Conference Game Day #18!!

Hoooo boy. What a night of games.

“Root, root root for the hooooome teeeeeam, if they don’t win it’s a shame!” They all did. Zero shame last night, nicely done home teams!!

SPU 68 @ WWU 73

It’s funny. This is one of those games that reminds us why it’s so important to look at the numbers. In person we felt like Logan Schilder played really well and Leif Anderson was hitting everything and yet… Nope. Really great team game by the Vikings and a number other guys played really well, but in person it’s so minute-to-minute that the collective doesn’t sink in.

Falcon highlights: Harry Cavell had 14 points and five boards; Divant’e Moffitt had 16 points and five boards; and Shaw Anderson had 16 points and five boards.

Viking highlights: D’Angelo Minnis had 12 points and nine assists; Jalen Green had 10 points; and Trevor Jasinsky shot well had had 22 points and six boards. Off the bench Leif Anderson had 11 points; and Luke Lovelady had eight points.

With this win, the Vikings clinched their berth in the conference tournament, and so congrats to them on that. By far the deepest and most experienced team, it’s an expectation, but still, it was in doubt for a while, so alright. Falcons, you’ll have Gavin again on Thursday; you’ll be fine.

SMU 74 @ SFU 82

“Good” win by Simon Fraser. Not so much in the consideration that SMU returned nothing and SFU returned everything, but sure. The Clan’s hopes of making the conference tournament are still alive, go Clan! And SMU’s Alex Schumacher was back to normal, good news for said Clan.

Saints highlights: Demonte Malloy had six boards; CJ Jennings had 24 points; John Moore had 11 points; Marky Adams had 17 points, six boards, and four blocks among a full house of stats.

Clan highlights: Othniel Spence had 22 points and seven boards; Mike Provenzano had 10 points and seven assists; Jasdeep Singh had 17 points; and Mike Hannan started and had 11 points and six steals. Off the bench Wil Balata had five boards; and Drew Bryson had eight points.

Not a particular game to write home about, but good to see the Clan right the ship, and sincere wishes of good luck against WWU on Tuesday.

MSUB 73 @ UAA 87

This was more of a game than we expected it to be. UAA doesn’t publish live stats, and so we checked the game at one point and the Seawolves were up by 20 or so and were like ‘okay…’ and never checked again. While it was never in doubt, the Jackets did make a good push in the second half.

Jacket highlights: Zharon Richmond had 15 points; Tyler Green had 10 assists; and Brendan Howard got stuffed, ending up with 10 points only. Off the bench Clarance Daniels went 7-8 and had 15 points; and Psalm Maduakor had eight points, six boards, and five assists.

Seawolf highlights: Niko Bevens had 19 points, six boards, and four assists; Tyrus Hosley had a double double among 20 points and 10 assists; Tobin Karlberg had 20 points, five boards, and four assists; Oggie Pantovic ate heartily on 7-10 shooting, with 14 points and five boards among a full house of stats; and off the bench Tyler Brimhall had five boards.

Nicely done Seawolves, pretty much as expected. We wouldn’t worry too much MSUB; it’s hard to play in Billings and so embrace playing the spoiler with the North schools this coming week.

CU-PDX 66 @ CWU 69

Yes, the final result we expected but maybe not the final score in any sense? It seems like if you keep it close at NNU, you should beat CWU, and yet instead the Cavs just kept it close at CWU as well… Go figure. Nicely done Wildcats, keep up the good fight.

Cavs highlights: David Wheeler had 11 points and five boards; Dom Bradley had six boards; El-roi Butler had 15 points and six boards; and “off the bench” Dakota Ayala had 16 points and 10 boards on 7-8 shooting.

Wildcat highlights: Jeryn Lucas had 22 points; Gamaun Boykin had six boards; Kevin Baker had 11 points; Marqus Gilson had eight boards; and off the bench Matt Poquette had 17 points.

We have so much fun at Central that we kind of want to root for this CWU team, just no one has any consistency and no one really plays as a team, so… Against our ethos. Maybe next year. Dakota, we’re starting to have our eye on you for SPU… Not sure Grant would do it, but the Falcons could use it. Big time. And you don’t even have to give up your belief that the earth is 8,000 years old! SPU’s official policy on the matter is “choose for yourself.”

WOU 87 @ NNU 89 in OT

AAAAAAAH. This game was nuts the whole way through, and not gonna lie: We didn’t think the Nighthawks were gonna pull it out and they did and hooooly guacamole. Not sure what was up with the foul by Cameron Cranston, but… It was critical, and arguably he’s the Nighthawks MVP; yes, we’re aware that Cameron plays for the Wolves.

Wolf highlights: Jaylyn Richardson had 13 points; Cameron Cranston had 12 points; Dalven Brushier had 23 points; Darius Lubom had six boards and six assists; and John Morrill-Keeler had 12 points and seven boards. Off the bench Emanuel Gant had 10 points; and Zach Baugher had six points and five boards.

Nighthawk highlights: Sam Roth had seven boards; Beto Diaz is kicking into gear at the right time and had 22 points and seven boards; George Reidy had 16 points; Spider Adentunji had nine boards among a full house of stats; and off the bench ZEKE ALLEY had 25 points.

The Nighthawks out-rebounded the Wolves 42-31 and they needed every single one of them. Congrats to both teams on an insanely hard fought battle, and congrats especially to the Nighthawks on clinching their berth in the conference tournament.

Really fun night of hoops, we ended up sitting on the old people side at WWU, and honestly the seats and set-up is really good. Way too expensive ($20 for a D2 game, seriously??) but the sight lines are great, so credit where credit is due.

As noted earlier: SFU @ WWU is the Tuesday game, while WWU has clinched, SFU is still fighting and they beat the Vikings in a nailbiter alllll the way back in December, so good game to watch.

Last week of the season, we’ll try and update the really-out-of-date who’s beaten who chart later today, and… We’ll go from there.

Congrats to all on a great night of games well-played.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!