Previewing Tonight’s Games!!

Hoooo boy, do we have some douzies on the schedule tonight and so… Let’s talk about them.

All times pacific.

WWU @ MSUB @ 6:30pm

All MSUB can hope to be is the spoiler. Will they be? Possibly, but WWU is on a pretty darn good streak right now with a sweep of the Puget Sounds schools and a solid win against Simon Fraser. Curious to see if the Yellowjackets can rouse themselves for it, or if the season’s ended a week early.

Prediction: WWU wins.

UAF @ CU-PDX @ 7:30pm

The second to last game ever for the Cavs, and we’ll be curious to see Rhodes line-up. With all of these random line-ups, we’ve been hoping to watch these guys play their way into other D2 scholarships because there won’t be a transfer penalty even transferring within the GNAC, but so far… It’s looking like the vast majority will be NAIA-bound if they want to continue playing college basketball. The good news is that the NAIA Cascade Conference is fantastic; it was CU-Portland’s longtime home and they’ve got a ton of awesome schools -Corban, Northwest, Oregon Tech, and College of Idaho- being our favorites.

Prediction: UAF wins.

UAA @ WOU @ 7:30pm

This should be an insane game. A spot in the conference tournament is on the line, although UAA players Concordia on Saturday while WOU plays UAF… Food for thought. UAA hasn’t been challenged as of late, but this game will be a big challenge. WOU is coming off of a heartbreaking loss at NNU in OT, they’re going to be ready to fight, they’re going to be ready to right the ship, and… UAA is going to do everything in their power to prevent it. Truth-be-told, we think this UAA team is more talented but WOU is able to utilize their talent more, so… We’ll see.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

CWU @ SMU @ 7:30pm

CWU is mathematically still in contention for a spot in the conference tournament while SMU is 100% out. We feel like SMU is much more of a spoiler team than MSUB, and so… CWU’s likely in for a battle. They barely escaped CU-Portland at home and so… Is this the night their battle for Seattle ends? Perhaps.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

NNU @ SPU @ 7:30pm

Both teams are for sure in the conference tournament, NNU is fighting for a first-round BYE, which may or may not matter. Either way it’s a good warm-up for the Nighthawks getting to playin the SPU gym before the Falcons host the conference tournament. This NNU team looks very different from the last time SPU saw them; after some struggles early, the Nighthawks have been on fire. We have an Avian War on our hands and we’ll see who wins.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Great night of games on the horizon, we’ll be following along with everything on our phone whilst attending the NNU/SPU game.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!