Conference Game Day #14!

Helloooo. Apparently it’s not snowy at the WA/BC border, which is a little weird because it is snowy as all heck near Seattle. For the Alaskans/Montanans/Idahoans reading this: You don’t have hills nor a large population. Snow in Seattle SUCKS. Too many people, too many hills, too high of temperatures and so it’s all thaw-freeze-thaw-freeze and everything turns to ice and it’s HORRIBLE. And insanely pretty and absolutely picturesque, but horrible.

That said: While the snow causes consternation, the games last night were great so let’s talk about them!

SPU 89 @ UAF 52

WHY DO WE KEEP HAVING FAITH IN THE NOOKS?!?! Ah well, this was never a game. SPU went up and then they went up some more and then they went up some more, just for good measure.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 20 points and 14 boards for the double-double on great shooting; Harry Cavell had 11 points and 11 boards also for a double-double; Nikhil Lizotte had six assists; Nathan Streufert had 10 points; and Gavin Long had 12 points. Off the bench Sharif Khan had six points; Sam Simpson had eight points and six boards; Sam Boone had eight points and six boards; and Divant’e Moffitt had seven points, four boards, and four assists.

Nook highlights: Tymoryae Glover went 8-10 from the line; and off the bench Trey Eisenhut had 12 points on solid shooting.

Alright, sorry, we’re going to point this out: SPU would have likely hit 100, but they kept feeding it to walk-on Conner Van Dyken in an attempt to get him some stats, so that’s adorable. Teamwork makes the dream work.

SMU 69 @ UAA 53

This game was consternated. UAA continued to have scoring issues. SMU didn’t really break it open until maybe six or seven minutes left, and yet while UAA was only down six or so for most of the game, it both seemed perfectly reasonable and entirely impossible for the Seawolves to come back. Is it just us, or do the UAA hoops seem weird? They seem like they’re taller than most hoops. Not entirely sure why. And we feel like we’ve heard players comment that shooting in the UAA gym is odd. Go figure.

Saints highlights: LUKE CHAVEZ was on fire nad had 19 points; Rhett Baerlocher had five boards; and EJ Boyce had 19 points while going 5-7 from three. Off the bench BJ Standley had 17 points and five assists; and Tavian Henderson had six points, five boards, and four assists.

Seawolf highlights: Tyler Brimhall had eight boards, five assists, and five fouls; Jack Macdonald had five boards; and Brian Pearson started and had 11 points and five boards. Off the bench Travis Adams had five points; and Austin White had four boards.

Overall everyone was ice cold with the exception of Luke and EJ. Good on them. Valiant fight by the Seawolves, but nowhere near enough. We’ve been waiting for Luke to get hot, so that’s good to see. They have a match-up with a super hot Concordia team on Thursday, so out of the frying pan and into the fire for the Saints. Good March preparation.

CWU 66 @ SFU 82

For a bit there it was competitive and then it wasn’t. The Clan absolutely dominated and avenged the OT loss they suffered at Nicholson. We’r really excited about it because with the other results of the day, they’re starting to make a really strong push to make the conference tournament, which would be great and we would be so excited for them! They’re completely our pets this year and we have zero shame, considering it was that OT loss at CWU that convinced us they were pet-worthy.

Wildcat highlights: GAMAUN BOYKIN WAS BACK and had 22 points and five boards. Off the bench Jackson Price had five points; and Tanner Davis had eight points.

Clan highlights: Othniel Spence had a good bounce-back game with 15 points and five boards; Wil Balata was back in the starting line-up and had 10 points; Mike Provenzano had eight assists; JASDEEP SINGH had 25 points; Julian Roche had a double double with 15 points and 11 boards; and off the bench Jordan MK went 5-5 and had 12 points.

We love seeing Jasdeep play well particularly because how often do you get Indians in NCAA basketball?! It’s fun to see a minimally represented demographic get some actual representation, especially being from a place like BC where Indians are a huge demographic among the general population.

NNU 90 @ WWU 79

WWU kept it relatively close until the very end, so props to them on that. They were again missing both Luke Lovelady and Jalen Green, so who knows on that front. The Viks are locked into a battle for a place in the conference tournament and the good news for them is that MSUB lost; the bad news is that SFU won.

Nighthawk highlights: Adonis Arms had 17 points and seven boards; Obi Megwa had a double-double with 20 points and 11 boards; Sam Roth had five boards; and Spider had 12 points and 11 boards among other stats for a full house. Off the bench James Nelson had 11 points; and Jayden Bezzant was on fire and finished with 11 points as well. The team collectively had a whopping 48 rebounds to WWU’s 33.

Viking highlights: Tyler Payne had six assists; KJ Bosco had five fouls; Leif Anderson had 16 points; Trevor Jasinsky had 23 points and seven boards among a full house of stats; and Cameron Retherford had 12 points and seven boards among a full house of stats. Off the bench Tucker Eenigenburg had 13 points; Elijah Cotton-Welch had five points; and Braden Ahlemeyer had four boards.

Good win by the Nighthawks. Regardless as to how bad WWU is, playing in Carver is always a worthy challenge.

MSUB 65 @ WOU 97

Yeah, good bounce back game from WOU but not much of a game from MSUB. It was over way before halftime even started, and then… The Wolves and half time. Woof. Uncle. Mercy.

Yellowjacket highlights: Sven Jeuschede had 13 points; Zharon Richmond had nine points and 10 boards; Zack Rollins had seven boards; and BRENDAN HOWARD WAS DYNAMITE with 27 points and seven boards among a full house on great shooting. No real bench play.

Wolves highlights: Dalven Brushier had 14 points and five boards; Kaleb Warner had 18 points and four boards; and Riley Hawken had 12 points, nine boards, and five steals. Off the bench Darius Luborn had six points nad four assists; O’landa Baker had 11 points and four boards; Jaylyn Richardson had 13 points; and Buster Souza had six points and four boards.

Congrats to the Wolves on getting it done.

Fun weekend of basketball.

Be careful if you’re headed into the Puget Sound region this week because the weather is iffy; it could turn to rain, it could remain snow, but regardless it’s supposed to drop below freezing at night and so roads are guaranteed to be dangerous. Right now various places have between 6″ and 10″ on the ground and so even main thoroughfares are completely snow covered, which with the thaw-freeze that’s projected for Tuesday it’s likely to turn into a sheet of ice.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!