Previewing Today’s Games!

Gooood afternoon.

Exciting evening of games ahead of us, and so… Let’s talk about them!

All times pacific.

SMU @ UAF @ 4:15pm

SMU is a very 50/50 team and we suspect they’re still going to be missing Demonte Malloy, and so… It feels like an easy game to project a loss for, especially considering it’s in Fairbanks and especially considering UAF just had a huge win over SPU, but… The GNAC doesn’t work like that. While we still expect Fairbanks to win, this feels like one of those games that UAF could win a close one, SMU could win a close one, or UAF could win in a blow-out, but SMU won’t win in a blow-out. Curious to see what happens though!

Prediction: UAF wins.

SFU @ NNU @ 6pm

NNU just got a HUUUUUGE win, both figuratively in the ‘they won’ sense and literally in the ‘they led by 20+ the entire time’ sense, over WWU on Thursday and they’re going to want to keep the ball rolling against an SFU team that just almost lost to CWU by 20. They didn’t, CWU choked hardcore, but the Clan still lost -only by seven, not by 20. Once again though: This is the GNAC. It is entirely 100% possible that SFU goes in and blows out the Nighthawks. Last time the two teams met, NNU won by three in Burnaby. This time, who knows? NNU looks better, but are they better? The Clan looks like a mess, but are they really a mess. We’re betting on yes, which breaks our hearts, but oh well. GNAC happens.

Prediction: NNU wins.

WOU @ MSUB @ 6pm

Very intriguing game. The Wolves are very 50/50; on the one hand, we still think they’re one of the better teams in the GNAC and yet they’ve been on a downward spiral, right when they really should be gelling and looking up. They had this great run through early January and now here they are again, back down to earth, but having seen the greatness, we believe in the greatness. Or at least the good-ness. MSUB struggled in their win over CU-PDX, although defensively played well-ish? Weird game. Zharon Richmond is looking really good, Brendan Howard is of course looking great as ever, but do they have a full team that can go up against all six of WOU’s quality guys? We’ll see.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

WWU @ CWU @ 7:15pm

RIVALRY GAME!!!!!!!!! And yet who knows what’s going to happen? While we fully expect WWU to be in kill mode because of Thursday’s result, we would expect that anyway because they’re playing at Central. While it can be easier to overlook your rival at home, on the road absolutely not. That said, CWU is coming off of a decent win against a downward spiraling Simon Fraser team. “SFU only lost to SPU, how is that downward spiraling” it’s downward spiraling when you clear your bench in the first half. If you had any hope you wouldn’t do that, and so if you don’t have that faith in yourself, why would anyone else have faith in you? Clearly CWU didn’t and it paid off. Maybe WWU is similarly spiraling and so… Wildcats over Vikings? Perhaps.

Prediction: WWU wins.

SPU @ UAA @ 8:30pm

Our best advice to the Falcons in order to ready themselves to come out and right the ship against the UAA men, is to watch the SPU women play the UAA women. We watch approximately four GNAC women’s basketball games a year and yet even we know the UAA women are horrendously dirty to the point that we’re aggressive and angry just thinking about it; it’s a good mindset to be in for righting the ship. That said… No idea what’s going to happen in the men’s game. The UAA men have seen SPU’s weaknesses and are undoubtedly ready to exploit them, but… UAA doesn’t have a Shadeed Shabazz. They’ve got good guys, but they don’t have an inexplicably dynamic player night-in-and-night-out and so we’ll be curious to see what happens.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

It should be a great night of games. We’re attending the hotly contested terven lecture, and so we’ll merely be following along on our phone and then hopefully making it home in time to watch the UAA/SPU game, considering they don’t have a live stat stream 😒

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!