More Non-Con Games!

Reviewing some and previewing others…

We completely skipped Concordia on Sunday so that post has been updated to include them. Sorry about that Cavs fans =(

Hawaii Pacific 73 @ Alaska-Fairbanks 75

CONGRATS NOOKS!!!!! HPU looks really awful but a win is a win is a win. Nicely done.

Nanook highlights: Shadeed Shabazz had nine boards; Spencer Sweet had 15 points; Koby Hunter had 12 points and five assists; Mawich Kachjaani had seven boards and five fouls; and off the bench Markel Banks had eight points and six boards.

Did we learn something from this? Honestly only a confirmation that both teams are likely in the bottom third of their respective conferences.

Chaminade 85 @ Alaska-Anchorage 56

Alright, now this is some real info… Sort of. Chaminade looks to be in the upper half of the Pac-West, but the Pac-West is notoriously tough and so they oddly could finish similarly to Anchorage, because we don’t think Anchorage is as bad as the score makes it seem. Lacking the strength of complete team yes, but they definitely have several really good guys and thus we fall on the side of them still finishing in the top half of the GNAC, despite this score.

Seawolf highlights: Tobin Carlberg had 14 points. Off the bench Tyrus Hosley had seven points and six assists; Jack Macdonald had seven points; and Oggie Pantovic had a full house and a double double including 10 points and seven boards.

Curious to see what the Seawolves do against SF State and Sonoma later this week.

UCSD 88 @ Saint Martin’s 55

We didn’t preview this game, but the score seems pretty typical although not indicative. While we know SMU brought back almost nothing, losing to the all-world team that is UCSD doesn’t mean they’re bad, so… We shall see.

Saints highlights: Demonte Mallow had 10 boards; John Moore had six boards; Marky Adams had a flawless full house including seven boards and 11 points on great shooting; and off the bench Cole Alton had 11 points.

Really, really bad shooting numbers by the Saints, but ah well; UCSD gonna UCSD. As long as they keep winning, every loss against them is really pretty moot because it will go toward SOS.

Now onto previewing today’s games.

All times pacific.

Stanislaus @ Seattle Pacific @ 3:30pm

Hopefully this is the game the Falcons click into gear. Stan State tends to be smack dab in the middle of the CCAA, so if SPU has fixed the problems (of which, they fixed considerably in their CPP game) they should come away with their first win of the year. While the Falcons return more than SMU and as much as UAA, the fact is they really don’t return much compared to what they’d usually like to have in the pipeline with three key seniors having graduated.

Prediction: SPU wins.

Cal Poly Pomona @ Western Washington @ 7:30pm

Ridiculously excited about this game. CPP lost a close one to Azusa Pacific, before coming from behind to beat the Falcons. WWU won a close game against Dominguez Hills, and then lost a close one against UCSD. What does it mean about how good the Vikings are? WHO KNOWS. We think CPP is good though, because they almost beat APU, while APU won a close one over Chico, and Chico absolutely killed SPU. We’ll see what happens when they take on the Vikings.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

It should be a good day of basketball, before two nights of no basketball, and then the usual November weekend chaos.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!