Returning Players!

In D2 there’s a lot of turnover from year-to-year, even when there’s not a coaching change. This year, we had three coaching changes in our conference, and so we do have a lot of new guys coming in, but we also have a lot of fantastic returners.

This list is being made off of the currently published ’19-’20 roster on each school’s website, so… It could still be subject to change, but is what we’re going with.


Sadly the guy were were most looking forward to seeing return was Michael Kluting and he didn’t, but… Jalon McCullough, Spencer Sweet, and Zach Hatch all had moments, so we’ll see what they do.


This is a team we’re super excited about, almost every critical piece they had returns once again, so… We feel like being caps-locky: TYLER BRIMHALL, NIKO BEVANS, AND JACK MACDONALD, WE’RE SO HAPPY TO KEEP YOU FOR ANOTHER YEAR!!!!!! We hope your summer workouts have gone fantastically and that y’all hit the ground running this Fall. Let’s do this.


Another team with returners we’re craaaazy excited about, and the Clan have an absolute ton. Othniel Spence and Wil Balata both had some growing pains, but did play quality minutes and should be more experienced this year. Graham Miller and Drew Bryson we’re pensive about, looking for them to take a big step up. Mike Hannan is a crazy good defender and we’re so excited to have him back, but the biggest highlights… MICHAEL PROVENAZNO, JASDEEP SINGH, and JULIAN ROCHE we absolutely cannot wait to watch you guys play once again. We loved the Clan last year, thought they were cohesive early and then ultimately they went on to make the GNAC tournament. They should be even better this year, we’re not sure where they fall in our pre-season poll just yet, but this is a team that experienced addition by subtraction, so… It’s gonna be a great year.


LOGAN SCHILDER IS BACK!!!!! He redshirted last year due to injury. He’s also coming in with a surprising amount of competition for the title of best big in the GNAC; Logan is good, however Julian Roche was also really impressive last year. Trevor Jasinsky is of course fantastic, but… Here are the other guys that have had promising games: Leif Anderson; Tucker Eenigenburg; Siaan Rojas; Luke Lovelady; and Cameron Retherford. We’ll see which ones can be cohesive and consistent throughout the season.


On paper, they lost a lot. In reality, we think it’s addition by subtraction. Gavin Long should have a lot more freedom; Divant’e Moffitt was super promising as a frosh, Harry Cavell had some good shooting games and is a capable rebounder. Basically all the Falcons “lost” was rebounding and that’s never been something SPU struggles to regenerate. While they’ll be hoping a big comes in and gets established quickly to take some of the pressure off of Gavin and Harry, regardless they should be pretty okay.


Here’s where things get interesting. Tavian Henderson and BJ Standley could have returned, but neither did. The only name that’s familiar at all is Marky Adams, so… Good luck Marky.


They updated their roster just in time for us to publish this post. Matt Poquette, Zellie Hudson, Gamaun Boykin, and Jeryn Lucas all return and all had really good moments. While the Wildcats had a bit of a rough year, it was their first year with Rinta and they come back more experienced and more cohesive, so… It should be better.


Not returning as much as we expected; Adonis Arms transferred to D1 Winthrop, so good for him. In guys they do return: Beto Diaz is amazing, Jayden Bezzant is fantastic, Sam Roth has shown great promise, Spider is like one of the Gonzaga guys -how much eligibility does this kid have? We feel like he’s been around forever. The Nighthawks got in a transfer from MSUB in Kobe Tereshima, but as far as we know he’ll be redshirting this year. Losing Adonis is big, but… Honestly, we think they’ll be fine. We know the Nighthawks will be in our top six, but where is yet to be determined.


While they lost Kobe Tereshima, Kobe has gotten worse every year. We’re excited to see what he does under Paul Rush, but… We don’t think he’s an especially big loss for MSUB. We think Brendan Howard and Zharon Richmond are more than enough at least give the Yellowjackets some hope this year.


While the Cavs have a ton of new faces and did lose a lot to graduation, they do have some good returners in Dom Bradley, Hunter Sweet, and our favorite floor decal Dakota Ayala.


They don’t have as much turnover as we initially thought, thankfully. Their roster had like six guys on it when we checked at one point. Now, while we’re sad to see O’landa Baker and Riley Hawkin leave early, but notably Dalven Brushier and Darius LuBom is back for another season. They’ll be a team to keep an eye on, for sure.

Overall there’s a ton coming back. We’re super excited about it. As much as we often mock UAA, the three guys we mentioned are absolutely fantastic and so hopefully they get some good support this year and the Seawolves are able to make some noise.

Next week we’ll be looking at West Region non-con schedules, and so… We’ll see you on Monday.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!