Conference Game Day #8!

Hey, look, we’re blogging! And we just got an advertisement on our phone for a fruit peeling game, like oookay. Why does a digital fruit peeling game exist? Does it really need to exist?

“Why don’t current basketball blog posts exist on the GNAC blog?” Fair question, here we go!

UAF 78 @ CWU 60

It was competitive in the first half, and then briefly-ish in the second half, but really not so much. We can’t figure out this CWU team, but neither can the Wildcats, so it is what it is. We see this year’s CWU team as a more primitive version of this year’s UAF team, which is entirely hysterical.

Nook highlights: SHADEED SHABAZZ had 30 points, 13 boards, four assists, and seven steals while going 8-9 from the line, so wow on that; and Spencer Sweet had 17 points. Off the bench Markel Banks had 16 points; and Alex Sommerfield had seven points and five boards.

Wildcat highlights: Davon Bolton had 10 points; Xavier Smith had 10 points; Kevin Baker had six boards; and Marqus Gilson had six boards. Off the bench Jeryn Lucas had eight points; Gamaun Boykin had nine points and four boards; Matt Poquette had six boards; Micah Pollard had five points; and Tariq Woody had eight points.

The thing is… Those numbers make neither team look particularly fantastic. UAF only had four function players against a team that they otherwise destroyed. CWU had a smattering of below average guys, but had any one been able to put up a good-to-great performance, or a few put up even average performances, they would have been right in it. Congrats to the Nooks on getting the ‘W.’

UAA 69 @ NNU 80

We’ve been telling you: NNU is a hard place to play. As such, this is going to be a fantastic game on the frosty side. Basically no one from UAA shot well, which isn’t super surprising in the NNU gym, but we would have liked to see better from Tyler Brimhall and Tobin Karlberg in particular because… They’ve been there before, they’ve had a number of great games this year, and so… Gotta step up and bring that experience.

Seawolf highlights: DeAndre Osuigwe had five boards; Tyler Brimhall had five boards among a full house of stats; and Niko Bevens had 14 points. Off the bench Amari Hale had five fouls and seven points; Jack Macdonald brought the experience and had 12 points; and Oggie Pantovic had 11 points and six boards.

Nighthawk highlights: Beto Diaz had 16 points; JAYDEN BEZZANT finally looked like himself again with 26 points among a full house of stats; and Spider had six boards. Off the bench Jaylen Fox had four assists; Zeke Alley had 21 points and seven boards while going 5-5 from the line and shooting solidly from the field; and Gabe Murphy had six boards.

Some promising numbers from the Nighthawks, but can we trust them? We shall see. We hope so. The fact is, the conference standings are largely still wide open; no one’s that far ahead, not even SPU and WWU. The rest, it’s a complete mess, although we feel like WOU is starting to separate themselves into that top group as well, despite losing to both SPU and WWU recently.

MSUB 72 @ SPU 83

Okay, the biggest highlight of this game was the fact that SPU did in fact try to defend Brendan Howard and they still couldn’t. We greatly respect that; we’ve assumed teams basically just decided to focus on everyone else. Nope, SPU headed straight for him and Brendan still had 20 points. Awesome.

Yellowjacket highlights: Zharon Richmond continues his good functioning, scoring 21 points and grabbing four boards; Tyler Green had 19 points; as noted: Brendan Howard had 20 points, but also seven assists. Off the bench Clarence Daniels had five boards; and Jordan Lehrer had 10 points and five boards.

Falcon highlights: Harry Cavell finally warmed up again, scoring 19 points and grabbing seven boards; Divant’e Moffitt had a good bounce-back game with 30 points; and Shaw Anderson had a “quiet” 16 points. Off the bench Braden Olsen had five assists; and Mehdi El Mardi had 14 points.

While this game was never truly out of reach for MSUB, we’re also not convinced it was ever in reach either. We’ll be curious to see what happens in Billings, because this game overall was just a head scratcher. Sure Filip Fullerton was in foul trouble, but Mehdi El Mardi was out on the court begging for a breather and Grant Leep was like “too bad, stay in” and so… Playing the guy that’s become your human victory cigar 22 minutes. Ooookay.

CU-PDX 61 @ SFU 72

Competitive, but never really in doubt either. Solid win for the Clan over a CU-Portland team that’s slowly but surely looking up.

Cavs highlights: Xavier Smith had eight points; Hunter Sweet had 14 points; and Dakota Ayala had 17 points and six boards. Off the bench Brendan Ritschard had four points; Russell Tillery had five boards among a full house of stats; and Dom Bradley had six points and four boards.

Clan highlights: Othniel Spence had a double double with 19 points and 10 boards; Wil Balata was back in the starting line-up and had 11 boards; Mike Provenzano had nine points and five fouls; Jas Singh had 16 points and seven boards among a flawless full house of stats; Julian Roche had 11 points and eight boards; and off the bench David Penney went 6-7 from the line and finished with six points and three boards.

Good to see Jas bounce back, still waiting on Mike Provenzano and Julian Roche; while their numbers were okay, we know they can do better. It’s hard to say whether the Clan’s defense was good or if the CU-Portland offense was just bad, but judging by the lack of steals, we’re going to say probably that CU-Portland’s offense was just bad. Still, despite the struggles on offense they have a number of guys that are super fun to watch, so props there.

WOU 79 @ WWU 86 in OT

We’re honestly a little surprised; thought WOU might get the upset, but ah well; super young team and taking it to OT in Carver is no walk-in-the-park.

Wolves highlights: Jaylyn Richardson had six boards and five fouls; Dalven Brushier had four boards and five assists; Darius Lubom had 17 points; and John Morrill-Keeler had 14 points and six boards. off th ebench EMANUEL GANT had 16 points, six boards, and five fouls; and Tyreek Price had six points.

Viking highlights: D’Angelo Minnis had 21 points and five boards; Siaan Rojas had 12 points; Jalen Green had 17 points and five boards among a full house of stats; Trevor Jasinsky had 13 points; Cameron Retherford started “in place” of Logan Schilder and had 10 points and eight boards; and RJ Secrest had 13 points and five boards.

We’re kind of torn on our headspace with this one. On the one hand, WOU didn’t play that well while WWU played really well, and the Wolves still managed to take it to OT. On the other hand, WOU could have played a lot better and they got out of having to adjust to having Logan Schilder in the game (there is a big difference between your standard 6’8 D2 big and the 6’11 guy that is Logan) and they just couldn’t quite close the deal. Unsurprised it went to OT, incredibly great match-up, congrats to both teams on a hard game well fought, and we’re looking forward to the return trip.

WOU 94 @ SFU 80

In this one, we’re honestly surprised the score differential wasn’t bigger, but props to SFU for keeping it relatively close, although never especially within reach.

Wolf highlights: Jaylyn Richardson had five boards; Cameron Cranston bounced back and had 20 points on solid shooting; Dalven Brushier had 13 points; Darius Lubom went 5-6 from the line; and John Morrill-Keeler had 12 points. Off the bench Emanual Gant had 10 boards; TYREEK PRICE was on fire and had 26 points; and Riley Hamilton had five points.

Clan highlights: Othniel Spence had 19 points and five boards; Wil Balata went 5-6 from the line and had 13 points; Mike Provenzano FINALLY had a good game, with 18 points and five assists; Jas Singh had 21 points and five boards; and off the bench Graham Miller had five points.

So basically… SFU was functioning as well as they have this year, WOU was playing well, and this was the result. We lean toward there being a bigger differential when the teams meet again in Monmouth, but… Who knows.

Despite this going up on Wednesday morning, the Alaskas game on Tuesday will be discussed on Friday with Thursday’s results.

Game previews will be up in the AM, promise.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!