Conference Game Day #17!

Goood morning. Was there any iisHoCkInG!! result last night? No. But was it still a great night of games? Absolutely!

And so… Let’s talk about it.

UAA 94 @ UAF 81

UAA would walk up and then UAF would get back in it, and then UAA would walk it up again, and while there was a bit of a mad dash with about 90 seconds left, ultimately UAA managed to keep the lead and win the game.

Seawolf highlights: Niko Bevens had 15 points; Tyrus Hosley had 15 points, seven boards, and six assists; Tobin Karlberg played 40 full minutes and had 23 points, eight boards, and six assists; Jack Macdonald played forty full minutes and had 19 points; Oggie Pantovic had 17 points and seven boards on great shooting; and off the bench Tyler Brimhall had five points, four boards, and four assists.

Nanook highlights: Shadeed Shabazz played 40 full minutes and had a huuuuge bounce-back game with 25 points and 12 assists for the double-double, along with five steals and four boards; Spencer Sweet had five boards; Koby Huerta had 13 points; and Mawich Kachjaani had five boards. Off the bench Keshaun Howard went 4-5 and had 10 points; Markel Banks had a good night with 16 points; and Alex Sommerfield had five points.

Usually we hate high volume scorers, but… Shadeed puts up so many great field metrics and gets his numbers WHILE helping his teammates. He has a huge scoring output, but he usually does it relatively efficiently and almost never at the expense of his teammates; seeing a scorer like this that doesn’t play hero ball is absolutely magical. That said, big congrats to UAA on winning and your line-up tightening up. We think it’s a great move at this point in the season. While we love UAF, it’s starting to be obvious that until Mawich can play at full strength again, they don’t quite have enough to be a threat to top teams night in and night out, which is unfortunate and so hopefully he bounces back soon.

SPU 88 @ SFU 67

Don’t let the final score fool you; it was actually a really tight game throughout most of the first half, before the Falcons managed to make some good halftime adjustments (finally) and walk it up and away in the second half. Some super weird numbers by the Falcons, go figure.

Falcon highlights: Harry Cavell had 24 points and six boards; Divant’e Moffitt had 20 points and six boards among a full house of stats; and Shaw Anderson had 12 points and six boards. Off the bench Braden Olsen had 11 points; Sharif Khan had five points; and Jacob Medjo went 4-4 from the free throw line.

Clan highlights: Othniel Spence had 24 points, six boards, and five fouls; Mike Provenzano had 14 points; and Jas Singh had 21 points and eight boards among a full house of stats. Off the bench David Penney had four rebounds.

It appears the Falcons toyed with Wil Balata, while we’re not sure if Jasdeep nullified Filip or Filip nullified Filip. Go figure. Matt Kiatipis did in fact see playing time and went 1-1 with one foul and one assist in seven minutes. Keep an eye on him next year -lacking particular numbers can be just as big as the presence of others. Zero turnovers is good. Congrats to the Clan on what largely was a pretty darn good game, and congrats to the Falcons on locking in well in this tune up for WWU.

SMU 61 @ WWU 71

The Saints were in it for a longgg time and had CJ Jennings not been so busy chucking up shots and instead distributed them to his teammates, the Saints had an incredibly good shot at winning. Alas, the trademark of this year’s SMU team is Aaron Landon allowing wayyy too much of a leash when guys are cold.

Saints highlights: Demonte Malloy had seven boards; CJ Jennings had six boards and four assists; Logan Rooney had 13 points; John Moore had five points; Marky Adams had seven boards; and off the bench Alex Schumacher had 18 points.

Viks highlights: D’Angelo Minnis had 12 points; Siaan Rojas had five assists; Logan Schilder had nine boards; Jalen Green had five assists; and Trevor Jasinsky finally had a good shooting night nad had 21 points and six boards among a full house of stats. Off the bench Leif Anderson had six points and five assists; and Cameron Retherford had nine points and five boards.

We’re really not sure what to think about these numbers from the Vikings. While there were definitely some good ones… They mirror a solid amount of SMU’s, which is just beyond perplexing because SMU returned no one and WWU returned everyone. Curious about Saturday’s game; similar team, very different discipline demands by the head coach.

MSUB 68 @ UAF 71

THIS GAME WAS 100% THE INSANE NUTSO MASTERPIECE WERE HOPING FOR!!!!!!! Absolutely crazy. The Nooks did a really good job at defending Brendan Howard, so that was quality. The shooting was hot, the defense was committed, and it seriously went down to the final seconds; everything you love to see in a basketball game, and MSUB is officially out of the race for the conference tournament.

Jacket highlights: Zharon Richmond had 11 points among a full house of stats; Tyler Green had 15 points while going 5-7 from three; and Brendan Howard went 7-7 from the line and grabbed six boards. Off the bench Clarence Daniels had six points and six boards; Psalm Maduakor had eight points and six boards; and Jordan Lehrer had six points.

Nook highlights: Shadeed Shabazz played forty full minutes and had 22 points, six assists, and six steals; Spencer Sweet had 17 points and eight boards; Quinn Daugharty had six boards; and Mawich Kachjaani had five boards. Off the bench Jalon McCullough had nine points; Markel Banks had four points and three boards; and Alex Sommerfield had nine points.

Nutso game. Implicative game. Big congrats to the Nooks on getting it done, and better luck next year to the Jackets. We still kind of have a [somewhat] irrational grudge against Jordan Lehrer for dunking on Braden Olsen at the end getting blown out. Like really, who’s insecure enough to do that?? Jordan Lehrer is.

CU-PDX 76 @ NNU 77

For a long while this game was going exactly as we expected it to, but then CU-PDX caught fire (and/or NNU stopped caring) and the Cavaliers made it one heck of a game. Still pretty awful numbers from most of the CU-PDX guys, but hey! They were within one point at NNU, that’s something.

Cavs highlights: Dom Bradley had 10 boards; El-roi Butler had 15 points and five fouls. Off the bench Dylan Sullivan had five points; Hunter Sweet had 13 boards; and Dakota Ayala had 15 points and eight boards.

Nighthawk highlights: BETO DIAZ finally functioned again and had 27 points and nine boards; George Reidy had nine points and five fouls; and Spider Adetunji had 11 boards. Off the bench Jaylen Fox had four boards; Zac Furgerson had five points; and Zeke Alley had 14 points

Nighthawks gotta stay tenacious and they didn’t. Good learning experience for NNU, especially considering they face the Wolves on Saturday and the Falcons on Thursday.

WOU 71 @ CWU 61

The Wildcats were in it for wayyy longer than we expected, and this is a team that usually hits above their weight class as it comes to WOU. Still, great to see WOU get the victory in a tough environment. Nampa will likely be nuts on Saturday, so great warm-up.

Wolf highlights: Dalven Brushier had 18 points and six boards; Darius Lubom had 14 points; and John Morrill-Keeler had 12 beautifully fed points along with seven boards. Off the bench Emanuel Gant had 10 points; and Zach Baugher had four boards.

Wildcat highlights: Davon Bolton had 21 points; Xavier Smith had 11 points; and Marqus Gilson had 10 boards. Off the bench Gamaun Boykin had seven points; and Matt Poquette had four boards.

It seems like had the Wildcats not panicked down the stretch once they were down by six with around four minutes left, they could have come back and gotten the ‘W.’ There was a lot of unnecessary chucking that happened, and WOU was great at forcing turnovers under pressure. Congrats to both teams on a hard game well fought.

Great night of games. We had a blast out at Central. We’re actually going to put up a standings post here in a little while (or a couple of hours) and then game previews will be up in the AM.

Congrats to all on playing hard in the march to March.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!