Previewing Today’s Games!

AAAAAAH! Last day of the regular season and so much on the line, and so… Let’s talk about it!

All times pacific.

MSUB @ UAF @ 4:15pm

MSUB is fighting for a spot in the conference tournament while UAF would love to be the spoiler. If MSUB wins, they are 100% in, no ifs ands nor buts because even if both WWU and SFU end up at 10-10, they own the tiebreaker over WWU. Once again, we’ll emphasize: this year UAF is really, really bad. Can they get the upset? Absolutely. Do we think they will when MSUB has so much motivation and is coming off a win at UAA? No.

Prediction: MSUB wins.

SPU @ NNU @ 6pm

There’s an argument that this is the biggest game of the night. We would argue otherwise (because at least both teams are in the conference tournament), but it is still huge. NNU is hard to play at home. SPU has struggled there as of late. They didn’t take the Wildcats as seriously as they should have. NNU was up by 15+ on SMU, and we’re not sure that the Falcons are disciplined enough to do what it takes, even with a first round BYE on the line.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

SMU @ CWU @ 7pm

No rivalry implications. It’s CWU’s senior night and so there’ll be some motivation there, they had a great chance to beat the Falcons and let it slip through their fingers, but… At this point in the season, everyone is tired and SMU probably just wants to clamp down and get it done and get it done early. If exhaustion comes into play, however, CWU will have the chance for the upset. They’ve looked good as of late, but… Not good enough.

Prediction: SMU wins.

CU-PDX @ WWU @ 7pm

On the one hand, we’ve seen Concordia upset giants. On the other hand, WWU is fighting for a spot in the conference tournament, they’re a fundamentally sound team, and we’re guessing they’re sick and tired enough of the questions surrounding whether or not they’ll make the conference tournament in the year that they host that they’re going to come out swinging and swinging hard, in which case Concordia simply won’t have the resources to keep up. That said, again: Concordia has taken down some big foes.

Prediction: WWU wins.

WOU @ SFU @ 7pm

The Clan got the win against WWU only to collapse against Concordia-Portland. WOU is not a team that you’ll be able to do that against. The Wolves are coming off of a somewhat unexpected loss to the Vikings and we expect they’ll be in no mood to give Simon Fraser any glimmer of hope. Part of us does in fact hope that the Clan feels similarly and they’re like “HEY, WE’RE NOT OUT OF THIS YET,” but building winning ways takes time and unfortunately they just seem done.

Prediction: WOU wins.

With the exception of SPU/NNU, it’s the “strongs vs. the weaks,” and so it should be a pretty typical night. We’re going to avoid going “okay, this team is in/out” because the games simply have to be played and we know that the GNAC is wacky enough to render any speculation moot, so… We’ll wait.

As always: We’ll be following along with everything on our phone, we’re making a surprise trip out to Nampa, but we’ll still be sittin’ and knittin’ so come say ‘hi!’

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!