Conference Game Day #18!

Geez louise, what a night. Western Oregon has officially clinched a berth in the conference tournament and holy bananas a ton of other exciting games happened, so… Let’s talk about them.

WWU 85 @ UAF 75

UAF hung around for a really long time before the Vikings finally separated a bit on free throws at the end. Very close game. Very exciting. Congrats to the Viks on a good win (for your program and your program only).

Viks highlights: Tyler Payne had nine assists; Leif Anderson had 11 points; JALEN GREEN had 23 points on good shooting; Trevor Jasinsky played a FULL 40 MINUTES and had 24 points and seven boards; Cameron Retherford had six boards; and off the bench KJ Bosco had 12 points, six boards, and five fouls among a full house of stats. Again: KJ, we’re loving it! Awesome improvement.

Nook highlights: Michael Kluting had whopping 28 points and 17 boards. Off the bench Tre Eisenhut had 10 points; and Alex Baham had 12 points.

Congrats to the Vikings. Loving the numbers, although… Really: It was against UAF, and so as much as we give the Viking program props for winning in a semi-unlikely gymnasium for their program: Seriously, UAF is really bad this year. Congrats on shutting down Tymoryae Glover.

SFU 67 @ UAA 63 in OT

CONGRATS SIMON FRASER!!!!!!!!!! HUGE, HUGE, HUUUUUGE WIN. Love it. Winning at Anchorage is a challenge for everyone and you did it! Ridiculously proud of you.

Clan highlights: Othniel Spence had a full house of stats; Wil Balata was back in the starting line-up and had 12 boards; Mike Provenzano had six boards and six assists; Jasdeep Singh had 15 points and five boards; Julian Roche had 11 points and 11 boards for the double-double among a full house of stats; and off the bench Mike Hannan had five points.

Seawolves highlights: Tyler Brimhall had six boards and five fouls; NIKO BEVENS had 24 points and five boards; and SJUR BERG was back in the line-up and had 12 points and 13 boards. No real bench play.

Honestly… These numbers on either side aren’t good. No one was shooting well. That gym is really hard to shoot in and so… Perhaps the Seawolves finally realized it. We get it, it’s a nice gym, but… We miss their old one. The current one… We come from D1. It’s a par-for-the-course D1 gym. It’s nothing special. But their old gym, right next to the hockey rink, natatorium, and student center, felt special because everything was together. We’re all about the togetherness. Congrats to the Clan on the win and the Seawolves on the battle well-fought.

MSUB 56 @ SMU 73

It was close for a long while. The Saints didn’t pull away until there were five or so minutes left, and even then the Jackets made a push before SMU hit shots down the stretch. Really good game, really well-matched teams.

Jacket highlights: Off the bench Kobe Tereshima had six points, six assists, and four boards; and Brendan Howard had 13 points and six boards.

Saints highlights: Luke Chavez had a HUUGE game with 16 points and eight boards; Jordan Kitchen had 14 boards; Rhett Baerlocher had nine boards; and EJ Boyce had 12 points. Off the bench Jared Matthews had five fouls; and BJ Standley had 11 points.

Honestly: Not particularly great numbers on either side, but the teams were well matched and it was exciting. It was also nice to get to see SMU clear their bench on senior night.

NNU 79 @ CU-PDX 78 in OT.

Ouch. Valiant effort Concordia. They had been down by a lot early, but kept chipping away at it and… Took it to OT, only to lose. Painful. Painful, painful, painful. Proud of you Cavs and proud of the Nighthawks for digging in deep and getting the win.

Nighthawk highlights: Adonis Arms had seven boards and eight assists among a full house of stats; Sam Roth had nine points; Beto Diaz had five boards; and Spider had 10 boards among a full house of stats. Off the bench James Nelson had 13 points and six boards; and Jayden Bezzant had 11 points and four assists.

Cavs highlights: Jace Cates had eight boards; Cody Starr started and had seven assists; and Jarrett Gray went 6-7 from the line and finished with 22 points among nine boards and six assists. Off the bench Dom Bradley had 11 points and eight boards; and Dakota Ayala had 12 points.

When we saw this score we were reeling. We still are this morning. We’ve been waiting for the Cavs to bounce back and they finally did, and… Ouch. So close. Next week. Up at the North schools, both are fighting for a spot in the conference tournament… Be the spoiler. Congrats to the Nighthawks on pulling it out.

CWU 62 @ WOU 77

Par-for-the-course score, but the Wildcats hung around a very long time. The Wolves didn’t start pulling away until about 10 minutes left in the second half, so the fact that the Wildcats could overcome halftime adjustments is big. Seattle Pacific should be paying close attention to this -the Wildcats are getting it together and are dangerous.

Wildcat highlights: Jeryn Lucas had 22 points; and Zellie Hudson had 10 points and seven boards. Off the bench Naim Ladd had five points; and Malik Montoya had nine points and five boards.

Wolves highlights: Brandell Evans had 15 points; Bryan Berg had nine points; Buster Souza had 10 points and five boards among a full house of stats; Kaleb Warner had five boards; and Riley Hawken had nine points and six boards. Off the bench Darius Luborn had nine points; Jaylyn Richardson had nine points; and Cameron Cranson had five points.

Congrats to the Wildcats on a hard fought battle and congrats to the Wolves on officially clinching a berth in the conference tournament.

We’re going to actually look at what’s going on in regard to conference tournaments and the implications of the other two conferences in a different post (up later today) and so… As much as many of the numbers were atrocious: Congrats on hard fought battles to all teams.

Player-of-the-week will be up tomorrow and we have a big final week of conference play ahead of us.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!