Previewing Today’s Games!

Gooood morning. We have some games on the schedule and this is the GNAC, meaning that it’s very well possible all of them will be odd in some way or another, and so… Let’s talk about them.

All times pacific.

CU-PDX @ SPU @ 4:15pm

It looks like a boring game, doesn’t it? Blah, blah, blah the Falcons are gonna win, and yet… This is the GNAC. And CU-PDX just had a nice win over SMU. “It’s this year’s version of SMU.” This year’s version of SMU beat UAF, something Seattle Pacific couldn’t do, so… Don’t pencil this in as a victory just yet. While SPU’s post presence is improving (we see you Mehdi El Mardi), we still wouldn’t call it adequate, whereas Concordia has Dakota, and Dakota pontificates post-presence, and so… We’ll see.

Prediction: SPU wins.

MSUB @ NNU @ 6:30pm

Okay, here’s where the chaos of the night truly begins. NNU has been looking like they’re finally getting on track, and despite the close loss to CWU, we’re thinking they still largely are. MSUB is going to be desperate to get back on track, but… That’s really hard to do in Nampa, especially against a fellow team that’s fighting for a spot in the conference tournament. This could be a good game, but we could also see MSUB getting blown out if Zharon Richmond doesn’t find his groove once again.

Prediction: If Zharon Richmond plays badly, NNU wins.

UAF @ SFU @ 7pm

We’re intrigued about this game, to say the least. Last time the two teams met UAF won by six, but… That was in Fairbanks. And we still feel like the teams match-up relatively well, but… Since that last meeting Shadeed has gotten way better, not that he was bad before, and while some of the SFU players have improved and collectively they’ve improved, they’re still not as good as they were last year, which is concerning. They escaped UAA, and we’ll see if they escape UAF tonight.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

UAA @ WWU @ 7pm

Another should-be great game. On Thursday both of these teams led for a long while before succumbing to their opponent, and tonight they’re both likely to come out fighting and want to get back on track. It’s a critical game for both, which seems insane to say in the second week of February, but… It’s definitely true. No telling what’s going to happen; WWU is on a three-game losing streak and we expect them to break it sooner rather than later, but… UAA’s a good team. UAA is currently on a two-game losing streak, but that’s relative because it was against SPU, and then at SFU without Oggie Pantovic. They’ll have Oggie tonight and we’re sure he’s ready for a battle.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

WOU @ SMU @ 7:30pm

On paper, you would expect this to be a blow-out seeing as SMU just lost to CU-PDX and WOU gave SPU all they could handle, and yet… WOU was getting their butts kicked by SPU for all of the first half. We really like the new SMU line-up, we’re excited to go see it in person. It absolutely could be a blow-out in WOU’s favor, but… Losing to SPU is kind of acceptable, whereas losing to CU-PDX for the second time this season has to put you in ‘KILL THE EFFERS’ mode, so… Looking forward to watching hopefully a couple of super fired up teams.

Prediction: WOU wins.

Should we be heading up north tonight? Yup. But are we? Nope. We’re going for the Puget Sound back-to-back against the Oregons. Should be good. We’ll be in our usual spots, so come say ‘hi.’

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!