Boxing Day Blog Blast #3! The Pac-West.

Alright, time for the Pac-West, we swear we’re getting these up by midnight and so it will be a Boxing Day Blog Blast… We know these two conferences better, so it’ll be fine.

Like the CCAA post, we’re just doing it in the order of the current standings because it’s easiest.

The Pac-West is very segregated. While the CCAA seemingly had a ton of dangerous teams, the Pac-West has the four on top and seemingly everyone else, so… Let’s talk about it.


Currently 9-3 with losses coming via Ferris State (who cares), Western Washington, and Seattle Pacific.

Non-con highlights:

90-76 over Cal State LA
72-79 at home against Western Washington
66-80 at home against Seattle Pacific

Are those really highlights? We were shocked that CU-Irvine actually is seemingly doing pretty well, except their conference wins are against FPU, HNU, and Hilo.

Projection: 99% says they’ll require the autobid.


Currently 8-3 and we liked the record until we saw who it’s against. Their losses are from San Marcos, CSULA, and Point Loma.

Non-con notes:

75-86 against San Marcos
69-78 against CSULA

And their conference wins come against NDNU, Dominican, Hilo, and Fresno Pacific.

Projection: Require the autobid.

Point Loma

Currently 8-3 with losses coming via UCSD, SPU, and APU.

They have a good enough schedule to be considered for an at-large berth, but it’s really going to depend on what they do in conference play and what other teams do.

Non-con highlights:

93-91 over San Bernardino
63-88 against UCSD
89-96 against SPU

They also played MSUB and Humboldt, winning both.

In our opinion, Point Loma’s win over SPU should actually count as quality; this was the Falcons 5th game and they were looking a lot better, both teams are really well matched. It’s not a great non-con, but if Point Loma finishes top two and makes the championship game, it should be enough.

Projection: At-large potential.


Currently 6-4 with losses coming via Art U., and three D1 teams. Head scratcher, but potentail?

Non-con highlights:

90-64 @ Alaska-Fairbanks
85-56 @ Alaska-Anchorage

Basically they didn’t play a D2 non-con, with is their prerogative. Why it would be, I don’t know. Let the D1 teams play at your school, meanwhile you go across town and play at D2 Hoops in Hawaii. Not complicated.

Projection: It would be hard to get an at-large, but it isn’t ruled out just yet.

Azusa PacificĀ 

Currently 9-3 with losses coming via CSULA, Hilo, and Chaminade.

Non-con highlights:

66-62 vs. Cal Poly Pomona
97-91 vs. Chico State
72-57 vs. SPU
90-80 vs. WWU

It’s honestly a great non-con; they played four of the top teams in the other two conferences, and now will take on their own and we’ll see how it goes. The losses in Hawaii are meh, but it’s hard to play in Hawaii, so it is what it is.

Projection: At-large potential.

Art U., HNU, Hilo, HPU, FPU, NDNU, and Dominican, in addition to Biola, will all require the autobid so we’ll see what happens. It seems like Hilo could be a bit of a wildcard, but really we will just have to see.

It’s funny that APU is last when they scheduled the best and we think that they’re among the top teams in the Pac-West, but who knows.

Right now if we had to make the call… APU and Chaminade will be in, everyone else is out provided no stealing of the auto bid.

The GNAC is up next and so until then…

West Coast is Best Coast!