Rest in Peace, CU-Portland.

It came out yesterday that this is Concordia-Portland’s final year in operation, due to financial solvency issues.

As much as we pushed for Coach B. to be let go because we didn’t feel like he was getting the most out of his players, it kills us that he was let go only to have the institution close one year later. We assume the athletic department had no idea it was this imminent, or they would have let him finish it out.

In the five years we’ve been writing about the Cavalier men’s basketball program, they’ve they’ve had some great guys pass through, including but not limited to:

  • Jarrett Gray
  • Jace Cates
  • Drew Martin
  • Davis Nuiami
  • Riley Hawken
  • Tyler Gutierrez
  • Cody Starr
  • Hunter Sweet
  • Xavier Smith
  • Dom Bradley
  • Dakota Ayala
  • Russell Tillery

When we go through CU-Portland’s rosters from the last five years, those are the guys that stand out in our memories. While they never made a GNAC tournament, all had some incredibly great games, and all helped make writing about the GNAC fun. We were able to witness them play a number of great nailbiters, achieve a good number of upsets, and put forth some outstanding individual performances.

Obviously out of all of them, Dakota Ayala and Jarrett Gray in particular will hold a special place in our heart. We feel blessed and privileged to have gotten to watch them play. We assume that it’ll be an ‘immediate eligibility’ situation and anticipate Dakota and Hunter being snapped up by other GNAC schools pretty quickly, if they do want to stay in our very soggy (but green and lovely) locale. The rest: Nine years in, we’re really familiar with every D2 men’s basketball program on the west coast, so by all means reach out and we’re happy to give you our thoughts on potential landing spots.

While it won’t be an option for a majority of men’s basketball players, for normal students looking at transferring to CU-Irvine we would 110% recommend it. When we visited earlier this year, we loved it. The campus is beautiful, facilities are great, everyone was super nice, and you cannot beat SoCal weather during the school year.

To the Concordia neighborhood and community: our thoughts are with you in mourning the loss of this 115-year-old stalwart.

Christi Crux Est Mihi Lux,
The GNAC Men’s Basketblog