Contemplating the D2West Conference Tournaments!

Gooood morning and welcome to conference tournament week!

We have half of a mind to actually go over all of the conference tournament games like we do with GNAC schools, simply to familiarize ourselves with the teams pre-NCAA tourney, but… We’ll see what happens.

UCSD is hosting the Regional regardless as to what happens.

At the D2 level, the #1 team in the Region hosts. That will be UCSD regardless as to any upsets that may happen because let’s be real here: This is the CCAA, and not the GNAC, thus an upset is not going to happen.

Here’s what’s going on with the CCAA specifically:

The CCAA does an eight team tournament where the first round is hosted at the higher seed, thus on Tuesday:

#5. East Bay @ #4 San Bernardino @ 7pm.
#6. Dominguez Hills @ #3 Cal Poly Pomona @ 7:30pm.
#7. Stan State @ #2 Chico State @ 7:30pm.
#8. Cal State LA @ #1 UCSD @ 8pm.

The winners will move onto the main conference tournament, which is in fact being hosted by UCSD.

We’re not really going to discuss much until these initial games are played, because the winner of the CCAA tournament receives the auto bid, and thus… Bubbles could in fact burst on Tuesday.

Here’s what’s going on with the Pac-West:

The Pac-West conference tournament is being hosted by Azusa Pacific and is also the same format as the GNAC; two schools receive a first round BYE on Thursday, four schools play on Friday, and Saturday’s winner gets the auto bid to the West Region.


#6 Art U. vs. #3 Chaminade @ 5pm
#5 Biola vs. #4 CU-Irvine @ 7:15pm


#2 Point Loma vs. Art U./Chaminade @ 5pm
#1 APU vs. Biola/CU-Irvine

The Pac-West is really top heavy; APU and PLNU are seriously legit, Chaminade has made some waves, CU-I has looked questionable among the top; they’re better than those below six, but they had a pretty big loss to Biola on Thursday night and now they meet up with them again a week later… Hmmm.

Here’s what’s going on in the GNAC:

The GNAC regular season was a gauntlet.

Unlike the other two conferences that had plenty of ‘gimme’ games on their schedules, the GNAC was insane almost every single night; literally eight teams were in vying for five available bids until the second to last week of conference play, when it became seven teams vying for five available bids.

The in-conference records:

Seattle Pacific: 18-2
Western Washington: 13-7
Western Oregon: 13-7
Northwest Nazarene: 12-8
Alaska-Anchorage: 11-9
Alaska-Fairbanks: 10-10

And then two teams that didn’t make it were still insanely close:

Central Washington: 10-10; lost the tiebreaker via. UAF having a win against SPU.
Simon Fraser: 9-11.

The GNAC tournament is being hosted at Seattle Pacific, with the winner receiving the autobid.


#6 UAF vs. #3 WOU @ 12pm
#5 UAA vs. #4 NNU @ 2:15pm


#2 WWU vs. UAF/WOU @ 12pm
#1 SPU vs. UAA/NNU @ 2:15pm

We highly recommend watching these games. SPU streams all of their games on youtube and so we’re hoping that because the conference tournament is being hosted by the Falcons, the conference tournament will also be streamed on youtube, but… We shall see. Even if it is StretchInternet these games are guaranteed to be entertaining, so read our previews on Thursday morning and then start your March Madness lack-of-productivity early!

All of the above said… We have a fantastic week of basketball on our hands, it’s gonna be great!

Be safe, have fun, and always remember: West Coast is BEST coast!