Past Games + Previewing Today’s Games!

Yes, we didn’t do the previews yesterday. Boo us, we suck.

That said: We won Apple Cup and got high-fives from most of the men’s soccer team, Myles Bryant, AND UW President Ana Mari Cauce, so it was a big win all around.

And now let’s get into this week’s basketball.

From Tuesday & Wednesday:

Seattle Pacific 75 @ Sonoma State 55

The Sonoma State coach was stunned by the result, to the point that he publicly stormed over to the CCAA’s ref coordinator and blamed bad reffing. Uh, dude: SPU’s lost to four teams and every single one looks decent at the very minimum; their one win came against the team projected to win the Pac-West.

Falcon highlights: Harry Cavell had 10 points and 10 boards for the double-double; Divant’e Moffitt had 14 points on great shooting, along with a plethora of field stats; Shaw Anderson had 20 points on great shooting as well as a bordering on great free throw shooting; and Gavin Long had 10 points. No outstanding bench play, although some good relief minutes.

Overall the Falcons were in foul trouble and it is what it is; it’s funny, Shaw had a great game on paper but in person it felt very riddled with frosh mistakes. #JustShawThings

Northwest Nazarene 70 @ Cal State LA 74

While we picked the Nighthawks to win, the result really isn’t that surprising. Cal State LA has been very 50/50 and while we firmly believe in this year’s NNU team, it is an adjustment in not having Adonis Arms, and this was a road game.

Nighthawk highlights: Sam Roth had a whopping 16 boards; Beto Diaz had 10 points and five boards; and George Reidy had 14 points. Off the bench Cayden Wright had five points; and Ezekiel Alley had a whopping 16 points and six boards.

Overall, some really bad shooting numbers, but holy guacamole Sam Roth! This loss actually might not look atrocious come March, but because of how the Nighthawks scheduled non-con, we think regardless they’re going to need the autobid.

East Bay 89 @ Saint Martin’s 83

We were there for the second half. Yes, we were a turkey. This game went in waves and was tied at halftime. It was a good game, good experience game for SMU because East Bay projects really well and the Pioneers would work their way up but the Saints would reel them back in, and ultimately the score ended up really respectable. We would consider ourselves an East Bay person (because our beloved grad school coach is the head coach) but we found ourselves rooting hard for the Saints just because they’re young and yet made a lot of really good, high effort plays.

Saints highlights: Demonte Malloy was OUT OF HIS MIND with a full house among 14 points, 10 boards, and seven assists; CJ Jennings was impressive with 22 points on good shooting; MARKY ADAMS had a whopping 12 points and 13 boards; and certified sixth man LOGAN ROONEY had 12 points and six boards.

The Saints won the rebounding battle considerably; 43-36, so that’s awesome. We have to say, we’re excited about this team. While they had a rough stretch in Utah, it appears that they’re learning the right things and should be ready to go come conference play. Ridiculously proud of all of y’all, congrats on a well played and hard fought game, Saints.

Now let’s talk about Friday’s games…

Northern Michigan 95 @ Alaska-Fairbanks 45

This game doesn’t count for SOS (lol), but was scheduled because both schools are D1 in hockey and D2 in almost everything else -including basketball.

Nook highlights: Mawich Kachjaani had seven boards. Off the bench Keshaun Howard had six points; Markel Banks had six points; Quinn Daugharty had four boards; and OBG had 10 points.

Congrats on getting to heal yourselves at a Pokemon Center afterward, Nooks. Y’all need it.

Michigan Tech 83 @ Alaska-Anchorage 80

Another game that doesn’t count for SOS but was scheduled because both schools are D1 in hockey and D2 in almost everything else. We’re not going to get into any implications because the fact is: this game doesn’t matter. It’s better prep than playing D1 or lower division, while at the same time truly doesn’t matter and so while we get the sentiment… Just why. What a waste of energy.

Seawolf highlights: DeAndre Osuigwe had nine points and six assists; Niko Bevens had 12 points; and Tobin Karlberg had five boards. Off the bench Amari Hale had 11 points and five assists; Tyrus Hosley had 11 points; Jack Macdonald had nine points and four boards; and OGGIE PANTOVIC had 16 points and nine boards.

Once again: If Yugoslavia was still intact, the YBL would rival the NBA in terms of being the world’s best basketball league. Balkan heritage > your heritage. And we say this as a Norwegian 😂😂 You didn’t see us going on and on about Sjur Berg. Although we did go on and on about Bouna N’Diaye, but that was strictly basketball.

Colorado Christian 69 @ Western Washington 91

The good news is that this game does count for SOS. The bad news is, Colorado Christian usually is really bad and that appears to hold true this year.

Viking highlights: Tucker Eenigenburg had 11 points on great shooting; D’Angelo Minnis had 21 points and five steals; Logan Schilder is off the DL and had eight points and five boards; Jalen Green had 12 points and five boards; Trevor Jasinsky had 18 points, seven boards, and eight assists; and off the bench Luke Lovelady had 14 points and seven boards among a full house of stats.

Congrats to the Vikings on the win.

Adams State 75 @ MSU-Billings 86

Good come-from-behind win for the Yellowjackets. Adams State is in the RMAC, so the game does count in regard to March (not that it really matters), and they tend to sit in about the same range that MSUB does, so good practice.

Jackets highlights: Clarence Daniels had five boards; Psalm Maduakor had five boards; Chrishon Dixon had a full house among 13 points, eight boards, and four assists; Jordan Lehrer had five boards; and Brendan Howard had 11 boards and 17 points. Off the bench TYLER GREEN had 28 points and four assists; and Stevie James had 11 points and seven boards.

Congrats to the Yellowjackets on great rebounding and a really quality overall performance.

Stanislaus 62 vs. CU-Portland 57 @ San Francisco State

Not sure how to feel about this game. Stanislaus had started looking pretty darn good and then… They almost got beat by Concordia. Or does that mean Concordia is actually starting to look decent? We can only hope.

Cavs highlights: Xavier Smith had eight boards; Hunter Sweet had 18 points and went 7-8 from the line; and Dakota Ayala shot well and had six boards. Off the bench Bryce Cheney had five points; and Dom Bradley had five boards.

We definitely feel like the Cavs could/have should have won this game, and so… Is that a moral victory, or a demoralizing loss? It’s one thing to get blown out, but an entirely different thing to have totally been able to win and yet not done it. Hmmm.

Western Oregon 88 @ San Francisco State 76

Good win for the Wolves who are starting to look like an increasingly good team. One of those situations where it was impossible to say before the season, and yet not surprising now that more games have been played.

Wolf highlights: Jaylyn Richardson was lights out and had 17 points and seven boards; Dalven Brushier had 17 points; and Darius Lubom had 20 points and seven boards. Off the bench TYREEK PRICE had 17 points; and Zach Baugher had eight points.

The 17 points thing reminds us of the Jim Shaw days of every player getting 10 points before getting pulled. Such consistency. Congrats to the Wolves on a good win and great shooting.

Previewing Today’s Games!

Yes, the SPU game will have already started by the time this post goes up, but… Whatever. They’ll live.

All times pacific.

Seattle Pacific @ Point Loma @ 2pm

This SPU team is young, this Point Loma team is new. On the one hand, it’s hard to trust the Falcons because their record is so bad. On the other hand, Point Loma really hasn’t played anybody, with the exception of their blow-out loss to UCSD but that’s par for the course.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Western Oregon vs. Stanislaus @ San Francisco State @ 5pm

We’re actually really curious about this game. Stanislaus beat SPU and we assumed it was a bad loss because Stanislaus usually isn’t that good, and yet they’ve looked better than normal this year. They’re 5-1 with their only loss being to Dominguez Hills and they count a win at Chico State. If WOU gets the ‘W’, we would count it as quality. A loss wouldn’t quite be quality, but it wouldn’t be awful either.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Colorado Christian vs. Simon Fraser @ WWU @ 5pm

As noted above: Colorado Christian is rarely projected to be that good, and they’re definitely not this year, so…

Prediction: SFU wins.

MSU-Billings vs. Adams State @ 6pm

Yes, they’re playing a second time. It was close yesterday, so let’s see if there’s a different result today.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Michigan Tech vs. Alaska Fairbanks @ 6:15pm

Tech and Anchorage played close last night and we expect that Anchorage is a lot better than Fairbanks, so…

Prediction: Michigan Tech wins.

CU-Portland @ San Francisco State @ 7pm

While we expect that SFSU is better than Concordia, we’re not sure by how much and thus this could actually be a pretty interesting game. We’ve liked a lot of the numbers we’ve seen from the Cavs, so hopefully Dakota Ayala can/will stay in a bit longer and tonight the Cavs can get the win.

Prediction: SFSU wins.

Northern Michigan @ Alaska-Anchorage @ 8:30pm

Northern Michigan killed Alaska-Fairbanks last night, but UAA and UAF are quite different teams. While UAA registered a loss to Michigan Tech and we vaguely assume NMU is better… Maybe the Seawolves have improved too? There were some bad shooting numbers admittedly, and we think Jack Macdonald needs to see more minutes, so maybe he will.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

All for today. We’ll see you guys tomorrow morning to discuss these games.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!