Player-of-the-Week #5.

Up a day later than intended, but… We feel guilty when we smile. The basketball world has been forever changed. Losing Kobe is beyond words.

We’d like to see something done to honor him at this week’s games, even on a D2 level, just because we’re guessing every single player conference-wide was inspired by Kobe in some way.

As a basketball blogger and way-too-intense person, his #MambaMentality and how he was taking it to women’s basketball through his daughter meant the world to us. It’s not “socially acceptable” for women to hold so much intensity, and yet he was cultivating it and encouraging it in young female basketball players and the idea of a generation of girls growing up going “it’s okay to be intense, it’s okay to be single minded, it’s okay to be aggressive,” is a world we would have liked to grow-up in.

We were never the biggest Kobe fan, but the idea that through Gigi, because of Gigi’s natural born intensity and Kobe’s willingness as a parent to not stamp it out of her despite social norms, they were on the road to forever changing women’s basketball, and to lose that is beyond heartbreaking. He was one of the biggest allies of intense women and we needed an ally like him, of his stature, desperately, and now he’s just… Gone. As is Gigi herself.

But, they loved basketball more than anything and so… Let’s do player-of-the-week.

This past week had MSUB hosting the Alaska schools, the North schools visiting the Puget Sound schools, and the East schools visiting the Oregons.

UAF: Shadeed Shabazz
UAA: Tobin Karlberg
SFU: Wil Balata
WWU: Trevor Jasinsky
SPU: Divant’e Moffitt
SMU: N/A —> Donated to Oggie Pantovic of UAA.
CWU: N/A —> Donated to Jalen Green of WWU.
NNU: Spider Adentunji
MSUB: Zharon Richmond
WOU: Emanuel Gant

Player-of-the-Week: Shadeed Shabazz.