Previewing Today’s Games!

Gooood morning. We have quite an array of games ahead of us at a massive smattering of times, so let’s jump right in.

All times pacific.

SMU @ CU-PDX @ 2pm

UNDER THE BASKET IN FRONT OF THE CONCORDIA BENCH IS CURSED!!!!!!! Two SPU players and a CU-PDX player got injured there on Thursday, so… Take heed and you have been warned. Again: We don’t think it’s a facilities issue; we just think it’s cursed. That said, we think CU-PDX has a pretty decent chance to win this game. They didn’t play terribly against the Falcons, and while SMU truthfully didn’t play terribly against the Wolves, there was an insane lack of D that could be a great opening for Concordia. The Cavs have some really good guys and we love their new coach in Rhoades, but it’s a matter of putting it together. And recruiting to a school that has an official policy that the earth is 8,000 years old.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

WWU @ UAF @ 3:15pm

It’s currently -28° and is projected to be -30° as of game time. The good news is, there’s only 48% humidity and Fairbanks is a dry climate as is, so it probably feels like it would around 20° in Seattle. The humidity kills you. And so too might the Nanooks kill the Vikings. They got a good win over SFU, SFU did in fact beat WWU, and WWU only barely escaped Anchorage, and so they’re gonna be tired while the Nooks should be decently well rested. There’s also the whole historical thing of “WWU can’t win in UAF,” to the point that none of the Viking fans even blink at a loss up there; in their national championship season back in 2012, they beat just about everybody and yet still lost at UAF. It happens. We’ll see if it happens today.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

SPU @ WOU @ 4:15pm

Another school that tends to be good and yet can’t win in a certain location. The Falcons haven’t won in Monmouth since 2013. While we suspect they’ll still be out Gavin Long, honestly: It doesn’t matter. Our whole policy these entire six years of blogging has been that good teams find a way to win regardless of who’s out and who’s not and regardless as to how long its been since your program has won in a particular gym. In our opinion WOU is still definitely fighting for an at-large berth and so a win against SPU would be a great one to get. While WOU showed depth against SMU, that game was entirely different from the one we expect to see against SPU and so we’ll see if their rotation shortens up once again. Should be a really great game.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

CWU @ MSUB @ 6pm

We’re excited about this game. CWU is coming off of having Thursday off after beating the Nighthawks in Nampa, MSUB is coming off of a respectable loss to NNU at home, and so… CWU is going to want to keep it rolling, while MSUB is going to want to right the ship. We think both teams are incredibly well matched, although with different strengths. CWU’s best player currently appears as Kevin Baker (although Gamaun Boykin and Matt Poquette both have their moments as well), while with MSUB it’s indisputably Brendan. We’ll see how things shake out.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

SFU @ UAA @ 6:15pm

We’ll be honest: We lean toward UAA getting the win. They got the wins against the Oregon schools, they blew out SMU, they played  SPU close, and they played WWU even closer and… As a general rule they’ve just proven to be more trustworthy as a team than this SFU team, despite the fact that they have identical in-conference records. With the Clan, the turnovers have got to stop. Mike Provenzano had 10 the other night, Wil Balata had eight on a different day, the fundamentals are so bad we feel sick to out stomach and we know that Rusty Osborn is going to take advantage of it. That’s going to be the key for UAA tonight: Allowing SFU to beat themselves at their own game. That said, while we feel like UAA is going to win, SFU has proven to be able pull wins out of a hat, so…

Prediction: Pick ’em.

All pick ’ems, and while yes the last game is a bit dicey on that status, there is a key part of us that feels like we’re falling into a false sense of security with this SFU team.

It should be an absolutely amazing day of games, we’re going to be in Monmouth so by all means, come say ‘hi.’ We’ll be in our usual spot, but probably not knitting because we finally have SPU families that travel again and so we do actually have people to hangout with pre-game. Shout-out to said families, particularly the Fullertons and the Andersons.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC, and we’ll see y’all tomorrow morning with the results.