Conference Game Day #8!

Hoooo boy, what a night of games, holy cow. So much insanity. And we actually got to go to two games =) We were at SPU/WOU and then we popped in for a bit at SMU/CU-PDX. Very good times.

It’s funny, as much as a lot of the numbers have been bad this year, the effort has been there and we feel like we’ve finally fallen in love with SFU and Concordia, which we’ve been waiting for it to happen and it’s amazing.

That said: Absolutely wonderful night of games, so let’s talk about them!

CWU 68 @ UAF 59

NICELY DONE WILDCATS!!!! You got the win against your old coach. So satisfying. That said: The Nooks managed to contain Gamaun Boykin, so that’s good. Good rebounding number by the Wildcats. Growing pains, but definitely not out of the hunt for the conference tournament.

Wildcat highlights: Jeryn Lucas had six boards; Zellie Hudson had 17 points and six boards; and Malcolm Cola had nine points and four boards. Naim Ladd started!! And didn’t do much, but he did start. Off the bench Malik Montoya had 11 points; Matt Poquette had eight poitns and four boards; and Hayden Nelson had seven points and six boards.

Nook highlights: Spencer Sweet had 15 points; and Isaiah Easaw had nine points; and off the bench Tymoryae Glover had 19 points, 10 boards, four blocks, and went 8-10 from the line.

Woof on the Nooks with those numbers -amazed it was as close as it was.

NNU 73 @ UAA 85

HECK YES SEAWOLVES!!!!!! We’ve decided to not hate you from now until Feb. 7th, and then Feb. 8th we’ll go back to not hating you again and you can be our Valentine on Feb. 14th. For those missing the references: They play SPU on the 7th and then they come out to CWU on the 14th, and the tradition is: At CWU, the opposing team is ours. We sit right behind their bench and wear a shirt from their school and root like heck for them.

Nighthawk highlights: Jalen Burkett had five fouls; Adonis Arms had an above average game, scoring 26 points, grabbing six boards, dropping five times, and rounding it out with a full house while going 9-9 from the line; Obi Megwa had 15 points and five fouls; and off the bench James Nelson had eight points and four boards.

Seawolf highlights: Tyler Brimhall continues to be amazing, scoring 22 points on great shooting from both the field and the line and in addition grabbing five boards; Niko Bevens had 19 points and five boards while going 8-8 from the line; Brennan Rymer had NINE ASSISTS with ZERO TURNOVERS, and five fouls -now that’s what we call being a team player; SJUR BERG functioned and had six boards; and Jack Mac had 18 points and six assists. Off the bench Keenan Dowell had five points; and Brian Pearson had five points and four blocks.

Wow Seawolves, wow! We’re so excited for you. Congrats on a great win. Loving the numbers.

MSUB 107 @ SFU 112 in TRIPLE OT

Holy cow. Holy freaking cow. Absolute madness. Just when you’d think one team was walking up, the other team would reel them back in and… Again. And again. And again. We feel like had we been at this game we would have lost like 10 years off of our life. What amazingness. Two super well matched teams. Congrats to the Clan on getting the win at home.

Jacket highlights: Zharon Richmond had 11 points; Tyler Green had a whopping 31 points and six assists; MELVIN HAD 14 BOARDS!!; and Zack Rollins had 29 points and eight boards. Off the bench Kobe Tereshima had nine boards and eight assists; and Brendan Howard went 6-7 from the line and grabbed eight boards.

Clan highlights: Othniel Spence bounced back and had 23 points and eight boards; Will Balata had 11 points, seven boards, and five fouls; MICHAEL PROVENZANO finally got out of his slump and had 32 points and six assists while going 8-9 from the line; Jasdeep Singh had 18 points and seven boards while playing a whopping -51- minutes; and Julian Roche had a “quiet game” with 18 points and 13 boards among a full house of stats; and Off the bench Jordan MK had four boards and six assists.

We consider it a quiet game for Julian because there were 55 minutes available, he played 45 of them, and yet we’ve seen him get those numbers in regulation.

Holy cow though. All of your legs must be SO dead. We’re tired just looking at these numbers. And poor Billings; Billings has Spartin this week. Brutal. We’re actually probably going to do a re-watch of the second and third half of this game, and so… That should happen in the coming days and we’ll blog it.

SMU 89@ CU-PDX 77

We’re so glad we got a chance to pop into this game. We almost never see SMU on the road because we’re always with SPU, and so it was fun to see all of their fans come out -we would say about 40% of the fans in the gym were in fact Saints. We ❤ fellow road trippers! And Concordia actually kept it relatively close and made it an interesting game; SMU didn’t pull away until the last seven minutes or so. Moral victory? Sure.

Saints highlights: LUKE CHAVEZ had 13 points, finally; Chandler Redix had nine points and six boards; Jordan Kitchen had 11 points among a full house of stats; Rhett Baerlocher had 11 points and five boards; and EJ Boyce had 26 points. Off the bench Jared Matthews had eight points and four boards; and Tavian Henderson had seven points, 12 rebounds, and five assists on perfect shooting from the field.

Cavs highlights: Jace Cates had five boards and five assists; Tyler Wells had 14 points among a full house of stats; Jarrett Gray had 18 points and four boards; and Dakota Ayala had 13 points. Off the bench Cody Starr went 5-5 from the line and had six boards and five assists; and Elroi Butler had four points.

Interesting. We’re very intense about people not shooting if they’re cold, but we wish Jace would have trusted himself a bit more. Oh well. We’ll yell at him about it on Saturday ❤

SPU 71 @ WOU 73

Brutal. We’re questioning why we even picked it as a ‘pick ’em’ when SPU never wins in the WOU gym anyway, but… Congrats Wolves. Took advantage of every mistake. Intense game. Loved it. It seems like we love every trip to the New PE Building, even though our team never wins. You know it’s quality then.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 10 boards; Harry Cavell had nine points; Nathan Streufert had five boards; and Gavin Long had 14 points. Off the bench Sam Simpson had 16 points; Sam Boone had four boards; and and Divant’e Moffitt had 10 points while going 6-7 from the line.

Wolf highlights: Etan Collins had seven boards; and Kaleb Warner had 13 points. Off the bench Darius Luborn went 5-6 from the line; and Buster Souza had 12 points.

Turnovers killed the Falcons. That’s all there is to it. They’ve started to trend as a turnover prone team and it is what it is. We hate it. It needs to be fixed. But hopefully this is a good gut check. Congrats to the Wolves on the win.

Amazing night of games. We’re excited for the coming week. Player-of-the-Week will be up tomorrow and then the usual game previews and whatnot.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!