Previewing Today’s Games!

Goood morning. We’ve got some great games ahead of us and so… Let’s talk about them!

All times pacific.

MSUB @ SPU @ 2pm

MSUB just beat SMU by 29, while SPU is coming off of a day of rest after having beat SMU by a mere 24, but… Here’s the thing: A lot of guys from MSUB that haven’t had particularly good games all year, had them against SMU. While for the Falcons, a bunch of guys that consistently play well, played somewhere between mediocre and terrible (looking at you Divant’e Moffitt) and so the games played were rather different. That said, the thing about playing in RBP is that everybody gets up to do it. Nobody goes into RBP like “oh, well, another game,” it’s always ‘MUST. KILL. GOLIATH!!!!!!!!!!” and so we’ll see if the Yellowjackets succeed in that.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

UAA @ NNU @ 4:15pm

Super curious about this game and we’ll actually get to watch most of it, seeing as Snoqualmie Pass is still a mess. NNU is coming off of a nice win over the Nooks, while UAA is coming of an uncharacteristic blow-out loss to CWU. UAA will want to right the ship, although we wouldn’t quite say they need to; NNU is a hard place to play and UAA is fine in terms of conference standings. NNU, on the other hand, is fighting for a spot in the conference tournament and they know they boast a solid-to-great home court advantage and so they really do need to make the most of it and get the ‘W.’

Prediction: Pick ’em.

WOU @ WWU @ 7pm

This should be a really great game. WOU has actually had a full week of rest, after the SFU game on Thursday got moved. The full week of rest should have been incredibly helpful, seeing as they last played an overtime game against SPU. An SPU-WWU “back-to-back” while challenging, actually could be pretty ideal. There’s no let down game, no overlook game, just attack mode. WWU is coming off of a predictably dominant win over Concordia, which was likely a nice warm-up, and now they can get down to the serious business that is defeating the Wolves of WOU.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

CU-PDX @ SFU @ 7pm

This shouldn’t be a good game, although the thing is: it very well might be. CU-Portland is coming off a predictable loss at WWU, but last week they put up promising numbers against the Puget Sound schools. Simon Fraser is coming off of getting swept in Alaska, and while that’s respectable… Simon Fraser returns everything on a team that made it to the conference tournament last year, and so it really shouldn’t have happened.

Prediction: Simon Fraser wins.

UAF @ CWU @ 7:15pm

This is one that could go in any direction. UAF could win big; CWU could win big; UAF could win close; CWU could win close. CWU is coming off of a fantastic blow-out over UAA, but… UAA played strangely poorly. UAF is coming off of a relatively close loss to NNU, that also seemed a tad uncharacteristic. We like a lot of the UAF guys, and while we like CWU just fine, outside of Kevin Baker there really hasn’t been any type of consistency, so it’s really hard to say what they’ll do and what they’re capable of. The good news is that while it’s taking them a while to figure stuff out, the conference standings are still widely in flux, despite being almost halfway through conference play. No one’s really separated themselves outside of WWU and SPU being good and CU-PDX and SMU being bad. The middle seven are all right in it and so a win tonight for the Wildcats would in fact make a huge difference in conference standings.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

It should be a good night. We’ll be following along with everything, although we’re not 100% on our plans just yet, so the medium we’re following along from is yet to be determined.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!