Non-Con Day 3!

Was it Day 3? Admittedly no, but it was the third major day of non-con, so we’re going with it.

We also clearly have NO idea what we’re doing, but… That’s non-con, and so let’s talk about it!

Alaska-Fairbanks 67 @ Monterey Bay 96

Hoooo boy. We’re guessing UAF and Monterey Bay are still relatively in the same realm, but Monterey is looking like they could push into the middle third of the CCAA if they keep playing like this. Then again… Their wins come against UAF and CU-PDX, so maybe take that with a grain of salt.

Nook highlights: Spencer Sweet had 14 points; Koby Huerta had five assists; and Mawich Kachjaani had 10 boards and nine points. Off the bench Keshaun Howard had seven points; Zach Hatch had six points; Marcus Lee had five points; Quinn Daugharty had four boards; and Ousman Basir-Gomez Jr. had six points.

The game result was less than ideal, but the numbers were decent, so that’s at least something.

Alaska-Anchorage 81 vs. San Fran State 69 @ Sonoma.

So the GNAC had it wrong on the schedule, but ah well: the Seawolves did win, so congrats to them on that. It was actually pretty close most of the way through before UAA pulled away, so that’s actually a pretty solid win. Working for it is good, all of it of course in preparation for conference play.

Seawolf highlights: Niko Bevens had 14 points; Tobin Karlberg had 10 points; and David Riley had six boards. Off the bench Amari Hale had seven points; Tyrus Hosley had a good-to-great game with nine boards and 11 points; JACK MACDONALD had 20 points on solid shooting and while going a whopping 10-10 from the line; and Oggie Pantovic leaning into his origins and having six points and five boards.

Oggie is definitely going to be one of our pets this year, we just know it. We’re diehard fans of the former Yugoslavic Republic and are fully convinced that if the region was still intact, their basketball league would rival the NBA. The Balkans make big, strong, intense guys with great footwork because almost everyone plays soccer in their younger years. Ridiculously awesome. Congrats to the Seawolves on the win.

Western Washington 79 @ CU-Irvine 72

This game was… Interesting? A mess? Oddly non-implicative? Yes. All of it. We figured CU-I would win, and they probably would have had they been able to hit the broadside of a barn. WWU played solidly, which is good, but… We’re still not sure how to feel about this team.

Viking highlights: D’Angelo Minnis had thirteen points; Logan Schilder had five boards and eight points; Jalen Green had eight boards and five fouls among a full house of stats; and Trevor Jasinsky had a great night with 24 points and eight boards on better-than-normal shooting and while going 9-9 from the charity stripe. Off the bench RJ Secrest had six points; Luke Lovelady had six boards; and CAMERON RETHERFORD had a killer night with 17 points and eight boards on great shooting.

It was collectively a great night for the Viks except in one area: turnovers. WWU had 21 of them and we’re amazed they got away with it; again, they wouldn’t have had CU-I been shooting even a smidge better. As noted on twitter, Logan Schilder went down with an injury to the same ankle that’s given him problems in the past, but hopefully ice and rest will help because the Viks have a tall order taking on Azusa Pacific this afternoon. Congrats to the Vikings on the win against the Eagles.

Seattle Pacific 57 vs. Azusa Pacific 72 @ CU-Irvine

Not an unexpected result, the Falcons actually could have won had their two key shooters not been cold, but… They didn’t, and APU is a good team, and we would still honestly take this loss over a win against a team like Holy Names because Azusa is a good team and they taught the Falcons good things. Okay, maybe they didn’t, maybe Gavin and Harry were just cold, but…

Falcon highlights: Divant’e Moffitt had 14 points; Shaw Anderson had five boards and nine points; and Gavin Long had six points. Off the bench Braden Olsen had six points; and Mehdi El Mardi had six points and six boards.

The Falcons need to up their rebounding game, but it seems like a lot of it was just miscommunication as the team grows together. They’ve been put through a gauntlet right off the bat and it is what it is. Because they’re still playing such tough teams with essentially only three returners, we’re not ready to write them off just yet.

Saint Martin’s 77 vs. Westminster 80 @ Dixie State

Quality loss, hopefully? SMU is brand new and so we’re not concerned about this loss. We really won’t be concerned about the Saints and whether or not they’re good, until about halfway through conference play. If they end up being good, it’ll be amazing, but if they’re not they lost everything and have a new head coach and so a rebuilding year is a rebuilding year and totally fine.

Saints highlights: Alex Schumacher had seven boards; Demonte Malloy had seven boards, five assists, and 16 points on good shooting; CJ Jennings had 14 points; Marky Adams was hitting and finished with 10 points and eight boards; and off the bench Cole Alton had five boards and went 5-5 from the line.

Honestly, we really like a lot of these numbers and this loss gives us a lot of hope. Keep on trekkin’ Saints.

TAMU-Kingsville 72 vs. Central Washington 83 @ Northwest Nazarene

THE WILDCATS WOKE UP!!!!!!!!!! Good morning boys, good to see you again. Does this win mean anything? Maybe no, but we like the fact that CWU truly clicked into gear. That makes us happy.

Wildcat highlights: Davon Bolton had nine points; Xavier Smith had 23 points while going 7-9 from the line; Matt Poquette had 11 points and 10 boards among a full house of stats; Tariq Woody was on fire and had 17 points and seven boards; and off the bench Micah Pollard had five points.

Congrats on a good win, Wildcats. Not concerned about the context with TAMU-Kingsville; it’s just good to see you guys ‘on.’

Colorado Christian 74 @ Northwest Nazarene 77

Closer than expected but the Nighthawks got it done and that’s what matters.

Nighthawk highlights: Jaylen Fox had 13 points and six assists; Sam Roth had six boards; Beto Diaz had 12 points and seven boards; George Reidy had 12 points and five fouls; and Spider had a whopping 13 rebounds and nine points. Off the bench Zac Furgerson had nine points and four boards; while Gabriel Murphy had five boards.

Again: We think NNU should actually be good this year. These are good numbers and we know from prior years that these are good players. Still confident with them being among the best in the conference.

Hilo 74 vs. CU-Portland 69 @ Western Oregon

Not the result the Cavs wanted, but still a good effort and an almost win. Learning experience, eh?

Cavs highlights: Xavier Smith had 12 points; El-roi Butler had eight points; Hunter Sweet had 13 points and eight boards; DAKOTA AYALA had 23 points, six rebounds, and five fouls on good shooting; and off the bench Bryce Cheney had five points.

Once again… We like the numbers. The Cavs used a lot of guys, seeing who would hit. Great experience. We’re still relatively hopeful; this is progress. We love seeing Dakota Ayala break out like this.

Alright, after all of that… Let’s take a look at today’s games.

First of all: The conference website is WRONG on at least two of these times, according to the respect host websites.

All times pacific.

UAF vs. San Marcos @ Monterey Bay @ 1pm

San Marcos hasn’t been that good since they bumped up to D2, while UAF hasn’t been that good in a few years, so… It should be a competitive game.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

WWU vs. Azusa Pacific @ CU-Irvine @ 2pm

The Viks got a win against Irvine last night, we think APU is likely one of the best teams in the conference between last week and their win yesterday (okay, their win yesterday maybe isn’t as relevant as we’d like it to be) while the Vikings are probably one of the better teams in the GNAC, but what being among the better teams in the GNAC means this year is anyone’s guess.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

CWU vs. Colorado Christian @ NNU @ 3pm

Colorado Christian looked solid yesterday and yet… The Wildcats woke up. We’re hoping it continues, and are going to go for broke…:

Prediction: Wildcats win.

MSU-Billings @ Minot State @ 6pm

One MSUB’s usual non-con match-ups with one of the Dakota schools from the Northern Sun conference. We’re still feeling pretty 50/50 about the Yellowjackets, and so… We’ll see what happens.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

WOU vs. Hilo @ 7pm

This should be a good game for the Wolves to turn on. Hilo is theoretically a below average opponent while we expect the the Wolves to be at minimum an average team.

Prediction: Wolves win.

NNU vs. TAMU-Kingsville @ 7pm

We think NNU is at least a fair bit better than CWU this year and so the answer is obvious:

Prediction: NNU wins.

SMU @ Dixie State @ 7pm

Dixie State just lost to an NAIA team at home, meanwhile a brand new SMU team just barely lost to Westminster, so… Get that win, Saints!

Prediction: Pick ’em.

UAA vs. Sonoma State @ 7:30pm

Excited for this game. The Seawolves are gonna win. No, but seriously: UAA should get the victory. They return a lot, and while we wish Jack Macdonald would start again, he’s doing work off the bench so that’s at least good.

Prediction: UAA gets the ‘W.’

SPU @ CU-Irvine @ 7:30pm

The Falcons are making connections, but Irvine plays really physically and they’re going to have to match that if they fully intend to procure this victory.

Prediction: Irvine wins and SPU starts the season 0-5.

Should be a good day of games. Once again, we’ll be at the WWU and SPU games, so come say ‘hi’ if you want.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!