Non-Con Day 6.

Some surprises and so… Let’s talk about them.

UAF 78 @ Dixie State 90

Not a surprising result and we’re actually more excited about Dixie bouncing back than we are in caring about about Fairbanks losing/how they lost etc. UAF seemed hopeless last year, and then this year… We admittedly like a lot of their players, but Alaskans voted to defend their university system, so if they don’t care, why should we care?

Nook highlights: SHADEED SHABAZZ had 28 points while going 8-8 from the line; Spencer Sweet had 16 points; and Mawich Kachjaani somewhat bounced back with 11 boards. Off the bench Markel Banks had four boards; and Quinn Daugharty had five points.

The defense was lacking and OBJ didn’t play, which seems odd. Wonder if he’s battling an injury of some kind. Congrats to the Nooks on a solid outing.

NDNU 70 @ CU-PDX 71

WHAT. A. GAME. And exactly what we were expecting. Super exciting, super happy for the Cavs procuring the win.

Cav highlights: Russ Tillery had 12 points and five boards; Elroi Butler had 10 boards; Hunter Sweet had a whopping 20 points and six boards; and it appears Dakota Ayala broke his face yet again because he doesn’t have many stats, which is odd. Off the bench Caleb Larsen had nine points; and Dane Agost had four rebounds.

This win is oddly critical in that it was a hard fought victory that should help teach the Cavs how to win close games and instill confidence in them and whatnot. While most of the Pac-West and GNAC will scoff and go “It was against NDNU” you have to walk before you can run; NDNU is a peer to CU-Portland, and regardless as to where you sit in your conference, a victory over a peer is important.

Regis 69 @ WOU 90

A somewhat surprising result; we expected Regis to win, but we’ve also really liked a lot of the numbers WOU has put up, and so… Maybe not as surprising as it could have been? This WOU team is going to be hard to figure out because it’s so brand new. We’re excited to get to take a look at them in person, although it won’t happen until mid-January.

Wolves highlights: Jaylyn Richardson had 14 points; Cameron Cranston had 14 points and six boards; DALVEN BRUSHIER had 22 points on good shooting; and Darius Lubom had 14 points, five boards, and six assists for the all around excellence. Off the bench Tyreek Price shot well and had 11 points; and Zach Baugher lit things up with a full house of stats including 15 points, five boards, and four assists among other numbers.

Excited for the Wolves, not entirely sure what it means, but it is somewhere between a good and great win, none-the-less.

Yes, the posting has been a little bit more lackadaisical in November than we’d like it to be, but that happens every year. It’s especially bad this year because the only teams that are truly known are UAA, SFU, and WWU. Everyone else has some type of major variability, so we definitely feel like we know less this year than we usually would, and that says something because we rarely feel like we have a good grasp of anything during non-con.

The good news is conference play should be interesting and things will calm down and be back to a normal schedule; it’s just chaos right now, because… Nutso November.

We’ll see y’all on Tuesday for the Tuesday/Wednesday game previews.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC.