This is the first of the year for this, but… Why not? We are SO pumped after an absolutely amazing night of games, and… We like to be semi-autonomous and not rely on the conference for info regarding the math of who’s in and who’s out, and so here’s what we figured:

MSUB is 100% in because they won both of their games this week.

UAA vs. WWU vs. SFU:

UAA’s highest finishing win was against NNU, who is now third.
WWU’s highest win was against #1 SMU, they lost both to #2 SPU, and they lost both to #3 NNU.
SFU’s highest win was against #1 SMU, aka the regular season champions, they lost both to #2 SPU, and then split with #3 NNU.

Credit to the Clan for restoring our confidence in our knowledge of GNAC men’s basketball, because it’s official:


Now, for Individual Night Lights -basically just what jumps out at us when we look at the numbers.

  • Zack Rollins of MSUB went 6-7 FROM THREE!!
  • Brendan Howard of MSUB also had a great night with 25 points on good shooting.
  • Dakota Ayala of CU-PDX had a double-double on great shooting and great rebounding. Hopefully his face remains intact. It seems like every time we watch the Cavs, Dakota ends up bleeding. Love it. We love super physical basketball, and of any injury… Blood, a guy is 100% going back in. Anything else and the odds are wayyy lower, so blood is great with us.
  • CU-PDX DIDN’T FOUL TREVOR JASINSKY!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re so proud of you all collectively. Very smart play.
  • Cameron Retherford of WWU had a super efficient game.
  • CWU and SMU played a 2OT game.
  • Rhett Baerlocher of SMU saw a whopping 45 minutes.
  • BJ Standley, also of SMU, saw a whopping 46 minutes OFF THE BENCH.
  • SPU collectively out-rebounded NNU 48-31.

Obviously there are plenty more fantastic numbers to talk about, but… It’ll wait for the morning.

We had a blast at NNU. Great people, amazing game, quality time-out entertainment. At one point they did Musical Chairs with blow-up chairs straight out of the early 2000s and the nostalgia was real.

Thanks so much for a great final night of the regular season, all of the deets will be up in the AM.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!