Non-Con Day 1 + Day 2 Game Previews.


And we had a blast last night and hope you did as well, so… Let’s talk about it.

CU-Portland 76 vs. San Bernardino 86

Actually not a bad game. Concordia kept it super respectable in the first half, despite breaking in a largely brand new team with a brand new coach. While they did ultimately get blown out, the numbers are largely fine and so at this point we’ll see what happens. No real inclination as to what type of team they are, but they didn’t come out and fall on their faces, which is something.

Cavs highlights: Dom Bradley had six boards; Caleb Larsen had 16 points and five fouls; and Hunter Sweet had 14 points and six boards. Off the bench Russell Tillery had nine points and five assists; Dane Agost had six points; and Barrett Keith had 12 points and seven boards.

Good effort Cavs, today against the Otters should be interesting/better.

MSU-Billings 77 vs. Fresno Pacific 73 in OT

This game honestly isn’t a good sign. Fresno Pacific is usually atrocious and we’re not thinking they’re going to be shooting high this year, so the fact that it was a big battle for the Yellowjackets is a big yikes. Judging by the numbers, not a lot of defense was played, and so to struggle in a game like this is really concerning, but… Ah well. First game of the year and the numbers were solid even if the defense sucked.

Yellowjacket highlights: Clarence Daniels had 15 points and seven boards; Psalm Maduakor had both a double double AND a full house among 11 points, 12 boards, two assists, one steal, three blocks, three fouls, and just one turnover; Jordan Lehrer had 10 boards; Tyler Green had six assists; Brendan Howard is immediately back in mid-season form finishing with 22 points and five boards; and off the bench Stevie James had six points.

Overall not the game they wanted, but they got the ‘W’ and a ‘W’ is a ‘W’ is a ‘W.’

Central Washington 93 vs. Monterey Bay 73

Pretty much as expected. It’s hard to gather really anything from this game because Monterey Bay tends to be so bad, but it was still a good game for the Wildcats to get out and run.

Wildcat highlights: Xavier Smith had 14 points and five boards; Matt Poquette had 11 points; and Tariq Woody had eight points. Off the bench Jeryn Lucas was on fire, going 9-10 and finishing with 24 points; Amari Stafford had eight points; Micah Pollard had nine points in just 11 minutes; and Marqus Gilson had eight points and seven boards.

Really pleased with the Wildcats bench play, curious about the number of minutes Matt Poquette got; he only was on the court for 21 minutes, and was it because he wasn’t playing D or was it because Rinta didn’t want to waste his legs in a blow-out? Matt was super promising last year as a frosh, so we shall see.

Simon Fraser 70 vs. UCSD 95

Not surprising in the slightest, and pretty par for the course. As much as we LOOOOVE SFU and believe in them wholeheartedly, this was the ideal result. Remember, Saint Martin’s got killed by the Tritons last year and still had a perfectly successful season, so really no big deal.

Clan highlights: Wil Balata had 20 points and five boards among a full house of stats; Mike Provenzano had 13 points on great shooting; and Jasdeep Singh was atrocious from the field but went 7-7 from the line. Off the bench David Penney had five points; and Mike Hannan had seven points.

Julian had a rough game, but UCSD has incredibly good post players, so that’s fine. Break in the season, all good. We’re very convinced that UCSD is all-world, so this game doesn’t really tell us much, but that’s a good thing. We’ll see how they do tonight against Dominguez Hills -that’s way more curious.

Western Washington 92 vs. Dominguez Hills 88

Dominguez Hills is supposed to be much improved this year, but that score is really concerning. Western’s numbers against DH were really good and yet it was still incredibly close, so… Let’s all hope that DH is genuinely good this year.

Viking highlights: D’Angelo Minnis had 22 points; Logan Schilder had 17 points; Jalen Green had 20 points and eight boards among a full house; Trevor Jasinsky shot really well and had 17 points and five boards; and Tucker Eenigenburg had six points off the bench.

The good news is that UW upset Baylor last night. The more curious news is that we’re still not sure UW being insanely good has any implication on WWU being atrocious against them. Really curious about the UCSD game tonight.

Seattle Pacific 53 vs. Chico State 75

The bad news is obviously that SPU got killed. The good news is that Chico looks really legitimate, their post is incredible, and as we knew going into the season: SPU is breaking in a brand new post.

Falcon highlights: Gavin Long went 5-7 from the line; and off the bench Jacob Medjo had nine points.

Woof. It was bad. It was really bad. But we’ll see if it actually means anything. The tournament being hosted at SPU this weekend is meant to be a West Region Tip-Off of sorts, and so this game doesn’t really mean a lot in terms of the context that says ‘oh SPU is awful, no way they’re making the Regional.’

Overall an insanely fun night of hoops and we look forward to it continuing tonight, and so… What are we thinking is going to happen tonight?

All times pacific.

Chaminade vs. Alaska-Fairbanks @ UAA @ 3:15pm

As noted in the season previews, we’re expecting that the dumpster fire Fairbanks was last year to continue this year, and so… Not a whole lot to say, but who knows? Maybe they’ll surprise us.

Prediction: Chaminade wins.

Monterey Bay vs. CU-Portland @ CWU @ 4pm

We’re hoping the Cavs get the win, meanwhile the CCAA is hoping the Otters get the win. Both teams are well matched in terms of conference positioning, but… We still think the Cavs hold the edge.

Prediction: CU-PDX wins.

Dominguez Hills vs. Simon Fraser @ WWU @ 5pm

Beyond curious about this game. It should be really good. Mike Hannan was surprisingly productive on the points front, we’re looking for Julian Roche and Jas to both kick into gear, and then Wil Balata and Mike Provenzano to keep it going. It should be a really good game, although we’re not sure on where we stand in regard to hoping Dominguez Hills is good this year vs. hoping Simon Fraser destroys them.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

MSU-Billings @ Point Loma @ 7:30pm

LOL. Good luck Billings! No but seriously, we like a lot of their guys, we just think Point Loma has been really solid every single year and so we’re betting on regeneration. We’re not sure what to think about Fresno Pacific being good vs. Billings being that bad, but…

Prediction: PLNU wins.

Cal Poly Pomona @ Seattle Pacific @ 7:30pm

Cal Poly Pomona lost a super close game to Azusa Pacific last night, but again: it’s hard to know. This tournament is fantastic and all four teams will be rooting for the other three all year, because it’s meant to be an SOS tournament, but… How bad is SPU? How good is Azusa? How good is Chico? How good is Cal Poly Pomona? Those are the questions and the fact is: We just don’t know yet. That said, there was a lot to be concerned about on the Falcon front last night and we’re just not sure how much they can do about it in 24 hours, so…

Prediction: Cal Poly Pomona wins.

San Bernardino @ Central Washington @ 8pm

This should be a good match-up. The teams are peers in their respective conferences and so it should be a super competitive game. Not entirely sure what to expect out of either team just because both were predicted to win yesterday and they did, so… This game should provide good information.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Hawaii Pacific @ Alaska-Anchorage @ 8:30pm

Another game that projects super well. We’re hoping Anchorage wins, but there are never any guarantees and… First D2 game of the year, so we’ll see what happens. Should be good.

Prediction: Anchorage wins.

Yeah, we know, the game previews were boring. It’s early in the season, give us a break.

Tonight we’ll be at both the APU/Chico and SPU/Cal Poly Pomona game, so come say ‘hi’ if you want.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!