Happy New Year! Let’s Talk About the GNAC’s Non-Con.

*Drumroll* It’s the post you’ve been waiting for all of last week, half of this week, maybe even all throughout November and December, and… It is HERE! You’re not alone, we’ve been waiting too.

For this post, we’re going with our usual order of GNAC schools, so… Let’s jump into the RESULTS OF GNAC NON-CON!!!!!!!!!!!! 🎉🎊🥳🥂🎉


Currently 3-7 and guaranteed to need the autobid, BUUUUT, we’re really liking what we’re seeing from this Nanooks team. They could be dangerous, and we don’t say that about just anyone. A majority of the guys on the UAF roster have had promising looking games and so if even four of those guys can start putting together consistent performances, this team should be able to go toe-to-toe with anyone in the conference.

Projection: Autobid required, but seems possible.


Currently 9-4 with their losses coming via Chaminade, Michigan Tech (who cares), Arkansas-Monticello (who cares), and Southeastern Oklahoma State (again: who cares?).

This Anchorage team has some talented guys, but unfortunately their non-con makes it almost impossible for them to get an at-large berth as it stands. They could do really well in conference, but if they’re facing a Pac-West or CCAA team with the same record, it’s more likely than not that UAA’s bubble will burst. The guys on the Anchorage team that have shown promise this season include Deandre Osuigwe, Amari Hale, Tyler Brimhall, Niko Bevens,

Projection: Autobid 99% required.

Simon Fraser

Currently 9-2, with their only losses coming against UCSD & CO School of Mines.

Non-Con notes:

70-95 against UCSD
82-60 over Dominguez Hills
89-80 over Colorado Christian (RMAC)
53-58 against CO School of Mines (RMAC)
74-67 over Hawaii Pacific

Are we as stoked about the Clan as we were going into the season? Not quite. Mike Provenzano has been quiet, Julian Roche has had a number of minutes restricted games, Mike Hannan is less involved than he was last year, and overall while this team is good, returning every critical piece and yet not being significantly better confirms one thing: It is almost impossible for a collegiate coach to develop guys fundamentally. Either they have the fundamentals or they don’t, either they put in the work during the Summers or they don’t, and this is a case of “they didn’t.” Lucky for them there are plenty of other GNAC teams that also didn’t, so they should be fine, at least in conference play.

Projection: Require the autobid.

Western Washington

Currently 6-4 with losses coming via UCSD, Cal Poly Pomona, Azusa Pacific, and Simon Fraser.

Non-con notes:

92-88 over Dominguez Hills
69-76 against UCSD
65-86 against Cal Poly Pomona
79-72 at CU-Irvine
80-90 against Azusa Pacific at CU-Irvine
91-69 over Colorado Christian

It’s admittedly the best Western’s scheduled in years, but… Is it enough? One of the most curious things about this schedule is the fact that SPU played CPP, CU-Irvine, and APU while returning nothing, and yet still had better results than this Vikings team that returned essentially everything. That’s a problem. Especially when you consider how much GNAC teams tend to beat each other up during the season, it’ll be incredibly hard for them to win a bubble battle against a CCAA or even Pac-West team.

Projection: 95% says they need the auto bid.

Seattle Pacific

Currently 6-4 with losses coming via Cal Poly Pomona, Chico State, Azusa Pacific, and Stanislaus.

Non-con notes:

53-75 against Chico
58-64 against Cal Poly Pomona
57-72 vs. Azusa at CU-Irvine
80-66 at CU-Irvine
75-55 at Sonoma State
96-89 at Point Loma

The schedule speaks for itself. SPU has had some growing pains and will likely have more, but we think the quality schedule will save the day. The teams they lost to projected well right off the bat; they’ll be seen as learning experiences, as long as the team can finish top three in the conference and win at least one or two tournament games, they should be in.

Projection: At-large potential.

Saint Martin’s

Currently 4-7 with losses against UCSD, Westminster, Dixie, East Bay, CO School of Mines, Hilo, and AR-Monticello.

It’s a rebuilding year. Everyone knows it. They have flashes of brilliance, but there are and will continue to be growing pains. They’ll likely cause a number of GNAC teams fits, but it just doesn’t seem like they’re deep enough to have a realistic shot at procuring the autobid.

Projection: Unlikely to go to the Regional, even with the autobid in play.

Central Washington

Currently 7-3 with losses against San Bernadino, Seattle Pacific, and Saint Martin’s.

Non-con notes:

93-73 over Monterey Bay
71-80 against San Bernardino
83-72 over TAMU Kingsville (Lonestar Conf)
70-65 over Colorado Christian (RMAC)

Their record is nice looking but the reality is that they played zero road games and their team needs a lot of clean-up. Is it possible do it? Absolutely, they could definitely make the conference tournament, and they definitely have a plethora of guys that can get hot, but is the tournament a realistic goal/mindset this year? Probably not.

Projection: Require the autobid and unlikely to get it.

Northwest Nazarene

Currently 3-3 with losses to Cal State LA, SMU, and SPU.

They seem to think it’s a rebuilding year despite the fact that it’s not. They lost one player, not three+ and so they really just need to get in gear. We’re convinced they’re a super capable team, if only they could access that super capable-ness.

Projection: Require the autobid.


Currently 5-5 with losses to Point Loma, Minot State (who cares), SFU, WWU, and Rollins College (who cares).

We’re not really sure what to think about this team. Part of us wants to write them off, but another part of us thinks about the fact that they have Brendan Howard, so we’ll see. You can’t win with just one, you usually need at least three if not four, so… If they can get a couple more to step-up, they could make noise and at least make the conference tournament.

Projection: Autobid required.


Currently 1-9 and going nowhere fast. Their non-con was fine; it was against similar-in-ranking teams, and hopefully it prepared the well for no-con, but…

Projection: Need the auto bid and are not likely to procure it.

Western Oregon

Last but not least. WOU has a record of 6-2 with their losses coming against the Alaska schools.

Non-con notes:

74-69 over Hilo
91-80 over Notre Dame de Namur
90-69 over Regis (RMAC)
88-76 @ San Francisco State
75-72 over Stanislaus (neutral site)
91-75 over Dixie (RMAC)

It’s a very solid non-con schedule that entirely counts, minus the side-eye they’ll get for so many home games and scheduling NDNU, but… If they do well in conference, honestly they should be able to procure an at-large bid with this schedule. Now, will they be able to procure an at-large bid with this team? That’s a tougher question to answer. WOU has a lot of talent, that’s undeniable, but the fact is they essentially have their starters and no one else, and so they’re kind of a one trick pony. We’ll be really curious to watch as this team seasons through conference play.

Projection: Finish top-3 in conference, win at least one game in the conference tournament, and get some help via the other two conferences and an at-large bid is possible.

Once again: Sorry this is coming so late. We’ll be back on track tomorrow morning previewing conference games, and then on Friday morning going over the results of them.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year’s!

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC, we’ll see y’all tomorrow at 10am.