Seriously chaotic, and so here we go:

SPU is the #1 seed in the conference tournament and thus has secured the first round BYE.

WWU at 13-7 is the current #2 seed, but they lost to MSUB tonight and whether or not they get the BYE is now currently out of their hands because they’ve already played both of their games this week.

WOU is currently 12-7 and the win tonight made them officially into the conference tournament. They’re also still in contention for the first-round BYE.

NNU is currently 12-7 and officially in the conference tournament as well as in contention for the first round BYE.

UAA is currently 11-8 and here’s where things start getting complicated. If the WOU and NNU both lose while the Seawolves win, then UAA will be tied with them BUT still not in contention for the BYE because that means WWU finishes with the 2nd best record at 13-7. A win over CU-PDX on Saturday does clinch the spot for the Seawolves.

UAF and CWU are both 10-9 and locked into a battle; for good and for bad both are facing a monster of an opponent on the road. The good news for UAF is that if they win and CWU loses, they’re in. If CWU wins and UAF loses, CWU is in.

If both teams lose, UAF gets the sixth and final spot, because UAF will have a win over SPU that CWU doesn’t have.

If both teams win… We can’t tell you who it’ll be just yet because it’ll depend on who ultimately finishes second.

UAF and CWU split their meetings.
UAF and CWU are both 1-1 against WWU.
CWU is 2-0 against NNU.
UAF would be 2-0 against WOU.

And so then you get into whether UAA wins or loses, and… both teams are 0-2 against UAA.

Oh and UAA hasn’t actually even clinched a berth in the conference tournament yet because of tiebreaker protocols. If they end up with the same record as UAF, they do own the tiebreaker; if it’s CWU, they won’t. Because UAA and CWU split in the regular season, the tie is broken by which team has beaten a team highest in the standings; in order for CWU and UAA to tie, the Wildcats will need a win over SPU, and thus CWU would win the tiebreaker over UAA because of said win over SPU. But CWU wouldn’t win that tiebreaker over UAF. Magical. The march to March is freaking magical ✨🧙🏻‍♂️✨

Yes, the standings chart is updated.

We’ll see y’all in the morning to discuss tonight’s games. Pleasant dreams, GNAC ⭐️🌙