No All-Conference Teams for ’18-’19.

So… Here’s the tea: Every time we sat down to go over last year’s numbers, we spiraled into a pit of doom and couldn’t get ourselves to go on because… The numbers were atrocious. And while the conference is obligated to announce an all conference team, we are not.

And as such, the reality is: No one made the all-conference team. No one hit the metrics we use for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW. Well, in ’17-’18 there was Daulton, but… That was it. And once again, we were questioning our methods, except… Teams in other D2 conferences did hit our metrics.

The GNAC is down right now and it is what it is.

This blog is a labor of love; we love GNAC men’s basketball, hence why we spend six months worth of free time writing about it every year. We’ve done five full years on the blog, eight full years in the GNAC, we have no intention of halting our involvement any time soon, but the conference is down and as such in good faith we can’t name an all conference team.

We were contemplating naming an honorary player of the year and putting an asterisk by it going forward… We’ll go ahead and say that the two best guys in the conference this year were Jarrett Gray of CU-Portland, and Trevor Jasinsky of WWU. That’s what the numbers say. But do their numbers compare to all-conference guys, much less players-of-the-year of past years? Absolutely not.

One of our favorite parts of writing this blog and doing POW as we’ve done it is that we can compare players across years, and therefore if most of the GNAC is down, wouldn’t it make sense that certain guys/teams are able to put up insane numbers? And yet it’s not happening, because it’s not most of the GNAC, it’s the entirety of the GNAC.

That said: as we’ll get into in our previews: there are a TON of amazing guys returning, we have really high hopes for this coming year, lots of good incoming transfers (not that we’ll truly believe in them until we see them play in-conference games), and we see a great year of basketball on the horizon.

The D2West all tournament team will go up simultaneously with this one, and then there will be a regularly scheduled post up tomorrow at 10am.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC.