UCSD get their butts kicked in their first year D1, just like Seattle U. did. @$#! the Redhawks.

While we won’t preview the CCAA and Pac-West tournament games, we will probably blog about them because with the GNAC men playing early and Seattle Pacific hosting the tournament, we’ll actually have enough time to do all of, so… Look forward to that.

Seriously amazing night of hoops, 3/4 games came down to the final possession, welcome to March Madness =)

Be safe, have fun, and always remember: West coast is Best Coast!