December Non-Con!

Everyone loves when we burn posts, don’t they? The thing is, usually they get written and then we simply don’t publish them. This time we haven’t written them, they’re all brand spankin’ new.

WWU 66 @ Chaminade 74

Chaminade appears to be good, and so this probably isn’t a bad loss -it may even be a QualityLoss™ because it was on the road.

Viking highlights: Luke Lovelady had 13 points and 12 boards and a full house of stats; and Trevor Jasinsky had 14 points and was 9-10 from the line. Off the bench KJ Bosco had seven points; Leif Anderson had eight points; and Jalen Green had eight boards.

Onward, Vikings.

WWU 72 vs. Southern Nazarene 85 @ Chaminade

Learning. Remember, WWU is young this year. And yes, we count transfer juniors as young because you do need time to acclimate to D2 basketball.

Viking highlights: Jalen Green had 13 points; and off the bench Tucker Eeigenburg had nine points; RJ Secrest had five points; KJ Bosco had six boards; Elijah Cotton-Welch had six points and five boards; and Leif Anderson had seven points.

SNU isn’t in the west, so we’re not particularly concerned.

WWU 76 vs. Emmanuel College 79

WOU played the Emmanuel College from Massachusetts. That was a D3 team. This is an Emmanuel College from Georgia that’s in a D2 team in the Conference Carolinas.

Viking highlights: Tyler Payne had a whopping NINE assists; Jalen Green had 11 points; Luke Lovelady had 20 points, seven boards, and five fouls; and Trevor Jasinsky had 19 points and six boards while going 9-12 from the line. Off the bench Tucker Eenigenburg had 12 points and five boards; and KJ Bosco had 11 points.

Ouch. This one had to hurt. Still, good learning experience. Now the Viks will go kick the butt of the Falcons, right?

SPU 76 @ CU-Irvine 59

Calm down birdies, contrary to their record, we don’t think Concordia-Irvine is that good.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 12 points and 10 boards for the double-double; Sam Simpson had five boards; Harry Cavell had 16 points; Nikhil Lizotte had 11 points; and Gavin Long had 19 points and eight boards. Off the bench Sharif Khan had eight points; and Sam Boone had five points.

SMU 76 vs. Dixie State 59

We’re instinctively excited about this game, but then we remember Dixie is now in the RMAC =(

Saints highlights: Chandler Redix had seven boards among a full house of stats; Jordan Kitchen had six boards; Rhett Baerlocher had 19 points and five steals among a full house of stats; EJ Boyce had a great game with 28 points; and Luke Chavez is starting to get in the swing of things with 11 points, four assists, and four steals.

No significant play off the bench, although BJ and Tavian did see some good minutes. Dixie does appear to be having a down year, so probably nothing to read into too much in regard to how good the Saints are.

WOU vs. Dallas Baptist @ Chaminade = Cancelled.

WOU 63 vs. UCSD 73 @ Chaminade

We’re not particularly concerned about this loss. By the looks of it, UCSD is loading up as they prepare to make the transition to D1 and they’re currently the class of the west.

Wolves highlights: Brandell Evans had five assists; Kaleb Warner had eight boards; and Riley Hawken had 10 points and nine boards. Off the bench Darius Luborn had 11 points; Buster Souza had nine points; and Cameron Cranston had 12 points.

NNU 91 @ Metro State 96

The good news is that this is a road game against a typically elite team. The bad news is they don’t appear to be nearly as elite this year as they have been in the recent past.

Nighthawk highlights: Obi Megwa had 33 points; Adonis Adams had 25 points and five boards among a full house of stats; Jayden Bezzant had five fouls; and Spider had eight points. Off the bench James Nelson had eight points and four boards; Jalen Burkett had five fouls and four points; and Sam Roth had five fouls.

Some fun numbers and some alarming numbers, but very well-rationed shooting. As much as there appeared to be little defense, there also appears to be some really good decision making. Proud of you Nighthawks!

Up next we’re going to look at the West Region and see what we can glean about March via how people played in non-con. From the brief glance we’ve taken, the short answer is ‘it’s complicated.’ We’ll elaborate later today.