Boxing Day Blog Blast #2: The CCAA.

Part one of three; we’re going through and analyzing teams that hold potential in each of the three conferences and discussing why or why not they’re still in the hunt for an at-large berth.

To make it less complicated for the other two conferences, we’re doing it in the order of conference standings CURRENTLY.


Currently only has one loss, that being to Chico State. They went undefeated in non-con and highlights include:

95-70 over Simon Fraser @ WWU
76-69 @ WWU
88-55 @ SMU
88-63 vs. Point Loma

Now, is it a good non-con schedule? It’s hard to say this year because the CCAA looks like the cream of the crop in the West, in no small part thanks to UCSD, so… Obviously, it’s going to be enough, they’re on track to host it, and they scheduled a decent non-con with WWU, SFU, and Point Loma highlighting it, but… They also scheduled Holy Names and Notre Dame de Namur while being the cream of the crop of the west.

Projection: Hosting the Regional.

Chico State

Currently 9-3 with losses coming via Azusa Pacific, Stan State, and Cal Poly Pomona, so… Quality.

Non-con highlights:

75-53 @ SPU
91-97 vs. Azusa @ SPU (it should count as a quality loss)

SPU was the first game of the year and Chico returned everyone while SPU only returned three guys. It shouldn’t count as much in the SOS column as it’ll probably look near the end of the year, so we’ll see. We truly believe the Wildcats are a really good team, but they could be more of a bubble team than they’d care to think about.

Projection: At-large is possible, but could easily be a bubble team.

East Bay

Currently 9-4 with losses coming from Academy of Art, Fresno Pacific, Chico State, and Stan State.

Non-con notes:

Played a lot of really bad teams including Academy of Art (loss at home), Dominican (close win), Fresno Pacific (loss at home), but managed a close win at SMU, which looks way worse in context and now that SMU just went 0-3 in Hawaii. East Bay projected really well and now we’re questioning things… They also now have in-conference losses to Stan State and Chico State, which neither gets them the benefit the doubt because people go “okay, Stan State and Chico are better than East Bay, got it.”

Projection: Needs the auto bid.

San Bernardino

Currently 9-3 with losses coming from Point Loma, East Bay, and UCSD.

Non-con notes:

Not the most respectable schedule; they played CU-Portland, CWU, PLNU, and Academy of Art. It’s not a schedule that says “We’re shooting for an at-large berth,” which is totally fine. They did what they needed to do, largely.

Projection: Needs the auto bid.

Cal Poly Pomona

Currently 8-3 with losses coming from Azusa Pacific, San Bernardino, and UCSD.

Non-con highlights:

62-66 vs. APU @ SPU
64-58 @ SPU
86-65 @ WWU

Not a super loaded schedule, but if they finish top two in the CCAA and win a couple of conference tournament games, it should be enough for an at-large berth just because it does hold the edge over Chico State. It’ll be curious to see what the committee though makes of the SPU win; it was SPU’s second game of the year with a brand new team, it wasn’t a quality win at the time, so will they count it as one?

Projection: At-large potential.

Cal State LA

Currently 9-4 with losses coming from CU-Irvine, East Bay, Humboldt State (k?), and SFSU.

Non-con notes:

78-69 over Biola
86-83 over Fresno Pacific
74-70 over Northwest Nazarene

Projection: Needs the autobid.


Currently 8-4 with losses coming from Dominguez Hills, Western Oregon, Cal State LA, and San Bernardino.

Non-con notes:

87-77 over NDNU
81-71 over Holy Names
75-71 over Seattle Pacific
62-56 over CU-Portland
72-75 against Western Oregon.

This is a team we hate but believe in. We’re big grudge holders, and a Stanislaus player legitimately injured himself and had to come out of the game because he flopped so hard against SPU, and… We’re judgy about it. But the Warriors seem like a really dangerous team. They already have some head scratching losses and as such we think they’re out of the running for an at-large bid, but… We do think they have good potential to catch fire and win the autobid in the conference tourney.

Projection: Needs the autobid.

Dominguez Hills, SFSU, Humboldt, Sonoma, San Marcos, and Monterey Bay will all require the autobid for a shot in heck at making the West Region.

If we had to call it now, we would lean toward UCSD, Cal Poly Pomona, Chico, and Stanislaus as the teams that make it. The CCAA does appear to be the strongest conference, and so… There is a potential for four bids, but things would have to go the right way because Stanislaus does need the autobid and Chico State and Cal Poly Pomona need to continue to position themselves for at-large bids via conference play.

Excited about this conference. There are a lot of dangerous teams, looking at you Cal State LA, Dominguez Hills, San Bernardino, and East Bay, but… We’ll see.

West Coast is Best Coast!

^^Okay, in D2 basketball, it’s really not right now, but go with it. Left coast ’til we die.