Previewing the First Day of Conference Play!!

Gooood morning and welcome to the first day of conference play.

Western Washington played at Simon Fraser on Tuesday, but we’re going to go ahead and save those highlights for tomorrow, just so everything is in one post.

With that said, let’s get into previewing tonight’s games!

All times pacific.

MSUB @ SFU @ 5:15pm

The good news is that MSUB is coming in hot off of a couple of wins against Adams State. The bad news is that we’re not exactly sure what those wins mean. Simon Fraser just got a killer win against Western Washington, so that’s exciting, and while their non-con still leaves a bit to be desired (we’ll discuss it more next week) they do have QualityLoss™ against UCSD. The reality is that with what Simon Fraser returns, this game should be an easy win; the problem is, we don’t think it will be.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

SMU @ NNU @ 6:30pm

Ridiculously curious about this game. We really liked what we saw out of the Saints against East Bay on Wednesday and so we’re super stoked to see them progress throughout this year. We’re also thrilled with what NNU brings back; they don’t seem as confident in themselves as we are in them, so this game’ll be interesting. NNU definitely has a good nocturnal nest advantage (see what we did there, Nighthawks?) but depending on how things go we really do think the young Saints have a solid shot -despite the fact that they almost lost to Evergreen State on Sunday.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

SPU @ CWU @ 7:30pm

Yes. Our favorite game of the year. Our favorite team + our favorite GNAC atmosphere. The Falcons are coming off of what looms as a big win against Point Loma; the Wildcats really haven’t done much but they do return more experience. Is that experience going to be relevant? Doubtful. Simply because while SPU is young, they’re insanely well tested; and while CWU hasn’t been tested, they do get home court advantage for this game and that’s never anything to underestimate. One question we have is: does this game still count as a rivalry? For several years it was craaaazy heated, but it seems like both teams are toning down and CWU has gone back to focusing on WWU, while who the heck knows who SPU’s rival is? Could rivalry magic still come into play? Hmmm.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

CU-PDX @ UAA @ 8:30pm

Finally a game that should be fairly easily predictable; UAA has looked solid throughout non-con, while the Cavs have had quite a few growing pains although also some good moments.

Prediction: UAA wins.

WOU @ UAF @ 8:30pm

Another game that should be fairly easily predictable. While there are a number of Nanook players that we really like and believe in, the fact is that this team is struggling majorly to get their poop in a group.

Prediction: WOU wins.

It should be a great night of basketball. We’re excited to follow along with all of it. As implied above: WE’LL FINALLY BE AT CENTRAL FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR!!!!!!! And so come say ‘hi’ if you want.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!