Previewing Today’s Games!

Goood morning. We are looking potentially at one of the most intriguing days of the year as it comes to the GNAC regular season, and so… Let’s talk about it.

All times pacific.

SFU @ WOU @ 2pm

SFU is super 50/50, WOU can get really hot, and so while our inclination is that WOU is going to take SFU down, considering the Wolves dismantling of Western Washington Thursday, this is the GNAC and who knows what’s going to happen? We think the game will go one of three ways: SFU wins a close one, WOU wins a close one, or WOU wins a blow-out. We don’t see SFU blowing out WOU.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

NNU @ UAF @ 3pm

GAME OF THE DAY!!!!!!! Beyond excited about it. Both teams are coming off of absolutely brutal losses and are tied at 9-6 in conference play. When the teams met about a month ago, NNU won comfortable, but UAF has gotten hotter and hotter as the season has gone on, and so there are no guarantees. While for the most part NNU guys played well on Thursday, a ton of UAF guys had bad games and so they’ll be looking to rebound in a big way. We’ll see what happens.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

WWU @ CU-PDX @ 6:15pm

Concordia was giving SFU all they could handle in the first half before completely collapsing in the second half. We’ll see how they do against WWU. The good news is that WWU and SFU match-up really well, so Thursday likely was a good lesson for the Cavaliers. If Rhodes goes back to the normal line-up, the Young Earthers could get the win.

Prediction: WWU wins.

SMU @ MSUB @ 6:30pm

If you’re going by recent results, SMU only lost to SPU by 10, while MSUB lost by 20 at home, so… Saints get the ‘W’? No, the big difference between SPU and SMU is likely the containing of Brendan Howard. The Falcons did a phenomenal job at containing him and we’re not sure that SMU has the personnel to be able to do the same. While the Jackets lost by 20 on Thursday, a lot of their guys played pretty well and so a good win is absolutely a possibility today. It’s getting down to the wire, MSUB is currently still in the race for the conference tournament, but if they lose today they’re likely out.

Prediction: Pick ’em.


Both teams are coming off of insane wins on Thursday night. Last time the Wildcats and Seawolves met, the Wildcats murdered the Seawolves 84-50 and so… We’ll see if the Seawolves remember that, and we’ll see if the Wildcats aren’t taking the Seawolves seriously. Both teams are tied at 8-7, both are battling for a spot in the conference tournament, and… We’ll see.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

It should be a great day of games. We passed two kidney stones while we were on the Billings trip, and so today will be spent on the couch, hopefully watching the Seattle Dragons beat the Tampa Bay Vipers and five amazing GNAC basketball games.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!