Previewing Tonight’s Games!

Goood morning. Read the URL if you’re one of those people 🙃 You’re welcome. Let’s jump into tonight’s games.

All times pacific.

UAA @ MSUB @ 6:30pm

We’re ridiculously intrigued by this game! UAA just blew out rival UAF, we’re assuming because they were ridiculously aggressive after a loss that shouldn’t have happened at NNU. We’ll see if the rage and fire can carry them to a win at Alterowitz. MSUB, on the other hand, is coming off of a respectable loss to SPU at SPU where they had plenty of chances to take the lead and win it, but couldn’t quite close the deal. The standings are still tight and MSUB is merely one game back of being tied for 5th place, so… Every night is critical. Brendan Howard will be the best player in the game, we’re excited to see him and Oggie go at it, but UAA is more talented overall, so:

Prediction: Pick ’em.

SFU @ SMU @ 7pm

While we would be tempted to say that this should be a good game… It could be? SFU and NNU match-up well, and SMU beat NNU while at NNU, granted it was before Christmas Break, so… We shall see. SFU was looking a lot better against Concordia (and admittedly the Cavs beat the Saints) but style does matter and the fact is that NNU and SFU are similar (and yet to play this year) so it could be a good comparison. One of those games were SFU could win big or either team could win a close one, but we don’t anticipate SMU blowing out SFU.

Prediction: SFU wins.

WWU @ SPU @ 7pm

HUUUUGE game. The top two teams in the GNAC meeting up. In the last two weeks, both have blown out Concordia and won an OT game against WOU. They should be pretty well matched, although admittedly SPU has no true answer for WWU’s Logan Schilder. There are a ton of great guys playing in this game and we absolutely cannot wait to watch, the biggest difference between the two is experience; WWU returned everything, while SPU returned very little, and so we’ll see if experience will propel the Viks to the win on what we expect to be approximately a neutral court.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

CWU @ CU-PDX @ 7:30pm

THIS SHOULD BE A REALLY GREAT GAME. We almost wish we were going. CWU got blown-out by UAF on Saturday, which means CU-PDX should be right about their speed and it should be ridiculously competitive, which is particularly great from a CU-PDX perspective. CWU came super close to beating SMU, while CU-PDX did beat SMU, so they know they have it in them to beat the Wildcats, the only question is: will they?

Prediction: Pick ’em.

NNU @ WOU @ 7:30pm

Has NNU finally got their ish together or will they be out of the sky and into the frying pan? Can you fry Nighthawks? It sounds really gross. ‘Fried Falcon’ has a much better ring to it, if we’re being honest (and cannibalistic). But can the Nighthawks beat the Wolves? Honestly: it’s very doubtful. WOU is a good team that has great rebounders, good-to-great scorers, and a good home court advantage.

Prediction: Wolves win.

Ridiculously great night ahead. We’ll be keeping an eye on things on our phone while we’re inevitably freaking out through the entirety of the Falcons/Vikings game. As always: come say ‘hi.’ We’ll be in our usual spot.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!