Player-of-the-Week #1!

We’re doing it all in one post this year; no more monkey business with two posts on Mondays.

For those new around here: We have a formula similar to the production stat that we use for player-of-the-week. Doing it this way allows us to compare players across eras relatively well and it means that even in recent years when the GNAC has been down, receiving a win from us means that despite playing in a down era, they are likely to match-up well talent-wise with guys from better eras.

This past year we didn’t name a GNAC player-of-the-year nor all conference team because no one hit the numbers required, and we feel it’s better to not give out awards than to give out best-of-the-bad awards.

We do try to nominate a player from each school each week, but if no one from a given school hit the minimum numbers required then the spot gets donated to a player that did. If we have more players than spots, we do name honorable mentions -although it hasn’t happened all that often as of late.

That said: It’s player of the week not “best individual game of the week,” so in order to receive a nomination a guy has to hit at least a certain minimum in BOTH games.

With that, this week’s nominees:

UAF: Shadeed Shabazz
UAA: Tyrus Hosley
SFU: Jasdeep Singh
WWU: Jalen Green
SPU: Harry Cavell
SMU: Marky Adams
CWU: Kevin Baker
NNU: N/A —> Donated to CJ Jennings of SMU.
MSUB: Brendan Howard
CU-PDX: Hunter Sweet
WOU: Cameron Cranston

Player-of-the-Week: Hunter Sweet -he just edged out Shadeed Shabazz.

Honorable Mentions: Dakota Ayala (CU-PDX), Darius Lubom (WOU), and Jaylyn Richardson (WOU).

Does it mean something that the top two guys both played in a 2OT game against a team they projected in the same range as? Maybe. But really it was only half of our metric; they also both played in regulation games against teams that were supposedly much better than they were. The numbers logged honestly were great but still not a particular outlier of what we’ve seen in past years from various other guys in regulation games and so we don’t consider it statistically significant. While the honorable mentions also played in OT games, it was mentioned in both of the posts that WOU is incredibly top heavy and so yes a number of their guys will likely hit high every week, but… You can only do so much without having a bench.

Congrats again to Hunter Sweet on the win.

Sometime later this week or early next week we’ll do a deep dive of West Region non-con and the implications going into the full block of conference play.

Great week of hoops. Good luck to all during finals.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!