Reviewing Last Night/Previewing Tonight.

Last night it was pretty much everything we expected, with the only exception being a slightly closer score in the WOU/NDNU game, but we’re not concerned because experiment when you can.

UAF 77 @ Westminster 89

Little bit closer than we expected, but overall not a surprising result. Still some good numbers were put up by Fairbanks -although admittedly not by their starters.

Nook highlights: Spencer Sweet had 15 points and five fouls. Off the bench Shadeed Shabazz had 19 points and four steals; Jalon MacCullough had four assists; Keshaun Howard had nine points; Markel Banks had 12 points and seven boards; and Quinn Daughtary had five boards.

Curious about how quiet Mawich, OBG, and Alex Sommerfield was.

Regis 80 @ CU-Portland 49

Exactly zero percent surprising, but there were some positives.

Cavs highlights: DAKOTA AYALA had 10 points, six boards, and five fouls. Off the bench Russell Tillery had five assists; Bryce Cheney had four boards; and Dom Bradley had six points.

Seriously Cavs, this loss is no big deal; we’re guessing Regis outclasses our entire conference right now.

Notre Dame de Namur 80 vs. Western Oregon 91 @ CU-Portland

WOU led by one at the half; yikes. Approximately zero defense was played; also yikes. But does it affect the Wolves at all? Nope.

Wolves highlights: Jaylyn Richardson had 12 points and six boards; Cameron Cranston had a full house including eight boards; Dalven Brushier had 15 points and eight assists; DARIUS LUBOM was absolutely killing it and finished with 20 points, six assists, and five steals among a full house of stats; John Morrill-Keeler had a double-double on good shooting with 19 points and 10 boards; and off the bench Zach Baugher had five points.

Congrats on procuring the win, Wolves.

Tonight’s games start in the midst of while we’re writing this post, because the conference listed times once again MAKE NO DARN SENSE. Tonight they list the UAF game as being at 5:30 and you would think after yesterday that would be 5:30 AST. Nope. 5:30 mountain. AKA 3:30 AST 🙄

All times pacific.

Alaska-Fairbanks vs. Dixie State @ Westminster @ 4:30pm

This actually could be a win for the Nooks because Dixie State has looked like a relative mess this year. We’re looking for Mawich Kachjaani, Alex Sommerfield, and Ousman Basir-Gomez Jr. to have bounce back games; if they do, a win could be more likely than you would think.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Regis vs. Western Oregon @ 5pm

Not the game Regis would like to be playing, and not the game even we expected WOU to be playing after last night’s questionable game against NDNU, but maybe the Wolves will bounce back a bit? They clearly have good players and overall in the scope of our conference we expect them to sit in the middle of the pack, but… We’ll see.

Prediction: Regis wins.

Notre Dame de Namur @ CU-Portland @ 7:15pm

This should be a good game. They both tend to sit in similar spots in regard to their conferences and thus they should be two decently well matched teams. The main difference is that NDNU exceeded expectations yesterday, so… Hopefully for CU-Portland, it was a fluke.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

We’ll be keeping an eye on things and see y’all tomorrow to see how they went.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC.